How to Remove Background Noise from Audio online?

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Has the quality of your remarkable video suffered due to background noise interference?

Such noise could originate from various sources—air, barking dogs, traffic, or people. In such instances, it becomes imperative to explore the realm of online noise removal. But the question remains: how does one effectively remove background noise from audio in an online setting?

Furthermore, during video shoots, numerous scenarios unfold where diverse sounds inadvertently find their way into the recording. Imagine starting your filming amidst a park’s ambiance, only to later realize the intrusion of background noises. It becomes crucial to address and eliminate these unwanted distractions.

This concern is rooted in maintaining a professional audio quality. To put it simply, seeking out online solutions for noise removal becomes essential. Employing background noise removal tools not only elevates the professional touch but also imparts clarity to the audio.

However, the approach to excising disruptive sounds from specific audio and video content might seem complex. What’s the optimal method for effectively erasing background noise?

Within this article, you’ll gain insight into various techniques for background noise removal. Armed with the knowledge below, the necessity of hiring a professional video editor diminishes.

Let’s delve into these strategies:

Part 1. Eliminate the Extra Noise in the Audio Via the Online Method

Eliminating background noise from audio online is a straightforward task with numerous websites available at your disposal. In certain instances, opting for the premium version might be required, offering a comprehensive audio removal solution.

Using these platforms is uncomplicated. Begin by searching for a website that suits your needs, then proceed to access it. Once there, you’ll find the option to upload your audio. Following the upload, various choices will appear on your screen.

Select the option that aligns with your requirements to achieve your desired outcome. Alternatively, you can prioritize utilizing free online software for background noise removal. This free tool significantly enhances the professionalism of audio and video work.

In summary, these three steps accurately guide you in removing unwanted audio and video elements from your content. Moreover, there exist several alternative methods to effectively diminish noise during video or dialogue recording.

Part 2. How to Remove Background Noise from Audio online on Android & iPhone

In the case of mobile devices, you have plenty of options to consider. Additionally, you have the option of considering a “noise reduction” app.

You can remove noise from audio online and save it. Apart from it, here comes a list of some steps that you need to follow to remove noise. 

Steps to Remove Background Noise from Audio Using Online Tools:

1: You can download the specific background noise removal online app to remove background noise from audio online. After installing the application, plenty of options will display on your screen. 

Noise Reducer

2: Most striking feature of using this background noise removal online application is the immense features. The users can upload the sound as well as the video. One can also take benefit from different features too, such as:

  • Trimming the audio 
  • Converting the audio
  • Recording the audio

Among the video and audio options, choose the audio one because you need to remove background noise in the audio. 

choose the audio

3: After selecting the audio, all of your audio will display on the screen. Choose the audio that you want to edit. Further, select the start button for further purposes. 

4: It will take time; further, the outcome will display on your screen. You can easily check the edited video and save that video on your device.

Remove Background Noise From Audio Online Using Noise Reducer

Besides, if you are looking for the best noise gate pedal, here are the guides you should check out.

Part 3. 5 Ways to Lessen the Noise while Recording the Video or Dialog:

Mixing and recording require great perfection. You will have to capture each thing with clarity. If there is plenty of background noise in the video, it is quite difficult to listen to the dialog.

So it is necessary to match the background noise and speech. Due to it, readers will not face any problems in understanding the dialogue. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to enhance the speech-to-noise ratio. Do you have an interest in knowing all these techniques? If yes, the below-mentioned information is ideal for you.

Other than getting to know how to remove background noise from audio online, here is a list of five ways to reduce background noise while recording a video.

1. Eliminate the Background Sources of Voice 

The first and most common technique is eliminating the root cause of the problem if it is possible for you. If the fan is noisy, you can switch it off the fan.

After that, you can remove the post-production sound. In the case of traffic noise, you can change your shoot location and opt for a peaceful area. 

2. Use the Directional Microphones

There are different kinds of microphones available with the various pattern that include:

  • Cardioid 
  • Supercardioid 
  • Shotgun Polar

You need to choose the microphone. These kinds of options can be considered for using different background noise. So, you can give preference to directional microphones.

3. Less the Number of Open Microphones

The microphones which are used for the recording are known as the “open.” If there is a double-open microphone, the background voice will be increased. Please just use the less open microphones. Due to it, professionalism will show in your work.

4. Enhance the Microphone to Noise Distance While Reducing the Subject-to-microphone Distance

The best way to enhance the speech-to-noise ratio is to lessen the distance between the subject and the microphone.

You can understand this logic by thinking of live performance. In the live performance, the performer takes the microphone into their mouth. The short distances can cover loud stage volumes. 

5. Prefer the Low-cut-filter at the Microphone

Most of the background noises are similar to “pink-noise-like.” In this majority of energy is at low frequency, while low energy is at increment in high frequency. The user can give preference to low-cut filters at microphones. Some of the microphones come with a high-pass filter.

All you need to do is use the filter first. If there is a requirement for more high-pass, work on activating the preamplifier. It will also be the best technique to lessen the background noise.

So, with the help of these ways, you can easily reduce the background voice while recording the audio. Professionalism is required in each field. Without professionalism, you cannot grab the attention of your audience. Even if there is no audio clarity, your audience will not show any interest in your work.

By removing the background voice, you can easily add clarity to your work. As a result, you will live up to the expectations of your audience. 

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Q1. Are online background noise removal tools effective?

Online background noise removal tools can be highly effective in reducing or eliminating unwanted noise from audio recordings. However, the quality of the results may vary depending on the complexity of the noise and the chosen tool’s capabilities.

Q2. Can I remove background noise from live audio streams using online tools?

Most online tools are designed for processing pre-recorded audio files. Removing background noise from live audio streams typically requires specialized software and hardware configurations.

Q3. Can I remove background noise completely without affecting the desired audio?

While it is possible to reduce background noise significantly, completely removing it without affecting the desired audio is challenging. It is crucial to find a balance between noise reduction and preserving the natural sound.

Q4. Are online background noise removal tools suitable for all audio formats?

Online background noise removal tools support a wide range of audio formats, including popular formats like MP3, WAV, and AAC. However, it’s always advisable to check the tool’s specifications or documentation for supported formats.

Q5. Are there any limitations to using online background noise removal tools?

Online tools may have limitations in terms of the complexity of noise they can effectively handle. Highly variable or complex background noise may require more advanced offline solutions for optimal results.

Final Verdicts

Ultimately, the information mentioned above proves valuable if background noise is a source of irritation. For poets aiming to capture their verses, these methods offer practical solutions to consider.

Otherwise, after recording the poetry, you can work on eliminating the background voice. So, keep all the information in your mind and use it to remove noise from audio online.


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