Solutions to Fix An SSL Error Easily

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SSL and SSL Error

The essential element of an online business is to build a secure environment. Create an environment where the users feel positive and confident. SSL certificates develop a basis of faith by setting up a safe and secure connection. SSL certificates are trustworthy because they are signed by a reputable Chartered Accountant (CA) on a digital platform.

The websites are rapidly moving towards ensuring the safety and security of users. They also provide a fast and efficient experience to the users. Your SEO can be improved by transferring your websites to HTTPS, as it is a ranking signal in the eyes of Google. The sole problem is that, while transmitting your websites to HTTPS, you might face an SSL error. There are multiple reasons to encounter an SSL error.

Google has provided the SSL/TSL certificate to the websites to evaluate their ranking in search results. SSL and TSL perform the same functions, which are to create a safe encrypted link between the browser and the web server.

A third party can interrupt the information that you send to the website if you don’t have HTTPS encryption. It is advisable to avoid giving account details and other credentials to an unencrypted website. SSL has become outdated now, where it has been replaced by Transport Layer Security (TLS).

SSL was created by Netscape and was launched in 1995. Its 2.0 version was rapidly substituted with the SSL 3.0 version. TLS was developed in 1999, and it was based on the SSL 3.0 version. The SSL certificate is given by companies to websites. There can be a few errors while surfing any web page. However, there are certain cases where you face an SSL error. We have found solutions to repair an SSL error.

When a browser connects a site using SSL, the web browser sends a request to the web server to recognize it. Now, the server transfers a duplicate of the SSL certificate to the browser. The browser verifies the certificate to see if it is trusted, if the verification is approved, the web browser informs the server. The server tells the web browser to begin an SSL encrypted service.

Part 1: Definition of SSL

SSL is abbreviated as ‘Secure Sockets Layer.’ It increases protection by encryption of messages between the communication networks. SSL has become outdated in today’s world, but it has certain outstanding features. TLS, which stands for ‘Transport Layer Security,’ is the latest security tool to encrypt data.

An SSL certification is planned to encrypt the communication between a web server and a web browser. It is also developed to validate the website you are browsing. If any website is not encrypted with SSL, your information while visiting a website is open, and any third-party source can hamper or manipulate it. Therefore, it is recommended to browse only with a safe and secure connection.

To create an SSL connection, a web server needs an SSL Certificate. When you wish to turn on SSL encryption on your web server, you will be provoked to fulfill a fixed amount of questions about the individuality of the website and your company. After this step, your server generates two keys – Public Key and Private Key. Both these keys work mutually to set up an encrypted network.

Features of TSL/SSL

  • Builds trust of users
  • Improves security
  • Easy to use
  • Benefit of HTTP/2
  • Secure online transactions
  • Secure logins and confidential information online

Part 2: Ways to get an SSL certification

You can get an SSL certification in three ways. These ways differ from each other as they are dependent on whether you use a CDN or not. Other than that, it also depends on whether your host supports a few SSL specifications or not. Without any further ado, let’s dive into these three ways to get an SSL certification.

1. Shared SSL

CDN providers usually offer this type of SSL certification. For instance, KeyCDN gives a shared SSL attribute, which permits you to utilize default zone URLs. You can use this URL on a safe connection with almost no setup required.

This method does not permit you to make use of a custom-made domain name. However, it is the easiest way to transfer your website over HTTPS.

2. Encrypt Certificates

This method is proved to be one of the most well-known services, which permits you to get SSL certificates free of charge. There are almost no yearly charges for an SSL certification. You can install ‘Let’s encrypt’ if you own a web server.

In case, ‘Let’s encrypt’ is not supported by your host provider, you will have to buy a custom-made SSL certificate. A similar process is applied to CDN’s too, where your CDN provider should support ‘Let’s encrypt’ function to allow the technique to work.

3. Buy a custom-made SSL certificate

The most effective and common method to secure websites is to buy a custom-made SSL certificate. The owner of the website can buy a custom-made SSL certificate from a reputable certificate authority.

After obtaining the certificate, install it on a web server. This is the most widely used method because it’s easy and efficient. You just have to contact a certificate authority and get the work done.

The three ways mentioned above are the trusted and easiest ways to get an SSL certification. It is also an important task to secure your website and provide a good experience to users.

Part 3: Reasons for an SSL error

You may encounter a few issues on the website while enabling SSL support. If you don’t follow the steps correctly, you are bound to face some problems. You will see something as ‘Your connection is not private,’ if your setup is not performed correctly.

Your connection is not private

Some of the common reasons behind an SSL error are:

1. Browser cookies/cache

When you browse a website for the first time, it stores some information. This enables faster access to the website when you browse it the second time. This is the reason it might have already stored information regarding the website’s SSL certification.

2. Mixed Content

chrome tools mixed content

The Mixed content problem happens when there is an amalgamation of HTTPS and HTTP resources. This usually takes place when you try to deliver HTTP resources over an HTTPS domain.

3. Old-fashioned browser

A few old browsers do not support technologies of SSL, which is SNI as it does not result in viewing HTTP pages correctly.

4. Old SSL certificate

One of the reasons for the SSL error can be the expiry of your SSL certificate. It must have exceeded the validation date and demands to be renewed.

5. Intermediary certificate/ Invalid details of SSL certificate

This usually happens when you try to install the certificate on CDN or web server, but the correct details are not entered.

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Part 4: Solutions to fix SSL errors on Android

Part 3 of this article has provided you with a few reasons for an SSL error. In this part, we are going to discuss possible solutions to fix SSL errors.

1. Try browsing on Incognito mode

Incognito mode does not save cache and cookie data. Therefore, try browsing any website on incognito mode. If this mode displays the web pages correctly, then try below-mentioned steps.

Delete the history of Chrome

  • Open Chrome browser
  • Tap on three dots
  • Launch ‘Settings
  • Select ‘Privacy
  • Delete browsing data
  • Refresh the page
  • Check the error

Uninstall the latest apps that you have installed

There are a few applications that run in the background and affect the functioning of the browser. The applications that we use are web-based.

For instance, Amazon, which utilizes web view services to process the web pages in the Amazon application. This type of application causes SSL errors.

2. Adjust the date/time settings in your device

Adjust Date and time to Fix An SSL Error

In case you see an SSL error, there might be a possibility that you haven’t adjusted the date/time settings correctly. The TSL/SSL connection is considered invalid if there is an issue with the clock settings.

To repair this issue, follow these steps:

  • Launch ‘Settings‘ on your device
  • Search for the ‘Date and Time‘ option
  • Enable ‘Automatic date and time.’
  • Close each tab
  • Refresh the page

3. Clear the cache and data of your browser

Clear cache to Fix An SSL Error

Another way to fix the SSL error is to clear all the data and cache from your browser. This is the easiest and most efficient way to solve the issue.

Follow these steps to repair the SSL error:

  • Go to ‘Settings
  • Select the ‘Apps or manage apps‘ option
  • See which application is causing the issue
  • Look for ‘Clear data‘ and ‘Clear cache‘ options
  • Select the options one by one
  • Reload the web page on your browser

4. Deactivate Anti-virus

There are chances that a few websites with SSL certificates may be blocked by the anti-virus installed in your device. Uninstall that particular anti-virus program to solve the SSL error. Another method is to uncheck the HTTPS scanning function in the anti-virus program.

5. Reset Factory data

If you are still struggling to solve the SSL error, then try to reset your Android device. Resetting will delete all harmful files, bugs, and junk files that were causing the issue.

An important point to note here is that performing this resetting process will delete every media and application data. Therefore, it is recommended to create a backup of data before performing this process. This will ensure the safety of your information and the necessary data.

6. Clear cache from Google Services Framework

Google Services Framework stores and syncs your Android device data. It provides support for the smooth functioning of Google Play services and other applications related to Google.

Here are the steps to clear the cache from Google Services Framework:

  • Open ‘Settings
  • Go to ‘Application manager.’
  • Search for the ‘Google services framework‘ application
  • Click on ‘Force stop.’
  • Select ‘Clear cache.’
  • Your device needs to be rebooted now
  • Check the web pages to see if the error is fixed

7. Update your browser

In case, the browser that you are using shows that Server Name Indication (SNI) is not supported, you just have to upgrade your browser. It can be possible that the browser you use is of an older version. When you update the browser, open it, and check whether the SSL error has been solved.

8. Renew your SSL certificate

If your SSL certification has expired, you can renew it with your desired certificate authority. In case you use ‘Let’s Encrypt,’ run a command for renewal. It is quick and simple to resolve the SSL error in this way.

9. Mixed content issue

You have to ensure that every asset is transmitted to HTTPs resources. Open the browser developer tools and search for the console tab to spot the asset that is not delivered to HTTPS.

To solve this problem, change the URL yourself to https://, or if it’s an outside resource, change it to the https:// version of that specific resource. You can contact the owners of the resource and ask them to change the resource to HTTPS.

10. Provide correct information for custom-made certification

If you’re adding custom-made SSL certification to CDN or the original server, you have to make sure that you produce the correct details. This includes private key along with intermediate certificates.

Cross-check if there is any blank line as these minor details can result in SSL errors. You are required to study the instructions properly and fill up the right information.

After getting SSL certified, the browser informs the user about the security of the website. Therefore, it is important to get an SSL certification. The maximum procedure to solve an SSL error is easy and convenient to follow.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1. What is an SSL error?

An SSL error occurs when there is an issue with the SSL certificate of a website, indicating a problem with the secure connection.

Q2. How do SSL errors affect website security?

SSL errors can compromise website security by exposing users to potential security risks and data breaches.

Q3. Can an SSL error be fixed by the website visitor?

In most cases, SSL errors need to be fixed by the website owner or administrator. Visitors can try basic troubleshooting steps, but ultimate resolution requires action on the website’s end.

Q4. Why is it important to keep SSL certificates up to date?

Keeping SSL certificates up to date ensures the latest security protocols are in place and helps prevent potential vulnerabilities.

Q5. How can I prevent SSL errors from occurring on my website?

Regularly monitor and update your SSL certificates, ensure compatibility with browsers and devices, and address any mixed content issues promptly. Implementing best practices for SSL configuration can help prevent SSL errors on your website.


SSL errors can be a source of frustration and potential security risks for website owners and users alike. However, by understanding the causes and implementing the solutions outlined in this article, you can effectively fix SSL errors and ensure a secure browsing experience.

Take proactive measures to address SSL errors, and your website will benefit from enhanced security, increased user trust, and improved search engine visibility.


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