Is Zepeto Safe for Kids? Risks and Reviews Explained


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Is Zepeto Safe

Is Zepeto safe? I saw my son was playing with it today, but I found some discouraging reviews on Zepeto.

Can someone please tell me if it is as bad as they say? Or is it an impressive app? Waiting for an answer.”

Overview of Zepeto


You can construct 3D features related to any celebrity, character, or even 3D versions of yourself using Zepeto. Playing with colorful emojis allows kids to express their imagination to a great extent.

However, there are drawbacks to this game as well. It might expose young brains to explicit material.

In this post, we’ll discuss whether Zepeto is risky for kids. We also intend to discuss what steps parents should take if their kids are using Zepeto online.

Also, if you wondering whether ZLibrary is safe for your online reading needs, we’ve got you covered with an in-depth look at its safety, security, and user experience.

The Dangers Associated with Zepeto

Despite the fact that it has numerous entertaining features, this app won’t let your kids become bored.

There are IMVU-style world rooms in which you can speak and take pictures with random people. However, your children could be at grave risk with this app. Let’s talk about how.

01. The Personal Images of the User Can Become Vulnerable

Despite the fact that it has numerous entertaining features, this app won’t let your kids become bored. There are IMVU-style world rooms in which you can speak and take pictures with random people.

However, your children could be at grave risk with this app. Let’s talk about how.

02. It Encourages Users to Get in Touch with Strangers

This app’s ability to connect users with strangers is one of its biggest drawbacks. Kids can make friends with persons who are twice or three times their age.

So, some of these evildoers make friends with small angels and redirect their attention in accordance with their inclinations.

Later, they might show kids offensive material like sexual images and videos.

It Encourages Users to Get in Touch with Strangers

03. It Has Some Serious Privacy Issues

The privacy issue with this application is still another major risk. The majority of users claim that this program acts as a spy agent and a tool that monitors texts.

In addition to that, it tracks calls, as well as other sensitive information you may have. Another user said that this program had captured his calls.

Another user complained that someone had hacked into their Apple ID.

It Has Some Serious Privacy Issues

Reviews on Zepeto

Reviews on Zepeto

Is Zepeto safe? You can get an idea about this matter simply by going through the reviews that are mentioned below.

As a parent, it is always better to read reviews before allowing your children to use Zepeto. The truth is that parents have mixed thoughts about this app. Some individuals speak positively about it, but many speak against it, mentioning serious flaws associated with it.

The sexual content and harassment that their children have experienced have been highlighted by those who oppose Zepeto. They claim that Zepeto is dangerous for children because it’s simple for unsuitable content to take advantage of them.

That said, here are some reviews.

01. An individual asked my little daughter if she wanted to have sex with them. This is totally disgusting. Not good at all. I don’t recommend Zepeto to any child. Parents should avoid it at once. (Nadia S)

02. One player wants to confirm if my little niece has a nice ass. How can you ever tolerate such behaviors? She is totally upset and down. I don’t want any other parent to experience the same issue. I don’t see it as a good app. (Juliet B)

03. The app, of course, has a pretty nice appearance. However, when you explore the features, things are pretty scary. It runs in the background and drains the battery even if you exit it. I seriously doubt how vulnerable the pictures of the users are. I never let my kid use it hereafter. (Jacob O).

04. I strongly believe that this app keeps records of the calls and text messages made on the device. Also, I assume that it works as a hacking app as well. It may share your pictures, user information, etc. (Meg L)

05. As I believe, despite plenty of negative reviews, this app is pretty decent. Others cannot talk to your kids unless they share their code. The characters created through this app are nice.

However, the user should be responsible enough to share details with trusted ones only. (Brigette P)

Protecting Your Kids from Potential Dangers Associated with Zepeto

There are benefits and drawbacks to every technological advancement.

You must decide how to keep your children safe while allowing them to play this game. The following strategies can be used to safeguard your kids.

In this case, you may have to use a specific app called KidsGuard and accomplish this task easily.

01. Configure Parental Control Settings

You must monitor your children’s phones in a variety of ways to shield them from internet trolls. You can keep your children safe from playing this harmful game by downloading third-party software. 

KidsGuard is one such tool that will protect your children from cyber criminals and objectionable materials.

02. Configure App Block

A fantastic feature of KidsGuard is its ability to disable problematic apps on your children’s phones. Setting up an app ban to remove all of those bad apps on your device is simple.

03. Limiting Screentime

You can restrict how much time the kids can spend on their phones using the KidsGuard app.

When your children go over that particular playtime, the phone should lock. This will make it simple for you to restrict your children’s playtime and protect them from any potential damage.

KidsGuard is a superb tool for those who had the question, “is Zepeto safe” and found the answer.

KidsGuard Pro

Using KidsGuard as a Parental Control Tool

Here are the steps you should take if you want to use KidsGuard as a parental control tool.

  1. First, you should open App Store or Play Store on your device and download KidsGuard.
  2. Then, you should click on the “Bind” option and copy its URL. You can see it under setup instructions. You can then send it to your kid’s device.
  3. On your child’s phone, copy the URL. Then, open it in the browser and then proceed to download KidsGuard Jr app. Once you are done establishing, you can move on to set up parental controls. For instance, you can block specific apps or websites, limit screen time, and take screenshots in real-time.

Be Open with Your Kids and Talk to Them

Talking to your children about the possible risks of apps is another way to keep them safe. Informing youngsters of the shortcomings of game applications can stop them from being abused.

Kids will naturally become aware of every move they make once they have a thorough understanding of the dangers.

They will learn the harm these programs can cause and the evil that exists among online users. They will become more cautious about making friends with persons who are older than they are.

Is Zepeto Safe for Kids

Bring Some Rules on

Limiting your children’s phone usage is a useful strategy for keeping them away from the dangerous online world.

You may easily reduce their mobile device usage time by setting up device usage guidelines. For instance, kids shouldn’t use their phones while eating, getting ready for school, or doing their schoolwork.

In general, the kids would be safe if you forbid phone use during family time, late-night gaming, and driving. Bedrooms shouldn’t be able to have cell phones.

In the company of parents or elders, they can enjoy games or even watch television. Most potential dangers (like Zepeto porn) could be avoided in this way.

FAQs About Zepeto

1. Is Zepeto safe for kids?
Zepeto implements several safety measures, but it’s essential for parents to monitor their child’s activities, guide them about online safety, and control their digital wallets.

2. Does Zepeto collect personal data?
Yes, Zepeto collects user data, but it also adheres to data protection regulations and has a privacy policy in place.

3. How can I block or report someone on Zepeto?
Users can report or block others through the app’s feature, providing a measure of protection from inappropriate or suspicious users.

4. Does Zepeto have in-app purchases?
Yes, Zepeto has in-app purchases. It’s advisable to adjust device settings to prevent unsupervised purchases by kids.

5. How can I make Zepeto safer for my child?
Regular check-ins, open conversations about online safety, and controlling the digital wallet can help make Zepeto safer for your child.

6. What are the benefits and risks of Zepeto?
Zepeto offers benefits like creative expression and social interaction. However, risks involve exposure to inappropriate content, potential cyberbullying, and privacy concerns.


Every mobile app has positive and negative aspects. People who make good use of technology and safeguard their loved ones and themselves from harm are wise.

Zepeto is another example of an app that is suitable for entertainment. However, in addition to providing amusement, kids should be safeguarded from its potential risks.

On Zepeto, online gaming and interacting with random users can be perilous. In this situation, KidsGuard will be useful. You can easily protect your children from Zepeto’s potentially harmful side by establishing parental controls. You can also set a limit on screen time. 

In addition to that, the Zepeto game shouldn’t be accessible to children under the age of 13. Find some more good substitute games instead. So, is Zepeto safe? You know the answer now.


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