Pick the Best Music Video Camera from the Top 10 Amazing Options!

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The one gear that you can’t think of messing up with is the best music video camera when it comes to music video recording.

To help you make the best choice, we are going to introduce ten amazing video cameras to you.

Continue to read and understand how the right gear can amp up your filming game in no time.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Music Video Camera

Music videos are an essential part of promoting your music and engaging with your audience. To create visually captivating videos, you need a camera that meets your specific requirements. Here are the key factors to consider when choosing a music video camera.

Image Quality

Image quality plays a vital role in the overall impact of your music videos. Look for a camera with high-resolution capabilities, preferably 4K or higher, as it offers sharpness and clarity. Additionally, consider cameras with larger sensors, as they provide better dynamic range and low-light performance.

Low-Light Performance

Many music videos are shot in low-light settings, such as clubs or dimly lit studios. Therefore, it’s crucial to choose a camera with excellent low-light performance. Look for cameras with larger pixel sizes and low noise levels at high ISO settings. This will ensure that your videos retain detail and minimize graininess even in challenging lighting conditions.


A versatile camera allows you to experiment with different shooting styles and adapt to various environments. Look for cameras that offer manual controls, interchangeable lenses, and different shooting modes. This flexibility will enable you to achieve the desired aesthetic and visual style for your music videos.


Budget is an important consideration when choosing a music video camera. Determine your budget range and explore cameras within that range. Consider the features and capabilities you need most and find a balance between quality and affordability. There are excellent options available for different price points, so you don’t necessarily have to break the bank.

#1. Sony a7s II E-Mount Camera with Full-Frame Sensor

Best Music Video Camera - Sony a7s II E-Mount Camera with Full-Frame Sensor

This is hands down, the best video camera for music videos ever launched by the brand Sony. The BIONZ X image processor engine of the camera is the star feature that allows extra-fine detailing of the videos captured. The video quality becomes even better with the S-Log2, S-Gamut3, and -Log3 Gamma features that facilitate post-production video moderation.

The 5-axis stabilizer feature greatly helps in video and image stabilization during hand-held shooting. The amazing Exmor CMOS sensor flaunts outstanding low-light images and videos up to ISO 409600 level.

You won’t have to worry about pixel binning at all when recording with this camera. It can record full HD videos at a 12fps rate, along with the autofocus feature having 169 focus points.

This is the perfect camera for videographers and professional filmmakers since it is dedicatedly built for this purpose. The looks of this model are also great, along with a tough build. There are customizable buttons to allow the users to get the right grip and operation choice with the camera.


  • Exmor CMOS sensor for 12mp sharp and clear images
  • Recording videos of all high resolutions
  • Motion stabilization
  • Wi-Fi connectivity in-built


  • Design can be better

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#2. Blackmagic Design URSA Mini 4.6K Digital Cinema Camera

Best Music Video Camera -  Blackmagic Design URSA Mini 4.6K Digital Cinema Camera

If affordability has been on your mind, then this best music video camera by Blackmagic can be the best option you have got. The compact size of the camera is undoubtedly attractive, but the versatility is equally outstanding.

It can be used for solo capturing as well as used as a part of the larger crew recording set-up. It has got a top and base handle for shooting at any angle.

The Super35-sized sensor of this camera allows the best captures at an unbeatable price. Coming to video recording, the camera does an awesome job by performing video capturing of 60p and 4608×2592 high resolutions.

It has got a unique Film mode meant for shooting a music video with high quality. This mode allows full use of the dynamic range with features like flat, low contrast, and log image.

The camera performs video recording at an impressive rate of 120fps and 60fps, both for 1080p and 4.6k simultaneously. It can also produce images of various formats with the CinemaDNG RAW and other recording processors.


  • Versatile camera allowing various recording modes
  • Best image sensor for clear images
  • Compactly built and lightweight
  • Great viewfinder allowing greater coverage


  • ISO range limited

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#3. Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Full Frame Digital SLR Camera Body

Best Music Video Camera - Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Full Frame Digital SLR Camera Body

Canon is one company that has been a pioneer in manufacturing the best video camera for music videos, and this model exemplifies that perfectly. This camera belongs to the Mark Series which has been dedicatedly built with some additional features to allow wholesome video recording.

It has got the star Canon AF system that allows higher coverage, subject identification, tracking, flicker detection, and improved metering.

Video recording is a wholly new experience with this camera due to the super powerful 30.4 CMOS Digic 6+ processor sensor. You can capture ultra-clear and stable 4K videos at 24/30p and 1.64x crop.

The mirror feature of this model is another great element that helps with vibration reduction. The Dual Pixel Raw feature makes it even better with its ability to combine signals for enhanced shooting.

You will have the best images captured with this Canon camera that has the right detailing, strength, and threshold. The final product will look like it has come out freshly process by image editing software like Adobe or Canons DPP.


  • Highly advanced Canon AF system
  • Critical sensor with additional enhancer features
  • Much responsive and large touch screen
  • Wi-Fi and GPS connection in-built


  • Video option less
  • Pricier than others

#4. Sony Alpha A6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera

Best Music Video Camera - Sony Alpha A6000 Mirrorless Digital Camera

We have got you one more awesomely built best music video camera from Sony, which is the Alpha A6000. This camera is going to help you in all your professional shoots to capture the most brilliant-looking videos and images. All of it owes to the APS C CMOS 24MP sensor of the camera that comes with an EV 0-20 range of focus sensitivity.

The video recording abilities of the camera can be understood by the fact that it has got an 11fps rate. The BIONZ X image processor imparts acute sharpness and detailing to the still captured with this camera. The feature of Picture Style includes numerous presets like clear, monochrome, landscape, etc. This comes in handy for capturing images in different modes quickly.

The sensor of this camera has the feature of on-chip phase detection that gives larger frame coverage. Along with that, subject tracking makes the video filming process even better, where the frames look very pleasing. A great part is that the camera stores the original capture safe along with the edited version to allow choice.


  • High range of focus sensitivity
  • Hybrid AF system for accurate focal detection
  • Continuous shots at an 11fps rate
  • Wi-Fi and NFC built-in


  • Touchscreen absent

#5. Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5 10.1 MP Digital Camera

Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5 10.1 MP Digital Camera

If you have been using a DSLR for shooting videos, ditch it for Panasonic digital camera for a better experience. This best video camera for music videos has got the best dynamics and resolution fitted in the right place for allowing seamless video capturing.

The numerous features of the camera, like Aperture priority, manual, shutter speed, Program AE mode, etc., allow creative shooting.

The lens of this camera has got a wider dynamic range that enables motion stabilization and higher zooming. The auto mode of the camera intelligibly senses the exposure required for the images and videos. Coming to video recording, the 720p lens does a great job with efficient movement tracking and superior auto-focus. You can record videos in Motion JPEG and AVCHD formats.

Alongside, there are various recording modes present in the camera that can be switched easily through the buttons. You can turn on the recording mode simply by clicking the dedicated button. Lastly, the compact size of the camera makes it great for candid photography in the best style.


  • Impressive manual control options
  • Satisfactory low-light capturing
  • A nice panoramic system with accurate sensors


  • LCD touchscreen doesn’t have great exposure
  • Poor fast video recording capabilities

#6. GoPro Hero5 Black Digital Action Camera

GoPro Hero5 Black Digital Action Camera

For some fast action video recording, this best music video camera by GoPro is the best option that you can lay your hands upon. This camera can be great for video makers who need to capture fast movements since it has got dedicated technology. You will be amazed by the easy operability of the camera that allows the users to set it up quickly and get started with the shooting.

The camera can record high-quality videos of 4K resolution and at a sensation 30fps rate. You can customize the final outputs with the in-built camera settings for exposure, ISO levels, sharpness, etc. Exposure adjustment is also possible in the videos due to the feature of spot metering in-built into the camera.

The unique feature of this camera is the Capture Smartphone App. You can tether the camera to it via a Wi-Fi connection to make downloading, previewing, and setting customization easy. The Protune settings can be easily accessed by simply swiping across the frames. You can even Voice control the camera for different functions.


  • The unique voice control feature
  • App syncing with the camera
  • Transfer images to any device with a card reader


  • Compromised built
  • Not moisture-proof

#7. Canon VIXIA HF G20 Camcorder

Canon VIXIA HF G20 Camcorder

Canon is known for its innovatory approach to building equipment that is always up to the mark. Carrying the same vision, the G20 camcorder by Canon is a great indie filmmaking best video camera for music videos with certain highly advanced features. What you will find awesome in this camera are the filters that impart a cinematic look to the captured images and videos.

The camera captures finely detailed and quality 1080p resolution videos that are a delight to watch. This camera can expect the best results in low-light conditions due to its amazing CMOS Pro Image Sensor. The video lens of this camera is the 10x HD 8-Blade Iris with the feature of dynamic range optimal picture stabilization.

An important thing to note about the camera is its impressive battery life which lasts over 100 minutes on continuous video recording. Additional features of the camera include a 32GB in-built storage, a huge 3.5 inches resistive LCD touchscreen, focus assist mode, customizable menu options, etc.


  • 9 Cinema mode filters for dramatic effect images and videos
  • Sturdily built and smart looks
  • Outstanding battery performance
  • High-quality video recording with smart lenses


  • Set-up issues with battery

#8. Canon VIXIA HF G40 Full HD Camcorder

Canon VIXIA HF G40 Full HD Camcorder

Yet another Canon camera that yearns to perform better than its predecessor, the G40 Camcorder, is a technical upgrade on the G30. It has made improvements not just in the body dynamics but also in the output resolution.

The first and most attractive thing about this camera is the high-definition 20x high optical zoom lens. It provides a huge focal plane of 23.6 inches to allow capturing a 35mm shot.

Since our focus is video recording, let’s talk about this best music video camera’s HD CMOS Pro Image sensor that allows higher noise reduction. It lets you capture vividly detailed videos, and the quality doesn’t go down at all, even in low light conditions. The camera supports video recording in both AVHCD and MP4 formats. MP4 recording is a great option as these videos are crisp and clearer.

The camera has got a +3 dB noise rating that makes low light capturing possible and generates the best quality images. It is a compact camera that can easily become a part of any shooting gear. The starburst effect from the eight-blade aperture is also great.


  • Portable camera for convenient shooting anywhere
  • Low light images and videos are good
  • Huge focal coverage for wider shots


  • Complex menu panel

#9. Sony A6500

Sony A6500

Another best video camera for music videos by Sony, the A5600 combines the best quality, price, and features. The camera contains a load of amazing features that will let you capture all your precious moments perfectly.

The Sony A6500 flaunts a shiny, black, and nicely grippy body with an alloy protective cover that makes it usable in any condition.

The control layout of the camera is going to surprise you much. It features a lot of neatly organized buttons that include the Mode dial, programmable buttons, Control dial, shutter button, etc. Next is the electronic OLED viewfinder that can magnify up to 0.70X for a clearer image with 100% coverage. Below it is the touchscreen with 921K-dot specs that can tilt at any angle for better shots and even selfies.

The best thing about this camera is the 24.2MP APS-C Exmor sensor that speaks for itself. The Camera allows plenty of storage and connection options like HDMI, USB, microphone, memory card slot, etc. The results for both images and videos are sharply filled, detailed, and high resolution.


  • Well organized control layout for easy operability
  • Attractive looks with a weather protection layer
  • The best camera sensor and viewfinder
  • Multiple connection and storage options


  • Not too good for fast motion capturing
  • The frame may be short for higher resolution videos

#10. Nikon D500

Nikon D500

Nikon is a popular brand, and the D500 model is one great camera that has made it to our list. It is a professional and very modern camera meant for capturing the clearest pictures. This is because of its powerful processor.

EXPEED 5 comes with the amazing option of expansion settings. With them, you can reach the limit of ISO 1,640,000 along with the crazy 10fps burst shooting speed.

It can be your best music video camera since it can capture even 4K UHD videos, time-lapse, etc., at various fps speeds. The feature of electronic vibration reduction is the start part, as it helps in video stabilization during hand-held shots. The camera also does a great job at capturing 1080p videos, 4K, etc.

The camera has very attractive looks and a highly organized control layout, grippy body, PV button, connectors, etc. The viewfinder of the camera also gives a great coverage rate along with the huge 3.2″ touchscreen for the perfect view.


  • Steady motion capture for all video resolution
  • High-end image sensor for crystal clear shots
  • Studio lighting feature in-built in the form of PC sync rocket
  • Bluetooth connection compatibility


  • Might feel bulkier

Tips for Shooting Music Videos

Creating compelling music videos involves more than just having the right camera. Here are some essential tips to enhance your music video shooting process:


Proper lighting is crucial for setting the mood and capturing the desired atmosphere. Experiment with different lighting setups and techniques to achieve the desired effect. Consider using softboxes, LED panels, or natural lighting to create visually striking scenes.


Pay attention to composition when framing your shots. Use the rule of thirds, leading lines, and symmetry to create visually pleasing and balanced frames. Experiment with different angles and perspectives to add depth and visual interest to your videos.

Movement and Angles

Incorporate camera movement and varied angles to make your music videos visually engaging. Use techniques such as panning, tracking shots, and handheld shots to create dynamic visuals. Experiment with different camera movements to add energy and excitement to your videos.

Editing and Post-production

The editing and post-production stage is where you bring your music video to life. Use professional video editing software to refine your footage, add effects, transitions, and synchronize it with the music. Pay attention to color grading to enhance the mood and overall aesthetic of your video.

PS: here are the best camera for under 300 dollars for your reference.


Q. Are mirrorless cameras a better option?

A. These belong to the group of the best camera because of their advanced technicality and ergonomic build. You may find a mirrorless best music video camera with features like 4k video recording, image control, full-time sensors, adaptable lenses, etc.

Q. Can a camcorder be better than a video camera?

A. The answer to this entirely depends on what you are looking for. Camcorders are dedicated video recorders, while video cameras are all-rounders. This indicates the inherent technical differences in them, and you must buy the one that meets your needs.

Q. What all equipment is needed for music video recording?

A. There are a few essentials you need to ensure:

  • An efficient camcorder
  • Good lighting
  • Transportation facility
  • Batteries, Storage devices, External microphone, etc

Q: Can I use a DSLR camera for shooting music videos?

A. Yes, DSLR cameras are commonly used for shooting music videos. They offer excellent image quality, manual controls, and the ability to interchange lenses, providing versatility for different shooting scenarios.

Q: Are mirrorless cameras better than DSLRs for music video production?

A. Both mirrorless cameras and DSLRs have their advantages. Mirrorless cameras are generally more compact, offer advanced autofocus systems, and are well-suited for video recording. However, DSLRs often have a wider range of lenses available and offer better battery life. Consider your specific needs and preferences when choosing between the two.

Final Words

The importance of getting the best music video camera is never going to fall since it is the most crucial part of the puzzle. All the camera models we listed above have been tested and proven to be efficient. Pick the one that works for you and share with us how you liked it.


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