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Games like Call of Duty Mobile

Shooters, also known as shooting video games, have several Android followers. With 100 million record downloads within seven days of its launch on Android mobile, Call of Duty has made a significant place in the gaming community.

It even left behind Mario Kart Tour, which had 90 million downloads. But, it is not the only shooting game that is popular. There are many popular games like Call of Duty mobile, including first-person and third-person games, which are available on the Google Play Store.

In order to make things easier for you, we have curated a list of the top 10 games like Call of Duty mobile for you. Read on to find out about these games. 

1. PUBG Mobile 

PUBG Mobile 

PUBG Mobile, which became available for download in March 2018, is one of the most popular games that have created a buzz across the globe. It was adapted from the game PUBG PC developed by a South Korean company.

PUBG Mobile uses the same format as Call of Duty mobile. It is multiplayer gameplay that allows you to participate in a massive battle that comprises about 100 players from different parts of the world.

PUBG Mobile does not require a lot of space in your mobile, although it is developed in high resolution, which makes the gameplay realistic. It takes 2 GB RAM and Android 5.1.1 Lollipop or higher version. This is the best game in the list of games like Call of Duty mobile.

2. Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2

Almost all video game genres include the zombie apocalypse. In this first-person survival mobile shooter, you need to kill zombies and free your country from this plague. Developed by Madfinger Games, it follows the format of Call of Duty. You get all kinds of military weapons and other accessories to complete your mission.

Advanced weapons and graphics are fast to capture your attention and keep you committed to the game until the end. The high-tech feature makes it one of the most played games in its category for mobiles and tablets, and this is why it is included in our list of games like Call of Duty mobile. Plus, it is available free of cost.    

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3. Modern Combat Versus 

Modern Combat Versus 

Modern Combat Versus is a first-person shooter (FPS) action game. As an agent, you have to serve your duty and go out to the battlefront to kill all your enemies. You can either build your own team or play 4 vs. 4 multiplayer battles where 8 different players take part from other parts of the world. 

The high-quality graphics give your character a real and authentic aspect and, therefore, quickly take up your attention. In addition, you can easily control and direct your character during combat. If you want to be a part of an effective and lethal squad, you can try this game.

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4. Modern Combat 5 

Modern Combat 5 

Modern Combat 5 has raised the bar in terms of dynamic combats in the mobile shooting game world. Passionate gamers who like to drill on the battlefield have to try this first-person shooter game. You will be surrounded by your enemies, so you should strategize your gameplay to complete the mission.

You can create your own squad and add your friends to compete against other players who have joined the arena around the world. If team play is not your thing, you can go solo and test your fighting abilities in dynamic warfare by opting for different types of the game.

Plus, you can choose the game modes according to your preference. This action-adventure mobile shooter is ranked 9th in our games like Call of Duty mobile list. 

5. Modern Strike Online

Modern Strike Online

As its name implies, Modern Strike Online mobile shooter is based on the modern action-adventure. Like any other modern shooting game, your character will be equipped with advanced guns to destroy your enemies.

You step into the shoes of elite armed force, and your task is to destroy the dangerous terrorists. In this first-person shooting game, you get submerged in the heavy battle against the terrorists. In addition, the visuals and dynamic gameplay make the virtual world of Modern Strike Online looks real.

There are a total of 8 combat modes that you can either play solo or in groups. Although the battles are pretty rigorous, intuitive, and easy to control, the characters make this game stands out among other games like Call of Duty mobile that you should definitely download on your Android phone.

6. Shadowgun Legends 

Shadowgun Legends

Shadowgun Legends is based on the battlespace where you need to fight off the aliens that have invaded your territory. It is one of the best games like Call of Duty mobile that you can download on your Android smartphone. Your aim is to save humanity from unknown creatures. To achieve this goal, you must complete more than 200 missions on 4 diverse planets.

Since you must fight the aliens, you must be armed with the most advanced weaponry, equipment, skills, accessories, and armor. Futuristic weapons, graphic design, and modern combat style make Shadowgun Legends a sci-fi action game.

You can imagine yourself in the same situation as Tom Cruise was in the movie War of the Worlds. The plot of this game is what makes it exciting, and hence we have included it in our games, like the Call of Duty mobile list.

7. Fortnite 


Fortnite is quite popular in the video gaming community. With more than 100 million downloads in recent years, it is one of the three best mobile shooters right now. This is why Fortnite belongs to the list of games like Call of Duty mobile.

However, you can only download this game from the website of Epic Games. And, keep in mind that it is an addictive game and, therefore, needs to be carefully played so that it does not hinder your personal life. Divorce Online said that most divorces in 2018 were caused by Fortnite.

8. Super Mecha Champions 

Super Mecha Champions 

Super Mecha Champions is an action-adventure mobile shooter, which highlights the new fighting style commonly known as combat mecha. Alpha City hosts these notorious and deadly battle events known as the Super Mecha League!

This game is not similar to other games like Call of Duty mobile. Even though the layout of the game is similar to Call of Duty, the graphics make it different. The visuals are heavily influenced by Japanese manga, which gives the characters an anime look.

You need to choose your character and weapons before hitting the battlefield. As your level of gameplay increases, it gets more challenging and fun. You can also use combat machines to fight as all of them have different powers. You must give this game a try.

9. Afterpulse – Elite Army

Afterpulse - Elite Army

Afterpulse – Elite Army is an army-based 3D mobile shooting game that allows you to experience a high-tech action-adventure from the real console. The game starts by asking you a question, that is, ‘whether you’ll be able to restore peace or ignite the largest conflict in the history of war?’ so as to make you play it.

Following a massive electromagnetic pulse (EMP) catastrophe, the world leader wants to bring peace and balance power in society. To attain peace and stability, you will be put in the shoes of an elite armed squad. It is a third-person war game that has received a lot of appreciation from video game lovers.

In this game, you first have to pick your character type and then just start with the combat. You will be armed with all the advanced and personalized military guns, ammunition, and armor. Plus, you can choose from various game modes, controls, and settings. Join the elite team, strike the battlefield, kill your enemies, and carry out the task.

10. Infinity Ops

Infinity Ops

Infinite Ops is another FPS futuristic dystopia multiplayer game. It is based on the battlespace in which the world is plunged into interplanetary chaos. You must join a squad of six players to defeat the enemies.

Furthermore, it contains different game modes and a large arsenal of artillery and accessories for your character. In the beginning, you must choose a character (Tank, Rookie, Killer, and Medic) and the game mode (Hardcore, Team Deathmatch, Duel, Deathmatch, Base Defense, and Launcher Battle).

Infinite Ops allows you to experience the battles of another dimension of the world. It has amazing graphics and easy controls. Plus, it allows you to select the most appropriate graphics as per your device owing to its ability to adjust to weak devices as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are these games available for free? Yes, most of these games are available for free on mobile platforms. However, they may offer in-app purchases for additional content or cosmetic items.

2. Can I play these games on both iOS and Android devices? Yes, all the games mentioned in this article are available on both iOS and Android platforms, allowing players to enjoy them on their preferred devices.

3. Do these games require an internet connection? Most of these games require an internet connection to play, especially in multiplayer modes. However, some may offer offline gameplay options for single-player campaigns or practice modes.

4. Are these games suitable for casual players or beginners? Yes, these games cater to players of various skill levels. They offer tutorials, beginner-friendly matchmaking, and a gradual learning curve, making them accessible to casual players and beginners.

5. Can I play these games with my friends? Yes, many of these games support multiplayer modes where you can team up with your friends or compete against them. Some games even offer social features and in-game chat systems to enhance the multiplayer experience.


Thus, these are the 10 most exciting and adventurous games like Call of Duty mobile. You will enjoy playing these high-resolution sandbox games. As mentioned earlier, these games are available for Android users. You can download them from Google Play Store.     


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