How to Play Old Pokemon Games on Your Android Phone Easily

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How to Play Pokemon on Android

With Pokemon Go sweeping the globe by storm, enticing new players but also infusing a powerful sense of sentimentality in others, many want to now play Pokemon on Android. Are you interested in playing Pokemon?

Do not worry – if you like Pokemon Go or other Pokemon games and are wondering how to play them on your Android phone, we have the solution for you.

We are all nostalgic when it comes to the world of Pokemon. People presently play a variety of games on their Android smartphones, but there is no official Pokemon game accessible in the Google Play store.

But, fortunately, Android gives a platform for game enthusiasts to play their favorite games on their Android smartphones. Do not be upset if you miss some of the older Pokemon games.

In this guide, we will show you how to play Pokemon on Android so that you never have to miss the iconic game again.

How to Install and Play Pokemon on Android

In order to play the old Pokemon games on Android, you will require a few things.

  • An Emulator.
  • ROM files.

An emulator is essentially a tool that allows you to execute software from another device on your system. So, in this case, an emulator is a type of application that replicates a specific game system. You will require an emulator with every game if you wish to play games like Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance, or Nintendo DS.

You must choose the emulator based on your emulation requirements and install it on your Android phone. For instance, if you wish to play Pokemon FireRed, you will need a Gameboy Advance emulator.

Most emulators enable configurable save settings and fast-forwarding, which are both incredibly handy in Pokemon games. Custom save settings allows you to utilize several save files simultaneously and save at moments when the game ordinarily does not allow it, such as during a fight.

Fast-forwarding overcomes the problem of characters communicating too slowly, as well as also enables the player to run about without being warned, “this is not the place to ride your bicycle“.

A game’s data is entirely stored on ROM files. You will require a Pokemon ROM file to play Pokemon on an Android device. For whatever reason, the inventor of Pokemon prohibits the internet distribution of original ROM data files.

However, such ROM files can still be found on the internet. Fortunately, modifying these ROM files and distributing them online is partially permitted, which is why new Pokemon ROM hacks are uploaded virtually every week, and thousands of people are already playing them.

You are now prepared to get started. Following this, we will go through which emulators to install as well as how to access ROMs.

Which Pokemon Emulator Should You Install?

The answer varies on the game system you want to replicate, so let us have a glance at them individually. If you fail to find an emulator on this page, it is usually advisable to ignore it.

Sadly, there seem to be a number of phishing emulators present in the Google Play Store that essentially duplicate current emulators with adverts in every place. We verified the options below to guarantee that they operate properly.

PS: if you are searching for rare DS games, here are the lists that you should check out.

Game Boy and Game Boy Color

Game Boy and Game Boy Color

My OldBoy seems to be the only viable contender for imitating the Game Boy and Game Boy Color. The emulator is available in both free and premium editions; the free edition will be enough for casual purposes.

This emulator will allow you to play Pokemon seamlessly on Android as it supports frequent in-game backups, fast-forwarding at nearly twice the speed, inserting cheat codes, plus modifying the controls.

Purchasing for $4 enables you to exchange Pokemon with other players, fast-forward quicker than 2x, plus backup at any moment. In our opinion, that is worth a couple of bucks, particularly if you aim to play several rounds.

Because these consoles are quite old, both the premium and free versions offer great performance—-and there are absolutely no adverts during gaming.

Game Boy Advance

Game Boy Advance

The Gameboy Advance, similar to the Gameboy or Gameboy Color, features a single noteworthy emulator, and that is My Boy! It is from the same creator and is very similar to My OldBoy!, but it only supports GBA games.

Although the application’s free edition is no more accessible, the full premium edition enables you to back up at any moment as well as fast-forward up to 16x. You may even join forces with your pals to trade and combat.

The Gameboy Advance, similar to the Gameboy or Gameboy Color, features a single noteworthy emulator, and that is My Boy! It is from the same creator and is very similar to My OldBoy!, but it only supports GBA games.

Although the application’s free edition is no more accessible, the full premium edition enables you to back up at any moment as well as fast-forward up to 16x. You may even join forces with your pals to trade and combat.

Nintendo DS

Nintendo DS

We will start with the free alternative, nds4droid. The emulator is fully free and public software, and it contains no advertisements. It contains repositionable controls, allowing you to place the keys or D-pad anywhere you like. Although the performance is not spectacular, it is adequate for most gadgets. However, it has not been upgraded for several years.

It allows configurable save settings as well as cheat codes, like other emulators. However, there is no fast-forwarding. Still, it is adequate for playing a game at a standard pace.

However, if you are ready to spend a few bucks in order to play Pokemon on Android, you should definitely check out DraStic. It performs substantially better and allows fast-forwarding. DraStic goes through continuous updates and is compatible with Android TV, phones, as well as tablets.

What Is the Best Way to Get Hold of ROMs of Pokemon Games?

We are unable to give information about where to obtain game ROMs. Although they are widely obtainable on the web, be aware that installing ROMs for titles that you have not officially purchased is considered piracy. Nintendo strongly opposes the usage of ROMs; thus, do so at your discretion.

We can, nevertheless, provide you with some pointers on how to navigate ROMs.

Check that you have the correct edition for your location. Based on the title, most ROM files will have a (J), (U), (E), or other alphabets after them. Japan is represented by the letter J, the United States by the letter U, and Europe by the letter E.

Any area should function with a version of an emulator. However, you will want to purchase one that corresponds to the place where you reside. It will be redundant to install the Japanese ROM file of a game if you do not know how to speak Japanese.

Take note of the files that get installed as well. ROMs are often sent in ZIP formats that do not need unzipping; however, some are delivered in RAR formats. Delete any APK / EXE files provided by a website. That is malware ready to infiltrate your computer.

When compared to the console’s age, ROMs are minimal in size. Pokemon Red is only 380KB in size, but Pokemon Black is roughly 110MB.

Which Pokemon Games Should You Start Playing?

You now understand how simple it can be to get hold of and play Pokemon on an Android smartphone. You can begin revisiting your preferred titles from your childhood or attempting an era of games you missed on the road at any moment.

We strongly suggest My Boy for Android users who want to play GBA and GBC games. Even though it is a premium service, the modest fee is a significant investment for a lifetime of service.

If you wish to take things a step further, consider completing an entertaining Pokemon challenge offered on these games. After you have completed the original series, you can always try great fan-made Pokemon games.

Have fun with your game. It is time to welcome you back to the world of Pokemon!

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1. Are emulators legal?

Emulators themselves are legal, but downloading and using ROMs for games you don’t own is considered piracy and is illegal.

2. Can I play Pokemon games from different generations on my Android phone?

Yes, you can play Pokemon games from various generations on your Android phone using different emulators and ROMs.

3. Can I transfer my saved game files from my handheld console to the Android emulator?

In some cases, it is possible to transfer saved game files from your handheld console to the emulator. However, the process may vary depending on the console and emulator you are using.

4. Why are some Pokemon games not compatible with certain emulators?

Compatibility issues can arise due to differences in hardware architecture and software emulation. Some Pokemon games may require specific settings or a more advanced emulator to run properly.

5. Can I connect a Bluetooth controller to my Android phone for a better gaming experience?

Yes, you can connect a Bluetooth controller to your Android phone and use it to play Pokemon games on the emulator, providing a more authentic gaming experience.


Thanks to emulators and the versatility of Android devices, you can easily play old Pokemon games on your Android phone. Relive the adventures of your childhood or experience these classic games for the first time.

Just remember to download ROMs legally and respect the intellectual property rights of game developers. Get ready to catch ’em all and embark on an exciting journey through the Pokemon world!


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