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Hack Facebook Online

There is no shortage of opinions on how to hack Facebook online. However, only some of those methods work.

Tight security measures implied on Facebook make it difficult for an ordinary internet user to hack Facebook.

However, that doesn’t mean that you cannot hack Facebook at all. As long as you know the correct hacking tool, it is possible to hack Facebook.

So, if you need to know how to hack Facebook online and other possible ways, read this article.

Facebook has more than 2.2 billion active users monthly. These users are from various countries across the globe. Just like the people we meet in real society, Facebook users come with different personalities.

A massive number of photos, videos, textual content, and much other information are shared through Facebook every second.

Apart from that, it allows people to communicate in real time through video and voice calls too. With all these possibilities, as a parent, you should keep an eye on your kid’s Facebook activities.

But, practically no kid will allow parents to look into his or her Facebook account voluntarily. In this case, parents too should be tricky.

In other words, parents should find a way into their kid’s Facebook accounts. Well, this is when hacking comes to play.

If you know how to hack Facebook online, this is a simple task, isn’t it?

The Most Effective and Safest Way to Hack a Facebook Account

As mentioned before, there are plenty of methods on the internet to hack Facebook online. However, selecting the best method out of the rest can be a challenging task.

Have you already faced such a problem? Do you need to know the best Facebook hacking tool in the industry? Then, you should rely on KidsGuard Pro.

In fact, KidsGuard is not a free tool that allows you to hack Facebook online. But, it deploys a very reliable and strong strategy to find a way into any Facebook account.

KidsGuard is regarded as a highly versatile mobile tracker that comes with a lot of features. In addition to monitoring Facebook, KidsGuard can easily track all the activities of the target device.

What Makes KidsGuard Special

Here are some of the advanced features associated with KidsGuard Pro.

Advanced Keylogger

KidsGuard is equipped with a powerful keylogger that can record (log) all the keystrokes typed in a particular device.

It can even hack Facebook online and record the passwords of social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

It Can Read Text Messages of the Target Device

You can use this advanced software to view text messages (inbound and outbound). This is a great feature regarding collecting evidence against a certain act.

It Can Track the Call History As Well

This special tool can easily track all the inbound and outbound calls on the target device. It will show you all the details related to the calls (number, date, time, duration, etc.)

Tracking the Real-time Location of the Target

If you need to know the whereabouts of a target phone, KidsGuard is a very handy tool to consider. This tool can practically update you about the real-time location of the device whenever it is necessary.

Stealth Mode

When KidsGuard is installed on the target device, the target user will not be able to notice it. In other words, it works in stealth mode on the target device. That is exactly how a good spy app should work.

How to Hack Facebook using KidsGuard?

Now that you know the features of KidsGuard. Let’s learn how to hack Facebook online using it.

01. As the First Step, You Should Provide the Details of the Respective Device.

To do this, you should go to the official portal of KidsGuard. Then, you should create an account using the “Sign Up” option.

Make sure that you provide a genuine email ID and a suitable password to complete the registration process. Then, you should enter the details of the target device (like the name of the owner, age, OS, etc.)

create kidsguard account

02. Depending on the OS, the setup process might vary. So, be sure to choose the correct method based on your OS.

If it is an Android device

If the target Facebook account operates on an Android device, you should download the app on the target phone. To do this, you should visit clevguard.net on the target device and download the app.

Download KidsGuard Pro

Then, go to “Settings,” located under the Apps, and select “Security.” Then, you should enable the option “Unknown Sources.” This step will allow the target Android device to install any app.

Enable Unknown Source

Now, you should be able to install the downloaded app without any issues. Launch the app once the installation is done.

login kidsguard pro

At this stage, log in details is required. You should use the details used during the process of signing up. Then, tap on allow so that permission is granted.

If it is an iOS device

If you intend to monitor an iOS device, you don’t need to download any app on the target device. Instead, you should be able to verify the iCloud ID used on the target iOS device.

Install KidsGuard for iOS

After entering the login details (iCloud ID and password), you should press “Verify” on the target device. Now, KidsGuard – the top Instagram tracker software, will start monitoring the target account.

03. Start Hacking the Target Facebook Account

Since your purpose is to hack the Facebook account, you should do the following. First, go to the KidsGuard account using your computer or any other device. Then, you will be able to find an option called “Keylogger” on the dashboard.

If you click on this option, you will be able to monitor all the keystrokes typed on the target device. So, now it is not difficult to find the Facebook password of the target account.

hack Facebook online using KidsGuard

Important: The keylogger feature is presently available for Android devices only. However, KidsGuard can still monitor the activities of a target Facebook account that runs on an iOS device. To view those activities, you can click on “App Photos” and “App Videos.”

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Is it possible to hack any Facebook account?
    • Hacking any Facebook account is highly unlikely and illegal. It’s important to respect others’ privacy and not engage in any hacking activities.
  2. Can I recover my hacked Facebook account?
    • If your Facebook account has been hacked, you should immediately report it to Facebook’s support team. They can guide you through the account recovery process.
  3. Is it ethical to hack someone’s Facebook account to protect them?
    • No, hacking someone’s Facebook account, even with good intentions, is still illegal and unethical. If you suspect someone’s account has been compromised, inform them and guide them on how to secure their account.
  4. What should I do if I receive suspicious messages or links on Facebook?
    • If you receive suspicious messages or links on Facebook, do not click on them. Report the messages or block the sender to prevent further contact.
  5. Are there any legal ways to hack a Facebook account?
    • No, there are no legal ways to hack a Facebook account. Engaging in any hacking activities is against the law and can result in severe legal consequences.


Hacking Facebook accounts is a serious offense that can have significant consequences for both the hacker and the victim. It’s crucial to protect your own Facebook account and be aware of the methods hackers use to compromise accounts.

By implementing strong security practices, such as using unique passwords, enabling two-factor authentication, and being cautious of suspicious activities, you can significantly reduce the risk of your account being hacked.

Well, that’s how to hack Facebook online. However, as we believe, the most reliable and practical way to hack Facebook is using KidsGuard Pro.


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