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Added by Phone Number Snapchat

Snapchat has come up with features like disappearing photos and videos and getting updates from the stories feature. And even use filters to decorate your snaps with fun graphics.

However, the most popular feature is the ability to add friends using their phone numbers. If you’ve ever wondered how to “added by phone number on Snapchat,” keep reading for step-by-step instructions!

Snapchat has changed how we communicate as a society, and it’s not going anywhere. However, it can be frustrating if your friends or family haven’t added you as a friend on Snapchat. Luckily there are plenty of ways around this problem!

Finding someone on Snapchat is not easy, but it can be done using different methods. You can find them by entering their username or phone number.

You can even use Snapcodes to find your friend’s account in many places around you. So let’s see how to locate users using all these methods.

How to Find Someone on Snapchat Using Their Phone Number?

If you want to find friends by their number, follow these steps on how to “added by phone number on Snapchat.”

But before doing that, make sure that you have saved the number of that person in your contact list.

1. Open Snapchat.

Open Snapchat and tap the ghost icon on the top of the screen to access your profile. Then, tap Add Friends at the bottom of the screen, then select which contacts you want to add to your friends’ list.

Open Snapchat

If you want to search for new people using their phone numbers, tap Add by Username & Phone, then Contacts.

If you already know that person’s username in your contact list, select Add Friends instead. And enter their username to find them on Snapchat.

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2. Tap the Yellow Snapchat Ghost Icon at the Top of the Screen.

The yellow Snapchat ghost icon is at the top of your screen, to the left of your profile picture.

3. Tap Add Friends at the Bottom of the Screen.

Tap Add Friends at the bottom of your screen to access this menu. This is where you can add friends by username and phone number. Or find someone’s Snapchat account through their username in your contacts list.

If you want to add a friend by tapping their name from your Address Book, merely tap Add by Username & Phone. Then tap Contacts to open your Address Book and select the contacts you want to add as Snapchat friends.

4. Tap Add by Username & Phone, then Contacts.

This will bring up a list of your contacts, which you can select individually or add all at once.

If they have a yellow username box with an arrow pointing, the contact has added their phone number but has not created an account yet.

5. Select Which Contacts You Want to Add, then Tap Add Friends.

Select which contacts you want to add, then tap Add Friends.

The app will ask if you want to send an invitation to your new friend via SMS. But this is unnecessary; after all, we’re using their phone number!

If your friend has already installed Snapchat, they’ll receive your invitation within seconds. And then they will be able to accept it by tapping “Yes.”

If they haven’t installed the app yet or aren’t signed in at that moment, they’ll receive it as an SMS text message.

This was easy. And this is all you had to learn about how to “added by phone number on Snapchat.” Now let’s move forward and check out other ways of adding friends on Snapchat.

What if I Can’t Find the Person Even if They Have a Snapchat account?

If you search for a user on Snapchat, it’s possible that they won’t show up. This could be because they have their settings set to private. Or because you don’t know their username.

It’s possible that the user hasn’t set their privacy settings so that they show up in the search. When you access someone’s profile, you can see if they are private by looking at the top of their Snapcode. If it says “All,” you can find them and send them a postcard!

If a person has their profile set to “only me,” “friends,” or “family” (and not everyone), then you won’t be able to search for them. In this case, you won’t be able to locate their account even if they have an account on Snapchat.

Maybe they do not have their username displayed publicly. This is usually done if they have a lot of friends on Snapchat and don’t want everyone to know their username.

They could have changed their username since you last saw them. Often, many people grow bored with their current username and decide to switch it up entirely.

And if you were trying to follow the steps of “added by phone number on Snapchat” but couldn’t add them, there is another reason. The reason is that the user you have tried to find has turned on this setting.

The user has tapped on the Settings section > Mobile Number. And toggled “Let others find me using my mobile number” to On.

Let others find me using my mobile number

More Ways to Add Your Friends on Snapchat

You can find someone’s Snapchat using their phone number in four ways.

The first way is to “Add by username.” If you see someone’s username on a friend request and that person is not already your contact, tap on their name.

And then select “Add.” You will receive a message from the user asking if they may send you snaps. Just click “yes,” and they will be added as your friend!

Add Your Friends on Snapchat

The second way is to “Add from contacts.” You are already well acquainted with the steps of “added by phone number on Snapchat.” Do you have several people who have added themselves as contacts on your phone?

Then when looking at one of those names, click on the icon with two arrows pointing away from each other. This will bring up some options, including adding them to Snapchat!

Add From Contacts

The third way is to “Add by Snapcode” (if they do not have it displayed publicly). Clicking on this option brings up a list of all users who match what was entered into that box; once selected.

Add by Snapcode

Adding followers is integral if you use Snapchat to promote your business or brand. The first step in adding your friends on Snapchat is to share your Snapcode.

Sharing your Snapcode allows others to add you as friends on their own devices. This will also allow you to view stories from your account.

The fourth way is to choose the option of “Add Nearby.” If you want to make new pals who live close by, use the Snap Map feature! It will show you all of your currently active friends on the map.

This will allow you to quickly meet up with them or see where they are hanging out these days. It might help if someone got hot spots.

You can also see who else is in a specific neighborhood. This can be useful if there is an emergency where someone needs help from another nearby person.

Add Nearby


Q1: Can I add friends on Snapchat if they don’t have a public profile?

Yes, by adding friends through phone numbers, you can connect with individuals who may not have public Snapchat profiles.

Q2: Can I add friends on Snapchat without linking my phone number?

Linking your phone number is necessary to utilize the feature of adding friends by phone number on Snapchat.

Q3: Is it safe to add friends on Snapchat through phone numbers?

Snapchat prioritizes user privacy and provides robust privacy settings. However, it’s essential to only add friends you trust and exercise caution when accepting friend requests from unfamiliar individuals.

Q4: Can I remove friends from my Snapchat friends list?

Yes, you can easily remove friends from your Snapchat friends list by reviewing and managing your connections in the app’s settings.

Q5: How can I enhance my Snapchat experience?

To enhance your Snapchat experience, engage with your friends’ content, share creative snaps, participate in community events, and explore Discover for exciting content.


We hope this guide on how to “added by phone number on Snapchat” was helpful to you. In the end, there are many ways to find friends on Snapchat. The most important thing is that you’re willing to put in some effort and try out different methods.

You have to do this until you find one that works best for you. You can add most people on Snapchat and start chatting with them in minutes.

You might only have trouble finding someone if they don’t want to be discovered. Or if they don’t have a public profile set up yet. If that happens, try searching for their name or phone number instead.


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