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Hidden App Finder

There are many instances in which you might feel like using a Hidden App Finder. Such a tool can scan all of the apps (including the hidden apps) and display them for you.

That said, let’s learn more about Hidden App Finder tools in the remainder of this article.

Why Do You Need the Hidden App Finder?

Hidden App Finder works precisely to scan all the apps installed on your device. In fact, its smart algorithm can detect even hidden apps, just as its name suggests.

With the assistance of this app, you can detect malicious, hidden apps that work as spyware. This app works even if those apps don’t have an icon displayed on the screen.

Assume that you feel something fishy about the performance of your device (like strange battery draining).

In that case, you might need to search for hidden apps. Spy apps that run in the background can drain the battery and slow down the performance notably.

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Some Apps Don’t Display App Icons

It is true that some apps don’t necessarily display app icons as they are designed to operate stealthily.

However, some apps require special permission (such as rooting) to go into stealth mode. No matter what the case is, a Hidden App Finder should be able to locate all those apps.

Finding such apps as soon as possible is exceptionally important if you want to protect your personal information.

Spy apps are known to steal your financial information, passwords, personal chat messages, and so on.

Features of Hidden App Finder

Now, let’s take a look at the most important features related to the Hidden App Finder tool.

Hidden App Finder

● All Apps

This option will display all the apps that are installed on the respective device. You should scroll and tap on that specific app so it will hide.

● Uninstall/Disable

Uninstallation or disabling can be done with most apps by default. In many cases, the manufacturer of the device or the carrier can get rid of those apps with ease. Most apps can either be removed or disabled with that option.

Some spyware or malware can come with no such option to uninstall or disable. But with “Hidden App Finder,” you can simply uninstall any app even if they don’t have an “uninstall” option.

● Detection of Apps That Were Granted Administrator Privileges

Being a very handy utility, the Hidden App Finder can search for apps that were installed with administrator privileges.

If you find an app that doesn’t have an app icon, the chances are that it is malicious.

Uninstallation of such malicious, stealth apps will help your device to experience a performance boost.

How to Find Hidden Apps Using the Hidden App Finder? 

Mentioned below is how to find hidden, stealth apps using the Hidden App Finder tool.

As an Android user, you should always pay attention to the performance of the device.

Whenever there is a drop in performance and battery drain, you should scan the device for malware.

That said, mentioned below is what you can do to find hidden apps on your phone.

● The Process of Viewing Hidden Apps

To see which applications are currently hidden on the device you are using, open the menu called “Applications“. You can do that simply by selecting Settings from the Android phone’s main menu.

Look at the two buttons on the navigation bar. Press the Task button on the menu screen. The “Show hidden apps” option should be selected now.

Even more importantly, concealing some applications can compromise your privacy. Particularly, the photos you view on websites are saved by hidden browsers that are installed stealthily. 

Using the Default Method to Find Hidden Apps on Your Android Device

Android has several options for hiding apps for a variety of reasons. You may wish to do the reverse of what you’ve just done. If an app is hidden, can it be found?

Hidden features are available in many Android launchers and specialized applications. Most people will utilize this strategy; however, each launcher is a little bit different.

With that said, we’ll see how to locate hidden apps on an Android device using the default method.

● Important:

This guide’s information should be utilized with caution. People conceal apps for a variety of reasons. You must respect their privacy of them unless there is a compelling reason not to.

  • First, you should wipe the screen down from the top. After that, you should tap on the icon that appears as a gear to access Settings.
Phone Settings
  • Then, go to the option called “Apps” to proceed. However, on some Android devices, you might need to tap “See All Apps.” On the other hand, some devices display the list of apps directly.
See All Apps
  • If the device has the option called “All Apps,” you should select that option to proceed.
All apps on Phone
  • This will display all the apps that are currently installed on your device. Pretty much all the apps (even the hidden ones) are displayed. If any other app is hidden from this list, it might be a spy app in most cases.

That’s basically about finding hidden apps using a default strategy.

However, the bad news is that majority of spy apps that are designed to be stealthy won’t appear here.

In that case, you will need a special Hidden App Finder tool to accomplish that task.

How to Tell if Your Device is Infected by Malware

If you notice one or more signs mentioned below, your phone might have a malware infection.

● Forceful Popup Messages

It’s possible that you have adware if you suddenly notice a lot of adverts in a certain app. Such messages can pop up even if no applications are open.

These obnoxious popups can earn revenue from ad clicks and attempt to infect your device with more dangerous software.

If not, they may even lead to fraudulent offers. They’re nasty. Avoid clicking at all costs!

● Your Bill Has Unexplained Fees

Look over your phone bill and/or credit card bills to be certain that everything is how it should be.

A scam that adds additional services and costs to your phone account is known as cramming.

In other circumstances, wireless carriers are accused of turning a blind eye to fraudulent charges.

They do that in order to keep a cut of the monthly fee.

● The Battery Drains Unusually Faster

With typical wear and tear, you shouldn’t notice a significant decrease in battery life.

Your phone’s battery may be draining quicker than normal because of malware.

They are taking over your phone’s components to perform background functions.

● The Device Gets Overheated

Malicious software can overwork your phone’s internal processor, causing it to overheat and become uncomfortable to hold.

We advise disconnecting your phone from all sources of power and switching it off if it’s overheating.

A heated phone might start a fire or explode if left unchecked.

● It is Unusually Slow

Your smartphone has a CPU, much like a computer, which is utilized to do some computational activities.

A hijacked phone may be overworking its internal components and taking longer to do simple activities than it should.

Malware may be at blame if your phone suddenly becomes unresponsive or even crashes.

You can use a Hidden App Finder if you notice one or more of the above signs. That will allow you to find out if any malicious apps are installed on your device.


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