Guide to Deleting Trello Boards, Accounts, Cards, and Lists

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Trello Delete Board

What is the process for delete Trello Board?

How to delete a Trello account?

How to Trello delete cards?

What steps should you follow to the Trello delete list?

Well, this article comprises answers to all those questions.

When it comes to Trello, there is no such thing as an undo button.

Archiving rather than deleting outdated or unnecessary cards, boards, and boards is presumably the platform’s preference.

Some data, on the other hand, should not be kept indefinitely.

Whether it’s personal or business data that has to be removed, there’re instances when it’s necessary to do so.

No matter what the purpose is, archiving is not the same as deleting data.

About Trello Deletion

In order to prevent inadvertent deletions, Trello requires users to jump through a seemingly endless number of hoops.

Trello’s board, list, and card deletions might be laborious, but there are ways to get it done.

However, please remember that after clicking on “delete,” your removals in Trello are irreversible.

Because of the quality of your backup, you’ll never be without the ability to go back. We’ll show you how to remove the Trello card, board, or list in this post.

Introduction to Trello


You may use Trello to keep track of your projects, manage your tasks, and collaborate with others. One of this kanban board app’s main selling features is its simplicity. Thanks to this simplicity factor, it can be used by teams of all sizes, both internal and external.

Trello, on the other hand, lacks the capabilities necessary to effectively manage and rebalance resources across several projects. In addition, some features are only accessible via add-ons.

Also, the free version restricts you to a single one per board in Trello’s pricing tier. Other elements, like swimlanes and more rigorous work-in-progress constraints, are lacking completely.

As a matter of fact, Trello is able to handle complicated requirements. However, you should know that it will take a little trial and error to see if it works. All in all, Trello is a pretty decent tool that makes your life easier in terms of managing projects.

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How Do I Delete Boards in Trello?

When it comes to Trello users, they have two main options to delete Trello boards.

The first option is simply to close aboard and delete it. In fact, closing a board is more like archiving cards.

After closing aboard, it will be removed from the regular dashboard, so it saves space.

Also, it does allow you to access the board again whenever you need to do so.

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● Deleting a Trello Board Can Be Done with the Following Steps

You may close the board by selecting “More” and after that, “Close Board” from Trello’s Board Menu.

More under Menu
Close Board...

The option to “Re-open” or “Permanently Delete” the board will appear once the board has been closed.

Permanently Delete Trello Board

The “Closed Boards” list is located in its header menu by clicking the option called “Boards” in the menu.

In the list of closed boards, you will see a “Remove” button. However, that button is available only if you are an administrator of those boards.

In other words, you cannot perform a Trello delete board you don’t necessarily own. With that, the respective Trello board has been completely removed.

This method of deleting Trello boards requires you to use the web app, not the mobile app.

● There’s an Alternative

The “Delete Boards” feature in Trello offers a second alternative for getting rid of Trello boards.

  • To begin, you’ll want to archive your cards by closing the respective Trello board.
  • Using the “Boards” menu, click on “More,” and after that, choose “Close Board” so you can close the board.
  • In order to delete a specific board, go to the tool called “Delete Board” and proceed.
  • After that, you should choose the name of the board.
  • Check to determine if you already have admin privileges on the board before deleting it.
  • The Trello board has been wiped clean.

And that’s how a Trello delete board is performed.

Also, here is everything about Trello archived cards viewing, deleting, and archiving for your reference.

How Do I Delete a Trello Card? 

If you want to know how to delete a Trello card, you may read the information below. Every task on the to-do list probably has its own card on the Trello platform.

This is particularly true, especially if you’re an average Trello user.

Delete the cards that have been moved to the “Done” status.

There’re ways to delete Trello cards, depending on the number of cards you wish to eliminate at a time.

● Important Aspects to Remember

Individual cards cannot be deleted without first archiving them. To archive specific cards, pick the option called “Archive” from the base of the card.

Archive Trello

The “Delete” option will reappear in the right-bottom menu when the card has become archived.

Vote Trello

Deleted cards in Trello cannot be retrieved. Thus you need to confirm your action.

Delete Trello Card

Archiving the respective card is a good idea if you think you’ll need it again in the future.

Even if you accidentally delete something, you’ll always have a copy of it, thanks to a reliable data backup.

How Do I Delete Trello List? 

You’ll even be able to remove entire lists from the Trello environment. Usually, it is necessary if the platform is in desperate need of a “spring cleaning“.

It’s a bummer that Trello doesn’t allow you to remove lists from your board.

Archiving lists is done by selecting “Archive This List” from the three dots adjacent to the title. Lists that have been archived are kept away.

However, they are still accessible if you need them.

Archive This List

● Deleting Trello Lists – the Steps

Here are the steps you should follow if you want to Trello delete the list with no trouble.

For those who do not want to spend time erasing each list item, there’s a solution to consider.

  • You can easily click on that three-dotted symbol.
  • Then, select “Move List” instead of going for an archiving the list; you may move it new Trello board.
  • The new board should be closed and deleted after all the desired listings are placed on it.
  • A board’s lists (and those cards on the lists) are deleted along with it when it is deleted.
  • If you remove a list, it’s gone for good, much like a board or a card.

Trello allows you to permanently delete cards, delete a Trello board, and even delete a Trello list. However, you must know that: the consequences are permanent. Assume that you don’t have any deleted or archived Trello data.

In that case, a secure backup of data is the best way to keep everything safe. Thanks to the feature called Rewind on Trello, it makes a copy of the profile once in 24 hours. Because of that, you will not lose any data even if something goes wrong.

How to Delete A Trello Account?

Do you wonder how to delete your Trello account and stop using it? Well, mentioned below is how to do it.

In this case, we strongly suggest that you work through the mailbox admin of your email account.

For instance, you can contact your previous company’s IT department. This step is required if there’s no way to access your account through the email address.

When it comes to account security, Trello cannot necessarily delete registered accounts on behalf of users.

Also, the requests are supposed to happen within the account itself. Also, the process should be finalized by clicking on the option to confirm the deletion.

If you wonder how to delete your Trello account, follow the steps mentioned below and proceed.

● Trello Board Admins

Do you play the role of a board admin and have multiple members in it? If that’s the case and you are removed from it, the respective Trello board becomes admin-less.

However, if you’re the only member at the time of deleting your account, the board itself will be deleted.

If it is related to a paid workspace, the admin can join the board. Then, he can grant his admin privileges to someone else (who is currently a member).

● Retaining of Personal Data

Now that you know how to delete your Trello account, here’s what happens to your data.

When the account is deleted, the personal data too will be removed from the system. For instance, your email address, name, and location will be deleted.

In some cases, however, Tello tends to keep personal data. They do it for legitimate purposes, so there’s nothing to worry about such an approach.

Trello can keep the below-mentioned personal data.

  • Financial information that is related to billing records and purchases.
  • Records that show why the account is deleted.
  • Data that relates to litigation or legal inquiries.

● Personal Data in the Content

After deleting your Trello account, your personal data in the content will remain without getting erased.

Email addresses and names that were entered in the description are retained even if you delete a Trello account.

Also, the details in the card comments are retained. So, the data should be deleted manually by the users or admins based on the permission type.

● Personal Data Found in Custom and 3rd Party Apps

Assume that you have installed 3rd or custom apps, such as Power-Ups, that enhance the functionality of Trello.

If that is the case, it is possible that these applications have kept your personal data.

Before canceling the Trello account, go to the Account Settings page. That allows you to see a list of applications that may have saved your personal data.

● Deleting Your Trello Account Will Not Cancel Premium or Standard Subscriptions

Are you the only member of the Premium or Standard Trello workspace? Well, your subscription is supposed to be canceled right after the deletion of the account.

Also, the individual account subscriptions will get canceled if the respective accounts are deleted.

Nevertheless, things are different when it comes to administrators of Premium or Standard workspaces that have multiple members.

In that case, deletion of the account will not affect the subscription. Instead of that, you will be asked to select a newer admin for the respective workspace.

The most important thing is that your subscription will be retained. In this case, only a newly appointed admin can cancel the subscription of the user.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can I recover a deleted Trello account?

Unfortunately, once you delete your Trello account, it is not possible to recover it. Ensure that you have backed up any important data before proceeding with the deletion.

Q2: Can I delete multiple Trello boards at once?

Currently, Trello does not offer a built-in feature to delete multiple boards simultaneously. You will need to delete each board individually following the provided steps.

Q3: Is there a way to restore a deleted Trello board?

Once you permanently delete a Trello board, it cannot be restored. Take extra caution when deleting boards and ensure that you have selected the correct ones.

Q4: Can I delete multiple Trello cards simultaneously?

No, you can only delete Trello cards individually. Follow the steps outlined in this article to delete cards one by one.

Q5: What happens to the data associated with a deleted Trello board?

When you delete a Trello board, all the data associated with it, including cards, comments, and attachments, is permanently removed from the Trello system.


So, that’s all about how to delete the Trello account, how to delete the Trello board and Trello cards as well, and how to delete the Trello list.

Do you have any other questions related to any of the above? Please let us know; we will assist you at our earliest.


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