How to Bypass Credit Card Age Verification Easily in 2023?


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How to Bypass Credit Card Age Verification

The Internet is a sea of information and content. The platforms that are flooding the Internet usually ask for credit card details. This is if you wish to get started with their service (Or free trials).

Most of these platforms are restricted to users above a certain age. To use their services, you must conduct age verification using a credit card.

It is best if you avoid using your credit card on such non-reputed sites to avoid any cyber crimes of phishing. But if you desire the site’s services, you need a payment method.

Thus raising the question, “How to bypass credit card age verification?” To answer it, we suggest using a virtual card.

What is a Virtual Card?

Virtual Card

Virtual cards are very similar to physical credit cards in many aspects. However, the key difference is that a virtual card can only be accessed through the phone.

Thus any physical contact with these cards is impossible. The security features that virtual cards provide are similar to that of credit cards.

The renowned virtual card services allow you to generate a one-time use credit card. You can use it for one transaction only.

This means that the card will be completely useless after its first usage. This is beneficial if you want to save money or avoid payments after a free trial.

When to Use a Virtual Card?

If you are a regular shopper and want to save money, a virtual card is a right choice. Instead of using a traditional credit card for shopping, use a virtual credit card. This will also enhance the safety of your data.

In the solution to “How to bypass credit card age verification?” A virtual card plays a big role. The services offered by the provider contain sufficient information to verify your age. This makes the process of bypassing age verification using credit cards easier.

This article is not for people looking for free trials, online shopping, or a simple payment. This article is for the people who want to bypass credit card age verification, which will be done in easy steps.

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Introduction – Credit Cards

Credit Cards

Before knowing how to bypass credit card age verification, you need to know what a credit card is.

A credit card is a small rectangular card. It allows the cardholder to borrow funds from the issuer’s bank. You can use this fund to purchase or pay a merchant in return for their services.

Also, if you are experiencing the payment not being completed on the App Store issue and need a solution, here are the most practical solutions to fix it.

Credit Card Verification

Another important thing to know is Credit card verification. It is a system used by merchants to confirm the card user’s identity.

CVV code is generally the medium to verify credit cards. It is difficult to bypass this code, but not impossible if you know the right steps. Here is how you do it.

How to Bypass Credit Card Age Verification?

In case you do not wish to use your real credit card for this online purchase, you have alternatives that you can use. Sometimes it is compulsory to provide credit card details to proceed.

In the same notion, you need a virtual card wherever your credit card information is asked. This is necessary for bypassing credit card verification. By doing this, you can safeguard your real credit card details. We have listed a few options for virtual cards that we recommend.

Credit Card Age Verification

Age verification or an age gate is needed to keep minors away from digital content.

The primary motive of the system is to keep unfit content away from people under a certain age. The inappropriate content includes internet pornography, alcohol, tobacco ads, or other adult content. This also includes video games with shady content or govt data that is not to be accessed by children.

Working on Credit Card Age Verification

The credit card information is to be provided to complete the verification. But, minors were not given credit cards in the old times. The only ones that are considered to be using credit cards are all adults.

However, it is possible that kids can gain access to their parent’s card information. They may deceive customers into telling their credit card information to someone who wants to use it. This opposes the claimed purpose of the system.

The seller and the buyer are protected due to the credit card age verification system. This is done by confirming the buyer’s age to be appropriate to buy the services. This system surely prevents minors from getting what they should not be exposed to at this age.

Ways to Bypass Credit Card Age Verification

If it seems difficult for your credit card to bypass credit card age verification, worry not. Because there are other options available, the method you can use depends on the website on which you need to do the age verification. Since a change in the website can alter the steps in the method.

For example, You may wish to bypass age verification to get a free trial. For that, the steps in the process you follow will be slightly different than the steps for e-shopping.

The only thing common in these methods will be using a specific virtual card based on the method you follow. It will cut the possibility of you spending money on a virtual card.

You can bypass credit card age verification easily and get a free trial. We intend to cover all the methods to bypass credit card age verification.

You can use these methods for free trials or online shopping. Here is, How to bypass credit card age verification :

1. Free Trials Using Virtual Card

Free trials are more like samples. These are supposed to convince the customer to buy the premium version. It provides a glimpse of what the platform is capable of. Thus the free trial is what everyone desires.

If you do not like the free trial, you can leave the site like that. However, they still might charge your credit card after the free trial. This is why you need to cancel your subscription before the end of the free trial.

However, it is pretty normal to forget such stuff, but it makes you a painful victim of the case. Thus using a virtual card can ensure no transaction is made after the free trial. Let us look at the best cards for this purpose:

a) JustUseApp Free Trial Card

This is a well-known platform that gives cards to get free trials. You need to signup on to the official site, and only you will get the card. This also needs personal information like name, email, etc.

Many users don’t believe in this authenticity due to the complicated process. However, we ensure that you will get a virtual card.

b) Reputable Disposable Credit Card Number Service

These virtual card providers allow you to create a one-time use credit card number. This means the number remains valid for only one transaction.

For example, you are looking for a free trial on Netflix or Spotify. But you want to avoid getting charged after the end of the free trial. Using this one-time use service, you can use the number to get a free trial.

After that, the number won’t be valid until the free trial ends. Thus you won’t possibly be charged with money. Using this trick can get you lifetime access to Netflix premium as well.

c) Credit Card Generator with Money

Using a credit card generator online allows you to generate random or fake credit card info. This info is generated in a way that ensures authenticity of the information. This info is ready to use for testing and bypassing credit card verification.

A credit card generator with money generates fake card information. It will also show some balance on the card. This card is completely fake. Thus even the balance is false information.

Even so, the information they provided can be used to access free trials. This trick even works on popular sites like Netflix (Tested). However, you must test the method multiple times before it works out.

2. Online Shopping Using Virtual Card

You might be asking, “How to bypass credit card age verification?” with the intent of Online Shopping rather than for free trials. Online shopping allows customers to buy directly from sellers using the Internet.

Once a product seems interesting, we rush to the vendor’s website. We even search on a shopping search engine for possible options of costs across the Internet.

There are some risks involved in shopping with a credit card, which you should know if you are a frequent buyer. These kinds of risks can be avoided with the use of a virtual card. This is besides the benefit of bypassing the age verification process in e-shopping.

3. Online Transactions Using Virtual Card

The security and safety needed in online transactions are provided by Virtual Cards. This makes them ideal for the job. It is easy to get a virtual card without a bank account, which you can use for all transactions online.

Only certain countries may be provided with a service by providers. Hence, you need to do some research about it. For instance, there are the best service providers in the US, while these are the best virtual card services for UK citizens.

Also, we recommend you check this list of Virtual Card Providers with no required deposit.

How to Bypass Credit Card Age Verification on YouTube/Google? 

Credit Card age verification is done by Google and YouTube. It is to ensure your age is the same as your YouTube Account. You can get through only if the information is correct.

If you don’t get past this, you can use a virtual card to bypass age verification on YouTube and Google.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  1. Can I get into legal trouble for bypassing credit card age verification? Bypassing credit card age verification itself is not illegal, but using unethical or illegal methods to do so can have legal consequences. It is important to utilize legal and ethical methods described in this article.
  2. Are virtual credit cards safe to use? Virtual credit cards can be safe to use as long as you choose reputable providers and follow security best practices. Always research and verify the credibility of the virtual credit card service before using it.
  3. Do all websites require credit card age verification? Not all websites require credit card age verification. It depends on the nature of the content or services offered and the website’s policies. However, age verification is common for platforms that provide age-restricted content.
  4. What should I do if none of the methods mentioned in the article work? If none of the methods work, it is recommended to respect the website or platform’s age verification requirements. Attempting to bypass age verification through illegal or unethical means is not advisable.
  5. Is it possible to bypass age verification on all websites? While some methods may work on certain websites, there is no guarantee that they will work universally. Websites and platforms continuously update their age verification systems to prevent bypassing. It’s essential to respect the rules and guidelines set by each individual website or platform.


Robust age verification systems use credit card age verification. This verification ensures that minors do not get access to someone else’s credit cards. This protects both buyer and seller from violating the age verification law.

Virtual cards are not an illegal way to bypass age verification. The services provided by them are all that are required to operate online with no limits.

In this article on “How to Bypass Credit Card Age Verification?”, we have provided a list of virtual cards. You can use them for every situation possible.


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