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Are you interested in learning about stores like Fingerhut? In other words, do you want to know other sites that offer the “buy now pay later” option?

If so, you are reading the correct article. Our team has done extensive research on this matter and found several websites like Fingerhut. So, go ahead and learn about those websites.

Different Stores Like Fingerhut 

As of today, you are not required to have cash on hand to purchase a certain thing. Sites like Fingerhut give the opportunity to purchase now and pay later. It’s a terrific service, specifically when you don’t have enough money to buy a particular product.

The buy now and pay later strategy is far more efficient when you compare it with traditional shopping. Definitely, Fingerhut is considered to be one of the greatest “buy now and pay later” platforms.

However, oftentimes, you don’t necessarily have the assurance that you will locate every item on it. This is exactly when you will look for sites like Fingerhut. In fact, there is no huge number of sites like Fingerhut.

However, we have done deep research. There’re only a few websites like Fingerhut that offer no credit check that enables you to examine various items. In this piece, we are going to explore the best sites like Fingerhut for you.

PS: here is everything about Amazon Courtesy Credit for your reference.

Top Best Websites Like Fingerhut 

Well, mentioned below is the list of sites like Fingerhut. You can go through this list and find different websites like Fingerhut to start shopping. You can go ahead and learn about sites like Fingerhut.

#1 – FlexShopper

Websites Like Fingerhut - FlexShopper

FlexShopper, like Fingerhut, is undoubtedly one of the greatest shops. You may shop for up to $2500 with this site. However, if you’re a frequent user of the site, you may be able to shop for more.

It houses a huge number of electrical equipment, instruments, and appliances, among other things. It has a beautiful user experience and is really simple to browse throughout the website. Flexshopper is one of the best sites like Fingerhut because of all of these characteristics.

#2 – Gettington


Gettington, like Fingerhut, is a terrific service that provides free delivery on most items. It includes gadgets, home décor, and other products. The items have a low level of interest, and this website is simple to use.

It is one of the greatest sites like Fingerhut because of its user-friendly layout and excellent customer service. If you’re seeking a decent Fingerhut substitute, Gettington is a fantastic option.

#3 – SkyMall

Websites Like Fingerhut - SkyMall

SkyMall is a buy-now, pay-later website that differs differently from the others on this list in terms of functionality. It lists products in the form of catalogs rather than displaying them in separate subcategories. It has a fantastic user experience and is one of the greatest sites similar to Fingerhut.

Shopping on the website is safe. However, if you still have any doubts about its legitimacy, we suggest you disregard them. The website has been around for quite some time. That said, it is a fantastic option if you want to buy something now and pay later.

#4 – StoneBerry


StoneBerry is an excellent alternative to Fingerhut, which sells a variety of technological devices. It is, without a doubt, the best buy now, pay later website for electronic purchases.

On their website, you may browse a variety of home decor products in addition to electrical stuff. Their customer service is excellent, and their products are of exceptional quality. If you were looking for sites like Fingerhut, this could be a superb option.

#5 – The Shopping Channel

Websites Like Fingerhut - The Shopping Channel

The Shopping Channel is a fantastic online store with a large selection of items. The website makes it very simple to look through the many products. The site has been operating for a long. Therefore, it has a massive fan base that uses it on a regular basis all around the world.

The Shopping Channel offers a large range of products from a variety of categories. You can use them to purchase anything without having to make a purchase right away. If you were looking for stores like Fingerhut, this is one of the greatest options.

#6 – Masseys


Regardless of your gender, you can find something they like at Masseys. To choose from, the products are organized into categories and subcategories. On this website, you may find popular brands like Steve Madden, Adidas, and K Jordan.

The smallest monthly payment you may make is $20. You will be able to apply for credits by adding the items you want to your cart. You should then select Masseys credit as your payment method.

It takes a couple of hours or a few days for the credits to be granted once you apply. If you don’t want to settle it right now, you should absolutely consider getting it through Masseys. It’s also a good option if you’re seeking sites similar to Zebit.

#7 – MDG

Websites Like Fingerhut - MDG

MDG has a wonderful selection of furnishings and electronics. You may choose from a wide range of electronic gadgets. More importantly, MDG makes it very easy to have credit loans accepted.

Are you tired of being turned down for credit loans by many other websites? If so, MDG is a good place to start. There’s a good probability it’ll turn out in the favor. So, we take it as one of the best sites like Fingerhut.  

#8 – LendYou


LendYou is quite different from the other services on our list, such as Fingerhut. It’s essentially a loan marketplace where lenders and borrowers can interact while the site acts as a middleman. If you’re looking for a low-interest loan, LendYou is a terrific place to start.

With LendYou, you may get up to $1000 in immediate credit. If you’re facing a financial crisis or a significant emergency, that quantity of money will suffice. So, consider it as one of the superb websites like Fingerhut.

#9 – Home Shopping Network

Websites Like Fingerhut - Home Shopping Network

HSN is a buy-now, pay-later website that offers a diverse selection of items in a variety of categories. On Home Shopping Network, you may discover clothing, kitchenware, electronics, and a variety of other things.

HSN credits are awarded when you create an account on the Home Shopping Network. HSN credits provide you the ability to purchase now & pay later. With these credits, you may purchase any product on the HSN website. So, we consider this option as one of the most impressive websites like Fingerhut.  

#10 – Seventh Avenue

Seventh Avenue

Seventh Avenue is a site similar to Fingerhut that is only available to US people. However, you will not be able to utilize this website if you are not from the United States. This website offers a variety of products that no other site on the list does.

When you apply for credit, it is granted to you in less than 24 hours. The basic plan allows you to make a monthly purchase of $200. This specific amount can be paid in $20 monthly installments. The priciest plan includes a $2400 purchase limit that can be paid in $80 monthly payments. All in all, this is one of the most useful stores like Fingerhut for you.

#11 – Midnight Velvet

Websites Like Fingerhut - Midnight Velvet

Midnight Velvet is another website where you may buy now and pay later, offering products from a variety of categories. The application process is similar to that of the majority of the websites on the list. Simply choose credit as your payment method, and the credit will be authorized in a matter of hours.

On a $20/month installment, there’s also a $1 interest fee. You may be charged an even late fee of up to $15. That’ll happen if you don’t pay your installments on the due date.

#12 – The Swiss Colony

The Swiss Colony

For all you foodies out there, this can be a superb buy now and pay later website. It has plenty of similarities to Fingerhut.

However, The Swiss Colony is a US-based website that can only be accessed by US citizens. Chocolates, meat, cakes, and desserts are just a few of the delectable foods available.

For the health-conscious, there is a section with gluten-free and sugar-free foods. On a $75 purchase, you can pay a minimum of $10 each month in installments.

#13 – QVC

Websites Like Fingerhut - QVC

QVC refers to its buy-now, pay-later program as “easy pay.” It offers a diverse selection of things, ranging from little to large and expensive items.

Suppose you’re looking for a buy now and pay later website with a variety of unique and imaginative things. So, it’s worth a look. This is a wonderful alternative if you’re looking for sites like Zebit or Fingerhut.

Many of the things on QVC’s website might pique your attention. You can easily browse through them because the user interface is quite simple and not at all complex.

#14 – Country Door

Country Door

Country Door is another well-known buy-now, pay-later retailer. It’s the primary cause for the rising popularity of stores like Fingerhut.

You may choose from a wide range of things on Country Door. Also, you will be able to purchase it thanks to Country Door’s fantastic credit plan. You also can make your own catalog requests. It’s one of the most effective Fingerhut substitutes.

#15 – Zebit

Websites Like Fingerhut - Zebit

Without a doubt, Zebit is one of the top Fingerhut alternatives. Your credit score isn’t required. On their website, you can get everything from electronics to jewelry. The user system is intuitive and intuitive, resulting in a pleasant experience.

It provides entirely zero-interest credit up to $2500 in minutes to anyone. You are supposed to be over the age of 18 and have a job. You won’t have any trouble shopping on Zebit because customer care is swift and efficient.

#16 – Ginny’s


Ginny’s sells everything from home decor to kitchenware, appliances, dinnerware, and furnishings. The majority of Ginny‘s products are within your budget, and ordering a thing is a breeze. That is because of their specific catalog shopping system. The website is quite easy to navigate, and placing an order will be a breeze.

#17 – Afterpay

Websites Like Fingerhut - Afterpay

Afterpay features a large selection of merchants where it is possible to buy now, and pay later. It’s a relatively new website that allows you to buy from a huge list of Afterpay-accepting retailers.

On debit cards, you could get up to $500 in credit. On the other hand, on credit cards, the amount changes depending on. That means it depends on what creditors know of you and your account, but there is no credit check.

The payments are to be done fortnightly. Also, it should not begin until precisely two weeks after the item is purchased. What’s more fascinating is that there is no interest to be paid.

#18 – Overstock


Overstock is a well-known internet store with a lengthy history. They sell a variety of items, including home décor, equipment, bedding, and many more. The majority of the things they sell were custom-made for them by the partners. That is why they are sold at a discount.

You can buy whatever you want and make the payments later using their buy now pay later option. Suppose that you pay within six months of purchase, and the order value is $250 at the least.

In that case, you will not be charged any interest. It is undoubtedly one of the top online stores like Fingerhut. Also, it has become extremely popular among Americans.


1. Can I get flexible payment options on these websites similar to Fingerhut? Yes, many of these alternative websites offer flexible payment options, including installment plans and financing options.

2. Are the products on these websites of good quality? The quality of products may vary from website to website. It’s essential to read customer reviews and product descriptions before making a purchase.

3. Can I build my credit score by shopping on these alternative websites? Some websites, such as Zebit and Fingerhut FreshStart, specifically aim to help individuals with low credit scores build their credit while shopping. Others may not have this feature.

4. Do these websites offer a wide range of product categories? Yes, most of the alternative websites mentioned in this article offer a diverse range of product categories, including electronics, furniture, fashion, and home goods.

5. Can I find exclusive deals and discounts on these websites? Yes, many of these websites regularly feature exclusive deals and discounts for their customers. It’s recommended to keep an eye out for these offers.


Without a doubt, Fingerhut is one of the most popular “buy now and pay later” websites. However, you might not be able to find a specific product there.

On the other hand, you might simply wish to try out other websites like Fingerhut. If that’s the case, you may want to consider the stores like Fingerhut mentioned above. Happy shopping!


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