EmailOnDeck Review and Its Best Alternatives

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The advent of disposable email addresses has brought considerable convenience to the lives of modern-day individuals.

While there are many advantages associated with disposable emails, there are different service providers to offer disposable emails. Each of those service providers comes with different features.

However, the key functionality of all those email services is similar; they are disposable. That means you don’t use them permanently.

One of those services is EmailOnDeck. So, we will fully review EmailOnDeck and present your best alternatives.

What exactly is a disposable email?

Although many individuals are aware of the usage of disposable emails, some are not. If you are one of those individuals who don’t have a clear idea about a disposable email, don’t worry.

This section of our article explains the functionality of disposable email services like EmailOnDeck.

In simplest terms, a Disposable email is a special service that allows a user to receive emails. What makes a disposable email address different from regular email is that the former is temporary.

In other words, disposable email services are developed to expire after a certain period. The inboxes of disposable email addresses get emptied whenever the predefined time period elapses.

That is exactly why all those temporary email addresses are also known as throwaway email addresses.

Basically, most online discussion forums, web-based services, online stores, and blogs request an email address from their visitors. They want you to input an email address prior to obtaining any or some of their services.

Also, you are supposed to enter an email address before posting any comment or downloading their resources. With the assistance of a disposable email, you can sign up and verify your registration on those platforms.

Disposable email accounts have their own inbox, just like the regular emails you use every day. Some of the disposable email services offer reply and forward functions as well, but most of them are basic.

That means most of those disposable email addresses offer inbox only. Disposable email services are also called throwaway emails, self-destructing emails, temporary emails, and several other names.

Why do you need a disposable email in the first place?

Now that you know what a disposable email is. Let’s learn what you can do with it. In other words, why do you need a disposable email in the first place? And in this section of our article, we will explain the reasons behind it.

In fact, the idea behind the concept of the disposable email address is prevention from various types of threats. For instance, a disposable email address like EmailOnDeck can help you stay away from spammers and hackers.

In addition, it helps you stay away from the “Underworld of the Internet.” In addition to that, however, there are various other instances where you would need a disposable email address.

  • Think about a situation where you need to sign up for a store loyalty card. In this case, you will have to provide an email address. However, if you provide your regular email address in this case, you’ll suffer from a flood of spam emails. In general, stores tend to spend a considerable amount of emails on a regular basis to promote their products. Advertisers will change their strategies and find a method even if you add some filters to your email. Then, they will access your inbox somehow. So, the most effective solution to stay away from potential spam is to use a disposable email. If you use a disposable email like EmailOnDeck to sign up, it will attract all the spam. As a result, you can keep your primary email clean all the time.
  • Think of a situation where you have coded a superb web app. Now, you are in need to test it before allowing the public to use it. In this case, you will need to have multiple email accounts to test it. So, the best option, in this case, will be using 100 disposable email addresses. Then, you can create dummy accounts using those disposable addresses and test the app without any issues.
  • Suppose you want to sign up for another account using a web app you currently use. In that case, you will want another IFTTT account. For instance, assume that you need to create a second Twitter account for the website. In that case, you will have to create a different email from the regular one you are using. In this case, you can use a disposable email address instead of using your regular email address.
  • Assume that you want to sign up for a forum while maintaining total anonymity. In that case, you cannot use any of your regular emails because they are associated with your personal information. Even if you create a new one with a regular email (like Gmail), they need verification information. You can leave all those troubles away simply by creating a disposable email.

The above is just a small list of the usage of disposable email addresses. In real life, you will encounter various situations where you will need a disposable email.

Introduction to EmailOnDeck


Now that you know the purpose of a disposable email, we will explain EmailOnDeck.

In simplest terms, EmailOnDeck is yet another disposable email service that is popular among internet users. Let’s look at the essential aspects of this disposable email address.

Basic features

The main feature of EmailOnDeck is that it offers a temporary email just like its rivals do. The temporary or disposable email it offers can be used in place of your regular email.

With EmailOnDeck, you can access online resources that aren’t accessible unless you provide an email address. Since EmailOnDeck is a disposable email account, you can keep your primary email free from spam.

It is needless to mention how annoying it is when you get constant advertisements from various stores. Using this type of strategy, you can keep your primary email address away from potential spammers.

When you use a temporary email address, the advertisers will not be able to find your personal information. Usually, advertisers tend to buy email addresses from various sources.

However, no harm can be done even if they buy a temporary email created with EmailOnDeck. Moreover, EmailOnDeck can wipe out the servers and emails used once it is used.

Key features of EmailOnDeck

Now, let’s look at the most notable features of the EmailOnDeck service.


The most notable feature associated with EmailOnDeck is that it is a very user-friendly platform. In fact, the platform is made simpler with a two-step signing-up process for users’ convenience.

All you need is to prove that you are a human (not a robot). To do that, you have a Google Captcha code to identify (which is very easy). Then, you should click on the option called ‘Get Email’ so you are there. It’s that simple.

EmailOnDeck is secure

One of the common drawbacks associated with most temporary emails is that they are not secured at all. As long as someone knows the username, they can access its inbox of it.

However, with EmailOnDeck, the situation is a bit different. With EmailOnDeck, you can expect better security for your inbox. This service doesn’t allow others to view your inbox, even if it is a temporary email.

On top of that, the official website of EmailOnDeck can be accessed using HTTPS technology. The email server they use uses TLS technology. Moreover, they don’t keep any of the backups of the emails you deal with.

To make it possible, they always wipe their servers and logs on a constant basis. Moreover, EmailOnDeck allows you to erase your temporary email address completely and obtain a fresh one instantly. That can be done with a single click of a button whenever it is necessary.

The possibility of getting more than one email address

With the assistance of EmailOnDeck, you can create any number of email addresses without any restrictions. Whenever you dispose of the existing address, you can generate the next one and use it immediately.

So, this service is ideal for those who prefer using a large number of email addresses for various purposes.

On what platform it works?

EmailOnDeck is a service that works on web browsers. So, as long as you have an internet connection and a computer, you can use EmailOnDeck.

Moreover, it can also be used on your smartphone since it doesn’t depend on any OS. You don’t need to sign up or log in for it. Therefore, using EmailOnDeck is exceptionally easy for any user.

Just like any other throwaway email service, EmailOnDeck, too, offers disposable email services for users. However, one of the significant advantages associated with EmailOnDeck is that it is more securer than its rivals.

That means you cannot access anyone else’s EmailOnDeck inbox just because you know their username. However, with other email service providers, security has become a major issue.

Particularly because of their insecure characteristic, they are often automatically rejected by many websites. If you use EmailOnDeck, the good news is that those websites cannot detect it as a temporary email.

EmailOnDeck is a very reliable service, and their helpdesk is available to answer the potential doubts you may have.

If your EmailOnDeck email address is rejected by some service, you can simply contact EmailOnDeck for help. They will investigate the potential reasons behind it and let you know what to do.

Despite the other benefits, EmailOnDeck doesn’t let you send emails or forward any emails you get. For many individuals, this can be a drawback. However, when it comes to the privacy factor, it is a precautionary method taken by EmailOnDeck.

If you send an email using your EmailOnDeck address, your IP address can be exposed to third parties. Then, you lose your anonymity. EmailOnDeck doesn’t offer an email-sending feature in order to protect your IP address’s privacy.

Regarding the pricing factor, EmailOnDeck is a perfectly free service, and no payment is needed. You don’t experience any hidden costs associated with this service.

Best alternatives to EmailOnDeck

Now you know the features associated with EmailOnDeck; you can continue to use it. However, if you are curious about learning about its alternatives, let’s look at it.

Well, the truth is that there is no shortage of service providers who offer disposable email addresses. However, not all those services are as good as EmailOnDeck. To make things easier for you, we have composed a list of the best alternatives to consider.

01. Guerilla Mail

Guerrilla Mail

This is the most popular disposable email address available in the market. One of the most significant advantages associated with Guerilla Mail is that it lets you also send emails. Also, it comes as a feature-rich platform compared to many other services.

You don’t need to register for this service, as it lets you register automatically.

02. Yopmail


Yopmail is a free temporary email service provider that lets you use a fast and comprehensive mail service. You can use it to safeguard your regular email account from various annoyances, including spam, phishing, etc.

You can sign into Yopmail at any given time without using any password. The inbox of Yopmail is created instantly without any lengthy process.

They retain the emails in your inbox for one week. If you don’t want those emails, you can delete them manually.

03. Dispostable


This popular temporary email address generator lets you create a throwaway email address. Although it is temporary, their domain is accepted by many online resources.

You can use Dispostable as an excellent alternative to your regular email and keep spam away. Another benefit of Dispostable is that it allows you to create any number of disposable email accounts.

04. Mailinator

Mailinator logo

This handy platform allows you to use free and throwaway email addresses. If required, all the users are allowed to use a new email domain instantly and easily. Mailinator accepts emails from any domain as well.

However, their inbox can be accessed by any user who knows the username. However, this convenient platform allows you to access many online resources without getting your default inbox spammed.

You don’t have to worry about any registration process when you use Mailinator. You can maintain complete anonymity with the assistance of the Mailinator.

05. 10 Minute Mail

10 Minute Mail

This platform has become very popular among internet users who want to stay anonymous. It comes with good security as well. You can even use it to sign up for social media accounts.

Their service is free and specially designed to keep spam away from your regular email.

Comparison of EmailOnDeck and Its Alternatives

When choosing a temporary email service, it’s essential to consider various factors. Let’s compare EmailOnDeck and its alternatives based on key aspects:

1. Anonymity and Privacy

Both EmailOnDeck and its alternatives prioritize anonymity and privacy. They offer temporary email addresses to help users protect their personal information. However, the level of privacy may vary slightly between services. It’s important to review the privacy policies and terms of use for each service before deciding.

2. Temporary Email Address

All the mentioned alternatives, including EmailOnDeck, provide temporary email addresses. However, the duration for which these addresses remain active may vary. Some services offer longer durations, while others provide shorter timeframes. Consider the specific needs of your online activities when choosing a service.

3. User Interface and User Experience

User interface and user experience play a crucial role in the usability of a temporary email service. While EmailOnDeck and its alternatives aim for simplicity, there might be variations in terms of design and ease of use. Exploring the interfaces of different services can help you find one that suits your preferences.


1: Can I use temporary email services for online shopping?

Answer: Temporary email services can be used for online shopping, but some websites may not accept temporary email addresses for purchases. It’s recommended to check the policies of the specific website you are using.

2: Are temporary email addresses secure?

Answer: Temporary email addresses can provide an additional layer of privacy, but they are not foolproof. It’s important to use trusted temporary email services and be cautious when sharing sensitive information.

3: Can I send emails from a temporary email address?

Answer: Sending emails from a temporary email address depends on the service you are using. Some temporary email services allow outgoing emails, while others only provide incoming email functionality. Check the features of the specific service for more information.

4: How long do temporary email addresses last?

Answer: The duration of temporary email addresses varies depending on the service. Some addresses may last for a few minutes, hours, or even longer. It’s important to check the specifics of each service to know how long the addresses remain active.

5: Are there any limitations on using temporary email services?

Answer: Some websites or services may block or restrict the use of temporary email addresses. Additionally, temporary email services usually have limitations on storage capacity and the number of incoming emails. Be aware of these limitations when using temporary email services.


Basically, EmailOnDeck is a very handy email service that comes with plenty of security restrictions.

It is a disposable email service that can be used in place of your regular email. It doesn’t allow you to send emails as a security measure.

If you know better alternatives to EmailOnDeck, please let us know.


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