How to Find Out Someone’s Birthday Easily

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How to Find Out Someone's Birthday

Trust us; it happens with many people when they forget the birthdates of even special persons. That’s why numerous reasons exist to find out about someone’s birthday without directly asking them.

Perhaps you belong to the generous kind and like to know someone’s date of birth to throw a surprise birthday party. Not that; how about signing them up for dubious stuff as a part of a prank?

Maybe you forgot the birthday of your significant other and would like to get them a gift or plan a romantic gateway. So, if you are struggling over how to find someone’s birthday, you have come up in the right place, whatever the reason.

In this article, you will learn about different ways to find out the birthdates of others. Now, what you do with that piece of information is entirely up to you! So, let’s start with “How to find someone’s birthday” without further ado.

Undoubtedly, there are lots of sneaky ways to discover birthdates. Using these ways, the other person will never know you are sneaking up the information behind their back. Try out these interesting ways for “how to find someone’s birthday” without letting people catch you!

Part 1: How to Find Someone’s Birthday via Social Media Applications

Most people feel free to share their personal information on social media platforms like Facebook. Hence, it becomes the first place where you can check their birthday.

Go to your friend’s Facebook profile to find out about personal information. After that, just look for the section “About.”

On the other hand, you can even go to the section “Events.” Under this tab, you need to look for the option “Upcoming Birthdays.”

If the other person has entered his/her date of birth, your hunt against “how to find someone’s birthday” gets over here. Otherwise, it is time to move on to the other method.

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Part 2: How to Find Someone’s Birthday via Call a Friend

The best way “how to find someone’s birthday” is to call a friend. For this, you need to phone a mutual friend and ask a simple question.

It is a perfect method if you are looking forward to getting a gift or planning a surprise party. Here, you get enough time to prepare the stuff. Meanwhile, do not ask them to turn their back on you!

Part 3: How to Find Someone’s Birthday via Calendar

Another interesting way “how to find someone’s birthday” is by getting into their house. It is the best way to find out about their birthdays. Here, you need to visit your friend’s residence and take a peek at their calendar.

People usually mark their birthdays on calendars with tags like “My Birthday” or “Big Day.” So, find an excuse and look for the calendar. You will find something there!

Part 4: How to Find Someone’s Birthday via Google

If your friend shares a social media charisma, you can simply do a Google search. The answer to “how to find someone’s birthday” might be there.

To carry on this task, just open the browser and type in your friend’s name along with the city. If nothing comes up there, try to use another search engine.

How to Find Someone's Birthday via Google

More often, there comes up public records within links, including birthdates. These things are often collated from open information by search engines. So, try your luck and find the information within a few clicks.

One can perform a record search while following the answer to “how to find someone’s birthday.” To check birthdays, you can search on websites like Zabasearch.

If not online, you can even go to a local office that keeps public records track to find the same information.

Meanwhile, Zabasearch carries the task perfectly when finding personal information about others. It enables users to access public information. So, go for this useful resource to gather birthdates!

Part 6: How to Find Someone’s Birthday via Conversations

Starting a conversation is not a difficult task with friends. Next time you meet up with your friend, head the conversation about celebrities.

As you know, celebrity culture is not something new here. Construct a good conversation and revolve it around the birthdays and ages of some popular celebrities.

After that, just ask your friend if they share their birthday with any celebrity. If they do, they will most probably tell you their birth date.

If not the date, try to take out the celebrity’s name and look up the answer yourself.

Part 7: How to Find Someone’s Birthday via IDs

It is one of the best ways “how to find someone’s birthday.” Here, you must take your friend to a liquor store, club, or bar if you are in your twenties.

When your friend takes out their ID, like a driving license, begin to compare pictures or comment on some other information. So, the date of birth will be right there!

You can perform the same trick with passports or college IDs if you are underage. While you go with these options, comparing pictures will be the best option for you.

Part 8: How to Find Someone’s Birthday via Birthdatabase

Now, find out about someone’s date of birth using a fabulous website called Birthdatabase. This neat website comprises of birthdates of more than 120 million persons.

To discover a birth date, all you need to do is just visit this website and put your friend’s name in the search bar.

Along with that, you have to insert your buddy’s estimated age. Once done, hit off the search tab. The website will carry a thorough result for the entered data and offer results based on that information.

However, this website does not cover every person out there. Still, it is not a bad idea to give it a try. The website is an unreliable source, and hence, you should not rely on this website alone.

Part 9: How to Find Someone’s Birthday via Background Check

How to find someone’s birthday? If you are desperate about this, it is better to go for a background check. This method will cost you some money.

It is a kind of stalking but gives optimal results. However, you should restrain yourself from not looking at other information apart from the date of birth.

How to Find Someone's Birthday via Background Check


Is it illegal to search for someone’s birthday?

It’s not illegal to search for someone’s birthday. However, using the information for malicious purposes could be.

Can I find anyone’s birthday online?

Depending on the person’s privacy settings and data available online, you may or may not find their birthday information.

How can I find out a celebrity’s birthday?

Celebrities’ birthdays are often publicly available. A quick Google search or a look at their Wikipedia page should reveal this.

Is it an invasion of privacy to look up someone’s birthday?

If you’re searching public records or social media, it’s generally not considered an invasion of privacy. However, using the information inappropriately can be.

Why is it important to know someone’s birthday?

Knowing someone’s birthday is a sign of care and can help strengthen your relationship with them. It can also be useful for planning surprises.


Now, you know what to do to learn about birthdays. All of these methods are quite effective in performing this tricky job.

The best method is to let the other person pull out their IDs in front of you. It will work for you as well. So, just try it, but if it does not work out, do not forget to look at other methods.


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