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Spotify Premium APK

Spotify Premium works exactly like Spotify, which is a music application. This application allows users to look for their favorite songs from thousands and thousands of musical bits and albums.

Spotify features a free version. However, this version does not have lots of features, which are available in the premium version. This is why you need Spotify Premium APK.

This APK assists you in exploring every premium feature that is missing out on Spotify’s free version. Now, let’s explore the free APK of Spotify Premium.

If you like listening to songs online, you must install this free application on your mobile device. The Spotify app provides online video and music streaming. Spotify’s premium version is not available for users to download for free.

However, if you want this music application, you have come to the right place. Here, we will discuss Spotify Premium APK and how to download it.

With this APK, you do not require to buy a paid subscription. This application allows you to enjoy Spotify Premium’s features without a subscription.

Introduction to Spotify Premium

As stated before, Spotify is a fabulous music platform where people enjoy online access to their favorite music from millions of albums and music tracks. However, Spotify’s free service comes with many advertisements and limited features.

No worries, as it is possible to avoid all this with a premium version. Some users like us do not like to spend their money just listening to music. That’s why we opt for Spotify Premium, where you can enjoy access to various premium features.

Application NameSpotify Premium
DeveloperSpotify Ltd.
Latest Version8.5.29.825
Released DateJuly 6, 2020
Size26 MB
Number of Downloads100,000,000+

With Spotify Premium, users can enjoy various unique features, such as no advertisements, countless downloads for offline use, unlimited storage, and so on.

They can create a playlist of their favorite songs with Spotify Premium. This app removes every restriction imposed by Spotify’s free version.

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Why Should Users Employ Spotify Premium?

Along with your favorite songs, several features offer a great user experience from Spotify Premium. The features that Spotify Premium offers are as follows:


User-Friendly Spotify Premium APK

The free premium APK of Spotify offers a user-friendly and the latest interface. It features shortcuts that ensure a simple interface. Plus, it enhances the overall music experience.

No Advertisements

Spotify Premium APK No Advertisements

When it comes to offline surfing, the most irritating moment is when users are working through the application, and suddenly video or audio advertisements pop up.

Most free services are very common; they are the main services for helping the developer get income. However, this is not the case with Spotify Premium.



This free premium application lets you have a comfortable, pleasant listening experience. This is because you do not have to deal with irritating advertisements anymore.

Unlimited Downloads

Spotify Premium APK Unlimited Downloads

The best thing about Spotify Premium is that it enables users to download countless music tracks for free. By downloading unlimited tracks, you can enjoy them offline if there is no internet connectivity.

Spotify+ Connect

Spotify+ Connect

So, how will you feel if you receive a call when listening to your favorite track? Frustrated, right? In that case, Spotify Connect comes to your rescue.

This premium feature connects Spotify to your laptop or desktop. Thus, continue listening to music instead of your mobile.

Unlimited Storage

Unlimited Storage

Spotify’s free version frustrates a lot due to its limited library. It does not allow people to add more music tracks to their library than a specific count, which might cause them to miss their favorites.

When users install Spotify Premium, they can begin downloading their favorite tracks and save them in the library without restrictions.

HD Quality and Custom Playlist

HD Quality and Custom Playlist

With Spotify Premium, users can create many playlists, which is impossible with the free Spotify version. Also, they can add countless songs to every playlist.

Plus, the song quality in the free tool is not satisfactory. However, users could listen to songs having HD quality, either 320 kbps or 256 kbps, with the free premium APK.

So, these are some of Spotify Premium’s incredible features, making it the best music streaming application. Now, let’s see how you can download this amazing application.

How to Get Spotify Premium APK

It is difficult to get this application as it is not there on the Play Store. Users have to download the file APK from third-party sources.

If you want to download this application, tap on the Download tab. Using the APK file, you can access the premium subscription of Spotify for free.

Steps to Install Spotify Premium APK:

Here’s a stepwise guide to installing Spotify Premium APK on an Android phone. Before you do so, ensure that you enable the option for installing apps from unknown sources on your device. Once done, follow the instructions given below.

Step 1: Initially, download Spotify Premium APK on your Android device.

Step 2: After downloading the application on your device, tap on the APK file. It will take some time to finish the installation process.

How to Get Spotify Premium APK

Step 3: Next, if you already have an account on Spotify, log into it or make a new one to log into your Spotify Premium application.

That’s it. Now, you are all set to enjoy the premium features of Spotify for free. Enjoy your favorite tracks and millions of others with Spotify Premium APK.

Remember that Spotify is not launched in several locations. That’s why your application may not function. In that case, you must install a good VPN and set a location like the United States. You can get a VPN from the Play Store.

After successfully connecting, begin using the premium Spotify on the phone. It works great with 384 kbps as a connectivity speed.

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Is Spotify Premium Feature a Free Trial?

Well, if you do not like the free premium Spotify, then you are free to make your own account on Spotify. Spotify provides a trial for three months for free when you register for the first time.

However, to avail of the free trial period, you must provide a credit card’s payment details.

After this trial period is over, ensure to cancel your subscription to avoid further charges. To enjoy this fabulous offer, follow some simple steps listed below.

Is Spotify Premium APK Feature a Free Trial
  • Now, you need to register on Spotify by providing some basic details.
  • Once done, you need to enter the payment details of your credit card.

Now, you have successfully availed the free account Spotify for three months. Please ensure that you cancel the subscription; otherwise, the amount will be deducted automatically.

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How to Fix “The App Isn’t Available in Your Country” Issue.

Users may come across an error reporting “the application isn’t available in your country” while using Spotify Premium. There is no need to worry because Spotify services are not available in various regions.

If you are facing this problem, then follow the following solution to eliminate this frustrating error and continue enjoying your Spotify Premium on your Android device.

  • Close your Spotify application and look for a VPN on Play Store. You can go for Turbo VPN, a free and best Android VPN.
  • Next, visit this VPN app and connect it to the United States server.
  • Lastly, launch Spotify, and you will find that your device has successfully fixed the issue.

So, this is an easy way to fix the location issue on your Spotify app. Whenever you like to listen to music using Spotify, connect the app to this VPN, and you are all set to go.

How to Get Spotify++ iOS

If you have an iPad or iPhone, there is no need to get disappointed. Spotify Premium also works for iOS devices on the 10.02/10.1/10.11/10.2 version. To install this application on the iPhone, you have to go through the steps listed below.

The best part about Spotify Premium is that there is no need to jailbreak your device. So, use this free application hassle-free on iOS devices too.

  • In the first place, users have to download the Tweakbox application on their iOS devices.
  • Once done, visit Settings on your device and select ‘Profile Downloaded’ under the Apple ID. Tap on this option and click ‘Install’ in the screen’s right corner. Now, you have to enter the password.
How to Get Spotify++ iOS
  • Keep following the instructions on your screen and look for the icon of Tweakbox on your Home screen.
  • Next, run Tweakbox and visit the option ‘Tweaked Apps.’ Now, look for Spotify++ under this section and install the app on the phone.
  • After installing the application, visit ‘Settings’ and then go to ‘General.’ Next, tap on the option ‘Profiles & Device Management.’
  • Under ‘Enterprise App,’ choose the developer. Tap on the ‘Trust’ option. Once done, you can begin using the application.
How to Get Spotify++ iOS

IOS users can also listen to their favorite music tracks on Spotify Premium. If this solution does not work, they can look for other applications like TutuApp for downloading Spotify++ iOS.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Can I get Spotify Premium APK for free?

Yes, Spotify Premium APK is available for free. You can download and install it without any cost.

2. Is using Spotify Premium APK legal?

No, using Spotify Premium APK is not legal as it violates Spotify’s terms of service. However, it is a popular choice among users who wish to access premium features without subscribing.

3. Will I lose my playlists and saved music when switching to Spotify Premium APK?

No, your playlists and saved music will remain intact when you switch to Spotify Premium APK. They are synced with your Spotify account.

4. Can I use Spotify Premium APK on multiple devices?

Yes, you can use Spotify Premium APK on multiple Android devices by installing the APK file on each device.

5. How often should I update Spotify Premium APK?

It’s recommended to update Spotify Premium APK whenever a new version is released. This ensures you have the latest features and bug fixes.


People who admire listening to songs online would not deny that Spotify Premium is the finest music streaming platform.

One thing everyone likes about Spotify Premium is that this app allows you to download songs to enjoy your favorite tracks without an internet connection.

So, Spotify Premium provides you access to the premium features of Spotify for free. Thus, it enhances the overall music streaming experience.

Everyone could not opt for the Spotify premium subscription. Hence, this free premium APK is the best option to fetch these amazing features.


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