Best Pregnancy Apps to Keep a Track on Expectant Moms

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Best Pregnancy Apps

Although it is exciting to be an expectant pregnant mother, often, things can get pretty stressful. This is particularly true if it’s your first pregnancy.

Many pregnant moms worry about their strange conditions, especially when the doctor’s appointment is yet to come.

There are many ways to reduce stress and keep track of expectant moms. And that is precisely when you should seek the assistance of the best pregnancy app.

With that said, the purpose of this article is to list down the best pregnancy tracker apps for you.

Why Should You Use the Best Pregnancy App?

It is completely natural for many pregnant moms to go through plenty of emotions. They feel nervous, excited, happy, and even scared at times.

Usually pregnant women change their moods pretty frequently. Nevertheless, things can get more frustrating, especially for first-timers.

Such pregnant moms actually don’t know what happens next, and they have plenty of questions in mind. They feel very uncertain oftentimes, and the conditions are likely to increase as the fetus grows bigger.

With the assistance of the best pregnancy app, you will be able to dilute the frustration and uncertainty.

Characteristics of Best Pregnancy Apps

Pregnancy tracker apps come with a wide array of features that allow you to overcome this period conveniently. These tools comprise various features to monitor the mother’s body under various parameters.

For instance, it can track weight gain, the growth of the fetus, and many other vital characteristics. In addition, some apps offer very handy articles related to different pregnancy situations. These articles become immensely helpful, especially for first-time pregnant women.

All in all, the features packed in pregnancy apps are ideal for pregnant women to be relaxed and worry-free. After all, even a little help would be priceless during pregnancy.

List of Best Pregnancy Apps

This section of our article will list the best pregnancy apps for your reference. You can go through this list, pick what is best for you, and stay worry-free during your pregnancy.

01. Pregnancy & Baby Tracker

This app has already been used by more than 15 million users across the globe. The number of users itself confirms how reliable this app is. This app helps moms to track their condition daily or weekly basis.

Nevertheless, you should enter the due date first, and then you will be able to track the growth. You will get updated tips and helpful articles based on the due date you have provided. All those things will be perfectly personalized for the mom and the baby inside the womb.

Pregnancy & Baby Tracker

Main Benefits

  • This is considered to be one of the best pregnancy apps that are customizable.
  • It offers the option of tracking growth daily.
  • Be packed with over 15000 medically accurate articles to cover every aspect.
  • It gives daily tips that are offered to keep track of the health of the baby.
  • It comprises pregnancy videos as well.

02. Pregnancy Tracker & Baby Due Date Calculator

This app is filled with more and more data in the form of a pregnancy calendar. This information is offered to help you overcome the possible situations related to your baby.

This information would be exceptionally helpful for those who want to know how the baby is growing. In addition to that, this app will provide information about what exactly happens to your body until the delivery.

Pregnancy Tracker & Baby Due Date Calculator

Main Benefits

  • You will find information about pregnancy on a daily basis.
  • You will be able to track the pregnancy and calculate the week of your pregnancy.
  • It helps you to manage weight and calculate aspects like belly growth and BMI.
  • You can learn about the changes that are taking place in your body with this tool.

03. Pregnancy Tracker & Baby Countdown

When looking for a good pregnancy tracker app, you cannot avoid checking Pregnancy Tracker & Baby Countdown. In fact, this can be considered to be a modern way of caring for the baby.

In fact, this app is developed with the perfect amount of data. All the data provided by this software is very accurate. It has already received plenty of positive feedback from existing users.

The best thing about this app is that it is available for free. More importantly, it offers recommendations about pediatricians who are ideal for offering advice to newborns and parents.

Pregnancy Tracker & Baby Countdown

Main Benefits

  • It can track every aspect related to the baby’s health.
  • It utilizes highly impressive and informative charts and graphs.
  • You can customize everything related to this app and get the most benefits from it.
  • It also has a mirror app, and it helps your partner track the same information.

04. Pregnancy Week by Week

Being one of the best pregnancy apps ever developed, Pregnancy Week by Week offers plenty of new tips. These tips become exceptionally handy for new mothers. All those tips are related to the health of the baby inside the womb.

Also, it covers areas like feelings, experiences, etc., related to pregnant mothers. The daily activity tracker is ideal for tracking health-related information in a more frequent manner.

Pregnancy Week by Week

Main Benefits

  • This is a powerful but free pregnancy app that helps you monitor your progress on a weekly basis.
  • This app provides you with detailed information about the baby and then calculates the actual week of your pregnancy.
  • It also lets you track the weight gain of your body.
  • More importantly, it lets you track the baby’s kicks, as well.

05. The Bump Pregnancy Tracker

This is ideal if you are looking for a more stable, reliable, and intuitive pregnancy tracker app.

It provides editorial columns for the baby, and they cover all the aspects related to your pregnancy. It also comes with a handy catalog that lists all the useful baby products for the newborn baby.

Bump Pregnancy Tracker

Main Benefits

  • This app lets you know the exact size of the baby as of now.
  • It gives you daily content related to your baby bumps.
  • The contents are even offered based on the week of the pregnancy, as well.
  • It gives you access to plenty of baby photos and belly photos.

06. Pregnancy +

This is another impressive option for those who are looking for the best pregnancy app. With Pregnancy +, you will find a very handy dashboard as well. This dashboard comes with highly personalized and sensitive information related to pregnancy.

It even comprises scanned images. With this app, you can create a personalized version for the reference of other family members.


Main Benefits

  • This app provides handy daily updates about pregnancy.
  • It utilizes color and scanned photos to make things clearer for expectant mothers.
  • Let you experience other features like the weight log of the pregnancy, visits to the doctor, etc.
  • It has a list of essential products for newborns.
  • Weekly information about the pregnancy.

07. Hello Belly: Pregnancy Tracker

This is another pregnancy tracker that is specifically introduced for iOS users. Although this is not a completely free app, it has some impressive features, as well. There are in-app purchases, as well.

Although these features are pretty similar to other apps, this app comes with 3D images, as well. The interface of this app is very impressive and intuitive. There are plenty of tricks and tips included in this app.

Hello Belly

Main Benefits

  • It will keep you updated on a daily basis with various practical tips.
  • Monitor the size of the womb and generate 3D images as well.
  • It can generate the image of the baby using 3D or AR mode.

08. Ovia Pregnancy Tracker & Baby Countdown

This is a good choice if you are looking for a highly personalized tracking approach through a pregnancy app.

This app can measure the growth and health of the baby precisely and easily. You can enjoy its services for free, and this app’s updates are very useful.

ovia pregnancy app

Main Benefits

  • It comes with features like baby size comparison, a due date calculator, and many others.
  • This tool comes as a very good tracker that can track the health, growth, etc. of the baby.
  • It also can track the weight of the mother.
  • Availability of weekly videos about pregnancy.
  • Personalized themes and handy pregnancy tools.

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How Pregnancy Apps Can Help Expectant Moms

Pregnancy apps offer a multitude of benefits to expectant moms, supporting them throughout their journey. Here are some ways in which these apps can be helpful:

  • Educational Support: Pregnancy apps provide expectant moms with access to a wealth of educational resources, including articles, videos, and expert advice, helping them make informed decisions about their health and well-being.
  • Emotional Support: By connecting with other expectant moms through community forums or chat groups, women can find a sense of camaraderie, share experiences, seek advice, and receive emotional support during this transformative phase.
  • Convenient Tools: Pregnancy apps offer various tools and trackers that help moms-to-be monitor their baby’s growth, track appointments, time contractions, and manage their overall health.
  • Personalized Guidance: These apps often provide personalized content and notifications based on the user’s due date, ensuring that the information and resources align with the specific stage of pregnancy.
  • Encouraging Healthy Habits: Many pregnancy apps focus on promoting healthy habits, such as nutrition, exercise, and self-care, encouraging expectant moms to prioritize their well-being.


Q1: Are pregnancy apps free to download?

A: While many pregnancy apps offer free versions, some may have premium features or subscription options that require a fee.

Q2: Can I trust the information provided by pregnancy apps?

A: It’s crucial to choose pregnancy apps that source their information from reputable medical professionals or organizations to ensure accuracy and reliability.

Q3: Can pregnancy apps replace medical advice from healthcare professionals?

A: Pregnancy apps can provide valuable information and support, but they should never replace the advice and guidance of healthcare professionals. Always consult with your doctor or midwife for personalized medical advice.

Q4: Are pregnancy apps available for both iOS and Android devices?

A: Yes, most pregnancy apps are available for both iOS and Android devices. You can find them on the respective app stores.

Q5: Can I use multiple pregnancy apps simultaneously?

A: Yes, you can use multiple pregnancy apps to explore different features and find the ones that best suit your needs. However, it’s essential to avoid information overload and rely on reputable sources.


As you might notice, all the apps we have offered are very smart and efficient. Each of those apps comes with unique features. They can monitor, weigh, and predict due dates. Also, they offer very handy articles as well.

In a nutshell, these apps deliver pretty much the same functionality and usage. Nevertheless, you are the person who should decide what to select from the list we provided. We wanted to say that these apps can make your pregnant life easier.

Well, that’s our list of the best pregnancy apps for your convenience. You can choose the best pregnancy app from these options and stay relaxed during your highly emotional period.


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