Is Atlas Earth a Scam or a Legit Place? Explained 2024

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Atlas Earth Scam

Is Atlas Earth a scam? Or is it a legitimate option for those who are interested in purchasing virtual lands?

This article explains everything related to Atlas Earth, so you can decide whether or not to use it.


According to the claims, Atlas Earth is a solution that becomes handy when it comes to buying virtual lands. This is a legitimate solution that offers a convenient option to own virtual properties (real estate).

Nevertheless, compared to other metaverse options, Atlas Earth’s profit margins show very low values. In fact, it shows 10c per parcel as the annual profit margin.  

At the completion of our research, we were able to gather substantial information related to Atlas Earth. This information can help you decide whether or not the respective service is legitimate or not.

So, let’s go ahead and find out everything about it.

Besides, knowing how to track down someone who scammed you is very important today, so let’s learn how to track the phone, online dating, and email scams easily.

Introduction to Atlas Earth

Atlas Earth

The players of Atlas Earth, a popular mobile game, can invest in “virtual properties (real estate)“. In fact, these virtual properties represent actual pieces of property. This is considered a mobile-first game.

Therefore, it’s safe to assume that Atlas Earth would initially launch for mobile devices before making a PC-based platform.

Players can acquire virtual lots inside the game, each measuring 900 SQ.FT. per parcel. There is a virtual representation of real-world land parcels that each user can view, acquire, and even own online.

So, Should We Consider the Atlas Earth Scam?

should We Consider the Atlas Earth Scam

There’s no shortage of skepticism related to the Atlas Earth scam. It is true that the popularity of the metaverse is increasing fast. Therefore, plenty of individuals, startups, and even large-scale companies are interested in creating metaverses for themselves.

So, is Atlas Earth a scam? We cannot say that it is a scam. In fact, it is a legitimate platform that lets you buy virtual real estate with no issue.

To begin, you should download Atlas Earth. After that, you can enjoy the process of buying virtual lands through the game. Later on, you can make profits through the lands you have purchased.

Some Players Have Doubts About This Matter Through!

There are plenty of players who enjoy this game called Atlas Earth. Through this game, they can buy and sell virtual lands through virtual money and explore the excitement.

In fact, this game offers the metaverse that represents the US. There are plenty of features in this game for you to enjoy. For instance, you can experience AR (Augmented Reality), and that’ll bring you even closer to the desired land.

Nevertheless, compared to other existing metaverses, plenty of users aren’t entirely convinced about the legitimacy of Atlas Earth. It is true that you can purchase virtual property (real estate) through this. The profit they offer is relatively unsatisfactory in comparison to other options.

So, How Can You Buy a Property Through Atlas Earth?

Buy a Property Through Atlas Earth

Now that you know about the Atlas Earth scam, let’s learn how to buy real estate through this platform.

Atlas Earth’s developers were able to make it simple to purchase property there in the platform. Players can only buy land with Atlas Bucks, the game’s in-game currency. You can acquire virtual land in the metaverse of Atlas Earth with real money. 

To do that, you should link your bank account to the app and purchase Atlas Bucks. Users are able to venture out into their local region and purchase parcels of land. This approach makes users the legal proprietors of that section of virtual real estate.

The creators of this platform provide bonuses such as additional Atlas Bucks for bulk purchases. They do it to motivate players to spend more money on the in-game currency, the Atlas Buck. This means you can expect a greater number of in-game currency for a larger transaction made with real money.

What is the Price?

Standard 900 sqft land parcels in Atlas Earth can be purchased for one hundred Atlas Bucks. This is equivalent to $5 apiece. A user can purchase a single land parcel for a value of 5 USD (or 100 Atlas Bucks). If not, they can purchase many plots at once.

Your spending power in this game is directly correlated with the number of available plots of digital real estate. There are many different plots of land up for grabs in the vast metaverse that is Atlas Earth. Players that invest time and effort into the game often spend thousands of dollars on the in-game property.

Should You Spend Real Money to Purchase Virtual Lands?

Is Atlas Earth a scam? We are not sure about it, but some users believe so. That said, let’s assume that you are convinced to purchase virtual lands. So, how can you do it? Should you spend real money to purchase virtual lands?

If you want to purchase a plot of land in Atlas Earth, you can do so through Atlas Bucks. In fact, you must have 100 bucks at the least to purchase one parcel of land. However, there’s no requirement to spend real money to have Atlas Bucks. To earn Atlas Bucks, you can watch ads within the app. And that eliminates the requirement of using real (physical) money.

Those who are not willing to buy virtual money with real money can continue watching ads. However, to earn 100 Atlas Bucks, you must watch fifty ads. This amount is equal to 5 USD, and you can purchase one land parcel with it.

How Does This Platform Work?

As of today, the idea of virtual property ownership in a metaverse environment has become popular. However, Atlas Earth is among the earliest examples. 

In fact, Atlas Earth’s central concept is exploring a metaverse environment that mimics real-world settings. This is in contrast to many other interactive web-based games with numerous people, like MMOs.

When you install the Atlas Earth app and begin playing, you will see an in-game environment. However, it will be a digital recreation of the real one. In Atlas Earth, when you move around, you’ll find that certain areas are held by other players. If not, they may appear as plots that are for sale.

In-Game Currency to Purchase Lands

Using Atlas Earth, players can buy land with the game’s virtual money, Atlas Bucks. As a result, you can buy land in 900 SQ.FT. increments. Depending on your budget and your interest in the game, you are able to purchase any number of plots.

Still, there are advantages to having a larger amount of virtual property in Atlas Earth. As an added incentive, developers have established a social hierarchy based on land ownership. You can become the “Mayor“, or “Governor“, and even the “President” of a specific virtual region. However, that will depend on the amount of land you control.

You can acquire land in your own region on Atlas Earth. This is because it is a digital version of the United States. You will be able to show off your land holdings to other participants in the metaverse. This can be done simply by achieving one of the game’s three main titles.

Who is the Mayor?

Your local territory on Atlas Earth is led by a mayor, much like in a real city or town. Whoever owns the most property in your town gets this honorary title.

Atlas Earth would always reveal your local mayor whenever you launch it to discover the metaverse.

Who is the Governor?

It’s possible that running for Governor of a state will be far less difficult on Atlas Earth. This is true compared to what it’s like in the real world.

One alternative to standing for Governor is to use the app to amass enough land wealth to elect themselves.

Let’s assume that you own greater virtual real estate than anybody else. So, you may rise to Governor of the whole metaverse state, like Atlas Earth’s Mayor.

Who is the President?

Well, let’s assume that an Atlas Earth player occupies most of the United States.

In that case, the player gets the title of the “President.” It’s the highest-paying and hardest-to-attain title in this game.

Moreover, acquiring the same will entail a substantial outlay of Atlas Earth real estate.

Is It Possible to Make Money Through Atlas Earth?

Is It Possible to Make Money Through Atlas Earth

It is true that Atlas Earth aims to encourage players to invest in virtual real estate for fun. With that said, the game also provides a viable means of generating real-world cash flow. 

Let’s assume that you buy land within Atlas Earth. So, you become the legal owner of this tract and can collect rent from tenants to supplement your income. So, the moment you acquire land, you can begin making money.

Continually, the developer has the ability to pay the parcel’s owner rent in in-game Atlas Bucks. The developers of Atlas Earth offer in-game currency called Atlas Bucks to users who spend real money on land. However, the issue is that their profit margins are extremely slim.

The Overall Profitability is Pretty Poor

The cost of land is fixed, and it is 100 Atlas Bucks. If not, it is 5 USD per piece and returns about 10 cents annually. The profitability is quite poor, as I indicated before. Money can be gained in different ways in Atlas Earth, including the discovery of diamonds.

Diamonds are the game currency that may be used to spin wheels during the game. You get the opportunity to win rewards, most commonly additional gems and Atlas Dollars, after opting to spin wheels.

In theory, you can turn the Bucks you earn from gems into actual money. Yet, your margins for profit will still be quite small even if you choose this technique. So, that’s our article about the Atlas Earth scam.


In conclusion, determining whether Atlas Earth is a scam or a legit place requires a balanced perspective. While there have been controversies and negative experiences reported, it is crucial to consider the overall reputation, user reviews, and the role of due diligence. Atlas Earth offers a global marketplace with various benefits and opportunities for buyers. However, it is always wise to exercise caution and conduct thorough research before engaging in any transactions.


  1. Is Atlas Earth a secure platform for online transactions?
    • Yes, Atlas Earth provides secure payment methods and prioritizes user safety.
  2. What should I do if I receive a product that does not meet my expectations?
    • Contact Atlas Earth’s customer support immediately and explain the issue. They will assist you in resolving the matter.
  3. Can I trust the ratings and reviews of sellers on Atlas Earth?
    • While ratings and reviews can be helpful, it is recommended to assess a seller’s overall reputation and feedback patterns before making a decision.
  4. Are there any geographical restrictions when using Atlas Earth?
    • No, Atlas Earth allows users from around the world to access its marketplace.
  5. How can I ensure a positive experience on Atlas Earth?
    • Practice due diligence by thoroughly researching products, checking seller ratings, and reading customer reviews before making a purchase.

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