How Does Bumble’s Location Work & How to Find A Date With It?

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Bumble Location

How to find a date with the Bumble location? Or, how does Bumble use the user’s location to get the most appropriate data?

The content of this article will answer those questions and make everything clear for you.

So, keep reading if you are interested in learning how to use the Bumble app.

Introduction to Bumble and Its Functionality

The dating app Bumble, like Tinder, allows users to establish a profile with photos and swipe through prospective matches.

Using the swipe function, users can “like” a profile or “reject” a specific profile. And if two people “like” each other’s profiles, it is considered to be a match.

Bumble Location

Bumble, on the other hand, only allows females to initiate the conversation and send the very first message. The match is over if the lady does not send the very first message within the first 24 hours.

It’s estimated that the app has more than 100 million users around the world. Millions of connections and a plethora of marriages and engagements have been attributed to the app.

PS: if you wonder about how to delete a Bumble account, these guides you should check out.

How Does Bumble’s Location Work?

Download the Bumble app on your phone’s App Store, then sign up for an account using Facebook. Afterward, you can select photos and add a brief bio to your profile to proceed.

Using your location, the app then scans the area around you for prospective matches. It finds matches based on your choices for gender, age, and where they are located. In other words, Bumble location dating is possible.

It’s simple: You swipe right to like something and swipe left if you don’t like it. It takes 24 hours for the female to take the initiative and send a message when there’s a match.

Your communication will be cut off if she does not respond to your messages. After one day, even if the guy responds to her message, the match is over.

Besides, if you wonder how to disable the Bumble notification sound, here is a detailed guide.

Some Important Things You Should Know About Bumble Location

Mentioned below are some of the important aspects you should know about Bumble’s location.

Also, let’s learn more about how to use the travel mode on Bumble easily here.

01. To a Certain Extent, Women Are in Charge of the Dialogue

The first communication must be sent by the woman. This specific function is introduced to encourage women to take the lead. Also, it works to empower them on the app and to prevent them from being flooded with messages. 

For an extra cost, men can prolong the match timeframe for an extra 24 hours. Features and bonuses that aren’t available for free can be purchased.

02. The App Does Not Charge a Fee to Use It

For a charge, you can swipe through the profiles of those who have already shown interest in you. Men can also purchase an extra 24 hours of waiting time to check if the respective match contacts them. 

Rematching potential suitors who didn’t match the first time around is also an option. This can be used to attempt and try a match once more. 

03. This App Matches Couples Regardless of Their Sexual Orientation 

The software doesn’t ask you to identify yourself as gay or lesbian. In fact, it wants to verify whether you are interested in women, men, or both. If a female or a male match isn’t what you’re looking for, the app lets you message either one first.

04. It is Possible to Verify the Profile on Bumble

By having users snap a picture of themselves executing particular motions, Bumble can authenticate daters. The software then adds a checkmark to the profile so that potential mates see that the person is real. Its purpose is to keep internet bots and humans from defrauding others through catfishing.

05. Bumble Does More Than Dating

Networking and friend-finding tools are also available. Bumble’s BFF mode connects the user with persons of the exact gender that Bumble believes is a good friend. 

Using the Bumble Bizz app, users may connect with others and grow their professional networks.

In addition, when your Bumble location is wrong, it is obviously difficult to find precise matches as per your expectations. Don’t worry, here are 6 easy solutions for you.

Bumble Location and Its Functionality

Bumble, unlike many other location-based applications, does not run in the background when you close it. You won’t be able to get it back up and running until you see a potential match. You will only be able to access your most recent location information if you are offline. 

Using Bumble, your location will be displayed as the city’s name city. As a result, other individuals will be able to view your current distance from that area.

Whenever you log back in, Bumble will acquire your location based on your device’s GPS and Wi-Fi information. That means that the app will display the location based on the city you are now located in. And that’s about the location feature on Bumble.  

Bumble Location and Its Functionality

How Does the Travel Mode of Bumble Work?

Travel Mode is a Bumble feature. There is a 7-day time limit for this feature. That means you can set the location to somewhere else for that time.

In fact, your profile will display an indicator indicating that users are in “Travel Mode“. However, you won’t be able to specify an actual location.

Travel Mode of Bumble

The purpose of this tool is to assist you in meeting new people when you’re traveling to different places. But on the other hand, you must pay with Bumble money to use the Travel Mode feature.

You can activate Travel Mode by following these instructions:

  • Bumble’s Settings is accessible by tapping the gear icon in the upper right corner of the app.
  • Select “Travel to…” from the drop-down menu under “Location Settings.”
  • Select the city you want to visit from the list of cities you prefer. The timer is set to start as soon as you press the start button.
  • In Travel Mode, users can switch between any number of locations. However, what you should remember is that you can only select one at a time.
How Does the Travel Mode of Bumble Work

Is There a Way to Use a Fake Bumble Location?

Well, as you may already know, Bumble location is defined by acquiring your real location. That means it happens automatically.

However, in reality, there are many individuals who don’t want to restrict their searches to a single location.

In other words, people love to find friends from many different parts of the world rather than limiting themselves. It is true that Bumble doesn’t allow you to use multiple locations at all by default. In that case, the solution is to use a third-party tool to change the location of the device.

This is exactly when a sophisticated tool like iToolab AnyGo comes to play and does the needful.

iToolab AnyGo, by all means, is a tool that can teleport your GPS location on an iOS device. It lets you appear as if you are from any part of the world.

Once the location is changed with AnyGo, the Bumble location will too be changed into that virtual location.

Then, you will be presented with the potential matches in that newly selected area. Isn’t it awesome? If you are interested in using this wonderful tool and finding Bumble matches across the globe, keep reading.

Features of iToolab AnyGo

  • AnyGo can easily spoof your iOS device’s location anywhere you wish.
  • It works perfectly for any location-based games and apps (even with Pokemon Go).
  • There are multiple modes to create virtual GPS movements.
  • It can simulate actions like cycling, walking, or even driving at a speed of your choice.
  • It does spoof locations for several different iOS devices at once.

How to Change Bumble Location using iToolab AnyGo

Mentioned below is how to use a fake Bumble location using AnyGo.

  • First, you should download, install and Run AnyGo on your PC. Then, connect your iPhone to the same PC. After that, click on the option called “Start.” Then, you will see the present location on the map.
iToolab AnyGo
  • In order to change the existing location, choose the button labeled “Teleport” on the screen. It is located on top of the screen (towards the right-hand side). Then, you should enter the details of the location you intend to teleport to and hit the “Search” button.
AnyGo - Teleport Mode
  • Now, you will see a popup. That will show the coordinates. Click on the option called “Go,” so the device’s location will be changed to that.
Change Bumble Location using iToolab AnyGo

You should also note that iToolab AnyGo allows you to change your device’s location at any time.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Bumble Location 

No. To use Bumble, you must give it permission to access your location. Unless you’re able to use the location to find matches, this app is of little use to you. You can still communicate with your current matches, and they’ll be able to view your most recent location.

Bumble is a unique app in terms of tracking your position. Bumble, unlike other location-tracking applications, only shows your location once you’re active or if someone drops you a message.

Your location is only updated when someone swipes your profile or sends a message to you in the app.

Bumble primarily shows you people from your current location, but you have the option to expand your search radius and explore profiles from other areas.

Yes, Bumble’s location feature works internationally. By adjusting your location settings, you can discover potential matches in the area you are visiting.

Yes, you can change your location on Bumble by adjusting the location settings within the app. This is particularly useful when traveling or planning to relocate.


So, that’s all about Bumble’s location and how to spoof it. If you want to spoof your location and pretend you are from another place, use iToolab AnyGo.

To know more about location spoofing, please let us know.


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