How to Hack FB ID For Free Effortlessly

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Hacking a Facebook account is possible in a wide choice of ways. Many online programs exist in the market, allowing you to fix how to hack a FB ID within 2 minutes.

Moreover, you wouldn’t even need to download any software or program for it. Many of these Facebook account hack programs come for free, while others are paid.

Nevertheless, both sorts of programs are quite powerful and will serve your purpose. Basically, if you need to know how to hack FB ID using an online application, you have reached the right spot, as this article will help you hack anybody’s Facebook account effectively.

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Part 1: How to Hack FB ID using mSpy

The highly recommended method for How to hack a Facebook account is using mSpy. mSpy is an extremely useful and powerful mobile spy application that helps you easily hack a Facebook password.

With the use of this best monitor tool, you would be able to hack any Facebook account that you choose.

Moreover, you can make download the images, read messages, and view images of the account that has been hacked.

Here is how to hack FB id using mSpy. Keep in mind that there is no need to know the username of that particular Facebook account that you need to hack.

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#1: Create an account on mSpy for hacking a Facebook account。

Order mSpy

#2: Grab the device which needs to be hacked and finish the setup procedure. You need to install mSpy’s application and make the necessary changes in the settings panel on the targeted device.

Install mSpy

#3: Once it has been installed, log in to the mSpy account that was earlier created on your mobile device. Select the tab “Facebook” to hack the FB account with ease.

How to Hack FB ID with mSpy

#4: Once this step is complete, you can now monitor all the messages which are exchanged through Facebook on the device which has been hacked. mSpy’s Keylogger features help you hack the FB password on the targeted mobile device.

Try mSpy

Part 2. How to Hack Facebook Account Easily via KidsGuard Pro

KidsGuard Pro is one of the best and most reliable tools for parental control. If you would like to check the usage of FB on your kids’ smartphones, it can help.

You can monitor all received and sent messages from the Messenger app or Facebook. And you are allowed to use the sensitive keyword-searching feature to spot any inappropriate content in your kids’ FB accounts.

In addition, you can also read all the Facebook notifications to figure out the recent activities on FB.

How to Hack FB ID via KidsGuard Pro

Besides, KidsGuard Pro has other exclusive features, such as call log tracking, social media monitoring, geofencing, real-time location tracking, and more. Don’t miss this powerful parental control app.

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Part 3: Can I Open the Facebook of Someone using the Forgot Password Solution?

You already know about ways to hack a Facebook account. Here is another way to do it effectively, but for this, you need access to the user account’s email address.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to know how to hack the FB ID of someone with the “Forget password” method.

#1: Open the Facebook account and tap on the “Forget your Password” tab.

#2: The new webpage will open up and request you to find the account. Feed the username of the targeted account in the place provided for it.

how to hack fb ID via forgot password

#3: A fresh webpage will open, enquiring you to “Reset Your Password” Click on the tab of the email option. Next, tap on “Continue.”

Reset Your Facebook Password

#4: It will immediately send a code to the email inbox of that user. Feed in the security code in it.

Enter Security Code
Choose a new password

#5: The Facebook application directs you to log off from any mobile device that might have access to that account. Choose “Stay Logged in” and tap “Continue” to hack the Facebook account.

Password Changed

Now, you know how to hack the FB id of someone using the “Forget Password” method.

Part 4: Hacking Facebook Account using Hyper-Cracker

If you are looking for a way to hack a Facebook account, then the free Hyper-Cracker is a great tool that lets you hack any Facebook account within a few minutes. You only need the username details of the account you want to hack.

Using this tool, you can see the list of friends of that targeted account, download its pictures remotely, check login activities, check history, and access the conversations between the targeted account and its friends.

Following the below-mentioned process helps you know how to hack the FB id of anyone using the Hyper-Cracker tool.

#1: Open the official website of the Hyper-Cracker. Next, scroll down to locate the “Hack Now Online” tab.

How to Hack FB ID with Hyper-Cracker

#2: Click on it to open its new web page.

#3: Enter the account username in the place provided, which you need to hack.

How to Hack Facebook Account with Hyper-Cracker

Part 5. Using Spy & Keyloggers App

The Spy & Keyloggers App can record everything typed by the phone user. It’s easy to use.

First, you need to install it on the target phone, or you can install it on your mobile and make sure your friends log in. The app will automatically save his/her username & password once they log in.

Steps to Hack FB ID Using Shadow

#1: Download and launch Shadow – Kid’s Keylogger.

How to Hack FB ID Using Shadow Keyloggers App

#2: Open and click on the Activate Shadow in the dialog box, then choose the Proceed button and Simple IME as the keyboard.

Select Language & input

#3: Then please turn on Simple IME as below.

turn on Simple IME

#4: Then open any app to type something, such as the messages app. Now I open the Opera mini browser and select English (US) Simple IME as below.

#5: Now, you can see the keywords type by your friends. Tap on View Log to see this open shadow.

How to Hack a Facebook Account using shadow

If you install this app on your target phone, please ensure you hide it with the launcher, such as the nova launcher. You may also apply the password for it by opening shadow ->AUTHENTICATE.

Tip: if your friend has messenger, you should go to settings->apps->Messenger and clear data; after that, it will log out of the account. When your friend login in again, his/her username/password will be saved.


  • It’s not easy to install the app on your target phone.
  • It isn’t easy to convey to your friend to log into your account.

Here is a thorough list of tools you can use if you are looking for a way to hack an FB ID or hack a Twitter account.

This powerful password hacker – mSpy, is recommended for such a purpose.