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In today’s digital age, it has become increasingly important for parents to monitor their children’s online activities. With the vast amount of content and potential risks available on the internet, it is crucial for parents to ensure their kids’ safety and well-being.

Mobile tracker software provides a valuable solution by allowing parents to keep track of their children’s mobile device usage and online interactions. In this article, we will explore the best mobile tracker software options available for parents to monitor their kids effectively.

What is Mobile Tracker?

Mobile tracking software is typically split into two components.

The first component is what you’ll install on your child’s mobile device. It tracks all of the device’s activity, but depending on the tracking solution you use, the types of data that it collects will vary.

The second component is usually a dashboard. With the dashboard, users can sign in and view all the data the first component collects.

Other types of solutions disregard a dashboard. Instead, they track the data and store the activity on the actual device. Thus, you must retrieve the device to view what they’ve been up to.

In other words, a mobile tracker tracks the activity that is done on a device. Parents, employers, and spouses are some of the most popular groups of people who use trackers.

Reasons to Use a Mobile Tracker

So, why would you need to use a mobile tracker? There are endless reasons for using a tracker: hacking Facebook online, spying on friends, observing employee activity, and even just checking out some cool monitoring tools. But to clarify things, here are some of the most popular reasons.

Employee Tracking.

Time is money. These three words force many business owners to put their foot down and enhance their employees’ performance.

With more and more companies issuing their employees with work phones, it is crucial to track what employees are actually using those phones for.

Parental Monitoring.

Parental monitoring is one of the most efficient ways of using a piece of mobile tracker software (Instagram tracker).

Many people underestimate how useful it can really be to use a tool like this to monitor how their children are using their technology.

Suspicious that your child might be misusing their smartphone or that they are cyberbully victims? Here’s your reason for tracking them.

Catching a Spouse.

Starting to suspect that your spouse is cheating on you? Get hold of their smartphone activity and check if your suspicions are worth it.

You can see their text messages and call logs and eventually find out if they’ve been in contact with a secret lover.

Key Features to Look for

When choosing the best mobile tracker software for monitoring kids, it is essential to consider certain key features. These features ensure comprehensive monitoring and provide parents with the necessary tools to safeguard their children effectively. Some important features to look for include:

1. Call and Message Monitoring

An effective mobile tracker software should allow parents to monitor incoming and outgoing calls, as well as text messages. This feature provides insights into who their children are communicating with and enables them to identify any potential risks or suspicious contacts.

2. GPS Tracking

GPS tracking is a valuable feature that enables parents to locate their children’s devices in real-time. It offers peace of mind, especially when kids are away from home or in unfamiliar surroundings. With GPS tracking, parents can ensure their children’s safety and quickly find them if needed.

3. Web Browsing Monitoring

Given the vast amount of information available on the internet, it is crucial to monitor children’s web browsing activities. Mobile tracker software should provide parents with the ability to view the websites visited by their kids and block access to inappropriate or harmful content.

4. Social Media Monitoring

Social media platforms are popular among children and teenagers, making it important for parents to monitor their social media interactions. The software should allow parents to track their children’s social media accounts, view their posts and messages, and receive alerts about any suspicious or harmful content.

Top Mobile Trackers for Android & iOS

Have you been spending endless hours browsing the internet for mobile trackers, and you’ve been unable to find effective solutions?

Take a look through our list of the best trackers out there and choose which one would be the best for you.

#1 – FlexiSPY

Compatibility: iOS and Android
Price: Starting at $29.99

First up is Flexispy, an incredibly effective solution that is more than just a mobile tracker. This is ideal for WhatsApp Hack, tracking your kid’s text messages, social media activity, and even their live GPS location. A few notable features that Flexispy offers are:

Flexispy mobile tracker
  • No need to jailbreak or root the devices which you target
  • Capable of restricting app usage and website access
  • Receive alerts whenever your target exits the geofence area that you set
  • Monitor the target’s app usage and activity
  • Access all of the browsing history from the device
  • View any documents that the target stores on the device’s storage

The list goes on and on, but you get the idea. Flexispy isn’t a program that you’ll want to miss out on, and for a reasonable price of $29.99 (or for complete access, $39.99), you can get your hands on a copy.

One of the great things about Flexispy is that anyone is able to jump in and use it without any problems arising. Plenty of guides are available, it has a user-friendly interface, and there are many great features worth checking out for yourself.


  • Targeting an iOS device does not require direct access to the device
  • Utilizes keylogger software to collect a variety of accurate data
  • Can track virtually all of a device’s activity
  • Discretely installs on the target device with very little chance of detection


  • To use this mobile tracker on an Android device, physical access is a requirement
  • A full-access account is $39.99, but users can still purchase a premium account (with less access) for $29.99

#2 – mSpy

Compatibility: iOS and Android
Price: Starting at £12.49

Flexispy is not quite what you were looking for. Not to worry, mSpy is right around the corner and offers a similar set of features.

Much like Flexispy, mSpy is designed for parental monitoring, but it is a very versatile tool, making it great for any situation where you might need to track someone else’s mobile phone.

mSpy mobile tracker

After a quick installation, you’ll be able to explore the target’s social media activity and who they’re texting, and you will also see their real-time location. Among these features are the following:

  • Monitor Wi-Fi connection activity and what websites the device accesses
  • Keyword tracking will alert you if your target (child) is searching for inappropriate content on the internet
  • Supports social media tracking on various platforms such as Snapchat, Tinder, Kik, Instagram, and many others
  • Comes with GPS tracking and Geofencing tracking
  • See the text messages that your target sends and receives on their device
  • Access a wide range of useful tracking/monitoring tools in one simple location

One of the features that stands out when we look at mSpy is that it can track specific keywords. If you’re a parent looking for a mobile tracker, a keyword tracker is incredibly helpful.

Once you add a keyword to the list, you’ll immediately receive a notification if your child ever enters the word or phrase. This adds an aspect of automation to the monitoring process.


  • Includes keyword tracking, a feature that not many monitoring tools offer
  • 24/7 support is available for users, and it is multi-language friendly
  • Monitors smartphone devices remotely
  • Very user-friendly installation process so that beginners are able to spy too
  • Available for a reasonable price of £12.49


  • To use mSpy without any restrictions, it is £30.66
  • Installing mSpy on a device without jailbreaking or rooting it requires the most expensive package

#3 – KidsGuard Pro

Compatibility: iOS and Android
Price: Starting at $29.99

The final mobile tracker that we recommend looking into is KidsGuard. Like the other two solutions, you won’t struggle to track your children’s smartphones.

KidsGuard mobile tracker

It takes just a few minutes to install the tool on their device, and after that, you’re free to access the KidsGuard dashboard.

When you want to check in and ensure that your children are safe and acting responsibly online, you just have to sign in and check. What’s more, if you use KidsGuard, you’ll receive access to the following features.

  • Provides you with a user-friendly and simplistic dashboard to navigate the collected data
  • It supports both iOS and Android devices
  • Tracks up to 39 different data types on a single device
  • Various pricing plans so that anyone on a budget can use the features that it offers
  • Tracks the real-time GPS location of the target device and also displays the route history
  • Targeting a device won’t require it to be jailbroken or for you to root it
  • Fully compatible with the most recent iOS and Android versions (and receives updates constantly!)

If you want to get a better impression of KidsGuard, then be sure to try the free demo. This will give you more of an idea of how this mobile tracker works and what features you can access after making the purchase.


  • KidsGuard’s dashboard is accessible on computers and smartphones, allowing remote access
  • It supports the tracking of almost every smartphone data type
  • Proven to be effective in tracking children, employees, and suspicious partners
  • Not a difficult tool to install or use, regardless of how tech-savvy you are- If users are unsure about how to use KidsGuard, then they can read one of the many guides that have been made available


  • It doesn’t include geofencing features like Flexispy and mSpy but provides users with

Detailed Comparison of the Mobile Trackers

Were you struggling to make your decision? Please take a look at our comparison table below. We took the liberty of highlighting some key features you should consider and comparing them side by side to ease your decision.

Capture Real-Time ScreenshotsYesNoYes
View Browsing ActivityYesYesYes
Requires Jailbreak or RootingNope!Nope!Nope!
GPS TrackingYesYesYes
PlatformsiOS & AndroidiOS & AndroidiOS & Android

Note: Please note that these prices are the cheapest packages. Other package options have varying prices.

How to Choose the Right Software

When selecting the most suitable mobile tracker software for monitoring kids, it is crucial to consider the specific needs and preferences of both parents and children. Here are some factors to consider when making a decision:

  • Compatibility with the target device’s operating system (e.g., Android or iOS).
  • User-friendly interface and ease of navigation.
  • Range of monitoring features and customization options.
  • Reputation and reviews from other parents.
  • Pricing plans and subscription options.

Advantages and Limitations of Mobile Tracker Software

Mobile tracker software offers several advantages in terms of monitoring and protecting children in the digital world. However, it also has certain limitations that parents should be aware of. Some advantages and limitations include:


  • Enhanced online safety and protection against potential risks.
  • Monitoring of calls, messages, web browsing, and social media activities.
  • Location tracking for added security.
  • Setting screen time limits and managing app usage.


  • Dependence on an internet connection for real-time monitoring.
  • Inability to monitor certain apps or activities that may have encryption or privacy measures.
  • Potential ethical concerns regarding privacy invasion if not used responsibly.

FAQs About Monitoring Software

Still have uncertainties? We took the time to answer some of the most common questions that we see about monitoring software and have put them down below. With all hope, these will answer any lingering questions that you have.

1. Is mobile tracker software legal?

Yes, mobile tracker software is legal when used for monitoring purposes within legal boundaries. It is important to check and comply with local laws and regulations regarding privacy and consent.

2. Can I monitor multiple devices with mobile tracker software?

Most mobile tracker software allows monitoring multiple devices simultaneously, making it suitable for families with multiple children.

3. Will my child know they are being monitored?

It depends on the software and settings chosen. Some mobile tracker software can run discreetly in the background, ensuring that the child is unaware of the monitoring.

4. Can mobile tracker software block specific apps or websites?

Yes, many mobile tracker software options offer app and web browsing controls, allowing parents to block specific apps or restrict access to certain websites.

5. Can mobile tracker software track social media activity?

Yes, certain mobile tracker software provides social media monitoring features, enabling parents to monitor their children’s interactions on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

To Conclude

In conclusion, mobile tracker software offers an invaluable tool for parents to monitor their children’s online activities and ensure their safety in the digital world. By selecting the right software with the necessary features, parents can effectively track and manage their kids’ mobile device usage, keeping them protected from potential risks.


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