20 Best ThinkGeek Alternative Websites for Geeky Products and More

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Nowadays, online shopping has become more and more popular. Whether finding a present for your friend or buying something for yourself, you will always use online shopping.

The online stores have a vast range of products that you will possibly require during your daily life. So who doesn’t like shopping online? Are you looking for the best websites like ThinkGeek (ThinkGeek Alternative)? If yes, this article is just for you.

ThinkGeek was one of the popular online stores which offer geeky stuff, which is more than imagination. Many people like to shop on this website, but what happened to it?

Well, the answer is simple, ThinkGeek moved back to its parent company, in this case, Gamestop.com.

Other than ThinkGeek, is there another ThinkGeek alternative website that’s great for geeky stuff and other things? Down below are the 20 best websites like ThinkGeek, which offers stuff you will like.

20 Best Websites Like ThinkGeek

1. Wish.com

ThinkGeek Alternative - Wish.com

If I’m thinking of alternatives for ThinkGeek, the first website that comes to my mind is Wish.com.

Like ThinkGeek, Wish.com is also an online shopping website. More importantly, you can purchase more than one hundred million on Wish.com. The products that Wish.com offers are high quality and come at a fair and reasonable price.

If you are certain buyers (like me) worried about some kind of middleman, you do not need to worry. On Wish.com, buyers are connected to hundreds and thousands of manufacturers; there’s no way any middleman could be involved. And because of this, people can obtain products of high quality by only paying a low price.

Furthermore, there’s also a chance for you to grab a discount on Wish.com. The discount will be from 60% to 90%! Additionally, if the item you received is bad quality, you can easily return it and get a full refund.

Wish.com can provide high-quality products at a low price, and you do not need to worry about any middleman. Wish.com deserves mention in our best websites, like the ThinkGeek list.

2. FireBox


If you are finding a website with many different kinds of stuff to buy, then you should go to FireBox.

FireBox is the best place for buyers with imagination, and of course, it’s a great website for the ThinkGeek alternative. With a wide range of products featuring, FireBox offers all kinds of things.

There are homewares, lifestyle accessories, unique gifts, unusual alcohol, the latest technology, etc. Finding a meaningful gift here will be super easy.

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3. Paramount Zone

ThinkGeek Alternative - Paramount Zone

Let’s suppose that you are finding a gift for your friend, and you want something unique and meaningful. Paramount Zone is the perfect website to go to if you are in such a condition.

In Paramount Zone, you can find millions of toys, the latest gadgets, and presents. These things can be unique and unusual or exciting. No matter for women, men, or children, Paramount Zone can always offer interesting toys and gadgets at a fair price.

So Paramount Zone will be one of the best ThinkGeek alternatives available, worth visiting.

4. Sharper Image

Sharper Image

Sharper Image is similar to Paramount Zone since you can find gifts for people on both websites.

However, Sharper Image is a Geeks site that features many products, and you can find unique gifts, innovative items, and electronic gifts. You can find products suitable for you and everyone in Sharper Image, no matter who you are.

5. Entertainment Earth

ThinkGeek Alternative - Entertainment Earth

When looking at its name, it’s not hard to guess that this website mainly focuses on children. When visiting Entertainment Earth, you will find toys and collectibles.

Furthermore, there is stuff like bobbleheads, action figures, statues, dolls, prop replicas, clothing, and vinyl figures.

Overall, Entertainment Earth will be a great website if you find sites like ThinkGeek with children’s stuff.

6. Science Online

Science Online

Science Online is another website that highly focuses on children. However, there are fewer toys but more scientific products on this website. Things here will not be too professional, but it’s enough for students to learn about science.

You can find items related to Astronomy, Robotics, Science Kits, etc. This website is a great alternative for ThinkGeek, especially for those who want to buy scientific stuff.

7. Jinx

ThinkGeek Alternative - Jinx

Now let’s leave the world of science and get more into fashion. If you are finding unique clothing, then Jinx will be suitable for you.

Being a famous clothing brand online, Jinx offers clothes related to games and geeky interests. This website will be great if you are a fan of gaming, computers, gadgets, Eskimos, robots, ninjas, or anything technical.

Overall, Jinx would be the best ThinkGeek alternative if you like clothes related to anything cool.

8. NeatoShop


Continuing with special designs, we are here at NeatoShop. Being one of the neatest stores, NeatoShop offers shirts with special art designs, hoodies, phone cases, messenger bags, etc.

Everything in NeatoShop has something special on them, maybe the designs or the thing itself. This website is suitable for comic lovers, geeks, scientists, and others. If you are one of them, NeatoShop won’t disappoint you.

9. The Gift Guy

ThinkGeek Alternative - The Gift Guy

Looking at its name, there’s no doubt that this website mainly focuses on special gifts. Of course, you may also find geeky stuff in The Gift Guy since this online store sells gifts.

If you visit this website, you can find unique geeky items and also special presents. Everything you can find on this website will be cool, which you can’t find anywhere else.

For its vast range of geeky presents, The Gift Guy will also be one of the best websites like ThinkGeek.

10. Geek Armory

Geek Armory

The next best website like ThinkGeek is Geek Armory. As shown in its name, this website is mainly focused on geeky products.

Being an online geek store, Geek Armory provides every geeky item you can possibly think of, such as geek gadgets, geek shirts, games, etc.

Searching for geeky products? Geek Armory will be the best ThinkGeek alternative for you to utilize.

11. The Geeky Store

ThinkGeek Alternative - The Geeky Store

Since geeky stuff is that popular, there will be numerous great websites selling those. The Geeky Store is another online geek store started by many passionate geeks. Those people will know what a geek wants and will provide items with their perforation.

Though there is various geeky stuff offered by The Geeky Store, the funny geek toys are the most popular part of this website. Besides those geeky products, you may also purchase high-tech electronics and computers.

12. Dude, I Want That

Dude, I Want That

Still sticking with geek stuff; Dude, I Want That is the next website in line. This website is an online store that’s dedicated to some nerds who are looking for items above imagination.

You can find the latest gear and gadgets on this website, or if you are finding for some unique gifts, Dude, I Want That can provide fresh products and unique gift ideas as well. All in all, you can find everything a nerd would find in Dude, I Want That.

So this website would be another ThinkGeek alternative for people who want to buy geeky items and stuff a nerd would buy.

13. Gadgets and Gear

ThinkGeek Alternative - Gadgets and Gear

If you want to make sure that your home is 100% safe, then you should come to Gadget and Gear. Being another geeky store, Gadgets and Gear offers hundred and thousand of gadgets that are related to the security of your home.

In Gadgets and Gear, you can find everything you need to keep your home safe, such as security cameras, hidden cameras (high-end), nanny cameras, surveillance equipment, etc.

14. Mental Floss Store

Mental Floss Store

If you are a knowledge junkie or anything like that, you will love this online site. Mental Floss Store provides buyers with some Quirky shirts, intelligence, games, and many other things.

15. DealeXtreme

ThinkGeek Alternative - DealeXtreme

If you like cool gadgets and electronics, you will have to DealeXtreme. DealeXtreme is one of the best websites like ThinkGeek, which provides interesting gadgets at a fair price.

Everything you can find in this online store will not be too expensive, all at a reasonable price. You can find electronics at a low price, cell phones, computers, apparel, car accessories, home gadgets, iPhones, etc.

16. CoolThings

Cool Things

Another alternative for ThinkGeek, CoolThings offers cool things (duh!). This website offers gadgets, gifts for anyone, toys, inventions, gears, furniture, and other awesome items you can’t find elsewhere.

17. Meritline

ThinkGeek Alternative - Meritline

Continuing with some tech gadgets, we are arriving at Meritline. This online store mainly focuses on tech gadgets that will be helpful for people. A vast range of tech gadgets is available on Meritline.

You can find DVD Cases, Ink Toner, Blank Media, iPad, Flash Memory, iPhone, Wii, Office Supply, PSP, PS3, Nintendo DSi Accessories, Gadgets, Cables, and more products.

18. Epic Giftable

Epic Giftable

Epic Giftable is another geek store where you can find and buy unusual toys, apparel, gadgets, lifestyle accessories, fun decor, etc.

19. Archie McPhee

ThinkGeek Alternative - Archie McPhee

Selling fantastic stuff to awesome people, here we are with Archie McPhee. While visiting this online site, you can find various weird stuff. From normal toys to gag gifts, from novels to priceless presents. You can find every weird item you can think of in Archie McPhee.

20. Bless This Stuff

Bless This Stuff

Bless This Stuff is one online magazine that is dedicated to guys. From here, you can find products that are devoted to men, such as gadgets, gear, high-tech, vehicles, etc.

We are pretty much done with the 20 websites like ThinkGeek. Each of those websites offers different stuff. Some are unique presents and geeky products, and others are daily requirements.

However, all of those websites are the great website that offers great stuff. I don’t mind visiting some of them. They will not disappoint you.