The Best UPS Products for Uninterrupted Power Supply

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Smartphone owners will already know how beneficial it is to have a spare power supply. A smartphone’s battery doesn’t last as long as we’d like, and a portable power pack recharges the battery when you aren’t home.

Aside from being convenient, it also means that if you’re using a smartphone or tablet for work or to study, you don’t risk losing hours of progress. This is similar to what the best UPS can do for you.

UPS is a type of power supply that is more powerful than a battery pack. Instead of being a smartphone or tablet power pack, it is meant for computers, laptops, and other electronics that consume a lot of power.

In the event of a power outage, this will give you a few extra minutes to save your work and safely power down. We’re going to take a look at these devices and list the best UPS products to consider.

What Does UPS Mean?

UPS means Uninterrupted Power Supply. As we said above, it is a solution that provides you with a source of power for a short amount of time. If your power goes out because of a grid problem or bad weather, you can rely on this device temporarily. You might be wondering, isn’t this exactly what a surge protector is for?

The short answer is no; surge protectors only reduce the risk of hardware damage if there is a sudden electrical surge. Sure, the risk is significantly lower if you have a surge protector, but damage can still occur.

On the other hand, if you have a UPS, you can save anything that you’re working on and safely turn off your computer. This completely removes the need for a surge protector and guarantees your computer a safe shutdown.

Every UPS is different. Some will store a larger amount of electricity to give you more time after a surge, and others double as surge protectors.

Generally speaking, the more expensive units will hold more power, and some of the higher-end ones can also power multiple computers at once.

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Why You Need a UPS

For those of you who don’t already have the best UPS, there are two very crucial reasons you should consider buying one.

  • Prevent Computer Damage. Hardware damage is no laughing matter, especially if you own a laptop. Replacing a computer component is very expensive, so if you have a power surge and a piece of hardware breaks, you could find yourself buying a new computer. Fortunately, it’s easy to replace a desktop part, but it’s very difficult when you have a laptop.
  • Prevent Losing Files. Maybe you’re not too worried about damaging the computer. In that case, maybe the risk of losing your files will make you consider a UPS. It’s one thing to lose work or school files, but firmware corruption is another risk. When a Windows file corrupts, you have to repair the operating system or possibly reinstall it. Either way, it’s not a good result.

You get the idea – having a UPS is ideal. You won’t have to worry about hardware damage or file loss/corruption whenever a power surge occurs, and that’s a huge load off your shoulders. These are two great reasons for investing in this type of electric device.

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Things to Look Out For

It doesn’t matter what electronic device you’re buying – a smartphone, battery pack, smartwatch, or even a microwave – there will always be things to look out for to make sure you’re getting the most for your money. When you’re on the hunt for the best UPS, here are the things we recommend focussing your attention on.

AC or DC

The type of current that the UPS uses is very important. In America, they use DC (Direct Current), whereas, in Europe and many other places, they use AC (Alternating Current). There are a lot of technical differences, but the important point is that they use different plugs. Make sure you get one that supports the correct current, or you could waste your money.


It’s always worth looking at whether or not you can get your hands on an eco-friendly UPS that is energy efficient too. It shouldn’t increase your budget too much and will save you money when it comes to paying your electrical bill. This will also help reduce your carbon footprint!

Type of Plug

Following on from the “AC or DC” section, check the type of plug the UPS supports. Even if it supports AC, it may act as an adapter and have DC plugs. Although this isn’t common, it’s worth double-checking to prevent confusion.

Power Capacity

The power capacity of the UPS you decide to buy is very important. If you are purchasing it for your home office, which has just one computer, you’ll be able to find a suitable supply in no time at all.

But if you’re buying this power unit for an office and it has to be capable of powering as many as ten computers, you have to focus on the power capacity. Make sure that it is high enough to supply all of your computers with electricity if there is a surge.


Warranties aren’t necessary, but with an expensive piece of equipment like a UPS, it’s worth paying a little extra. Electronics are prone to random malfunctions; there’s no arguing that. A warranty simply gives you the reassurance that if it arrives broken or breaks within weeks of being bought, you can get a replacement.


Last of all, you should definitely set yourself a budget and keep an eye on the price of the units you’re considering. Consider the price of the units you have in front of you and compare the points we have above. If one of the UPS has a greater capacity than another and it’s also cheaper, that’s undoubtedly the better deal.

There are lots of things to consider. If you do more research into these power units, then you’ll have a better understanding of how to pick the best one for you. However, these are the main things that we recommend focussing on.

Top 10 Best UPS

So, now that you know all about UPS and what aspects you should be considering when buying one, we’re now going to look at the best UPS. These are each fantastic units that have plenty to offer, and as long as they’re in your price range, they’re worth consideration.

#1 – CyberPower CP600LCD

Best UPS - CyberPower CP600LCD

Up first is the CyberPower CP600LCD, a great piece of equipment that can power a cluster of computers. You can connect all of your computer equipment and landlines to this power supply, and it’ll still be at its peak efficiency.

If you don’t want to use it for your computer, then it works just as well for home theatres and entertainment stations. If a power surge occurs, you’ll be able to continue enjoying whatever you’re watching!

The built-in LCD screen shows you a lot of important information. It’ll show you how long its current energy capacity can support if there’s a fault with the device’s wiring and the current input voltage.

This is also one of the cheaper power supplies that you’ll find (currently available for around $75). It’s affordable, energy-efficient, and could save you from replacing expensive equipment – what’s not to love?

  • Has a built-in LCD display that shows information about the unit
  • Energy-efficient and can reduce energy consumption by as much as 75%
  • It comes with a 3-year warranty
  • Capable of powering several devices simultaneously
  • The accompanying software (PowerPanel Personal) is not user-friendly

#2 – CyberPower CP350SLG

CyberPower CP350SLG

CyberPower offers some of the best UPS products out there, and you’ll notice them a few times on this list. Their CP350SLG power unit is up there as one of their best. It is cheaper than the first UPS and hits just over $40, but it is still an impressive piece of equipment.

With six outlets, you can power plenty of devices at the same time. Note that with a wattage of 255 watts, the jury is still out on whether this is capable of powering six desktop computers. In this regard, laptops and lower-power consumption devices would work better.

With the CP350SLG in place, any of your electronic devices will be safe from power surges or blown fuses. In the event that you use this best UPS and your device still gets broken, CyberPower guarantees a replacement.

  • Comes with a 3-year warranty
  • You can connect up to 6 devices to this UPS at once
  • Very energy efficient without making a lot of noise
  • Doesn’t provide as much backup power as the high-end units do
  • Although suitable for more than one device, it is best suited for a single computer

#3 – APC BR1500G


APC is another manufacturer of the top UPS devices. In particular, the ACP BR1500G model is a fantastic UPS, which is great for offices and is more than capable of powering multiple desktop computers. If you don’t want to invest in an expensive backup generator, then this is the next best thing you can get.

With this UPS, you’ll have two warranties. The first covers the actual power unit for three years, and the other provides lifetime cover for the electronics that you connect to it.

After setting up this best UPS, the LCD display will show all of the power data you need to know. Once you read the user manual, you’ll have a full understanding of what this data means, and you can ensure that UPS performs at its best all the time. If you’re prone to surges and have lots of electronics, this is the one for you.

  • Saves power by turning off any devices that are in sleep mode
  • Surge protection not only protects vulnerable components, but if the power capacity is low, it will safely turn off any devices
  • Capable of powering 865 watts of electronics
  • Perfect for small offices and home usage
  • Heavier and bulkier than some of the other UPS units out there

#4 – Eaton 9SX 5000i RT3U

Eaton 9SX 5000i RT3U

Next is the Eaton 9SX 5000i RT3U, which is an ideal UPS for any office and home appliances (but given how powerful it is, this is ideal for offices). The price tag might be a little discouraging, but that’s the only downside of this listing.

Any time that a power surge interrupts your work, this UPS will start powering all of your connected devices. At full capacity, you’ll have just over 3 minutes to save your work and safely shut down your electronics. This is more than enough time to save valuable files and prevent hardware damage.

With ten outlets on this Uninterrupted Power Supply, you can connect plenty of desktop computers, monitors, and any other essential equipment you use.

  • A full charge provides three and a half minutes of power
  • Has an LCD display that owners can use to ensure the supply is working optimally
  • Includes 10 AC power outlets
  • Although it can be set up in homes and offices, it is preferable as an office UPS
  • Very expensive (more so for small businesses)

#5 – CyberPower CP750LCD

CyberPower CP750LCD

Another best UPS that CyberPower has on its shelves is the CP750LCD. It is effective in power grid blackouts and power surges, and it also has a sleek design to it.

You can connect up to 8 electronics to this UPS unit. Four of the outlets are for general surge protection – if a power surge happens, then this will minimize the risk of hardware damage and file loss.

The other four outlets are for backup power. For any electronics that you want a few extra minutes to use in the event of a power outage, these are the plugs you should use.

One of the unique features of this UPS is that you can place it on the floor, or if you want to avoid tripping over it, mount it to the wall! This can make it much easier to plug in more electronics.

  • Has eight power outlets (4 with surge protection and 4 with backup power supply support)
  • Includes a 3-year warranty which also covers $150,000 of electronics if the device fails
  • The LCD display shows you information about the UPS’ status
  • Uses CyberPower’s PowerPanel Personal software, which is frustrating to use

#6 – CyberPower CP1500EPFCLCD

CyberPower CP1500EPFCLCD

CyberPower’s more powerful UPS, the CyberPower CP1500EPFCLCD, is an incredibly impressive piece. You can connect as many as 12 electronics to it, monitor the status from an LCD display, and if you want, you can also control it using CyberPower’s PowerPanel software solution.

One of the unique things about this UPS (which makes it one of the best UPS) is its energy-efficient and eco-friendly features.

Aside from having an ultra-quiet design and effective cooling, it also consumes as little energy as possible. The supply does this by charging the backup battery and then limiting the power that it requires.

  • Comes with a 3-year warranty
  • It can be connected to your data line for better surge protection
  • Also includes a warranty guarantee of up to $500,000 of equipment if the unit fails
  • It has 12 power outlets
  • Many users report that they receive a faulty unit and have to get a replacement straight away
  • Much more expensive than typical UPS units that are on this list

#7 – CyberPower CP1350PFCLCD

CyberPower CP1350PFCLCD

Another high-end unit is the CyberPower CP1350PFCLCD. This is one of the most expensive units, and it has definitely earned its price, but reaching almost $220 makes it less affordable for those who are on a budget.

So, what does this UPS have to offer? Providing a large power capacity of 810 watts, you can connect ten electronics to it and 2 USB devices too. It not only protects against power surges, but it can also protect your computer against data line surges.

The LCD display makes it easy to monitor the power supply, and it can be used to view any critical problems that occur with your equipment.

  • Owners of this UPS get a 3-year warranty and up to $425,000 of equipment coverage
  • It has two built-in USB ports, which allow you to charge devices such as your smartphone
  • Can emit up to 810 watts of electricity when a power surge occurs
  • Uses noise reduction technology and remains energy-efficient
  • Just like the CyberPower CP1500EPFCLCF, this unit also has reports of frequent faulty units
  • Over $200 making it a very expensive best UPS option

#8 – APC BE600M1


Back on the list at number 8 is APC with their BE600M1 model. This is a very basic supply and doesn’t have a lot of uniqueness to it, but sometimes simple is good!

You’re able to connect a total of 8 devices to this supply (including the USB slot), it has a power capacity of 330 watts, and it will give you roughly 3 minutes of electricity to safely save your work and turn off your equipment.

Maintenance is something that a lot of people overlook when it comes to their UPS. With the APC BE600M1, it runs frequent self-maintenance tests. This enables you to detect battery problems or if there are any wiring faults with the unit itself. It also tests the battery and alerts you when you need to replace it.

  • Supports seven pieces of equipment via the outlets and 1 USB port
  • An affordable UPS for home use
  • Easy to set up and comes with a manual too (plug it in and turn it on!)
  • Various self-maintaining features
  • Not a powerful enough UPS to be effective in an office
  • Although a decent power supply, the price is slightly higher than it is worth

#9 – Tripp Lite Smart1500LCDXL

Tripp Lite Smart1500LCDXL

Again, this is one of the best UPS, which also has a hefty price tag. That said, the Tripp Lite Smart1500LCDXL won’t disappoint.

Given that this UPS is capable of delivering up to 900 watts of power, it’s best if you set it aside for business/office use only. When you experience a power surge, you get a little longer than most other UPS’ give you to turn everything off safely – 4 minutes is just slightly longer, but every second counts!

With the Tripp Lite Smart1500LCDXL, you can plug in 8 pieces of equipment, monitor any faults from the LCD display, and you’ll also get access to the PowerAlert software.

  • Includes free UPS management software
  • Can power up to 8 pieces of equipment at once
  • Has a 3-year warranty which also covers up to $250,000 of equipment
  • The LCD screen allows you to monitor the health of the unit
  • If you need to replace the battery, you cannot purchase a new one

#10 – APC SMT1500


Ending this list of impressive UPS is APC’s SMT1500. It has an output capacity of 1,000 watts of power, so you should only consider this if you have a lot of office equipment to protect.

On the front of this unit is an LCD display. Most other products have this, but with the SMT1500, it is easier to use and gives a bit more detail than the others. In terms of software, you’re able to manage certain aspects of the unit with APC’s custom program.

As one of the best UPS on the market, it’s no surprise that it also provides you with eight power outlets too.

  • Whenever the battery supply is low, you’ll receive an alert
  • It has a modern and unique design, so it’ll fit in with your equipment nicely!
  • Powers up to 1000W of equipment
  • Includes a 2-year warranty and covers $150,000 of equipment if the unit fails
  • Very expensive and only suitable for offices with power-heavy equipment
  • Warranty is shorter than most other UPS


  1. What is a UPS system? A UPS, or Uninterrupted Power Supply, is a device that provides emergency power to your devices when the main power source fails.
  2. Why do I need a UPS system? A UPS system helps protect your devices from power fluctuations, prevents data loss, and allows for continuous productivity during power outages.
  3. What should I look for when buying a UPS system? Key features to look for include power capacity, run time, and any additional features like surge protection, power conditioning, or battery backup.
  4. What are some recommended UPS products? The best UPS product for you will depend on your individual needs. Consider your power requirements, the devices you plan to connect, and your budget when making your decision.
  5. How long can a UPS keep my devices running? The runtime of a UPS varies from one model to another. It’s important to choose a UPS with a run time that fits your needs.

To Conclude

Making the decision to invest your money into one of the best UPS above will benefit you greatly. It will prepare you for the unfortunate situation where a power surge occurs, or the power grid experiences a problem.

Your computer will be harm-free, and anything you’re working on will be safe from corruption. There truly is nothing but benefits from having a UPS, and if you choose one of the units that we listed above, you won’t be disappointed.


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