Is Chegg Legit? Let’s Find Out in This Full Chegg Review

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If you wonder ‘Is Chegg Legit‘? This Chegg review aims to bring you all the information about this amazing company that deals with the academic requirements of college students. The foundation of this company was that of a rental website for textbooks.

With time, they introduced numerous other services like eTextbooks, course selections, help for homework, and connections for getting scholarships.

The tutions on Chegg are also aimed at preparing the students for various high levels exams like GRE, SAT, and ACT. They have come down to creating a sort of hub that makes the entire learning experience more accessible and productive for the students.

They now possess a vast network of partnerships with about 500 companies to reach more and more students.

Chegg Review – What is Chegg

Is Chegg Legit? Yes! The name of the website is, which was established by Aayush Phumbhra in 2005, who is an entrepreneur from Santa Clara, California. This service provider gives education online, and the various services it offers to the students include:

  1. Assistance for scholarships
  2. Helping through the homework
  3. Tutoring online
  4. Bringing matches for internship

The website has a vast database of learning stuff that covers several learning fields that will cater to every student’s academic requirements. It allows the students to get a book either by renting it or purchasing it, put up study-related questions, get tutions online, or find a solution for various textbooks. The website primarily targets the students in high school and college and brings to their resources and the best tutors from across the world.

The Chegg review has been much on the positive side, which attracts a lot of students to it. The best thing is, that all these services can be accessed on a single page, which is easily navigable for the users who don’t need to open different tabs to access different services.

The website always makes available a tutor for all the hours to assist the students with anything. You can also ask for last-minute help from any tutor to get you through late assignment submissions. Chegg is a great educational website that will help you in saving time, and money and improve your growth.

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What is the functioning of like?

Is Chegg Legit? Yes! You must be wondering how the entire thing functions. The Chegg review will help you to get the answer. After you open the website and log in, you can see a search icon. It is here that you will enter the info about the services that you want to avail of. The website has a GPA calculator too.

If you do not get a reply within the set time for a question that you posted, you get an option of making the question visible to the whole community of the website where you get assured assistance. The site then redirects you to the original page where you will get to access all the information that you asked for.

This is a list of the various subjects that the website provides information about:

  1. Geometry
  2. Chemistry
  3. Accounting
  4. Computer science
  5. Calculus
  6. Finance
  7. Economics
  8. Statistics

The website allows the students to set up lessons for the future with any tutor that they choose. This helps both of them where the student gets relieved from the hassle and can plan for other issues while the teacher can curate the lesson plan and strategy to teach the student as per need.

The lessons can happen through any means like chat, audio, or video call based on the student’s comfort. Creating an account on the website before availing of any service is mandatory.

You will need to register with the help of a valid e-mail address. Then you have to fill in if you’re a parent or a student. If you are a student, then you will need to enter the education level along with the name of your institution.

After this, you enter the year of your college or school, and your account is created. The website is a network of 7000+ educators, and around 1600 of them are available at night, says the Chegg review.

One thing to note is that you can’t seek assistance from the tutor for full assignments or quizzes. You can only ask for editing or suggestion that can improve the work. You have to follow the honor code that acts as a guiding rule for the students as well as the tutors, preventing them from violating the regulations.

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What are the terms and rules put up by Chegg for the tutors?

Is Chegg Legit? Yes! Chegg hires tutors online, and they are selected from all sorts of academic backgrounds. The main requirements include a good internet connection and versatility in the subjects that they wish to offer tuition for. The tutors can choose their work timings independently as the students ask questions at random hours.

The tutor gets a better ranking as the assignment proceeds and gets successfully accepted by the students. The more the number of students a tutor assists, the better gets the ranking. This is how they get better and increase tutoring chances. The website lets the tutors operate from their place of choice, be it home, cafe, or any individual office.

What is the subscription system of Chegg?

Is Chegg Legit? Yes! Once you become a member of this website, a world of solutions for more than 9000 books opens up. The website comes with several payment plans that are for the tutors and the student. They do not accept cheques and money orders.

A student has to choose between the basic study subscription offered by Chegg and the tutor subscription. The basic Chegg study plans include:

  • Monthly subscription for $14.95
  • Yearly subscription for $74.95

For the payments to be made by the students, these are the various modes

  1. Visa
  2. American Express
  3. PayPal
  4. Master card
  5. Chegg credit
  6. Discover card
  7. Any financial aid or scholarship fund is payable through a credit or debit card

After you sign up for the service, you get a one-week free trial period with 30 minutes each day for asking questions or seeking the assistance that you want.

After the expiry of this time, you will be charged an average of the total time that you spend on the website. The starting fee is $15 each week, but the website also offers a pay-as-per-the-go plan monthly.

The payment that the tutors get for every hour of teaching the students is $20 every hour. They have to make all the tutoring according to the website services to maintain proper accounting.

The site won’t make any payment for the services that were given outside the domain of the website. The payment happens every Thursday, and the money is transferred through PayPal.

What is special about the user interface of Chegg?

Is Chegg Legit? Yes! It’s a user-friendly website with simple navigation tools and ions. The homepage has all the necessary information in one place that enables quick access for the students.

The fonts are laid, and the color themes are professional and quite appealing. The search bad loads a bit slow but performs well. The pages load fast, and appropriate guidelines are clearly stated everywhere. The content for the services is accurately relevant and easily searchable.

What are the cancellation and return policies?

Is Chegg Legit? Yes! The cancellation policy of the website is decently fair and lets you cancel the class plan anytime. If you buy rent the book or the solution manuals, it would cost you almost ten times less than buying them. It charges approximately 7 cents/ minute for consulting a tutor. For orders over $85, the shipping charges are free.

The return policy is very clear. You have to return the book within 21 days from the purchase date. Other than the shipping, the full money will be refunded. The return period for the eBooks is two weeks.

In case of damage to the books, you will have to buy them compulsorily. If you rent the book, then the website makes the required deduction from the fee.

What are the rules for returning the rented books?

Is Chegg Legit? Yes! You have to return the rented books in due time, which starts from the moment the book is handed to the UPS.

Chegg has collaborated with many libraries and schools. These areas are the designated return spots. The website charges an additional fee for the late returns.

You can demand a refund within the first seven days. You can ask for an extension of the due return date. And you can make the arrangements over a call or chat with customer support.

You can also buy the book that you initially rented, and the rental fee will be deducted from the original price, thereby.

What are the services offered by the customer assistance team of Chegg?

Analysis of this Chegg review will help us to understand that is Chegg legit? For any problem that you have, you contact the help desk with the questions and explain the necessary info. They start the inquiry into the problem by checking the merit of the issue, and if they find the issue genuine, then they return your money invested.

The website has a contact number that is functional during business hours from Monday to Friday. Their social community support can only be accessed from 5 am-6 pm. The website has no email address, and the automated answers are the frequent help givers to the students.


We hope that this review helped you to decide ‘Is Chegg Legit.’ Some people find the website unethical as they consider the resources to be unfair back-end help to the students, which makes them lazy.

However, it won’t be wrong to say that if used rightly, the website can prove to be extremely beneficial to the students.

This service is outstanding for the services, and it’s just the students who need to stay true to their values and make positive use of them.