How to Scan Multiple Pages Into One PDF Easily


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How to Scan Multiple Pages Into One PDF

Knowing how to scan multiple pages into one PDF can be handy for any computer user. PDF has become a standard when it comes to transferring documents today.

So, knowing how to deal with every aspect of PDF is important. This article explains two practical ways to scan multiple pages into a single PDF file.

The Requirement of Scanning Multiple Pages into One PDF

Any computer user has to deal with various types of documents at least once in a while. Some documents have only one page, while others may have multiple pages.

When you have to manage the latter, you should ensure that all the pages are formatted equally. Also, they should be in the same file format.

Otherwise, the whole document will look so unprofessional and untidy. In this case, scanning all the pages into a single PDF file will be the best solution to try.

In fact, PDF format lets you view the document regardless of the device or the platform. And in other words, PDF is a “universal file format” when it comes to documents.

No matter on which device or platform you open a PDF, it retains the document format. Alignments, font, and other formatting will remain with the document.

So, that’s exactly why knowing how to scan multiple pages into one PDF is handy for any computer user.

Option 1: How to Scan Multiple Pages into One PDF Using PDFelement

As the first step, let’s learn how to scan multiple pages into one PDF using a professional application. In this case, the best application we came across is PDFelement.

It is a solid, stable, and reliable application that gets the job done without any hassle. Without further ado, let’s learn how to scan multiple pages into one PDF using this application.

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01. Open PDFelement

The first step is to download PDFelement on your computer and install it with easy instructions. Then, you should launch the PDFelement application to see its main screen.

After that, click on the button that represents “Back,” located on top of the screen. Then, click on the option called “File” and choose “Create.” After that, choose “From Scanner.” This option will enable the option labeled “Create From Scanner.”

Open PDFelement

02. Add Multiple Pages to the Document

In the “Create From Scanner” dialog box, choose the scanning device to proceed to the next step. Once the scanner is selected, you can adjust its settings. After that, you should click on the option called “Scan,” so the scanning will begin.

However, if you want to scan more than one page, tap the “Scan More Pages (sheet2)” option. In this example, we explain how to scan multiple pages into one PDF, and here’s how to do it.

Just click on the “Combine PDF” option so all the pages will be combined into a single PDF.

Add Multiple Pages to the Document

That’s it about how to scan multiple pages into one PDF using PDFelement, and it’s so easy. In fact, PDFelement is a powerful PDF editor that works perfectly for PDF-related tasks. It comes with a couple of important editing features as well.

For instance, it can modify text or pages as you wish. This is a really handy option for those who want to add or remove pages or text.  

Main Features of PDFelement

Mentioned below are the main features of PDFelement. This list of features will give you a clear idea of how handy this tool is.

  • With PDFelement, you can combine multiple pages or documents into a single PDF.
  • This tool allows you to change each and every element found in your PDF.  For instance, it lets you insert, edit, or remove text, images, pages, and so on.
  • You can use it to create PDF documents using a scanner as well. In addition to that, it lets you create PDFs through images, Office documents, or even images.
  • You can use this tool to convert PDF files into other formats as well. For instance, with PDFelement, you can convert PDF to EPUB, Excel, Text, Word, PPT, images, etc.
  • You can use the same tool to fill or create various types of PDF formats. The forms that include buttons, text fields, lists, etc., can be filled using PDFelement.
  • It has a handy OCR feature as well. With that, you can edit or copy any text included in the scanned PDF documents.
  • This powerful tool can extract data from various PDF files and paper forms and put them together.

Option 2: Use a Mobile App to Scan Multiple Pages into One PDF File

Here’s the solution if you prefer using a mobile app to convert multiple pages into a single PDF file. You should use a special app called “FineScanner: PDF Document Scan.” This app can be easily downloaded through Google Play Store on your Android device.

Also, for iOS users, please download it from your App Store. In other words, this handy mobile app is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms.

This app, be it on Android or iOS, has a user-friendly interface, even for new users. It has already received plenty of positive reviews from users. Depending on your requirement, you can find a free and paid version of FineScanner: PDF Document Scan.

How to Scan Multiple Pages into One PDF using FineScanner: PDF Document Scan.

  • First, you should download FineScanner: PDF Document Scan through the respective app store on your smartphone. After that, you should launch it through the app on the home screen. You can find it on your Home Screen or App Drawer. If not, you can even search for the app.
Download FineScanner
  • After opening the app, it will ask for some permissions to access the device’s storage device and camera. Just grant those permissions to proceed to the next step.
Open FineScanner
  • Now that the app has been launched and the permissions have been granted. Let’s scan the first page. Place the camera in such a way that it can capture the first page of the document properly. Once you are satisfied with the image, you can proceed to capture it. To do that, you should tap on the button that appears in red color. It is located at the bottom of the device’s screen.
Take Doc Photos
  • Once the image of the document is captured, it directly goes to the media folder. If you have more pages, you can continue to add those pages one by one.
  • Now, you will be able to see a thumbnail of the respective document. It is located towards the right of the red button. Just tap on that thumbnail image to move to the next step.
Tap on thumbnail image
  • You can now swipe through the images so you can choose a filter. The respective image will appear toward the top of the screen. Its editing bar can be found towards the bottom.
All Photos
  • Once you have done that, you can tap on the “Save” button in the top-right corner. All the captures you have done through the camera will now be saved as a single PDF file. The saved document will be available in your device’s “Document” folder.
How to Scan Multiple Pages into One PDF using FineScanner

Organizing and Renaming Pages

To make the PDF more user-friendly and easier to navigate, consider organizing and renaming the pages. You can add page numbers, headers, or footers to identify each page’s content.

Additionally, you may want to include bookmarks or hyperlinks to allow quick access to specific sections of the document. Renaming the PDF file itself to reflect its content can also help with future reference.

Enhancing the Scanned Documents

Sometimes, scanned documents may have imperfections or be difficult to read due to low resolution or poor lighting conditions.

To enhance the readability and overall quality of the scanned pages, utilize the editing features available in your PDF software. Adjust the brightness, contrast, or sharpness as needed to optimize the legibility of the text and images.


1. Can I scan handwritten pages into a PDF? Yes, you can scan both handwritten and typed pages into a PDF using a scanner and PDF editing software.

2. What is the recommended file format for scanned documents? The most commonly used file format for scanned documents is PDF (Portable Document Format) due to its compatibility and versatility.

3. Can I add annotations or highlights to the scanned PDF? Yes, most PDF editing software allows you to add annotations, highlights, and other markup tools to the scanned PDF, making it easier to emphasize important information.

4. How can I compress the size of the scanned PDF file? To reduce the file size of a scanned PDF, you can utilize compression options available in the PDF editing software. These options can help optimize the file without significantly compromising the quality.

5. Can I password protect the scanned PDF for security purposes? Yes, you can add password protection to the scanned PDF to restrict access and ensure confidentiality. Most PDF editing software offers encryption features to safeguard your documents.


Those are the two options for scanning multiple pages into one PDF. If you know other better options, please share your knowledge with us.


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