Top Best RAM for Ryzen 5900x (2024 Updated)

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Are you looking for the best RAM for 5900x and experiencing a smooth performance?

Well, look no further, as this article lists the best products you can find today.

Be it for gaming or other high-end tasks, these RAMs will do the job for you.

What RAM Works Best with Ryzen?

Not all Memory modules are the same in terms of performance. Some RAMs work like beasts, and then some products are okay.

Gaming enthusiasts will tell you that the right RAM is essential for a high-performance gaming system. You must be extremely selective in your choice of the greatest alternative.

So, to save you time, we’ve only included the RAM modules with the highest performance.

Before you continue reading, remember that none of these choices are inherently terrible.

All those products are unique because they are tailored to match certain circumstances.

What Ram is the Best for Ryzen 5900x?

Below is the list for those looking for the best RAM for 5900x.

As mentioned, we prepared this list after considering many important aspects of RAMs.

So, go ahead and select your best RAM for Ryzen 5900x and enjoy a smooth gaming experience.

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01 – Vengeance LPX by Corsair

Vengeance LPX by Corsair

In the case of 5900X, this LPX is undoubtedly the fastest RAM available. This hardware may be ordered in various colors to match your computer’s theme.

When it comes to maximum frequency and overclocking with high performance, LPX IS the best RAM for 5900x.

No question, this is a high-performance gaming computer. Because of its low CAS latency, it is a popular choice.

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It comes with specifications as mentioned below:

  • Compatible with XMP 2.0
  • Heat spreader built using aluminum
  • Excellent memory speed that reaches 3200MHz

This specific RAM is perfectly optimized for AMD Ryzem motherboards. Also, you can buy this product at a relatively affordable price even if it has an awe-inspiring performance.

Also, it has a design that supports overclocking with no hassle at all. That is exactly why many gaming enthusiasts prefer this option.

In fact, the LPX version has some similarities to the LP version but not the standard edition. Both LPX and LP come with heat spreads made out of aluminum.

Also, they are smaller in size. That means you can match them with any compact system. Also, they are designed to be low-voltage modules so that less heat can be expected.

  • Excellent overclocking performance
  • Very sleek design
  • Low profile RAM
  • It doesn’t come with RGB or LED lights

02 – Fury HX436C17FB3AK4 by HyperX

Fury HX436C17FB3AK4 by HyperX

This is yet another amazing option for those who wonder what the best RAM for the Ryzen 5900x is. It offers excellent speed (3600MHz). You get 8GB of Memory with each module, and there are some pros and cons with such an arrangement.

For instance, if you want 32GB memory, you must fill all four RAM slots. As a result, you will not have a chance to add more RAM slots. Also, you can expect perfect speed and performance from this RAM, which is any gamer’s dream.

You will also get RGB lights, which is superb in terms of aesthetics. It is always up to you to decide whether to limit your RAM to 32GB and enjoy superior speed. In other words, this RAM offers extreme speed, with its capacity limited to 32GB.

On the other hand, it is offered at a very affordable price. So, this is a marvelous offer for those who want superior RAM performance at an affordable price.

  • Extreme speed
  • Very impressive RGB arrangement
  • Price is affordable
  • Each RAM stick comes with an 8GB capacity

03 – Adata XPG Spectrix D60G

Adata XPG Spectrix D60G

This is another impressive option for those who want the best RAM for 5900x. This is an ideal option for gamers who also want to give a little show-off. That is because of the excellent RGB features included in this module.

Thanks to Adata’s perfect RGB combination, you can expect the best from it in terms of aesthetics. It comes with a 16GB capacity and an 8-layer PCB. Also, it features an impressive 3200-MHz. Even if it is made out of plastic, the performance and appearance are truly amazing.

This RAM appears to be exceptionally impressive, just like the performance it gives. Thanks to its revolutionary design, any gamer will admire it.

The heat spreads of this RAM are made using plastics. Also, it features an excellent diamond-cut model. That’s why it works with LED lights perfectly.

You can debate whether or not plastic can effectively dissipate heat. However, it’s worth noting that almost all RAMs wouldn’t actually produce much heat at all. That’s why you don’t have to worry about plastic buildup.

This RAM kit’s finest feature is, of course, the RGB lighting. On 60% of its surface, glossy lighting is visible. 

The cost is one thing to consider. This RAM is really not inexpensive by today’s market standards.

However, this kit isn’t overpriced despite this fact. This is the best RAM you can acquire if you are not worried about its expensive price tag. So, in our view, this is an excellent option for those who are looking for the best RAM for 5900x.

  • It looks perfect
  • Superior performance
  • Highly progRAMmable lights
  • It is not that affordable
  • Some will don’t like plastic design

04 – Trident Z Royal (Silver) by G.Skill

Trident Z Royal (Silver) by G.Skill

This amazingly looking RAM module can deliver the perfect performance you are looking for. It is equipped with a 32GB capacity and a speed of 3200MHz. Also, it has efficient aluminum heat spreaders.

Well, as we believe, it is justifiable to call this “Royal” thanks to its amazing looks and high-end performance. The heatsink looks perfect, and it is capable enough to gain any gaming enthusiast’s attention.

The appearance itself of this RAM is good enough to convince gamers to make a purchase. When it comes to RGB, what we should emphasize is that it is impressive and gorgeous. You can see a very impressive illuminating part in this RAM that appears like a crystal. That part can be found under RGB lights. You have control of those RGBs; to do that, you can use their tool.

When you switch on the rig, the LEDs will start to illuminate. Also, those LEDs change their colors constantly and create a rainbow effect to your benefit. All you need is to connect it with the dedicated application. You’ll see excellent potential through its overclocking in terms of performance.

It is possible to reach the speeds quickly. You can overclock it to achieve superior performance in a quick period. Once built, you can rely on this module as it doesn’t give you any trouble at all.

The superior performance and aesthetic appearance make it a one-of-a-kind gaming RAM. Compared to many other gaming options, the performance of this RAM is truly amazing.

However, one downside of this RAM is that it comes with an expensive price tag. So, if you are ready to spend a little more and experience the best performance, this product is great.

  • Design with royal aesthetics
  • Superior performance
  • Heat spreaders are superb
  • Expensive price tag
  • Glossy parts of the heat spreaders can gather dust

05 – Dominator Platinum RGB from Corsair

Dominator Platinum RGB from Corsair

Corsair is definitely among the most impressive RAM products available in the market for gaming enthusiasts. This model is exceptional if you wonder what the best RAM for Ryzen 5900x is.

The RGB colors of this product are superb, and they assure excellent aesthetics to impress any user. So, if you want to pair your 5900X processor with excellent RAM, this product will never disappoint you.

  • It features a 16GB capacity.
  • It has a speed of 3200MHz.
  • Superior aluminum build.

This RAM comes with a stealthy, unique design. Its blackish color plays a major role in achieving such a beautiful character in terms of aesthetics. The RGB elements of this RAM are excellent. You can find 8 RGB elements on those modules.

Corsair’s dedicated ICUE software allows you to fine-tune these LEDs. This program was a big hit for us. It didn’t have any bugs. Customize your lighting with a variety of designs with this.

Each module of this Memory has a set of independently controllable RGB LEDs. There are fifteen colors available in this program. 

Beyond the RGB feature, you can experience amazing performance with this RAM. Those who usually run heavy loads can use this product as a reliable partner. One downside of this specific product is that it has some clearance issues.

All in all, this is a perfect option to consider if you want the best RAM for Ryzen 5900x.

  • Excellent application
  • Superb RGB features
  • Ideal for tweaking
  • High price
  • Some clearance issues are noticed

06 – Thermaltake ToughRAM RGB

Thermaltake ToughRAM RGB

In simplest terms, you can consider this product as one of the speediest gaming RAMs on the market. It comes in white and black colors. This will be an ideal option to build an utterly white rig for your gaming purposes.

It has a speed of 3600MHz and a memory capacity of 16GB. Also, it comes with 3-way synchronization with its RGB lights. Overall, it has a pretty tough-looking design for die-hard gamers.

Those who expect to use the best RAM for 5900x and a smooth gaming experience should consider this favorably. The heat spreads are designed with extreme quality with guaranteed output.

In addition to that, it has a 10-layer PCB. This offers excellent stability. The overall performance of this RAM is as impressive as you expect. Reaching different speeds with negligible latency levels is possible.

RGB synchronization is available on these RAMs. As a result, fine-tuning the lighting is a cinch. This function helps to provide a consistent level of illumination. You can experience 16.8m colors to pick from for even more versatility when putting up lighting settings.

This is not as expensive as you might expect—also, there is a lifetime guarantee (limited) with your purchase.

  • Very affordable price tag
  • It is durable
  • For some setups, the height can be an issue

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Can I use DDR3 RAM with Ryzen 5900x?

No, the Ryzen 5900x only supports DDR4 RAM. DDR3 RAM is not compatible with this processor.

Q2: How much RAM do I need for Ryzen 5900x?

It is recommended to have at least 16GB of RAM for optimal performance with the Ryzen 5900x. However, if you engage in memory-intensive tasks or heavy multitasking, consider opting for 32GB or higher.

Q3: Can I mix different RAM brands and capacities?

While it is technically possible to mix different RAM brands and capacities, it is generally not recommended. Mixing RAM modules may lead to compatibility issues and hinder the stability and performance of your system.

Q4: Does RAM speed affect gaming performance on Ryzen 5900x?

Yes, RAM speed can have a noticeable impact on gaming performance, especially when paired with a powerful processor like the Ryzen 5900x. Faster RAM speeds can improve frame rates, reduce stuttering, and enhance overall gaming experience.

Q5: How often should I upgrade my RAM?

The frequency of RAM upgrades depends on your specific needs and usage patterns. If you find your system struggling with multitasking or running resource-intensive applications, upgrading your RAM can provide a noticeable boost in performance.

Conclusion on the Best RAM for Ryzen 5900x

So, those are the best six options if you are looking for the best RAM for 5900x. As you can see, there are no “BAD” RAMs in this list. It is a matter of choosing between the options they offer.

So, what is your favorite option in the above list? What will be your pick if you upgrade your gaming rig or build a new one?


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