What is the Best Family Locator App? Choose One for You

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You have read this article because you were searching for the best family locator app.

Well, your search ends in this article as it comprises the best options in the industry. So, read on and find the best family locator app that serves your purpose.

It is needless to mention how busy the lives we live. Because of our very busy schedules, we hardly have enough time to be with our loved ones. However, that doesn’t mean that we don’t care about them.

Even if we are away from them, we always prefer to know our loved ones’ whereabouts. As long as we know where they are exactly, we can simply be relaxed and focus on our work.

But do we know the whereabouts of our family members and loved ones when there are away? Do we have to call them all the time? That’s not a practically good idea as we think.

So, the most viable solution to address such a situation is a family locator app. But, given that there are plenty of family locator apps, how to choose the best option?

Don’t worry. This article emphasizes 11 superb options for those searching for the best family locator app.

There is no shortage of family locator apps in the market today. These apps come with various features and characteristics. So, before using such an app, it is always better to know its characteristics.

In general, all those family locator apps work based on GPS technology. They track the GPS location of your loved ones and let you know their real-time locations.

We have gone through plenty of family locator apps, and listed below are the best we could find.

Famisafe – The Best Family Locator App

Famisafe has made our list as the best family locator app for various reasons. Famisafe has plenty of features that can easily set it apart from the crowd.

One of the most impressive features of this app is that it doesn’t require rooting or jailbreaking.

This app is developed to be compatible with Android and iOS devices alike. Apart from tracking the device’s real-time location, this app lets you track all the actions performed.

For instance, Famisafe can even track activities like call logs, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Email, etc.

In addition, it can also track call logs and contacts. So, in a nutshell, Famisafe is an all-in-one solution that can track pretty much everything on the target phone.

Famisafe - the best family locator app

This powerful software supports the latest iOS and Android versions. The GPS tracking system integrated with this app can track the real-time location. On top of all those features, Famisafe comes with a superb keylogger. This keylogger can track every keystroke typed on the smartphone.

That means you can even track the passwords of all the accounts linked to the target device. Perhaps, this powerful keylogger feature might be a decisive aspect that sets Famisafe apart from the competition.

Special Features of Famisafe:

  • No rooting or jailbreaking is needed.
  • It has a web-based control panel that can be accessed from anywhere.
  • It can track the location history of every target mobile phone.
  • Famisafe doesn’t work on Blackberry and Nokia devices.

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Other Top 10 Family Locator Apps for You

01. KidsGuard Pro

This is another impressive family locator app that has several useful features. As long as you use KidsGuard Pro, there is no way for you to go wrong. You can consider this app one of the most effective parental control apps on the market.

KidsGuard Pro can track the location of your kid using your mobile phone. One of the best features of this app is that it offers real-time location tracking.

Be an adult family member or a kid; this app tracks them to perfection. Also, it lets you check the location history of the target phone.

KidsGuard Pro

Special Features of KidsGuard Pro

  • This software has two location tracking modes: GPS tracking and Wi-Fi logger tracking. Wi-Fi logger tracking allows you to find the location with the Wi-Fi networks the target got connected to. However, this feature requires the target device to be connected to Wi-Fi networks.
  • It offers the location history of the device (with the date and time) you are trying to track.
  • This is one of the most convenient tools to be used.
  • Apart from ensuring that your family members are safe, this software also has several other features. That means it lets you check messages, contacts, social media monitoring, photos, calls, etc.
  • They offer a 3-day trial period as well.

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02. Life 360-Family Locator

Best Family Locator App - Life 360 Family Locator

Life360 is a powerful, popular, and convenient family locator app that tracks GPS locations precisely. This tool allows you to track your family members with a pretty close look. It also offers a map display that notifies with an alert. This alert is more of a geofencing feature.

That means an alert will be sent to you whenever a family member reaches a certain location. Moreover, it allows you to create a group, including loved ones.

This group is called a circle, and those in the Circle will be tracked closely about their whereabouts. The location tracking takes place in real-time.

This tool allows you to create several circles and keep them under your watch.

Special Features of Life360

  • It allows you to create circles to track down the location precisely.
  • Allow you to find your mobile phones if they are stolen or lost.
  • It has a special crash-detection feature as well.

03. Foursquare Swarm: Check-In

Foursquare Swarm: Check-In

This is another powerful app that can help track down your kids’ whereabouts. With Foursquare Swarm software, you can simply detect the movements of the target device.

It also allows target users to gather points when they reach predefined locations. These points can be collected and compared later on. You can make it a game and award a prize to the kid who gains the greatest number of points.

This special software can make your kids more punctual and disciplined. This tool also has a messaging feature.

Special Features of Swarm

  • This tool has a convenient life-logging feature.
  • Keep track of the places visited by the target user.

04. Find My Friends

Are you looking for a powerful Android app to see where your family or friends are? If so, Find My Friends is an option you shouldn’t miss out on.

Find My Friend comprises a comprehensive map that shows all important locations within the desired area.

For instance, it shows places like police stations, fire departments, and hospitals nearby. This is a very helpful feature, particularly for kids, when the parents are away.

Best Family Locator App - Find My Friends

Special Features of Find My Friends

  • It helps you to stay connected with your family and friends.
  • Messaging feature.
  • Notifies the family members about the whereabouts of the target user.
  • Share the meeting location without any delay.
  • Free trial version to test the services.

05. Glympse


Glympse is a location-tracking app that helps you find family members very conveniently. This app allows you to see the device’s real-time location as well.

Moreover, it allows you to share it with other family members. This is a superb app as long as you want to know what your kids are doing and their whereabouts.

Special Features of Glympse

  • Convenient user-interface design.
  • Real-time location update without having to download anything.
  • Sharing the locations of the target.
  • You don’t need to sign up for it.

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06. ZoeMob Family Locator

ZoeMob Family Locator is an app with several special features to track the location of loved ones. Apart from updating you about the location service, it shows the history, real-time location monitoring, etc.

This app also helps family members to organize their whereabouts as well. You can use the same app to communicate with each other.

ZoeMob Family Locator

Special Features of ZoeMob

  • Apart from location tracking, this app also comes with a family calendar.
  • It creates special restrictions for the kids.
  • Private communication features a panic button to use in emergencies.

07. Sygic Family Locator

This is another handy location tracker app that can easily notify you where your kids are. With this special software, the safety of your kids is assured as you can know their whereabouts precisely.

It helps you know the exact location of the person you track. Moreover, it can create geofences and keep your loved ones safer (particularly your kids).

Sygic Family Locator

Special Features of Sygic Family Locator

  • This app has an effective family locator app with an instant messaging feature.
  • SOS feature that notifies you when your kid enters a marked zone.

This is a free app that comes with limited features, though. To experience all the features without limitation, you should use their premium version.

08. Google+ and Google Maps

Google+ and Google Maps

When searching for the best family locator app, there are plenty of options to try. Your Android already has a tool called Google+ installed.

Google+ was introduced after the location tracker called Google Latitude. Both Google Latitude and Google+ offer precise location updates to the benefit of worried parents.

However, the target device’s location-sharing feature should be turned on to use this as a locator tracker app. The most practical app to accomplish this task is Google Maps, though.

Special Features of Google+ and Google Maps

  • Precise location tracking in real-time.
  • Offers directions and traffic information.
  • SOS alert feature.
  • Add favorite places to the lists as well.

09. Verizon Family Locator

Verizon Wireless has introduced a special family locator app called Verizon Family Locator too. This app lets you know the location of your family members’ smartphones.

Moreover, this tool allows you to designate geographic zones to offer certain alerts. These alerts are sent when the family members leave the predefined zone. It can also create schedule alerts.

Verizon Family Locator

Special Features of Verizon Family Locator

  • Accurate tracking of locations.
  • Geofencing feature.
  • Alerts.


GPSWOX Family Locator

GPSWOX Family Locator is a decent option for tracking family members’ real-time locations. It also lets you track the location history for the past 30 days. The real-time alert it offers is a great feature to stay alert to your kids even when you are away.

Moreover, it can detect the battery-low conditions of the users and let you know it. That is in addition to tracking the speed limits of the family members’ vehicles.

Special Features of GPSWOX Family Locator

  • Precise GPS tracking.
  • Location history for 30 days.
  • Speed tracking and battery-low alert.

You can go through the list above and pick the best family locator app that serves your purpose. Good luck!