How to Bypass WinRAR Password Effortlessly?

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How to Bypass WinRAR Password

Knowing how to bypass the WinRAR password can be a great piece of information for various purposes like recovering passwords, avoiding entering passwords every time, or removing the passwords completely.

We will help you with all that by providing the best solutions for every need and allowing you to access all the RAR file data without any restriction. Read on.

PassFab for RAR – Best Password Unlocker Tool for WinRAR

If you are clueless about bypassing the WinRAR password because you have completely forgotten the login password for the target WinRAR file, then taking professional help would be the best idea, as risky manual methods may lead to the loss of the file altogether.

We introduce PassFab for RAR to you, which is currently the most effective password unlocked for RAR available in the market.

It deploys the most advanced technologies with a very easy-to-perform process for unlocking the password-protected RAR archives of both the WinRAR and RAR formats.

The best WinRAR password remover tool is laced with Three different attack modes that are very powerful and ensure the highest success rate at finding the passwords for encrypted archives of any format.

This tool is also fully compatible with different Windows versions like 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and 11.

Primary Features of the PassFab for RAR Password Unlocker Tool

  • Super simple UI – The interface of this RAR Unlocker tool is very intuitive and highly navigable, which can be understood and operated easily by any novice as well as a tech professional. The process to unlock the RAR via this tool is also very simple as it involves only a few simple steps.
  • Superfast recovery speed – The ZIP password cracker software is capable of recovering passwords for the encrypted RAR archives superfast in every situation, like the user having some password hint or having no idea about it at all. In the latter case, it recovers the password via CPU acceleration and might take some more time but would still be fast.
  • Complete data protection and data security – The best part about this tool is that it ensures 100% safety for all the personal data stored in the system and also upholds data privacy in every case. Another great assurance that comes with this is that no data will get lost or damaged during the process of password recovery.
  • Save the progress – The tool lets you control the progress of the recovery process. This means that you can stop, restart, or even pause the process at any time without losing the recovery that has already been made. It will get saved and start at the same time on the next attempt.
  • Effective results delivery – The software has a great success rate due to its high knowledge of the best plausible ways for password protection and the most advanced algorithms to crack them too. This way, it recovers the password for various RAR format files very effectively and without fail.

How to Bypass WinRAR Password with the Help of PassFab for RAR

1. Download the software from its official website for free and then install it properly on the PC.

2. Launch the program. Click on the Add button to import the locked RAR file.

PassFab for RAR

3. You will see three options listed on the screen that does the job of password recovery. They are- dictionary attack, brute force attack, and brute force with mask attack. Choose any one of them.

PassFab for RAR

4. After that, you will see some settings of the selected mode appear on the screen. Make the required changes in them and move ahead.

PassFab for RAR

5. Lastly, select the right password recovery mode and hit the button Start to enable the process.

In a few minutes, the password will be recovered, and you can use it to bypass the WinRAR password of the RAR file.

PassFab for RAR

Online Programs – Easy Way to Bypass RAR Password

If you are finding it too much of a task to install software to know how to bypass the WinRAR passwords, then there is an easy way out, which is using online tools that help you to remove the RAR passwords on the web only.

However, this method has a con as it involves uploading the file on the web servers with the potential risk of data leakage. If that doesn’t concern you much, go ahead with the steps that we give below:

1. Launch the web browser on the PC and open the website of crack zip RAR.

2. Once the website fully works, it will ask you to enter any valid email address for verification.

3. After that, hit the Select File button and find the target RAR file.

Online programs - easy way to bypass RAR password

4. Hit the button Submit to upload the file.

5. Once the upload is done, a TaskID will appear on the screen. Hit the button Start to Recover to start the recovery process. You can check the tool by clicking on the button. Click here to track it.

CMD – Free Method to Bypass the WinRAR Password

The Command Prompt of the Windows system is another method that can help you to remove the password from WinRAR/RAR files.

This method is free of cost but is a very difficult one as it involves the entering of many commands that also have to be fully accurate, or the problem might get serious.

Here is how to bypass the WinRAR password via the CMD:

1. Open the Notepad on your system and then copy the below-given command on it, followed by saving it in the .bat format.

2. Now, double-click on the saved batch file icon to launch it. Once it opens, the command prompt dialog box will pop up. Here, you will have to write the name and storage location of the target locked RAR file.

3. Once the above stages are completed, the CMD process will start to search and recover the password for the locked RAR archive. Depending upon the complexity, it may take some minutes or seconds to find the password. Once recovered, the password will get displayed on the screen.

CMD - Free method to bypass the WinRAR password

Notepad – Another Manual Method for Bypassing the RAR Passwords

Thought that notepad could only create and edit text files in your system? Well, it can be used to bypass the RAR passwords, too, and this is a very neat small trick that you can easily perform. You can try this even though this method’s success rate is quite low.

The method is basically about opening the locked RAR file via the notepad application of the system. After that, you can change the file strings to get rid of the WinRAR password lock.

Follow the Below Simple Guide with Notepad:

1. Find the target RAR file on the PC and then hit right-click on the icon of that file. Choose Open with and then click the option of Choose another app. Here, select the app Notepad for opening the file in it.

Notepad - Another manual method for bypassing the RAR passwords

2. Once the file gets opened in the Notepad app, go to the Edit menu and find the option of Replace in that tab. From here, you can replace one of the file strings.

Notepad - Another manual method for bypassing the RAR passwords

3. You will have to make these changes.

  • Ûtà to 5^3tà
  • ‘IžC0 to IžC_0

4. After making these changes, save that file.

Open the RAR file again via the WinRAR app, and the password protection will be removed.

Method for Bypassing Password Extraction for the RAR Files

It can get highly annoying sometimes to have to enter the password for opening the RAR files all the time, even though the password ensures their security. This prompts the users to bypass this step even when they know the password.

It is possible to do this and that too through WinRAR itself. To know how to bypass the WinRAR password with this method, here are the steps:

1. Download the WinRAR software for free and install it properly on the PC. Then, launch the program.

2. Open the locked RAR archive or file in the WinRAR program and then hit the button to begin the process of RAR archive extraction.

Method for bypassing password extraction for the RAR files

3. In the dialog box of the password, enter the right password. Hit the button OK to move on.

Method for bypassing password extraction for the RAR files

4. The process of RAR archive extraction will begin now. Once the extracted files are ready, hit right-click on them, then select the option of Add to archive. This will create a new RAR archive for the file free of password encryption.


Q1: Is it legal to bypass WinRAR passwords?

A1: Bypassing WinRAR passwords without proper authorization or legal rights may be illegal and a violation of privacy laws. Always ensure you have the necessary permission before attempting any password bypassing techniques.

Q2: Can I use online services to bypass WinRAR passwords?

A2: Yes, there are online services available that offer password recovery for WinRAR archives. However, make sure to choose a reputable and trustworthy service to ensure the security of your files.

Q3: How long does it take to bypass a WinRAR password using brute-force attacks?

A3: The time it takes to bypass a WinRAR password using brute-force attacks depends on various factors such as password complexity and the computational power available. It can range from a few minutes to several days or even longer.

Q4: Are there any free methods to bypass WinRAR passwords?

A4: While some password recovery tools offer free versions with limited features, most reliable and effective methods for bypassing WinRAR passwords require purchasing specialized software or services.

Q5: What should I do if I forget the password for a WinRAR archive?

A5: If you forget the password for a WinRAR archive, you can try using password recovery tools, attempting common passwords, or seeking professional help to bypass the password.


So, these were all password recovery and removal methods if you wanted to know how to bypass the WinRAR password.

We recommend you use the PassFab for RAR software, as it does the entire job automatically and guarantees the best results for password recovery.

You can also choose amongst the other options per your RAR password requirement.


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