Top Vimeo Thumbnail Grabbers for Quick and Easy Picture Collection

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A Vimeo thumbnail grabber is a very powerful tool for people who like to collect thumbnails. It is useful for people who make a collage of thumbnails.

Also, people need a thumbnail grabber for designing YouTube channel art featuring freeze-frame pictures. Now, they need to collect pictures from various YouTube or Vimeo videos.

Thus, a Vimeo thumbnail grabber offers a quick way to grab Vimeo or YouTube thumbnail pictures. On the internet, you will find lots of dedicated tools to perform this task.

Here, we have tried to list some of the best Vimeo thumbnail grabbers present out there. Such reliable thumbnail grabbers are YouTube Thumbnail Grabber, Get YouTube Thumbnail, BoingBoing,, Thumbnail Downloader, and more.

Now, let’s learn more about these tools right below!

Best Video Thumbnail Grabbers Available Out There

1. YouTube Thumbnail Grabber

This is the best Vimeo Thumbnail Grabber. YouTube Thumbnail Grabber is a website that features no advertisements. Plus, the tool is very easy to use. To grab thumbnails from YouTube or Vimeo, users just have to enter the URL link of YouTube or Vimeo videos.

After putting in the URL, tap on the tab ‘Download Images.’ Then, this website will present users with downloadable pictures in a diverse range of sizes. The best thing is that this thumbnail grabber is fast and available for free!

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2. BoingBoing

BoingBoing is another amazing Vimeo thumbnail grabber. It works faster than the first tool. This is because users do not have to go through the ‘Download Images’ part here.

Once you have entered the URL of the Vimeo or YouTube video, the tool offers downloadable pictures. The process runs smoothly and automatically.

Although this thumbnail grabber is a bit faster, users need to view a small advertisement on the page’s bottom. Also, this tool is the best if you like to download the freeze frames occurring midway through the video. In that case, BoingBoing offers an option to users to download these images.


Vimeo Thumbnail Grabbers - is another straightforward Vimeo thumbnail grabber. This website lets you download thumbnails for free.

On this website tool, users just have to enter the URL of a Vimeo or YouTube video. Next, they need to tap on the ‘Submit’ tab.

Unlike the first two Vimeo thumbnail grabbers, this website features more advertisements. Here, users have to deal with an advertisement banner at the page’s top and on the side.

The most interesting part about is that it features a list of thumbnails. This list comprises thumbnails grabbed by people across the globe recently. It is shown on the page’s right side.

Now, this could be entertaining to users. If you love these thumbnail images, you can even download them onto the system. Not just that, but users can also perform a reverse image search to look for that video on Google.

4. Get YouTube Thumbnail

Vimeo Thumbnail Grabbers - Get Youtube Thumbnail

Get YouTube Thumbnail can collect thumbnail images on Vimeo or YouTube. Again, this Vimeo thumbnail grabber is available for free.

It is easy to use, where users have to paste the video’s URL in the search column. After that, tap on the tab ‘Get YouTube Thumbnail’ to retrieve the thumbnail.

So, this is it! However, this site works quite differently. Here, you receive a unique picture URL. This could be useful for users who do not like to deal with lots of files. While Get YouTube Thumbnail is available for free, it features advertisements.

5. Vimeo Thumbnail Downloader

So, this is another Vimeo thumbnail grabber. Now, if you are wondering about how you can download the thumbnail picture from Vimeo, follow the instructions listed below:

Steps to download thumbnails using Vimeo Thumbnail Downloader:

Step 1: Launch the tool

First, users have to open the Vimeo application or After that, browse the video that features the thumbnail image that they like to download.

Step 2: Copy the URL

Users need to get the URL or link of their Vimeo videos, which they like to download the thumbnail picture.

  • Vimeo website: Tap on the Vimeo video. Copy the video’s URL from the browser’s address bar.
  • Vimeo iPhone application: Open your video and then tap on the ‘Share’ tab. After that, choose the ‘Copy URL’ option.
  • Vimeo Android application: On your Android device, open your video. After that, tap on the ‘Share’ tab. Then, choose the ‘Copy link’ option.
Step 3: Paste the URL

Once you copy the URL, paste the link you copied from the input form. After that, press Enter. Now, to download the Vimeo thumbnail picture to your Mac or PC, right-tap on the picture. Then, save the picture to the hard disk.

Suppose you are performing this task on your mobile device. Press and hold the Vimeo thumbnail. After that, add it to the photos.

With this online Vimeo Thumbnail grabber, users can download thumbnails and images of Vimeo easily. They can download full HD Vimeo thumbnails and SD and HD thumbnail pictures to your mobile device or computer. Besides, this tool lets users download more than a single Vimeo thumbnail.

Each Vimeo video features a thumbnail picture chosen by the users while uploading their videos to Vimeo. This tool lets you grab the video URL. After that, put the URL into the form. So, this tool knocks simply on the Vimeo server and downloads the thumbnail image quickly.

Now, if you are thinking about where you can save the Vimeo thumbnail pictures, many options are available. Users can save the Vimeo thumbnails and pictures to their Mac, PC, and iOS devices like iPads, iPhones, and so on.

Not just that, but users can save the thumbnails even to their Android smartphones or portable USB hard disks. However, make sure that you choose the right drive while saving the Vimeo thumbnails after selecting the ‘Save As‘ tab. So, this is how you can download thumbnails with this Vimeo thumbnail grabber.

6. Thumbnail Downloader

Are you looking for a YouTube or Vimeo thumbnail grabber? If so, then there is no need to look further. Now, just copy the link or URL of your Vimeo video and paste it into the search field, and voila! This is how you download the YouTube or Vimeo thumbnail with Thumbnail Downloader.

Thumbnail is an online tool. This Vimeo thumbnail grabber is available for free. If users like Vimeo thumbnails and want to save any video thumbnails on their PC, use the YouTube Thumbnail Downloader.

This website is quite fast and free. Plus, there is no requirement for any technical skills on the user’s part to download YouTube thumbnails.

Now, how to see Vimeo thumbnails? One can view Vimeo thumbnails in various ways. Here, we will explain how users can see Vimeo or YouTube thumbnails with this Vimeo thumbnail grabber website.

Steps to download Vimeo thumbnails using Thumbnail Downloader:

For downloading Vimeo thumbnails with this Vimeo Thumbnail grabber, go through the instructions listed below:

Step 1: Tap on the ‘Get Thumbnail’ tab

In the first place, enter the URL of your Vimeo or YouTube video in the search field. After that, click on the tab ‘Get Thumbnail.’

Step 2: Check the thumbnail

Next, users can view the Vimeo thumbnail picture in the present form.

Step 3: Tap on the ‘Download Thumbnail’ tab

Now, click on the ‘Download Thumbnail‘ tab to open the thumbnail. This will be the full-size picture of the Vimeo thumbnail you have asked for.

This Vimeo thumbnail grabber offers you the Vimeo thumbnail URL. This website does not save the image on its server. Read the next section if you are wondering how to get the Vimeo Thumbnail URL.

How to Get the Vimeo Thumbnail URL?

In case you are wondering how to receive the Vimeo thumbnail URL, it is so easy with this Vimeo thumbnail grabber. All users must do is put in the Vimeo video URL and tap on the ‘Get Thumbnail‘ tab.

Below the form, they can view the Vimeo thumbnail picture. After seeing the picture, right-tap on it and copy the URL of the Vimeo thumbnail picture.

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To Conclude

So, this is our list of the best Vimeo thumbnail grabber tools. Using these Vimeo thumbnail downloaders, users can download thumbnail images of Vimeo videos hassle-free. So, if you are looking for a way to download thumbnails, try any of these Vimeo thumbnail grabber tools.

Every application comes with some unique features. However, every tool is available for free. So, it does not harm anyone if you use any tool to perform this task.

Now, download a Vimeo thumbnail grabber and download thumbnail pictures effortlessly. Also, download Wondershare Filmora to edit your videos!