How to Reply to Messages on Instagram?

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If you are a beginner and wondering how to reply to messages on Instagram, read this article. We will explain it in the simplest possible manner for you. So, if you are a novice user who wants to learn about it, keep reading.

The ability to reply to particular messages is available on all of the main messaging apps.

Because of that, you’ll be less likely to be lost in the shuffle in group conversations. After a long wait, Instagram has finally implemented this functionality.

Replaying a Particular Message in Your Instagram Account

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to update Instagram’s direct messaging function and respond to individual messages.

In fact, we’ve provided instructions for iPhones, iPads, and PCs. The reason you would not be able to utilize the new function will also be revealed.

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How to Reply to Messages on Instagram – iPhone Users

Update the messaging function on your iPhone before you may reply to a particular message on Instagram. Replying to the respective message is as simple as following these steps:

  • Make sure your direct messages on Instagram are up to date. Now, open the Settings section of your profile. You should then choose “Update Messaging”.
Update Messaging on iPhone
  • To check your messages, go to the feed and press the messenger symbol on the top-right side.
Check Instagram Message on iPhone
  • You can open a group or a private conversation. 
open a group or a private conversation
  • To respond to a message, locate the one to which you desire to respond. Hold down the button once you’ve tapped it. The arrow icon appears when you swipe to the right-hand side.
Click Arrow icon to reply message
  • Above the input text area, you’ll notice the selected text message is permanently connected. Then hit “Send” to send your response.
How to Reply to Messages on Instagram on iPhone

If you want, you may use the method mentioned below to react to a particular Instagram message.

  • To change the version of your direct message, go to your profile page and then go to Settings. “Update Messaging” should be chosen.
update Messaging
  • To access your direct messages, return to your feed and press the top right area of the screen.
Instagram Message on iPhone
  • Find the conversation where the text you want to react to is being discussed.
Find the conversation
  • Tap on the message you want to reply to and hold it for a while. After that, select the option called “Reply” from the drop-down menu.
How to Reply to Messages on Instagram
  • The message you have selected will be displayed above the text entry field on your screen. Input your response and press “Send”.
Reply Messsage on Instagram

And, that’s how to reply to messages on Instagram if you are using an iPhone.

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How to Reply to a Specific Message on Instagram on an Android Device

Do you want to learn how to reply to messages on Instagram? If so, keep reading this section.

You can only respond to a particular Instagram message if you’ve upgraded the messenger function on your Android. If you wonder how to reply to messages on Instagram using Android, follow these steps.

  • Take a look around and find your own profile by swiping it down from the base of your screen.
  • Update messaging by going to settings and selecting that option.
  • Return to its feed and then tap the paper airplane to begin the flight. In the top right corner, you’ll discover it.
Instagram message
  • Find the conversation where the message to which you should react is being discussed.
Find the conversation
  • Hold down the message button until it disappears. When it displays on top of the input box, swipe it right.
How to Reply to Messages on Instagram on Android
  • Enter your reply here. When you react to a message, it will be connected to your own message whenever it is sent. 
Send Reply Instagram Messages on Android

Also, don’t get frustrated if Instagram is not sending SMS codes to your mobile; here, let’s discuss the six most effective solutions to get rid of this error.

Optionally, You Can Respond to Messages on Instagram Using a Different Method:

  • In order to access messages from the Instagram feed, hit the paper aircraft symbol. It is located in the top right area of your screen.
  • Find the specific message you want to respond to in a chat and click on it.
  • Hold the message in your hand until you see a menu pop up with three selections.
  • A text input box appears above the message you’re responding to once you click “Reply”.
Find the specific message
  • Enter your comment here. Messages that are sent in this manner are automatically included in replies you send back.
How to Reply to Messages on Instagram 

Also, Instagrammer meaning can be confusing. Generally, it’s to describe the people who are into Instagram. But what if you see the term “Instagrammer” in your DM?

How to Reply to Messages on Instagram Using Your PC?

Instagram’s new feature for the message is also accessible on the desktop version of the app. With that said, let’s learn how to reply to messages on Instagram using a PC.

  • Launch Instagram on your PC.
  • The messenger icon on the top region of your screen is where you’ll find it in the feed. Click it.
Instagram on PC
  • Find the respective message you want to react to in a discussion and open it.
How to Reply to Messages on Instagram on PC
  • To close that specific message, click the button that appears as three dots. It is located on the right-hand side. 
click the button that appears as three dot
  • Select “Reply” from the drop-down menu.
Select "Reply" from the drop-down menu
  • Then hit “Send” to send your response. Your message will include a copy of the message you responded to.
Reply to Messages on Instagram

So, that’s basically how to reply to messages on Instagram. We hope that the above methods will help you to send messages on the Instagram application. To make things even clearer, you can go ahead and read the below section of frequently asked questions.

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Instagram Messaging

The latest update on Instagram messaging is jam-packed with useful and highly innovative features. If you have any further questions, we’ve provided some additional answers below for you.

Is It Possible to Respond to Every Message on The Instagram Platform?

Well, it is true that the functionality works in both solo and group conversations. It’s especially important with the latter. That is because it allows you to prevent misunderstanding by stating the message to which you’re responding directly.

Why Cannot I See the Option of Making Any Changes to My Instagram Posts?

Some users have claimed that they are unable to change their Instagram messages as they expect. They claim so since the option is not visible in the Settings menu of Instagram.

If you don’t see that specific option in its Settings, first press on the Message symbol. It is located in the top right-hand corner of the screen to bring up the Message menu.

When you visit your Instagram profile, you may be prompted to upgrade your messaging service.

upgrade your Instagram messaging service

If the respective prompt does not show, there are a number of different possibilities to consider. As a first step, check to see if your Instagram messaging function has already been updated.

The iconic paper aircraft icon appears in the top right corner, indicating that your messaging feature hasn’t been updated. Is it possible to see the bubble icon (that represents chats)? If so, that indicates that your messaging function has already been upgraded.

Do you notice the paper aircraft icon? If so, it means that your Instagram messages have not been updated to the most recent version. Take a look at the app (Instagram) in the Play Store or Apple’s App Store (based on your OS). Then, make sure it’s up to date with the most recent version.

Assume that the application is up to date. Make sure that the device’s location is set to an area where the latest update is accessible before continuing. Among other places, Japan and certain portions of Europe do not presently have access to the function.

Finally, you may utilize the Help feature in the app to request specialized assistance from other users. There may be a cause particular to your account for why you are unable to upgrade the messaging service.


Well, the above article explains how to reply to messages on Instagram. We hope that the methods explained above are clear enough for you. After learning it, you should find it easier to communicate with your friends without facing any hassle.

Enabling automatic updates on Instagram will ensure that your account is up to date. In addition to that, what if the function is not currently accessible in your location?

If so, you should keep checking to see if Instagram has discovered a solution. That is to comply with the data privacy rules of European law. 

We are curious about what you think of the most recent Instagram update. What do you think about our article on how to reply to messages on Instagram? We are glad to hear your opinion.


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