iBoxTool 2020 Review- Does the Tool Serve Its Purpose?

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By Jack

To treat a very common iOS issue, iCloud Activation Lock, iBoxTool 2020 was launched to help users bypass the lock automatically.

No matter how useful the lock feature is for security, it becomes very annoying when stuck with an old password.

The tool claims to be an effective solution here, and we will only assess that claim.

In this review, we will familiarize you with all the aspects of this tool and its performance. In the end, we will also introduce you to software that can be a great alternative if the former tool fails to impress you.

What is iBoxTool 2020?

Before in-depth analysis, an introduction to the software is imperative to help you understand the complexities better.

To put it very simply, the inbox tool, which has different versions for the years 2019 and 2020, is an amazing utility for iPhone users who have forgotten the password of their iCloud account and want to break the iCloud Activation Locks.

What is iBoxTool 2020

It becomes all the more important for those users who got their iOS devices on a second purchase basis. The iCloud Activation issue is a very common problem in such devices where the previous user’s account didn’t get logged out, so the new user faces difficulty accessing the device.

In such cases, breaking the lock becomes almost impossible if the current user cannot enter the right password. Only two solutions are the most visible ones, then

  • Asking the old owner to help out by unlocking the device manually
  • Using any third-party service or tool for a better and automatic resolution of the issue

If you choose the third option, then iBoxTool will be the best bet, as it claims. However, there are a lot of disputes to this claim, and this is exactly what we aim to look into in this article. Let’s read further.

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What Are the Features of the iBoxTool 2020? Are There Any Downsides to It?

It is an amazing free solution for breaking all the iCloud activation locks.

  • You can download it for any Windows PC and a macOS PC.
  • The tool utilizes a very non-technical and straightforward approach to resolving problems.
  • This latest software has a very user-friendly interface. Anyone can use it without needing high technical knowledge.
  • The download package that will get installed on the PC also contains a manual for the installation method and a user manual to make the software handling even easier for the user.


  • The first downside is that there are very few reviews to validate the good performance of the software.
  • It is very difficult to download the software as there is no official and dedicated hosting website.
  • It requires the user to complete a survey, in some cases, to download the tool. However, in the end, there is no download for the tool available.
  • When made from unofficial websites, most of the downloads for the tool bring the risk of a malware or virus attack to the PC.
  • The results depend on the internet connection and the PC speed since the software uses the server for installing an unlocking file on the device.

What is the Method to Use the iBoxTool 2020?

It is a fact that you cannot easily get a copy of this tool. However, if you manage that, it can be an effective help. Let us now tell you what the method involves for letting the tool do its job of unlocking the devices:

1. Download the software on the PC and finish its installation.

use the iBoxTool 2019 or iBoxTool 2020

2. Once you are done with that, open the software.

3. Turn the problematic iOS device off. Simultaneously, put that device into the DFU Mode.

4. Once the device successfully activates the DFU mode, connect it to the PC.

5. Now, you will have to wait for the time being until the software detects the device.

6. Hit the button Remove iCloud Lock and then wait until the lock is disabled by the program successfully.

7. Once the process gets completed, the iPhone will reboot itself.

Now the entire method looks very easy to carry out. However, the results are not guaranteed. Our team ran the process to check for the results personally, and our conclusion was not very great.

What Does the Performance of iBoxTool 2020 Look Like?

The tool may have worked for some of the users. However, these users are very few examples to demonstrate the success of the software.

The majority of the users gave a negative response to this tool. These iPhone users could not disable their iCloud activation lock through the tool, which pointed to its failure.

How does the performance of iBoxTool 2019 and iBoxTool 2020 look like

We have been able to carve out this conclusion after researching the tool’s performance results for a wide variety of iOS devices and different models of the iPhone. We did this to produce a better and more efficient analysis.

Let us break down the results then; out of all the devices we ran the tool for, we could not unlock any. Having said that, we conclude that the tool isn’t very genuine.

What is the Process of Downloading the iBoxTool 2020?

We have already mentioned above that the tool isn’t a very good one to rely upon for unlocking the phone. It would be unnecessary to expect any effective results from it.

However, you may still want to try to analyze it for yourself or that it might work out for you. This is a very natural instinct, and we understand that you must want to try every option before finding out a final one that gives you the results you expect.

Now the problem lies in the first step itself, as we have already told you there is no official website from which you can download the tool. You can only get the software from third-party sites that are not trustable and unpopular.

If you download the tool from any such site, you are putting a lot to risk as you invite viruses to your PC. You need to avoid making any such mistake ever.

What is the process of downloading the iBoxTool 2019

We did the research and survey once again, and this time we sent the iBoxTool software to more than 150 different users. They tried it, and all that we gathered as the response was negative. The feedback stated that the tool didn’t give satisfactory results to any of the users.

You can always try to download the tool from different unauthorized sources. However, be aware of the risk as they mostly contain harmful Trojans that may attack the system or fry up the PC.

Now we are going to give you an alternative solution that is going to give you verifiable results. Its users have received positive responses, and our tests also concluded the same.

What is the Best Alternate Solution to iBoxTool 2020?

Verified reviews are the first thing users must look for before trying any software. The alternative we will tell you about has all the tests done and holds the certificate of reliability. The name of this tool is the AppleiPhoneUnlock.


The website of this software offers various services, one being iCloud unlocking. You can request this service to help you unlock the phone remotely. The best part is that it won’t even ask you to enter any password for all of it. Wait!

There Are More Features:

  • It unlocks the iCloud activation locks once and for all iOS devices.
  • Take only 72 hours to disable and remove the iCloud activation lock.
  • It can be run easily to support any iOS device and iPhone model.
  • The process is very professional, and you don’t have to possess any special tech knowledge to do the task.
  • You just have to submit some details, and the entire unlocking procedure will be done remotely.
  • An interesting feature of the tool is that it provides a unique iCloud removal service. Any usual carrier does not typically provide this service.

This list of features makes it obvious that the software AppleiPhoneUnlock is much better than the iBoxTool. The most important thing is that it works!

If you are convinced enough, then let us now tell you the method of using this software:

1. Open the webpage of the software AppleiPhoneUnlock iCloud Unlock on any browser.

2. It will give you a list of iOS devices and iPhone models. Choose the option that is yours, and you wish to unlock it.

3. At this step, you would be required to find the IMEI of the locked device and enter it into the given space.

best alternate solution to the iBoxTool

4. Now, you have to click the option of Unlock Now. Once you do that, the software will give you an order summary.

5. You must enter an email address to confirm the order. Thereby, hit the button Continue and then proceed to fulfill the payment.

6. After you are done with the payment for the particular service and placing the order, you will have to wait till the completion of 72 hours. Within this time, the iCloud lock will be removed.

The best thing about this software is that no special efforts are required from the user’s end.

As is evident from the method, all you need to do is enter details about the particular iOS device or iPhone, and you are good to go. The rest will be taken care of by professional software.

Final Words

The article was meant to familiarize you fully with the software iBoxTool 2020 and all the associated aspects. We also chose to suggest an alternative to the tool because, after all our tests and checks, we found that the software wasn’t up to the mark as it claimed.

The lack of reviews suggested that there are very fewer chances of any users getting satisfactory results from the tool. Even our first-hand checking of the tool didn’t yield anything.

Now, if you compare the two options, it is very clear that the software AppleiPhoneUnlock has got the upper hand as compared to iBoxTool. It has better features, which is more important because it constantly gives certain results per the expectations.

It will permanently unlock the iOS device, you don’t have to possess any technical expertise to run this tool, and you don’t end up overpaying for all such amazing benefits. A full cost-effective deal!