Recover Deleted Messages on Huawei Phones: A Guide


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Recover Deleted Messages From Huawei Phones

Accidentally deleting messages from your Huawei phone can feel like a nightmare, especially if those messages contained important information or held sentimental value. Thankfully, with the right tools and techniques, you can successfully recover recently deleted text messages, WhatsApp chats, and more.

This in-depth guide will provide readers with a variety of methods to restore deleted messages on Huawei devices. We’ll cover topics like:

  • The importance of regularly backing up your data
  • Using Huawei’s built-in cloud and local backup features
  • Restoring Google Drive backups
  • Recovering messages with data recovery apps
  • Best practices for increasing the chances of recovery
  • Answering frequently asked questions

Follow along as we transform accidental message deletion from a catastrophe to just a minor hassle. Let’s get started!

Back Up Your Data Regularly

The single most effective thing you can do to avoid permanently losing text messages is to regularly create backups. Backing up your Huawei phone should be part of your normal device maintenance routine.

Ideally, you’ll want both local and cloud backups set up. Local backups to your phone’s internal storage provide quick restoration, while cloud backups give you an off-site copy safe from physical damage to your device.

Here are some of the best options for backing up your Huawei phone and messages:

  • HUAWEI Cloud: Huawei’s built-in cloud backup service seamlessly saves your SMS messages, call logs, contacts, settings, photos, and more to the cloud. As long as you have a Huawei ID, you get 5GB of storage for free.
  • Google Drive: If your Huawei phone has Google apps, you can easily back up to Google Drive in the settings. This will save SMS messages, apps, and other data.
  • WhatsApp Cloud Backup: Turn this on in WhatsApp’s settings to automatically back up your chats to Google Drive.
  • Local Backup Apps: Apps like HUAWEI Backup create local backups to your phone’s storage or SD card for quick restoration.

No matter which apps or services you use, the key is to enable automatic backups on a schedule, such as daily or weekly. With your messages regularly saved to the cloud and/or local storage, you’ll have peace of mind knowing you can easily restore any accidental deletions.

Use Huawei Cloud Backup to Restore Deleted Messages

If you’ve been using Huawei Cloud Backup already, recovering deleted SMS messages is straightforward. Here’s how to check your backup and restore deleted messages via Huawei cloud:

  1. Open Settings on your Huawei phone.
  2. Tap on Cloud & Accounts (or Accounts & Sync).
  3. Select HUAWEI Cloud and sign in with your Huawei ID.
  4. Tap on Cloud Backup.
  5. Under Backup Management, check if there is a backup containing the deleted messages under Messages.
  6. Tap the backup to enter selection mode. Tap the checkbox beside Messages and any other app data you want to restore.
  7. Tap Restore and confirm on the popup message.
  8. Your selected backup data including the deleted messages will be downloaded and restored to your device.

The great thing about Huawei Cloud Backup is that it happens automatically as long as you leave the settings enabled. So double check that backup is turned on for your message apps under the Huawei cloud settings.

Restore Message Backups from Google Drive

If you previously had your Huawei phone backing up text messages and WhatsApp chats to Google Drive, you may be able to recover deleted messages from there.

Here are the steps to restore Google Drive backups on Huawei devices:

  1. Install the Google Drive app from the Play Store if you don’t have it already.
  2. Open Google Drive and sign in to your Google account.
  3. Tap the hamburger menu ≡ and go to Backups.
  4. Tap on the backup that contains the deleted messages.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to restore this backup to your Huawei device.

Note: Restoring Google Drive backups will overwrite your entire device, so make sure to back up any current data you want to keep!

The good news is that Google Drive retains previous backups, so you can restore an older one containing the deleted messages while keeping your current apps and data intact.

Use Huawei Backup App to Recover Deleted Messages

Along with cloud backup, Huawei also includes a local backup app called HUAWEI Backup. If you’ve used this to back up your SMS messages and WhatsApp chats, follow these steps to restore deleted messages using Huawei Backup:

  1. Open the HUAWEI Backup app on your Huawei phone.
  2. Tap on Restore or Restore from Backup.
  3. Select the backup file that contains the deleted messages.
  4. Tap the checkbox beside Messages to restore just your SMS and IM app messages.
  5. Confirm the restoration and your messages will be retrieved!

The HUAWEI Backup app creates backups to your phone’s internal storage or memory card. So as long as you’ve backed up within the deleted message time frame, you can easily restore with this method.

Use Data Recovery Software as a Last Resort

If your deleted messages were not backed up anywhere, your last option is to use data recovery software. Advanced third-party tools like Tenorshare Ult Data – Android Data Recovery can scan your Huawei device to extract deleted data.

Tenorshare UltData - Android Data Recovery

Here is the general process if you choose data recovery software to restore lost messages on your Huawei phone:

  1. Download and install the data recovery app on your computer.
  2. Connect your Huawei phone to the computer via USB.
  3. Allow USB debugging access on your device when prompted.
  4. Select “Messages” or “Messaging Apps” as the data type to scan for.
  5. The software will scan your device and extract recoverable deleted messages.
  6. Preview and select the messages you want to recover.
  7. Save the recovered messages to your computer.
  8. Transfer the restored messages back to your Huawei phone.

Pro Tip: For best results, avoid using your phone and do not save new data until the deleted messages are recovered.

While data recovery should be your last resort, advanced tools like Tenorshare UltData can salvage deleted data when all else fails. Just be sure to use reputable software from a trusted developer.

Best Practices to Increase Recovery Success

To maximize your chances of restoring deleted messages from your Huawei phone, keep these tips in mind:

  • Act quickly – The sooner you attempt recovery, the better. Deleted data is progressively overwritten by new data so time is critical.
  • Avoid using phone – Minimize app usage and new data saving until after you restore messages.
  • Disable internet/data – Turn off mobile data to stop syncing and new data overwriting deleted messages.
  • Charge sufficiently – Have at least 50-60% battery before attempting recovery. Some methods require more power.
  • Enable USB debugging – Recovery apps need debugging access to scan your device effectively.
  • Avoid rooting/factory reset – These wipe your data and make recovery impossible. Only root if needed for paid software.
  • Back up current data first – Create a backup before restoring any older backups that will overwrite your device.

Following these best practices will give you the highest chances of successfully recovering recently deleted text messages, WhatsApp conversations, and any other lost messaging data from your Huawei phone or tablet.

FAQs About Recovering Deleted Messages on Huawei Phones

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about restoring deleted messages on Huawei devices:

1. Can I recover permanently deleted messages on Huawei?

Yes, it’s possible to recover messages deleted from the Messaging app or WhatsApp as long as they were recently deleted. The more time that passes, the lower your chances due to data being overwritten.

2. How can I get back deleted text messages on my Huawei?

Your options for recovering deleted SMS/MMS messages on Huawei phones are to restore from a Huawei Cloud or local backup, or use data recovery software to extract messages not backed up.

3. What is the best Huawei data recovery software?

Top data recovery apps for Huawei devices include Tenorshare UltData for Android, EaseUS MobiSaver, and iMyFone D-Back. Evaluate reviews and features carefully before choosing recovery software.

4. Can factory reset deleted messages be recovered on Huawei?

No, a factory reset permanently erases all data on your Huawei device. It is not possible to recover deleted messages after factory reset. That’s why backups are so important.

5. How long are deleted messages stored on Huawei Cloud?

Huawei Cloud retains backup data for 30 days after you delete it locally on your device. So you have a one month window to restore deleted messages from the cloud.

6. Can you recover permanently deleted WhatsApp messages on Huawei?

Yes, you can recover deleted WhatsApp chats by restoring a Google Drive or Huawei cloud backup, or using data recovery apps to extract WhatsApp data remnants from device storage. Act quickly before new data overwrites them.

7. Why can’t I recover deleted messages on SD card?

SD card data is more vulnerable to permanent deletion. However, data recovery software can restore deleted messages from SD cards in some cases if the storage was not overwritten.

8. How do I enable backup on Huawei phone?

To enable backup on your Huawei device, go to Settings > System & Updates > Backup > Data Backup > turn on “Back up data” and select desired options like Messages, Contacts, etc.

9. Does Huawei backup WhatsApp?

The built-in Huawei cloud backup will include WhatsApp chat history as long as you have WhatsApp set to backup to local storage on your device. Enable both for full WhatsApp backup.

10. How long does Huawei cloud store backup data?

Huawei cloud retains backup data for 30 days after it’s deleted from your device storage. So you have one month to notice and restore deleted backups via the Huawei cloud.

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Key Takeaways

  • Back up Huawei devices regularly to both cloud and local storage. This gives you the ability to restore deleted messages, whether they were just deleted or lost some time ago.
  • First attempt restoration using Huawei Cloud Backup, Google Drive, or local backup apps like HUAWEI Backup. Cloud backups offer more protection from device damage or deletion.
  • As a last resort when no backups exist, use trusted third-party software to extract deleted message data remnants from your Huawei device storage or SD card.
  • Avoid using phone, saving new data, factory resetting or rooting device before message recovery is completed. Follow best practices for highest success rates.
  • Set backups to happen automatically on schedule. Manually back up important recent data like messages or photos. Test restoration periodically.

With great backup habits, you can almost eliminate the frustration of accidental message deletion. But even without backups, advanced recovery techniques make it possible to get back your lost conversations and information in most cases by acting quickly.

So take a deep breath and follow the appropriate steps outlined in this guide. Before you know it, you’ll have restored those precious deleted messages on your Huawei phone or tablet. Just be sure to learn from the experience and implement regular backups so you never have to go through this again!


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