How To Sync Audio And Video In Premiere Effectively?

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Sync Audio And Video Premiere

No one can deny the fact that most things are now available online, right from education to consultation. If the learners want to learn the new concepts, they will search for the tutorial videos.

But the video with the bad voice drops the interest level of the learners. The reason is that if they do not understand the audio, they will not enjoy the video or any tutorial. At that time, syncing audio and video in Premiere will work best. 

However, not all the masses are aware of the concept of syncing audio and video in Premiere. Are you also one of them who does know about this concept? If it is so, the below-mentioned information is fruitful for you. 

Her, you will learn about the concept of syncing audio and video in Premiere and different ways of doing the synchronization of the audio and video. Before that, it is essential to know the importance of audio in the video. 

What is the Importance of Synced Audio and Video in Premiere? 

 Have you ever observed that audio is more essential as compared to video? It is because, by the audio, you will get clarity and a crystal-clear explanation of the video. So, if you do podcasting, you will have to work on the synchronization of the voice and video.

If you avoid the appropriate synchronization of the audio and video, you will lose your audience. There are high chances that they will not follow your future podcasts. So to keep your audience connecting with your shows, you need to focus on the synching of the voice and video. 

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Reasons Behind the Mismatched Audio and Video:

It is a fact that most of the masses think that synchronizing the voice and video is an easy task. But in reality, the video makers have to struggle a lot when it comes to the Sync audio and video Premiere. It is because to get high-quality audio, one cannot rely on the camera audio and video recorder.

Apart from that, there are several reasons associated with no synchronization of sound and video. 

● Source is Delayed

It can be the reason, too, because when it comes to the original creation of the video, the maker considers it an un-synced track. It means the slow audio and the quality of the video are sluggish.

● Un-Synced Transmission 

One of the most common reasons associated with un-synced video is the un-synced transmission. It can be because of the not-synchronized cache; display devices will not be able to render the different signals of voice and video simultaneously.

These are the two most common reasons behind the out-of-the-track synchronization of voice and video. Aside from it, here come the different ways how to Sync Audio And Video In Premiere. So let’s focus on them one by one. 

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How to Sync Audio and Video in Premiere?

1. Sync Audio and Video by Using Premiere

Are you looking for the best software to flourish your work? Then giving the preference to “Premiere” is an ideal decision. It is blended with enormous features, right from the great tune audio to the color adjustment. Whether you want to do basic work or be a professional, it is best for your requirements.

As there is a connection between the Premiere and Adobe products, you have the opportunity of editing and add animation to the video. Moving to its features, here comes the list of the ideal features. 

Sync Audio And Video In Premiere

The Striking Point about the Premiere:

● Responsive Interface 

It comes with a great interface so that users will not face any problems in using it. This software will boost their productivity as well as the efficiency of the work. 

● Supports the Virtual Reality 

If you are in the video editing field, you are well aware of the importance of virtual reality. You will get this feature in Premiere too, and you can boost your creativity too.

● Support Various Video Formats 

You will be amazed to know that it supports different video formats. As a result, you can drag and drop videos without transforming them into the other format.  

Steps on How to Sync Audio and Video in Premiere:

Follow the below-mentioned step to Sync Audio And Video In the Premiere:

  • Select any track from the project folder and select the merge clips with the right-click. 
  • Choose the audio in the place of the sync point. Further, select the option for removing the background sound from the selected video. 
  • Further, do the merging of clips to make an accurate sequence. Due to it, you get a synchronized audio track that has a pairing with video. Further, do the editing. 

2. Sync Audio and Video with iMovie

Users have the option of choosing the iMovie for video editing. Additionally, the notable point about this software is that it is ideal for the mac operating system as well as for iOS.

With the help of studio logos, users have the opportunity of showcasing the content. When it comes to the resolution, you can select 4K. Moving to the features, it includes: 

Sync Audio and Video by iMovie

● Custom Elements

It is fruitful in making the movie production process easy. The editors can easily mention the name of the cast member and studio logos for the projects. Due to it, you can easily set the creative video mood. 

● In-Built Effects

It comes with various in-built effects that enhance the grace of the video. It consists of eight different themes and ten filters. Due to it, you can easily add sound to the video. 

● Easy to Sharing

This application makes your sharing process easy. You easily share the files that you created. It consists of different platforms for sharing that include:

  • AirDrop
  • iCloud Drive, and so on.

You have the great opportunity of sharing the files and showcasing your talent to a wide audience. Aside from it, here comes the list of steps you need to keep in mind for this application. 

  1. Open this application on your device and choose the file for importing.
  2. Select the advanced option in the iMovie file and go to the option of extracting audio. 
  3. Tap the audio and then work on editing it from the menu.
  4. Next, work on trimming the selected audio clip and synchronizing the video. 
  5. Lastly, select the file and save your edited work on the device.

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3. Sync Audio and Video via Filmora

Are you a newbie in the world of video and audio editing? Do you have confusion regarding the best software? If it is so, the great way of synchronizing the voice and video is selecting the Filmora.

It is ideal for either the pro or the beginner. With the help of this tool, you can smooth do your execution of work. 

Sync Audio and Video via Filmora

You can enjoy the immense features in it that include filters, overlaying, transitions, and many more. With the help of it, you can reveal the story effectively. Various features make it unique from other video editing software. These features include:

● Easy to Use:

Filme comes with a great interface. Further, you can easily download it from the window. You will be amazed to know that you do not need to invest money in using it because it is free of cost.

● Instant Preview

There is no need to wait to preview your creative work. You can preview the work effectively without completing it too. 

● Plenty of Effects 

Filme comes with plenty of creative effects and different other resources too. You can easily work on adding the animations and revealing the stories by doing some clicks. 

Alternatives to Synchronizing the Voice and Video:

Apart from the above-mentioned methods, you have various other options too that you can consider for editing the video. Here is the list of those options:

4. Blender Sync Audio Software:

You can consider this if you are looking for more efficient software for synchronizing audio and video. With its help, you can effectively make changes in the audio. It comes with plenty of features that are beyond your thinking level. To use this software, you need to follow the following information:

Blender Sync Audio Software
  1. Choose the blended and go to the video editing interface.
  2. Drag the video onto the screen of the video sequence editor. 
  3. For correcting the audio track, right on the track of dark green, key “G.” Further, if you want to preview the work, you can press the “Alt+A.”
  4. Go to the property interface, and the output synchronized video to the MP4. 
  5. Next is to output your work in the blender. 

So, these are some effective steps that you can consider if you choose the blender sync audio software. 

5. VLC 

If you are looking for a free platform, you should consider the VLC. It is ideal for correcting the out-of-sync video of any format. If you want to optimize the video, you can consider it.

Additionally, it also provides support to MPEG as well as the DivX stream. Not only this, but its features make it highly popular among the different software that includes:

  • Utilized it for connecting and creating the video stream. 
  • Use the shortcut keys on the keyboard to use it. 
  • You have the option of adjusting the synchronized sound and video as per your requirements. 
  • It is also ideal for Apple devices.

Tips and Best Practices for Syncing Audio and Video

To ensure smooth audio and video synchronization, consider the following tips and best practices:

1. Ensure Proper Recording Setup

Maintain a well-configured recording setup with appropriate microphone placement and camera settings to minimize sync issues during the recording process.

2. Use External Audio Devices

Consider using high-quality external audio devices, such as dedicated microphones or audio recorders, to capture audio separately. This can improve audio quality and reduce sync problems.

3. Maintain Consistent Frame Rates

Keep your video footage and audio recordings at consistent frame rates throughout the entire production process to avoid sync issues caused by frame rate discrepancies.

4. Regularly Check Sync Throughout the Editing Process

Periodically check the sync of your audio and video tracks while editing. It’s important to catch any drift or sync errors early on to prevent major issues in the final product.


Q1: Can I sync audio and video automatically in Premiere Pro?

A1: While Premiere Pro doesn’t offer an automatic sync feature, there are third-party plugins and software available that can assist with automated audio and video syncing.

Q2: What should I do if my audio and video tracks are still out of sync after using the recommended methods?

A2: If you’re still experiencing sync issues, double-check the frame rates of your footage and ensure they match. You can also try re-recording the audio or using additional visual or auditory cues for syncing.

Q3: Can I adjust the sync manually after using the automated methods?

A3: Absolutely. Even if you use automated methods, it’s important to review and fine-tune the sync manually to ensure the best results.

Q4: Does syncing audio and video affect the quality of the footage?

A4: Syncing audio and video in Premiere Pro does not affect the quality of the original footage. The process is focused on aligning the two elements accurately without any loss of quality.

Q5: Are there any shortcuts in Premiere Pro to make the syncing process faster?

A5: Premiere Pro provides keyboard shortcuts for cutting, moving, and aligning clips, which can significantly speed up the syncing process. Familiarize yourself with these shortcuts to optimize your workflow.


In the end, these are ideal software that will help you in resolving the matter of syncing Audio And Video In Premiere. You can choose any of the ones and enjoy different features. What you need to do is install it and enjoy the great features of the best software.


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