How to Setup Windows 10 Parental Controls Easily

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Nowadays, various households own a computer in their house, where it is obvious that your children usually use it in some ways.

However, what if your kids try to watch something such as violence or pornography which is inappropriate for their age?

Even if they do not search for these things, what if they accidentally click on some link or advertisement that redirects your kids to illicit content or adult websites? What then?!

To prevent situations like these, it is advisable to employ parental controls, Windows 10, as parents do not like their children to come across this kind of content. This content can have a bad impact on your kids’ minds.

However, most people do not know how to set up these Windows 10 parental controls. Or if Windows 10 supports these parental control programs or not.

We will discuss some important aspects if you face the same situation.

Windows 10 Parental Controls

Part 1: Parental Controls for Windows 10

If you think whether Windows 10 supports the feature ‘parental control‘ or not, then you would like to know that Windows 10 supports this feature from the beginning.

To enable parental controls on Windows 10, users need to make a new account for their children. After they have created the child account, they have to set certain privileges and impose various kinds of limitations on that child account.

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Here, we have listed some impressive features of Windows 10 parental controls. So, let’s have a look at them!

Core Features of Windows 10 Parental Control:

Using the parental controls on Windows 10, you can perform various tasks such as:

1. Block Illicit Websites

After enabling the parental control feature on Windows 10, parents can automatically block inappropriate or adult content or websites.

2. Block Games and Applications

Using this feature, users can even block downloading unfitting games and applications from the Windows Store, depending on the application ratings and age.

3. Restrict Screen Time

Parental controls on Windows 10 enable parents to restrict screen time for their children. So, your children do not spend much time on the system and do not abandon their books.

4. Track the Purchase History

This parental control feature even allows you to select what kind of applications your child can purchase. Plus, it even keeps a record of the purchase history.

5. Monitor Recent Activities

Using Windows 10 parental controls, parents get a weekly report on their child’s computer activity. This report comprises everything like games and applications used, browsing history, screen time, and a lot more through emails.

After that, you could set up parental controls on Windows 10 per your kid’s online behavior.

So, there are some of the significant features of Windows parental controls. All of them are quite important for keeping a check on your kids’ system activity.

Please note that the parental control feature on Windows 7 and 8 was not versatile compared to Windows 10 parental controls. So, you may require some third-party parental control applications for setting up protections.

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Part 2: How to Setup Parental Controls on Windows 10

As stated above, users require creating a new kid account to enable Windows 10 parental controls. They can make a new account on the Windows 10 system by clicking on the option ‘Family & Other Users’ under the tab ‘Accounts’ settings.

To add a member, tap on the option ‘Add a family member,’ and then choose ‘Add a child.’ Now, keep on following the wizard for creating a kid account.

Once you have created the account, you have to set up the parental controls on Windows 10 feature. To do so, keep on reading the instructions below!

Steps to Enable Windows 10 Parental Controls:

So, it is important to enable parental controls in Windows 10 on your kids’ system. This is so for protecting them from online threats and accessing inappropriate content. To set up this feature, you can follow the instructions listed below!

Step 1: Visit Settings

In the first place, Windows users need to visit Settings and select ‘Accounts’ from there. Under the tab ‘Accounts’, choose the option ‘Family & Other Users.’ Once done, select the link ‘Manage Family Settings Online’ on the right side.

Windows 10 Accounts Settings

Step 2: Log into the Account

Users will reach the website for Windows family controls by clicking that link. Here, they have to log in to their Microsoft account.

Step 3: Enable the ‘Activity Reporting’ Option

Next, you require enabling the option ‘Activity Reporting.’ By doing so, you will receive reports of your kid’s activity weekly through email.

Windows 10 Activity reporting

Step 4: Change Settings

After that, you can change the settings for parental controls from the options listed on the kid account. These parental control options include screen time, website blocking, purchasing, and lots more.

These settings are discussed in detail right below:
  • Web Browsing: On clicking the tab ‘Web browsing,’ users can filter and block adult content or websites on the kid account. Using the option ‘Always block these,’ you can add which websites you do not like your kid to access.
  • Application, Games, and Media Settings: The option will enable you to block downloading games, applications, and other media on Windows Store. The downloading of mature games and applications is blocked by default. However, users can allow downloading of games and applications that come under specific age ratings.
Windows 10 Apps, Games & media
  • Purchase and Spending Settings: Users can modify the purchase settings on the Xbox and Microsoft stores using these settings. Plus, they can add money to their kid’s accounts to allow some purchases. So they won’t rack up exorbitant amounts on purchases.
  • Screen Time: By default, this option remains disabled. It allows users to restrict screen time on their kids’ computers. So they do not spend so much time on their system. When your kid exceeds that time limit, they must log into their account to regain access.
Windows 10 Screen Time
  • Xbox Privacy Settings: The option will enable users to restrict their child’s access to the linked Xbox account.
Xbox Privacy Settings

Step 5: Log out

Once you have updated the settings, you can log out of the Microsoft account. However, please note that the web filtering feature for Windows 10 parental controls works only on Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. That’s why you should use parental control software that blocks inappropriate content on all browsers like Firefox and Chrome.

Employing Windows 10 parental controls is a protective measure for the kids so that they do not engage in or view immoral activities on the system.

This feature comprises restricting access to inappropriate or illicit websites, games, applications, and other content. Plus, it teaches kids healthy screen-time habits. Meanwhile, parents have to monitor the smartphone activity of their kids at the same time.

Part 3: How to Perform Windows 10 Parental Controls by MoniVisor Easily

If you are looking for an easier way to perform Windows 10 parental control, here is a professional computer monitoring tool you can’t miss – MoniVisor for Windows.

This software lets you keep your eyes on and track all activities on your kid’s computers so you can keep them safe anytime and anywhere. And it’s 100% compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8, and 7.

MoniVisor Key Features:

  • Track all social media data on your children’s computer, including videos, photos, emoji, conversation data, and files without them knowing;
  • It can even capture screenshots/record screen of the target PC automatically and silently at a time set by you to figure out what your kids are doing on their computers;
  • Let you see the keystrokes on a computer using the keyboard to know what they are chatting about online;
  • Find out what web pages were visited by your kids at which time, even downloaded time, and view their YouTube history.

Pros of MoniVisor:

  • By using the dashboard, you can monitor kids’ computers remotely online anywhere with real-time data;
  • Protect your kids from adult and porn content with the app blocker & content filtering feature;
  • Monitor kid’s social media conversations to keep an eye on your kid’s friends;
  • A free demo is available to try before purchasing the premium version;
  • Track on several computers from your PC.

Cons of MoniVisor:

  • An Internet connection is needed;
  • Don’t offer geofencing;
  • There are time restrictions apply per device;

Part 4: Best Parental Control Application for Your Kid’s Smartphone

Enabling parental controls on Windows 10 on your system is insufficient to ensure that kids do not view inappropriate content online. If your kid has a smartphone, you need to monitor the smartphone activity too.

As you all know, Android OS does not have a built-in parental control tool; you have to employ a third-party tool to perform the same task.

If you are looking for an effective tool, then look no more. KidsGuard Pro is an incredible parental control tool that helps you in monitoring the kids’ activities on Android devices.

This tool is an amazing child monitoring and parental control tool that comes with lots of interesting features. These options include everything from applications used, browsing the history, calendar, call logs, media files, social media applications, and lots more.

KidsGuard Pro

Try KidsGuard Pro

Unique Characteristics of KidsGuard Pro:

Like Windows 10 parental controls, KidsGuard Pro has various parental control features. Have a look at some of these amazing features below!

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View Messages and Calls

The application enables users to track messages received or sent and calls logs on their kids’ smartphones. So, you have an idea with whom your kid interacts on their smartphone.

Track Real-time Location

KidsGuard Pro even allows you to track the real-time GPS location of your kid’s mobile device. With this incredible tool, parents can see the location history to get an idea of where their kids went throughout the day.

Check Videos and Photos

With the help of KidsGuard Pro, parents can also see the videos and photos saved on their kids’ mobile devices.

Monitor Recent Activity

This parental control tool even provides you with real-time screenshots of the smartphone screen. It gives you all the information about what your children were doing on their mobile devices at a specific period.

So, an overview of the application activities will help you know what applications they use frequently and how much time they devote to each application.

Monitor Social Messaging Applications and Web History

KidsGuard Pro also allows parents to keep an eye on their kids’ online activities. At the same time, they can monitor their chats on social media applications like WeChat, Kik, LINE, WhatsApp, and others.

Remote Monitoring

Every monitoring feature on KidsGuard Pro is available via the web panel of this parental control tool. So, you can track your kids’ activities anytime and anywhere without letting them know about it.

The best thing about KidsGuard Pro is that it offers a free trial. This trial period runs for three days, and you can check this tool’s monitoring features for free.

In this way, you get to know whether this application is right for your kid or not. So, do not miss this amazing opportunity to protect your children.


So, if you were struggling with setting up parental controls for Windows 10, you got an idea of how to perform that task here.

In this article, we have listed some striking methods for enabling the Windows 10 parental control feature. This parental control feature protects your kids from getting in touch with illicit content online.

Meanwhile, you should also check your kids’ smartphone activities. Today, kids have access to inappropriate content on their mobile devices too.

So, think no more and monitor your kids’ smartphone activities using the impressive KidsGuard Pro parental control tool. Now, download this parental control tool and begin monitoring your kid remotely!