Blink Camera Flashing Red? Here Are the Reasons and Solutions

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Is Blink camera blinking red? If it is, you might be looking for a solution immediately.

To your delight, this article is composed to explain the most feasible ways to fix this issue quickly. So, let’s keep reading and learn what these solutions are.  


To ensure that your home is safe, your Blink Camera needs to be set up correctly.

The Blink Camera has a variety of flashing lights, and each one could mean something different. Red Blinking lights on a Blink Camera could indicate a dead battery or a lack of internet connectivity. Any technological indicator that flashes red should raise some red flags.

Still, I imagine there’s a simple solution here. Keep reading to learn what could be causing the red light to flash on your Blink Camera. More importantly, you can learn what those solutions are.

There are two possible causes for your Blink Camera’s red light to be flashing.

  • The internet connection is dropping out
  • Your battery is dying

In fact, you are not supposed to worry much if your red light starts flashing. The truth is that both of the above issues can be fixed without much hassle. So, go ahead and learn what these solutions are.

By the way, here is a comprehensive comparison of Blink vs. Arlo.

Instance 01: You Are Experiencing Trouble with the Internet Connection

It is necessary to connect to the internet when first setting up your Blink Camera. Not having Wi-Fi connectivity will render your exterior camera useless, preventing it from broadcasting live footage.

During the process of configuring your Blink Camera, you should see if your internet access is causing any problems. The red light of your Blink camera will flash three to four times during the initial setup.

Then, it will Blink softly until your internet connection is restored, so says Blink Support. If you’re having trouble connecting to the internet, you should look for this pattern.

You still can rely on this particular flashing red light to detect if your internet connection seems to be the issue, even if your Blink camera has been attached to Wi-Fi for some time and is currently flashing red.

Whether you have other Wi-Fi-enabled devices at home, check to check if they, too, have lost connection.

How to Reconnect Your Blink Camera with a Wi-Fi Network?

If your Blink camera Blinking red, you need to connect it properly to your Wi-Fi network. Well, mentioned below are the steps you should follow to do it. In fact, this is a very straightforward process.

Anyway, mentioned below are the steps you may follow.

  • First, you are supposed to connect your Blink Camera to the Wi-Fi network of the Sync Module. It will appear with the name “Blink.” Also, you should have a serial number to connect with it.
  • After that, you should tap on the option called Join. This will start establishing a connection.
Reconnect Your Blink Camera with a Wi-Fi Network
  • Now, you should add a personal Wi-Fi connection. Select the given Wi-Fi name from the available list of connections.
  • Enter the password to proceed.
Add Sync Module
Enter the password to proceed
  • Now, the network configurations will be completed successfully. After that, you should press the button called “Done” (it appears on your screen).
Sync Module Added to Home Front system

In some cases, you may have to try the above solution a couple of times. However, if you cannot succeed even with three attempts, you should contact support and get their assistance.

If you cannot succeed with multiple attempts, that indicates a pretty complicated error in your Blink Camera.

If your battery life indicator is red and Blinking, it may be time to charge. After the blue-color recording light has gone out, the camera will Blink a red light five or six times. That’s according to Blink Support. Once that happens, the camera will be completely dark, indicating that the batteries are drained.

When internet connectivity is lost, a red-color light will flash rapidly and steadily rather than in this manner. Let’s assume that the problem is the battery. In that case, the camera may flash solid red a few times at a slower rate before giving out.

Mentioned below are a couple of things you should consider to avoid potential battery failures.

  • Make sure that you note down whenever a battery is replaced. This will help you to replace them with fresh ones.
  • Always use the right kind of batteries (non-rechargeable, AA lithium batteries) for better results.
  • It is better to use batteries of the same brand.
  • Avoid using damaged batteries.
  • Be sure to install the batteries correctly.

Now that you are aware of the reasons for the Blink camera Blinking red. Let’s learn more about these cameras. Here, we explain how to install a newly bought Blink camera.

  • Make sure that you download Blink Home App if you have not done it so far.
  • Plug in the sync module 2 and connect the same to your Wi-Fi connection. Make sure that your Wi-Fi connection has enough data and signal strength.
  • Scan your Blink camera’s QR code through the Blink app you have already downloaded. This will synchronize your camera, sync module, and the app.
  • After that, take the back cover of your Blink camera off using the tool provided in the package. After removing the back casing, install batteries. In this case, you should use 2X AA batteries. Then, put the back cover on again.
How to Install Blink Camera
  • Now, it is time to mount the camera base of the Blink camera. You should make sure that the camera doesn’t go beyond 100 feet from the Wi-Fi router. If you go beyond that distance, you will experience no signal, and it may cause the Blink camera to flash red.
  • As the final step, snap the camera on its mount carefully. Then, adjust the angle as required to ensure better coverage.

That’s basically about installing your newly bought Blink camera.

Pros and Cons of Blink Outdoor Cameras

Now, let’s pay attention to some of the most noticeable pros and cons associated with Blink Cameras.


● They Have Two-way Audio

By using Blink Outdoor’s built-in speaker and microphone, you may have direct, real-time conversations with external parties. For instance, you can communicate with service technicians or delivery men using these cameras.

● Batteries Last for Two Years

Yes. Blink Outdoor comes with a very long battery life. Once replaced, the batteries of Blink Outdoor can last for two years or so. This is a very impressive feature.

● It Delivers Excellent Video Performance

The overall video quality of Blink cameras is impressive. It works with 1080p HD quality, so you can expect uncompromised visuals.


● There’s a Continue Button

You’ll only be able to live stream footage for five minutes in a row before starting a fresh stream. Moreover, you’ll have to hit the “Continue” button once every 30 seconds. And that’s somewhat annoying for such a good camera.

● Not the Best Night Vision Capacity

With the Blink Outdoor’s single IR sensor, you won’t see anyone’s faces clearly or identify them. In fact, you will see some white orbs instead of faces.

● The Narrower Field of View

The field of view of Blink is limited to 110 degrees. And, any user will agree that it is not better than many other brands that offer 120 degrees.


There are no ongoing service fees for using Blink’s newest indoor/outdoor camera after the first purchase. Instead, the camera comes with its own storage and two hours’ worth of cloud storage for free. Because of that, you can consider it a good choice for individuals on a low budget.

To minimize the occurrence of your Blink camera flashing red, consider implementing the following tips:

  • Keep spare batteries on hand to quickly replace depleted ones.
  • Ensure your camera is within range of a stable Wi-Fi signal.
  • Regularly check for firmware updates and install them promptly.
  • Protect your camera from extreme weather conditions by placing it in suitable housing or shelter.
  • Keep an eye on the power source and make sure it’s functioning correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Why does my Blink camera keep flashing red? The red flashing light on your Blink camera can indicate low battery, Wi-Fi connection issues, offline status, firmware update in progress, faulty power source, environmental factors, or camera hardware problems.
  2. How do I check the battery level on my Blink camera? To check the battery level on your Blink camera, access the Blink app or dashboard and navigate to the camera settings. You should find the battery status displayed there.
  3. Can a weak Wi-Fi signal cause the red flashing light on my Blink camera? Yes, a weak or unstable Wi-Fi signal can trigger the red flashing light on your Blink camera. Ensure your camera is within range of a stable Wi-Fi connection.
  4. What should I do if the camera hardware is causing the issue? If you suspect camera hardware problems are causing the red flashing light, it’s recommended to contact Blink support for further assistance. They can provide guidance and solutions specific to your situation.
  5. Is it necessary to update the firmware regularly? Yes, updating the firmware of your Blink camera is crucial for ensuring optimal performance and security. Regularly check for firmware updates and install them as recommended by the manufacturer.


Your Blink camera is flashing red due to one of two reasons. As mentioned before, it can happen either due to a low battery or a faulty internet connection.

Understandably, both of these issues can be fixed easily without any hassle. If the internet connection is the culprit, check it and reconnect your camera to the Wi-Fi network.

If the Blink camera is blinking red due to low battery, just install fresh batteries, and you are good to go. So, all you need is to monitor the way the flashing happens and determine the type of issue.

If you want to know more about Blink Outdoor Cameras, please leave us a comment.


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