Ways to Find Email Associated with Google Voice Number


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Find Email Associated with Google Voice Number

Do you know want to know the possible ways to find the email associated with the Google Voice number? If yes, look no further, as this article explains all the possibilities to you.

So, let’s go ahead and know what these methods are.


Google Voice can be considered one of the prominent VoIP providers. In fact, it’s used by a sizable portion of the population today.

This page will assist you in locating the corresponding email address for a Google Voice line.

Finding the owner of VoIP numbers may take some time, but it isn’t impossible. Keep reading to find out how!

Besides, if you wonder how to perform a fax number lookup of a business and if it is possible to see who owns a given Fax number, you will find the answers here.

Introduction to Google Voice

Google Voice

Google Voice, a VoIP service, has been around since 2009. In addition to making and receiving phone conversations, the service also allows you to send and receive text messages. It also allows you to divert calls to another number. So, Google Voice makes it possible to handle communication needs with a single device.

Due to the nature of Google Voice as a Voice over Internet Protocol service, it can be used online. However, this also means that you may use the service to make calls, send texts, and more. It works regardless of the location as long as you have an Internet connection.

It’s true that all you require to make and receive calls with Google Voice is a microphone and speaker. That means you can use Google Voice with just about any modern mobile device. You can still use Google Voice on any preferred device. It is more like having a phone with you at all times.

How Much Does It Cost?

Google Voice has a lot going for it, and one of the best parts is the low price. Assume that you’re only calling or texting other U.S. numbers from your Google Voice number. In that case, the service is free of

charge. You’ll have to top off your account with calling credits before making international calls.

However, the costs are typically quite low, costing only a few cents each minute. If you need a resource for calculating the cost of your phone calls, Google has provided one for you. Simply enter the name of the country you intend to contact. After that, you will be able to get an estimate of the associated costs.

Also, if you wonder, is Google Voice not serving your purpose? Check out these best Google Voice alternatives to upgrade your business communication system.

How to Find the Email Associated with Google Voice Number? 

Finding the email account associated with Google Voice numbers requires more work. You can usually locate the owner’s name when you look for a regular fixed or mobile number online. Are you still unfamiliar with Google Voice?

Well, it is a phone service that uses a user’s existing Gmail account as its “physical” phone number. Calls can be made and received from anywhere in the world where there is an active internet connection. No SIM card is needed, but only Google can see who the user is.

So, you might have the question of performing a reverse lookup for Google Voice numbers. As a matter of fact, it is technically impossible to trace the number.

It’s possible that people who would utilize a VoIP service would never share their actual phone number online. It’s also quite difficult to trace a number that has never been used to register for any online services.

There Are Exceptions, Though!

As mentioned earlier, the numbers of Google Voice aren’t traceable by default. However, in some cases, Google Voice numbers become traceable.

For instance, some individuals tend to link their Google Voice numbers with some social media networks. If your target Google Voice number is linked to any of those social media accounts, you may trace it.

That said, there are several different methods to try if you want to trace the Google Voice number. Well, with the help of these methods and a bit of luck, you can easily acquire the email address. We intend to use two different tools to get this done.

2 Professional Phone Lookup Tools

To put it in another way, we use two professional tools that do the job of phone lookup.

01. BeenVerified


When it comes to finding information about people, BeenVerified has you covered from every angle. Phone number lookup and online footprint tracking are two of this tool’s main features.

To find out who owns Google Voice numbers, you can use BeenVerified’s extensive database of plenty of phone entries. Name, email, phone number, social media handles, etc., could all be part of the profile.

If you do have other information related to this search, you may go ahead and enter them. The more information you provide, the better the outcome will be. After providing the required information, BeenVerified will perform a search through its massive database. It will find all the available information.

Apart from that, it generates a detailed report, so you will find it very easy to read the data. Due to obvious reasons, this is one of the best ways to find the email associated with the Google Voice number.

BeenVerified Phone Lookup Tools

02. Spokeo


Spokeo is an alternative to BeenVerified if you haven’t had any success with the former. This is yet another effective method of conducting a reverse phone lookup. Data about most people delivered through search engines comes from public records.

So, with such data, you may get varying results through a general search engine. Thanks to the impressive functionality of Spokeo, you may get some decent results. In other words, with Spokeo, you can see if there’s an email address linked with a Google Voice number.

  • First, you should open Spokeo’s official website through any browser. After that, you should search for the respective number (Google Voice Number). There is a dedicated area provided on the home page of Spokeo.
Spokeo Find Email Associated
  • Now, you should wait and see until Spokeo brings data from the available databases. To acquire a complete report, you are supposed to pay a fee. However, it is a one-time fee. What’s more, this one-time payment gives you access to a trial membership as well. With this trial period, it is possible to run multiple different searches.
Spokeo Order Summary

As you can notice, it is not difficult to find the email associated with the Google Voice number. However, you are supposed to use the correct tool.

That said, what if you get a call from an unknown Google Voice number and it’s suspicious? Just avoid the call and proceed to block it.

Extra Information: How to Setup Google Voice

If you have not used the Google Voice feature before, here are the steps to configure one.

  • First, you should go to the official link to open Google (you can reach it through voice.google.com). After that, click on the option called “Get Google Voice.” After that, you should sign into your Google account.
Sign in Google account
  • It is true that you can use any of your Android or iPhone devices to sign up. However, we recommend you do it through a computer (web-based sign-up process) for your convenience.
  • After accepting the “ToS” of Google, you can click on the option called “Continue.” That will lead to the page where you are prompted to select a phone number.
Continue to Use Google Voice
  • After locating the list of options, you can select a number and go to the verifying process.
Search for avaiable Google Voice number
  • When you’re directed to the new pane, you should confirm that an existing number is in your possession. You must know that the input number will work as the initial line that is used for call forwarding.
Choose a Google Voice number
  • After clicking on the “Verify” button and providing your contact number, you will receive a code. Just input that code into Google Voice.
Verify your selected phone number
  • After the verification process, you should tap on the “Claim” button, as requested by Google. Then, you can take control of the provided number.
Claim this number

And that’s how to configure a Google Voice number for you.

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  1. Can anyone get a Google Voice number?
    • Yes, anyone with a Google account can get a Google Voice number.
  2. Is it legal to find the email associated with a Google Voice number?
    • It’s only legal if you’re trying to recover your account or have explicit permission from the owner.
  3. Can I change the email associated with my Google Voice number?
    • Yes, you can change it in the Google Voice settings.
  4. Does Google Voice provide a free service?
    • Yes, Google Voice is free for personal use.
  5. Can I use a Google Voice number internationally?
    • Yes, you can use it internationally but at certain costs.


Professional services like BeenVerified are useful if you need to find the email address associated with Google Voice numbers. Spokeo is another example of that.

However, if an anonymous Google Voice number is causing you to receive unsolicited texts or calls, act smartly. In that case, it might not be in your best interest to investigate the owner of that number. So, if you ever feel threatened, it may be better just to block that number or get legal advice.

Do you know any other effective ways to find the email associated with the Google Voice number? Please let us know.


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