The Comprehensive CapCut Templates User Guide 2024

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CapCut templates have become very helpful in making awesome videos for TikTok. This specific feature comes with brilliant features. It has a wide array of features to impress you.

So, in this article, we intend to explain how to get these CapCut templates easily. In addition to that, we will reveal a better alternative to make your videos more attractive.

Introduction of CapCut

Introduction of CapCut

CapCut is an outstanding video editor with many useful options. It was able to incorporate TikTok, and the two platforms are currently making strides forward as a unit.

It is true that this was originally designed for mobile devices, such as iOS or Android. With that said, it is now also available for use on a regular desktop computer.

The phrase “templates Capcut” has become synonymous with CapCut. Millions of TikTok users are taking advantage of the many CapCut templates available on the platform.

If you are not aware of the methods of using CapCut templates, you can quickly browse this post. So, let’s go ahead and learn every aspect related to CapCut.

Part 1: What Are the Trendiest CapCut Templates?

You might have probably ended up reading this article as you want the best CapCut templates.

Mentioned below are those options you can consider.

Besides, here, we will discuss how to blow up on TikTok. If you are trying to gain fame and desire to become popular on TikTok, read carefully.

01. Habibi

There are some truly incredible effects in this Capcut template that really elevate the professional and entertaining quality.

The transition into this specific template is a squeeze and the contraction of both sides into a trapezoid. You can also watch the fireworks as they explode into the sky.

This is perfect if you need to make a video in which you introduce your profile to potential clients.

Also, those who want to know more about the CapCut app for PC and look for the best CapCut alternatives will find this article as a comprehensive guide.

02. Dailamo

If you are looking for the best CapCut templates, you should not miss this out. There is only one word that connects the entire DAILAMO process: DAILAMO. This word serves as a brainwashing pulse, such as CapCut templates.

The many features of this theme include zooming in on images, a slick title font, a mirror flip, etc. This theme’s aesthetic is just what you will need to make stunning travel videos.

In light of this, the DAILAMO can be useful if you have plans of traveling and making a vlog.

03. Shake Boom

This is another option for creating dramatic effects. It has an incredible beat and a rousing score. As a result of the darkness cast by black curtains, you will feel a heightened feeling of mystery.

This template’s dark aesthetic provides an air of mystery and detachment. Consequently, this CapCut Template is the finest option if you want to be a trendy young person that follows the latest and greatest in the industry.

04. Stiker ViralKaren

Many individuals have been astonished by the quick drum rhythm available in the StikerViralKeren Template for CapCut.

This template does more than just put the user under strain; it also makes them excited. So, if you are looking for very impressive CapCut templates, this shouldn’t be missed.  

The addition of music and visuals will make the content more memorable and enjoyable. In addition, using sudden transitions between light and dark can help your film appear more concentrated. That will help you draw more viewers in.

05. Flash Warning

In addition to being a high-quality CapCut design, “Flash Warning” also features an unpredictably thrilling atmosphere. The fast cuts and upbeat soundtrack will have you giggling in absolutely no time.

Visitors’ attention will be caught by the entrance banner of the template, and they’ll quickly come to adore it. One of the interesting events that occurred to this specific template is that its display was superimposed on it.

In addition, the ability to zoom in and out gives this theme an air of distinction.

So, those are the CapCut templates you can consider favorably.

Part 2: How to Get Templates to CapCut?

If you’re using the CapCut application in the United States alone, you can access the various CapCut templates.

You can do it by selecting the Template tab. If you want to use the CapCut template, you just look for it on the TikTok app.

Mentioned below is how to get it done.

  1. First, you should open the TikTok app and select “Search.”
  2. Now, select “CapCut templates.” If needed, you can even enter keywords to find templates.
  3. Once the templates are browsed, preview them before copying the links.
CapCut templates

Finding CapCut Templates Using the Template Button

There are actually two options for locating CapCut examples. However, you need CapCut before you can start using them.

Get this CapCut app for your Android smartphone by downloading it via Google Play or installing the APK. Downloading CapCut from the Apple App Store couldn’t be simpler if you own an iPhone.

The instructions for locating the forms can be found below.

Step 01. Click the Button Labeled “Template”

When you first launch CapCut, you will be sent to the app’s home screen. Well, the template link can be found at the base of CapCut’s main page.

Click the Button Labeled "Template"

Step 02: Search for a Template and Select One

Then, you’ll be able to peruse many suggested layouts right here.

Browse additional templates by swiping down the screen, or narrow your search by entering keywords into the search bar.

Search for a Template and Select One

With a simple click, you can examine the effects of any template to see if it fits your aesthetic.

Part 3: Guide to Using Templates

If you start with a CapCut template, editing your video is a walk in the park.

Take the case when, for example, you have decided to use the Habibi design.

Here’s an example of a video using the provided template.

  • Select the option called “Use Template.” When you do it, you can open templates through the CapCut profile.
  • You can then select live photos, videos, or even photos so they can replace originals.
  • Tap the option called “Preview.”
  • Now, you should edit that video and hit “Export.”
  • That will allow you to save the video to your device’s local storage.
  • Then, you can share that video through TikTok.
Guide to Using Templates

Part 4: Use HitPaw Video Editor and Make Customized Templates

Did you think that the CapCut templates would be perfect for your TikTok video? Well, there are many individuals who plan to use the CapCut editor to accomplish editing tasks.

However, the truth is that you may be disappointed to learn that the editor doesn’t really function as expected. 

So, what steps should you take to make an interesting video without CapCut templates? The best tool, in this case, is HitPaw.

HitPaw makes it possible for you to load any template. Once you have done that, you can modify that template by adding video, live images, or other content.

You will be able to develop incredible material for the TikTok account if you proceed in this manner. It is true that this tool allows you to add videos or photos to the template.

In addition to that, HitPaw Editor also allows you to make edits to the video itself. This is exactly why HitPaw is considered to be an excellent choice for creating video clips.

Main Features of HitPaw Video Editor:

  • You can use it to add videos, photos, or other aspects to the templates that are uploaded.
  • You can use HitPaw easily, thanks to its excellent user interface.
  • HitPaw has a range of filters and effects to add glamor to your videos.
  • You will be able to extract audio content from video and replace it with any other audio.
  • HitPaw is completely free and poses no threat.
  • It lets you add text.

How to Create a Template Using HitPaw?

To get started with HitPaw, go to the program’s official website, where you can then download this software. After that, finish installing the software, but don’t wait too long before you start using it.

Now, you should drag any video and audio from the PC.

HitPaw Video Editor

After that, you can easily make any edit you need. For instance, you can add effects like text, transitions, stickers, filters, etc.

Create a Template Using HitPaw

Once the edits are done, you can click on the option called “File” to proceed. This option appears on the upper part of the screen. You can select the option called “Save As” or “Save.”

As a result, it will lead to saving the video in the form of a template. The name of the video will be followed by the HVE extension. With that, you can edit those videos again whenever you need them.

Save template vrom HitPaw

The user-friendliness, large number of features, and lightweight characteristics make HitPaw a great choice.

There are plenty of other reasons for any user to prefer this superb application.

PS: let’s learn more about how to make the video look like a film.


  1. Q: Can I use multiple templates in one video? A: Yes, you can layer different templates for unique effects.
  2. Q: What to do when a template does not fit my video duration? A: You can adjust the duration of the template to match your video.
  3. Q: Are CapCut templates free to use? A: Yes, all CapCut templates are free to use.
  4. Q: Can I create my own templates in CapCut? A: While CapCut does not currently allow creating new templates, you can customize existing ones extensively.
  5. Q: How can I update CapCut to the latest version? A: You can update the app through your device’s app store.


You may already know that CapCut templates are now integrated with TikTok. Because of this very reason, the overall popularity of the Capcut template has been skyrocketing in recent months.

There are millions of users interested in using CapCut to produce high-quality content for TikTok.

So, if you are interested in learning the way to use CapCut templates with videos, read the above guide. You may refer to the steps mentioned in this article and accomplish video editing tasks.

It is OK to use a Capcut editor in order to edit your videos. Nevertheless, the HitPaw Video Editor is still the superior option in terms of making your videos beautiful.

HitPaw is a phenomenal video editing software that does not modify the video’s original resolution in any way.

Therefore, you shouldn’t give it a second thought before engaging HitPaw’s services. All in all, that’s HitPaw is a great alternative to using CapCut templates for your TikTok videos.


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