Free Audio Downloads: How to Download Music for Free

Do you have any audio on your mobile phone or your tablet? And how do you download music on the Internet?

There are hundreds of different tools for free downloading music online. The netizens have given their own comment on which is the best tool to download music online freely.

And here in this article, five apps and five website-based tools will be introduced to you. With a nice & free audio downloader, you can enjoy yourself in the music world at ease.

After this article, you can choose one tool that you think is the best and give it a try.

PS: Here, you will figure out everything about PCM vs. Bitstream.

Part 1. Five Apps to Free Download Music

People download a music app because they sometimes like to listen to music on their phone, and the music application can work well as a music downloader as well as a music player.

Here are five apps for downloading music free of charge, which are compatible with both the Android phone and the iPhone.

App 1. iDownloader


This is an app that works well on Android phones and iPhones. Also, you can use it as a combination of a browser sometimes. The user group of this app is great, and they give a rate to it of 4.6 out of 5.


The function of this app is more of a downloader.


The system crashes often.

App 2. Video Download and play


This one is one of the best music downloaders according to the users’ comments online, and the users give it a rate of 4.2 out of 5. You can download music from some big video websites with it, like YouTube.

And it also enables you to convert the format of an audio file to any format that is compatible with your phone.


The speed of downloading is very fast.


You can only download music from other websites like YouTube.

App 3. Media cloud free


You can see it as a combination of a music downloader and music could since you can upload any audio to the music could and download audios from it. Anyway, its function of it is great, so there is no wonder why people give it a rate of 4.7 out of 5.


The interface is user-friendly.


The functions are kind of too simple.

App 4. Alpha SCWL


With this app on your phone, you can not only get music files but also other content related to the music and the app can help you save it on your phone. The rate is 4.5 out of 5.


The supported formats of audio cover nearly all the formats.


Crash happens frequently.

App 5. Spinrilla


This is an app that may appeal to the fans of hip-hop. The database of hip-hop music is large and users can find the music they want with ease. The rate of this app is 4.4 out of 5.


The database is large, which makes it convenient to find the music desired.


The quality of music is not always good.

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Part 2. Five Websites to Free Download Music

One of the best advantages of downloading music from websites is you don’t need to download an application first so that if you find the website hard to use, you can change to another one without hassle, which also makes it easier to find the music you want.

This is because if you cannot find the music you actually want, you can turn to another resource without the expense and the music library of the website is always larger than that in applications.

Another thing is that you can download the music on your computer and then transfer it to your phone, no matter it is an Android one or an iPhone. Anyway, the computer is completely compatible with your phone. In the following passages, you can see the five free websites for downloading music.

Website 1:

This is one of the most popular online websites that cover more than 3 million pieces of music in all kinds of languages worldwide.

You can easily find the latest released audios on this website, and this website allows you to download them with ease. It provides the users with a high user experience, so it can rate 4 out of 5.



This website supports a large database of music online.


It takes a long time to some extent because of the large database.

Website 2:

This website offers awesome features for the search. And the downloading speed is also great. As intuitive as the interface is, it makes users learn to use it soon after using it. In general, it is an easy tool to use.



The interface is user-friendly, and the website itself is wonderful for downloading music.


The speed of updates is slow, so it is hard to find new songs on this website.

Website 3:

If you are a big fan of music, and you want to know the trend in the music world, then you cannot miss this one. It is famous for its great database of newly released music. And you can get the albums of audios matched.

Also, you can download the format of “.ogg” for free, which you can hardly find online. The attractive interface brings a large user group to this website, and it makes going to the Jamendo a kind of fashion.



The graphical interface is user-friendly, and its service is also wonderful.


The interface is too beautiful to make itself understood.

Website 4:

If you want some old music, do visit this website. The biggest shining point of this tool is the feature of finding, listening to, and downloading old music from this website.

After you type the keywords of old music, you can see a lot of search results related to the music you want to find, among which you can absolutely get the music. And it is noticeable that the search function of this website is quite easy and simple.



This website is intuitive, and you can see the new trend on the homepage of it.


This website’s database is a little too small compared to the other one.

Website 5:

When you want music, you can go to “Get-music.” There are various songs for users to download for free. And it can also offer you music from other resources to ensure the users get the music they want.

All of the audio formats can be downloaded here, so you have no need to worry about compatibility. The netizens give it a rate of 4.5 out of 5.



The search function is easy, and the results of the search are also satisfactory.


The interface seems difficult for the normal user, and it looks technical.



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