Best and Easy Ways to Change Voice on Skype

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Change Voice On Skype

Beyond the shadow of a doubt, the voice changer becomes an interesting part to add fun during the conversation. But not all the masses are aware of the Skype voice changer.

Are you also one of those who do not know about it? If your answer is yes, the below-mentioned is a boon for you.  

Skype is one of the best and most prominent applications used for communication across the globe by the masses. But do you know the way to make Skype calls interesting?

All you need to do is use a voice changer for Skype when you communicate with your friends. With the help of this kind of application, you can change your voice on Skype

However, a voice changer does not mean you can install any of the applications related to it. The reason is that some voice changer applications offer low-quality voice effects or you may also experience lagging.

Whether using Skype on Windows, Mac, or Android, you must choose the voice changer application wisely. 

1. Steps to Consider While Setting the Voice Changer: 

First of all, you need to work on the configuration of the Skype voice setting. All you do is the integration, including a third-party voice changer. If you are using Skype on Windows, go to the tool menu, then choose configuration settings.

On the other hand, on the Mac, you will get the option between the Audio/Video preference tab. Remember that you need to set the setting before making the call. 

How to Install the Voice Changer on Skype: 

Here is the list of steps that you need to follow to get the voice changer for Skype.

1. Install Skype on your laptop and choose the gear icon. This option is displayed on the left corner of your screen.

2. Go to the tool option and select the option of audio device setting.

Audio Device settings

3. Figure out the option of “PC Mic and Speakers.” Further, choose the menu of the microphone.

Change Voice On Skype

4. In the case of Mac, select the option of:

  • Skype for business
  • Preference
  • Video device 
Skype for business Preferences

5. In the microphone option, select the microphone.

Microsphone option on Skype for Business

2. How to Change Voice for Skype via MorphVOX:

MorphVOX does not require any introduction in the voice changer field. It comes with mind-blowing sound effects. To use all these features, only one click is required.

By using MorphVOX, you can change the sound and add the sound of:

  • Male
  • Female
  • Toddler, and so on
Change Voice On Skype via MorphVOX

The striking feature of MorphVOX is that it does not consist of artificial effects. You can use the MorphVOX in different games too. Moving to the features, here is the list of some highlighting key points. 

  • You can eliminate the surrounding noise from the audio.
  • Huge range of voice-changing effects
  • Customized effects for producing various voices
  • Adding different background effects at the time of use. 

Additionally, this application comes with the option of “Echo cancellation.” The main use of using echo cancellation is removing the echo from the audio. You can use the echo cancellation option if you do not use the headset or any other microphone.

Not only this, but you can enjoy the “Voice Doctor” feature, a voice learning tool. You will get the idea of whether the computer’s volume is set or not. Due to it, you will get an idea about the optimal sound quality.  

Steps to Use It in Skype:

  • Download this application on your Mac.
  • Visit Skype and choose the option of audio and video device.
  • Select the option of a microphone.
  • Make the call and select the option of voice changer.

So, by following all these steps, you can easily use the voice changer applications on Skype. Apart from it, there is plenty of voice-changing software available for Skype. So, you have alternative options. 

3. Select the Voice Changer on iPhone/Android for Skype:

Do you want a voice changer on your smartphone? If it is so, here is the list of the best tools.

For Android Devices – Voice Changer with Effects

You will undoubtedly get plenty of options when you search for a voice changer on a search engine. But choosing a voice changer with effects will be an ideal option for you.

The striking feature of this tool is that you can implement the effects either you have previously recorded voice or real-time recording.

Voice Changer with Effects

Apart from it, voice changers with effects are associated with various key features. The below-mentioned information is a list of features. 

  • It has advanced AI for creating speech from text.
  • immense voice effects.
  • share voice effects on the various social media platform.
  • Not only compatible with this application but also with other applications.
  • Easily change the voice effects without facing any problem.

For the iPhone: Voice Changer Plus

If you want to add minor to major changes to your voice, you can consider the voice changer plus. There are numerous reasons to use voice changer plus that is in following ways:

  • It comes with 55 different voice effects and background sound.
  • Get complete voiceover support.
  • Can take benefit of the trimming option too.
Change Voice On Skype via Voice Changer Plus

You will get top-notch quality filters and upload them on different social media platforms.

4. Other Voice-Changing Software for Skype:

There are some best options available in the voice changer. So, when choosing the best voice-changing software, you need to be choosy about it.

The reason is that some of the apps have artificial sound effects. Due to it, a person will easily guess your prank. So, instead of wasting time on that kind of application, you can choose the below-mentioned software. 


Clownfish is one of the ideal applications for changing the voice. It comes with top-notch quality features. You will get various voice effects. Further, you can do the transformation of texts into speech.

The users can easily change the surrounding noises in the audio too. You do not need to pay for it as it is considered open source. 

Clownfish Voice Changer

How Does It Work to Change Voice on Skype:

Check the microphone, and you will see the option of clownfish. But on the other side, you must download the clownfish when the other audio device is connected to a computer. After installing the clownfish app, go to the set-up option and select the system integration.

Choose the install and which is near the audio device. Right-click on the application icon and select the voice changer option.

After that, choose the best voice effect in the voice changer and add this effect. Additionally, you can blend the four different kinds of sound effects with the help of the “effect mixer” tool. 

Tab on the right-facing arrow option nearer to the “effect mixer” option and chooses drop-down boxes for adding different voice effects.


With plenty of sound styles, it becomes the priority of the users. Moreover, you will not face any problems using this application as it is easy to use. It has a library with a great collection of voice styles. You can show your creativity by creating different iconic sounds. 

Additionally, VoiceMod is also ideal for online gaming and video conferencing applications. You can unlock other features if you share this application on different social media pages.

Apart from it, you can also buy the usage plan license. It has various custom voices, sandboards, and more than 100 effects. 

In addition, the users can take an overview of the application. Like the clownfish, you do not require to spend money on it as it is free of cost. 


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How Does It Work to Change Voice on Skype?

First, your liability is to create an account after downloading it on your computer. Make some settings like selecting the input as well as the output device.

Due to it, VoiceMod will commence working, and you will get desired results. Even VoiceMod establishes the virtual microphone, which transmits the modulated voice to the app.

Go to the Voicebox and choose the voice changer options at the bottom. After that, choose the voice effect as per your perception. Check the right side of the screen; you get the option of adjusting the volume of your voice. Then you can adjust the volume and the bass, treble, and so on.

You can benefit from “background effects on the bottom of the application.” The main use of this feature is adding ambient effects to the voice and showing your creativity.  

So, you have these two alternatives that you can use to add fun and excitement during your conversation. 

Besides, let’s figure out how to change the Skype name.

5. Ways of Making the High-Pitched Voice

You can try the following steps if you want to learn to speak in high pitch. 

  • Pay attention to enhancing the airflow with breath 
  • Focus on accurate posture during a day
  • Try to speak in a nasal voice

These are some natural ways to raise your pitch while speaking. But using the voice changer brings a unique kind of fun that is beyond your imagination.

You can call your friend and create a serious situation for them. Additionally, whether you are a beginner or experienced, you can easily use it on the professional level too. 


1. Is it legal to change my voice on Skype?

Yes, it is legal to change your voice on Skype as long as it is used responsibly and does not violate any laws or regulations.

2. Can I use voice changers on Skype video calls?

Yes, voice changers can be used on Skype video calls as well. They modify the audio output of your microphone, which is applicable to both voice and video calls.

3. Will changing my voice affect call quality on Skype?

When using reliable voice changer software or hardware, the impact on call quality should be minimal. However, it’s essential to test and adjust the settings to ensure a clear and intelligible voice output.

4. Are there any free voice changer options available?

Yes, there are free voice changer software options available, such as Voicemod and Clownfish Voice Changer. These offer basic voice modulation features that can be used on Skype.

5. Can I change my voice back to normal during a Skype call?

Yes, you can revert your voice back to normal during a Skype call by disabling or closing the voice changer software or hardware application you are using.


In the end, these are some applications that are ideal for Skype. By considering the Skype voice changer, you will get the opportunity to turn your boring conversation into an interesting one.

So, add the voice changer applications and complete their setup. Once you are done with it, you can use it on Skype.


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