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Many individuals want to convert INDD to PDF. You’ll need the same if you want to open INDD files on a PC where InDesign is not installed.

With that said, this article explains how to convert INDD to PDF online with ease.

As we all know, not every user wants to have InDesign on their computers. InDesign is a desktop publishing software mainly used by experienced desktop publishers.

As long as you have InDesign installed on your device, you can open INDD files with no issue. INDD is the default file format for InDesign projects you create. So, to open INDD files, you should have InDesign on your computer.

What if you don’t have InDesign on your PC and still want to open the INDD file? This is when the requirement of an INDD to PDF converter comes in handy for you.

If you convert an INDD file into a PDF, you can share it with anyone without specific software requirements. PDF files are universal and can be opened on any device.

If you are looking to convert an INDD file to a PDF, there are plenty of online tools for that. Apart from that, you can do the same job using InDesign itself. That means you can convert INDD using InDesign’s built-in features.

Well, let’s explain how to accomplish this task in easy steps. So, keep reading this article and learn how to do it.

Method 1: Convert INDD to PDF Using PDFelement

One of the best tools to convert INDD to PDF is PDFelement. This is recommended for any user because of its safe, reliable function and very convenient user interface.

No matter if you are a total beginner, you can use PDFelement with no problem at all. This specific program comes with regular updates, so you can expect new features frequently.

Features of PDFelement

Here are the most noticeable features associated with PDFelement.

  • You can perform actions such as reading, annotating, and reviewing PDF files with its markup tools.
  • This tool can edit the text content in PDF documents in a very smooth manner.
  • You can use it to edit images in PDF files (for instance, you can edit, crop, resize, etc.).
  • With PDFelement, you can digitally sign documents and put your approval.
  • It has an OCR feature to turn image-based PDF and scanned PDF documents into editable documents.

How to Convert INDD to PDF Using PDFelement

Please follow up on simple steps to convert an INDD into a PDF document. There are three methods to try, and all those methods are absolutely simple. However, for your convenience, we list those methods step-by-step.

Option 01: Drag the PDF to convert

The first method to try is drag and drop. You can simply drag the INDD file into the program’s interface to perform this step.

Then, PDEelement will convert the respective file without causing any trouble. Once the file is converted, you can save the file in the desired location to finish the process.

Option 02: Activate the “Create PDF” tool and convert PDF

If you want to convert n INDD file, you can use this method as well. As per this method, you can click on the option “Create PDF,” located in the main interface. That will start the conversion process.

Now, you can select the INDD file using the dialog box on the screen. Then, you should click on “Open.”

As a result, the INDD file you have added will be converted into a PDF file. All you need is to save the respective file in the desired location to complete the process.


Option 03: Use the option called “Form File” to convert INDD files

Here’s another method to convert INDD to PDF using PDFelement. You can easily click on the option called “Home.” Then, you should go to “From File” to start the conversion process.

You will see a dialog box now, so you should navigate to the INDD file you intend to convert. After choosing the INDD file, you should click on the option labeled “Open.” Now, the INDD file will be converted into a PDF. Save the converted file to a location as you wish.

Convert INDD to PDF using PDFelement

How to Edit a PDF After Converting It

As we mentioned, Wondershare PDFelement is a versatile tool that can perform various tasks related to PDF files. Editing is one of the other tasks PDFelement can do for you. To do that, you should click on the option labeled “Edit” at the top of the screen.

Then, you should choose the option called “Line Mode.” If not, you can simply go for the “Paragraph Mode.” Click “Add Text” to add any new text to the same file.

You can change the aspects, such as font, size, and style, as you wish. You can even select the text and click on options such as “Superscript” or “Subscript.”

Then, you should press CTRL + F to open a new window to find specific text. That is pretty similar to actions you perform in MS Word. Then, you can replace the found text.


Method 2: Converting an INDD to PDF Directly

It is a very simple task to convert an INDD file to a PDF using PDFelement. When you share an INDD file, you should have all the fonts and formatting retained. If you send an INDD file, the recipient must have InDesign to open the file.

Even if he opens it, the document is susceptible to change if he doesn’t have the same fonts installed. If you want to send the INDD file, send all the fonts with it to avoid potential conflicts.

So, if you need to share a completed document with someone else, the best approach is to convert it. After converting it to a PDF file, it won’t change regardless of what platform you open it.

If you still want to send an INDD file, you can send it as a package. As mentioned, you should also send the respective fonts in the package. As a result, the conversion will occur, so you will not see any errors.

Then, you should run the package command, which auto-picks the respective files. It will combine all those files. So, to export and share it as a package, you should follow the steps mentioned below.

  • First, please click on “File” to reveal the menu.
  • Then, you should click on the option called “Package” to proceed.
  • When you see a dialog box related to this function, type a name to proceed.
  • Then, choose a location on the drive, and the file will be saved.
  • Now, you should see the options window; just adjust the required settings if required.
  • Click on the option called Package again, and you can complete the process.

Exporting an INDD Package as a PDF

As per this option, you learn how to convert INDD into PDF.

  • First, choose the option “File” and then go to “Export.”
  • When you see the dialog box, change its name. After that, you can choose the PDF file format for the output file format for the respective file.
  • If needed, you may change other settings as well.
  • Once you have done with the changes, click on “Save.”
  • That’s it. The file is saved in PDF.

PS: let’s figure out what to do when you forget your PDF password.

Best Practices for Efficient INDD to PDF Conversion

To ensure smooth and efficient conversion of INDD files to PDF, consider the following best practices:

  • Tip 1: Review and Optimize Your INDD File: Before conversion, thoroughly review your INDD file for any errors or inconsistencies. Optimize the document by removing unnecessary elements or redundant formatting.
  • Tip 2: Maintain Consistency in Formatting and Styles: Ensure that the formatting and styles used in your INDD file are consistent throughout the document. This helps maintain the visual appeal of the PDF.
  • Tip 3: Preserve Hyperlinks and Interactive Elements: If your INDD file contains hyperlinks or interactive elements, verify that they work correctly after conversion to PDF. Test the links and interactivity to ensure a seamless user experience.

Troubleshooting Common Issues during Conversion

During the INDD to PDF conversion process, you may encounter certain issues. Here are some common problems and their solutions:

Issue 1: Missing Fonts or Incorrect Formatting

If your PDF output doesn’t display the correct fonts or formatting, ensure that all required fonts are embedded in the INDD file. You can also convert text to outlines to eliminate font compatibility issues.

Issue 2: Large File Sizes and Performance Concerns

INDD files can sometimes result in large PDF file sizes. To address this, adjust the compression settings during conversion or use specialized software that optimizes file size without compromising quality.

Issue 3: Compatibility with Older Versions of InDesign

If you’re working with an older version of InDesign, make sure that the INDD file is compatible with the version you’re using. Consider exporting to an interchange format (such as IDML) that can be opened in older versions.


Converting INDD files to PDF offers a practical solution for sharing and distributing your designs across different platforms and devices. Whether you choose to use Adobe InDesign, online converters, or specialized software, the process can be straightforward and efficient. By following the steps outlined in this article and considering the best practices, you can easily convert your INDD files to PDF while preserving their design integrity and accessibility.


Q1: Can I convert multiple INDD files to PDF simultaneously?

Yes, with the right tools or scripts, you can convert multiple INDD files to PDF in a batch process, saving you time and effort.

Q2: Will the conversion process affect the quality of images in my INDD file?

No, as long as your images are properly embedded or linked in the INDD file, the conversion process should maintain the original image quality.

Q3: Are there any limitations to using online INDD to PDF converters?

Some online converters may have file size limitations or limited features compared to dedicated software. It’s important to choose a reliable converter that meets your specific requirements.

Q4: Can I convert PDF files back to INDD format?

While it is technically possible to convert PDF files back to INDD format, the process is often complex and may not yield satisfactory results. It’s generally more efficient to work with the original INDD file for editing and modifications.

Q5: Are there any risks involved in using third-party conversion software?

When using third-party software, it’s important to ensure that you download from reputable sources and verify the software for any security risks. Additionally, always use the latest version of the software to benefit from bug fixes and improvements.


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