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Is Chegg Legit

If you wonder ‘Is Chegg Legit‘? This Chegg review aims to bring you all the information about this amazing company that deals with the academic requirements of college students. The foundation of this company was that of a rental website for textbooks.

With time, they introduced numerous other services like eTextbooks, course selections, help for homework, and connections for getting scholarships.

The tutions on Chegg are also aimed at preparing the students for various high levels exams like GRE, SAT, and ACT. They have come down to creating a sort of hub that makes the entire learning experience more accessible and productive for the students.

They now possess a vast network of partnerships with about 500 companies to reach more and more students.

Is Chegg Legit

Chegg Review – What is Chegg

Is Chegg Legit? Yes! The name of the website is, which was established by Aayush Phumbhra in 2005, who is an entrepreneur from Santa Clara, California. This service provider gives education online, and the various services it offers to the students include:

  1. Assistance for scholarships
  2. Helping through the homework
  3. Tutoring online
  4. Bringing matches for internship

The website has a vast database of learning stuff that covers several learning fields that will cater to every student’s academic requirements. It allows the students to get a book either by renting it or purchasing it, put up study-related questions, get tutions online, or find a solution for various textbooks. The website primarily targets the students in high school and college and brings to their resources and the best tutors from across the world.

The Chegg review has been much on the positive side, which attracts a lot of students to it. The best thing is, that all these services can be accessed on a single page, which is easily navigable for the users who don’t need to open different tabs to access different services.

The website always makes available a tutor for all the hours to assist the students with anything. You can also ask for last-minute help from any tutor to get you through late assignment submissions. Chegg is a great educational website that will help you in saving time, and money and improve your growth.

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Services Provided by Chegg

1. Chegg Study

Chegg Study is a popular service offered by Chegg, providing students with step-by-step solutions to textbook problems and access to a vast library of study materials. It offers comprehensive solutions and explanations to help students understand complex concepts.

2. Chegg Writing

Chegg Writing is a service that assists students in improving their writing skills. It provides grammar and plagiarism checks, along with suggestions for enhancing the overall quality of academic papers and essays.

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3. Chegg Math Solver

Chegg Math Solver is a powerful tool that helps students solve math problems by providing step-by-step explanations. It covers various mathematical topics, making it an invaluable resource for students studying math-related subjects.

4. Chegg Tutors

Chegg Tutors offers personalized online tutoring sessions with subject experts. Students can connect with tutors in real-time and receive one-on-one assistance with their academic queries and challenges.

Chegg Subscription Plans

1. Chegg Study Subscription

The Chegg Study subscription provides access to textbook solutions, expert Q&A, and other study materials. It offers a comprehensive suite of resources to support students’ learning needs.

2. Chegg Writing Subscription

The Chegg Writing subscription is designed to help students improve their writing skills. It includes features such as grammar checks, plagiarism detection, and writing suggestions.

3. Chegg Math Solver Subscription

The Chegg Math Solver subscription offers unlimited access to step-by-step solutions for math problems. It is a valuable tool for students studying mathematics or related disciplines.

4. Chegg Tutors Subscription

The Chegg Tutors subscription allows students to connect with qualified tutors for personalized online tutoring sessions. It offers a convenient and flexible way to seek academic assistance.

Pros and Cons of Chegg


  • Wide range of study materials and resources
  • Step-by-step solutions for textbook problems
  • Online tutoring sessions with subject experts
  • Writing assistance and grammar checks
  • Plagiarism detection and writing suggestions
  • Convenient and user-friendly platform


  • Subscription-based model may not be affordable for all students
  • Dependency on online resources may hinder self-reliance
  • Limited availability of some study materials
  • Reliance on internet connectivity for accessing services

Is Chegg Legit and Reliable?

Chegg has established itself as a reputable online education platform over the years. It has a large user base and offers a wide range of services catering to students’ academic needs.

However, it’s important to exercise caution and use the platform responsibly. While Chegg provides valuable resources, it’s essential for students to put in their own effort and not rely solely on Chegg for their learning.

Chegg Privacy and Security

Chegg prioritizes the privacy and security of its users. It has implemented measures to protect personal information and maintain a safe online learning environment.

However, it’s always advisable to exercise caution when sharing personal data online and review Chegg’s privacy policy for a better understanding of their data handling practices.

Chegg Customer Support

Chegg offers customer support to address any queries or concerns users may have. They provide assistance through email, live chat, and a comprehensive help center.

Students can reach out to Chegg’s customer support team for technical issues, subscription inquiries, or any other platform-related matters.

Chegg Alternatives

While Chegg is a popular platform, there are alternatives available for students seeking similar services. Some notable alternatives to Chegg include Course Hero, Khan Academy,, and

It’s recommended to explore these options and compare the features and pricing to find the platform that best suits individual needs.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is Chegg free? Chegg offers both free and subscription-based services. While some resources are available for free, access to the full range of services typically requires a subscription.

2. Can I cancel my Chegg subscription? Yes, you can cancel your Chegg subscription at any time. Simply follow the instructions provided on the platform to cancel your subscription.

3. Are Chegg tutors qualified? Chegg takes measures to ensure that their tutors are qualified and knowledgeable in their respective fields. They undergo a screening process to assess their expertise before joining the platform.

4. Can I get a refund if I’m not satisfied with Chegg’s services? Chegg has a satisfaction guarantee policy. If you’re not satisfied with their services, you can contact their customer support to discuss your concerns and explore possible solutions.

5. Can I use Chegg for test answers? Chegg promotes academic integrity and discourages cheating. It’s important to use Chegg’s resources responsibly and avoid using them for cheating purposes. Chegg provides solutions and explanations to help students understand concepts, not to circumvent academic honesty.


We hope that this review helped you to decide ‘Is Chegg Legit.’ Some people find the website unethical as they consider the resources to be unfair back-end help to the students, which makes them lazy.

However, it won’t be wrong to say that if used rightly, the website can prove to be extremely beneficial to the students.

This service is outstanding for the services, and it’s just the students who need to stay true to their values and make positive use of them.


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