Best CPU for RTX 3070 Worth Considering

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Best CPU for RTX 3070

Choosing the best CPU for RTX 3070 is definitely a crucial aspect of a flawless gaming experience.

Well, there are plenty of products to choose from if you want to buy a good CPU.

If you want to choose the best CPU for 3070, the products explained below are worth considering.

Top Three Picks Best CPUs for RTX 3070

Don’t have enough time to read the entire list?

Don’t worry; you can pick the best CPU for RTX 3070 from these three options.

Feature Best overallSafest optionMost affordable option
ProductIntel Core i9-10900KAMD Ryzen 7 5800XAMD Ryzen 5 5600X
What makes it ideal?It features flagship performance.
Work perfectly with 4K gaming.
00+ FPS
Works with PCIe 4.0 Performance is an efficient, Relatively lower temperatureIt doesn’t generate a lot of heat.  
It comes with a cooler.  
100+ FPS with 1080p 

What Is The Best CPU for 3070?

1. Intel Core i9-10900K (the Best CPU for RTX 3070)

Intel Core i9-10900K

For the year 2021, Intel is offering the greatest processor it has to offer. To get the most out of it, you’ll need a powerful motherboard. Support for both processor and graphics cards should be provided by such a motherboard. Overclocked processors and 4000Mhz Memory will make playing games on your PC a breeze.

In the context of single-core power, Intel’s Core i9 is the best CPU for RTX 3070 in the industry. In-game acceleration with an RTX3070 graphics card, and this CPU is unrivaled, even if you’re not a professional streamer. GPU-intensive titles at 1080p extreme settings.

With 14 nanometers, Intel has a newer architecture for its 10th gen processor that is both efficient and reliable. Gaming, multimedia creation, and engineering simulations all benefit from this CPU.

This processor is mostly intended for gamers who don’t want to broadcast their gameplay live. Even if you’re able to broadcast at 100+ fps, you’ll have to pay more for the privilege.

Intel is attempting to outperform AMD in the context of multi-core capability. It is done by utilizing 10 cores, Twenty threads, and a sophisticated 20 MB cache. When it comes to low-end graphics cards and AMD CPUs, the latter tend to be less compatible.

RTX 3070 with i9-10900k appears to have almost no bottleneck difficulties, according to several benchmarks. Despite their high cost and high electricity consumption, Intel processors are known for their long-term reliability.

  • It features flagship performance
  • It works perfectly with 4K gaming
  • 100+ FPS
  • It doesn’t come with a CPU cooler

2. AMD Ryzen 9 5900X

AMD Ryzen 9 5900X

For the highest potential gaming experience, Ryzen 9 5900X CPU is the ideal choice. In terms of performance, 5900X is an excellent pick for gamers that seek the greatest possible experience.

But unlike other CPUs in Ryzen 9 series, the 5900X processor does not have cooling. To experience the best performance of this CPU, you will need an AIO cooling system.

It has a huge cache of 70MB, which is typical of a processor today. In terms of speed, it’s the best CPU on the market. Minimal heat production is almost impossible by AMD, which relies on Zen 3 technology.

It’s designed for gamers to play AAA games in 4K with 60+ frames per second on high-frequency monitors. If you’re looking for a gaming experience that’s both responsive and fluid, this CPU is the one for you!

Over 100 fps in the most popular games will be possible thanks to this new processor. And they do not disappoint. For a wide range of tasks, it is an exceptionally fast & best CPU for RTX 3070. 

  • Excellent performance
  • Energy efficient
  • Compatible with PCI Express 4.0
  • It is somewhat expensive

PS: here are the best RAM for Ryzen 5900x for your reference.

3. Intel Core i7-10700K

Intel Core i7-10700K

The ratio between the price and performance of this CPU is excellent. This best CPU for RTX 3070 comes with the exact number of threads and cores as in i9-9900k.

Also, it can be overclocked to 5.1 GHz. It has larger headroom and stronger turbo-enhanced frequencies. Because of that, it has a higher potential for overclocking. Its 128 GB memory with 2933MHz, is amazing.

As long as you have an RTX 3070, you’ll have no issues with this at its factory speed. If you’re playing at 1080p, you get 180+fps on games like Fortnite and excellent performance with other high-end games. For those who have a 144hz display and G-sync, this is a good option.

When upgrading a 9th gen computer, it’s not recommended. The expense of upgrading to Intel’s 10th gen processors is considerable since the socket is altered.

This CPU may be used to build a high-end system for beginner rig builders. This CPU is designed for video or photo editing as well as a little gaming.

Because it’s a K CPU, the processor also includes onboard graphics. Individuals who usually work and play different games will appreciate this feature much.

Contrary to AMD, this CPU has low bottlenecking. Competition-level gamers may want to choose this best CPU for RTX 3070 in order to ensure that their games run smoothly.

  • Minimal bottlenecking
  • Built-in graphics
  • Good potential to overlock
  • It doesn’t support PCI express 4.0

4. AMD Ryzen 7 5800X

AMD Ryzen 7 5800X

AMD CPUs have the advantage of being able to run on older motherboards even after they’ve been upgraded. B550 X570 motherboards will function with this CPU following an update to its BIOS.

Video rendering performance has improved dramatically, according to reports from gamers who usually play games with 1440p.

Increased cache capacity has eliminated bottlenecking in AMD’s processors as opposed to their prior generation. This CPU has a cache of 36MB. This time, it has been used to its full potential to offer a smooth gameplay experience.

Even Intel’s 9th gen CPUs can’t match their single-core performance. On the other hand, multi-core performance blows away the competitors.

Well, the 1440p resolution on this processor is noticeably faster. The availability of timely BIOS and driver upgrades has also helped reduce crashes and other stability issues.

The price is a little more than AMD’s other equivalent generation CPUs. However, players who own an AM4 socket can’t go wrong with this specific option.

When it comes to overall performance and cost, AMD’s CPU is a superior option. AMD’s 7nm CPUs operate cooler and use less electricity than Intel’s.

This CPU, on the other hand, produces significant heat. Insufficient cooling equipment has been blamed for excessive overheating in numerous cases. Temperatures peak at roughly 68°C.

In fact, this isn’t a big deal, but it is still higher compared to other CPUs in the same series. So, if you want the best CPU for RTX 3070, this product is worth considering.

  • Works with PCIe 4.0
  • Performance is efficient
  • Relatively lower temperature
  • Its fan is somewhat noisy

In addition, if you are searching for the best motherboards for Ryzen 7 5800X, just check this out.

5. Intel Core i9-9900K

Intel Core i9-9900K

Having a built-in graphics processor is a huge benefit for multimedia makers who can’t afford downtime on their computers. For Intel’s 9th gen CPU range, this is the fastest processor. This CPU is tailor-made for encoding, thanks to its 128GB RAM and 8 cores, and 16 threads.

This processor has superior encoding performance compared to other CPUs at a comparable price point. Because of that, this chip is more useful to video makers than gamers right now.

When compared to the most recent game cache of AMD, the L3 cache has fewer bottleneck occurrences. Similarly, the single-core performance of AMD was also better than Intel’s.

At 1080p, Intel’s 9th gen CPU clocks in at 4.26 with a 5GHz overclock on Creo 3.0. The 9th-generation Intel Core i9 CPU was the quickest in the series. However, it may now be called a decent cutting-edge gaming processor. Because of PCIe 4.0, this CPU will not be able to exploit the bandwidth of RTX 3070 fully.

  • Built specifically for high-end gaming
  • Multi-core or single-core performance
  • Enhanced thermal interface
  • Power consumption is relatively heavy

6. AMD Ryzen 5 5600X

AMD Ryzen 5 5600X

Compared to Intel’s comparable offerings, it is light years ahead. Games with high-end specifications will run at 100+ frames per second when paired with the RTX3070.

AMD’s Zen 3 technology has made a considerable boost of +20 percent in instructions per round. At this specific price range, it is the finest gaming performance from a chip.

You don’t necessarily need to buy new hardware to use your older X570 motherboard. What you need is a simple BIOS update to accomplish this task.

Those who encode videos and create content will be able to edit faster with this processor. That is due to the considerable boost in single-core processor performance.

In this best CPU for RTX 3070, there are six cores and twelve threads to work with. The rig may now be easily customized to fit your specific needs. By using an AM4 socket, it is possible to cut down the costs otherwise incurred due to upgrades.

In comparison to Intel’s 14nanometers technology, AMD is able to use less power and produce more. This is because of the amazing 7nm technology.

  • It doesn’t generate a lot of heat
  • It comes with a cooler
  • 100+ FPS with 1080p
  • Not ideal for 4K performance

Besides, if you are looking for the best motherboard for Ryzen 5 5600x, this guide you should check out.

7. Intel Core i5-10600K

Intel Core i5-10600K

Almost as though overclocking is an integral component of all CPU functions. Each and every player desire to push their equipment to its utmost.

This best CPU for RTX 3070 warrants overclocking because it has a lot of headroom and the best gaming experience for its budget. When compared to other 10th gen CPUs, it gives the best value per thread.

Intel has managed to increase the number of threads without increasing the price of the processor. Intel has created a mid-range games CPU with a 4.1 GHz frequency. These CPUs can be overclocked at 4.8 GHz frequency, and it is ideal for 1080p gaming.

For powerful gaming PCs, you should know that this CPU is designed. It comes with a thicker copper heat spreader and a better TIM for better dissipation. That is because it was a K-version CPU.

You’ll need a cooler because it doesn’t come with one. Any regular cooler should be fine because of the great efficiency of heat removal. If you plan on overclocking, you’ll need an AIO cooling system.

The single-core power of this CPU allows it to encode at a higher rate than other processors. As a broadcaster, you may want to consider alternative AMD solutions. In that case, the quality of your stream will suffer if you use Streamlabs or OBS.

However, with the RTX 3070, this chip is capable of 30+ frames per second in 4K gameplay. It also has 60+ frames per second at 1444p. So, it is a wonderful option for those who want the best CPU for 3070.

  • Affordable
  • Very impressive value for money
  • Superb VR features
  • It doesn’t support PCI express 4.0

8. AMD Ryzen 9 3900X

AMD Ryzen 9 3900X

At this pricing range, no other graphics card can match the special features. So, if you are looking for the best CPU for RTX 3070, don’t forget to check this out.

It has a massive 70MB gaming cache, wraith prism LED cooling, PCIe 4.0 capability, and 4.6 GHz clock speed. Ryzen 9 CPU of 5000 series from AMD has recently been announced but still beats performance/price ratio.

Being a superb processor, this is designed for enthusiasts who will not tolerate the loss of one frame. Because it uses only 105 watts of electricity, you may expect to pay a reasonable electric bill for it.

PCIe 4.0 compatibility is long overdue for this excellent CPU. The multi-core capabilities make it excellent for broadcasters or gamers that enjoy multitasking features.

This CPU has a larger overclocking window than its competitors. If you’re playing the latest and greatest games, you’ll get over 100 frames per second because the 7nanometers technology can reduce power consumption while delivering greater performance than before. It is true that most programs don’t make use of all 12 cores.

When it comes to IPC enhancements, Adobe Lightroom does a great job. This CPU outperforms its opponent in applications like Photoshop and editing and modeling programs. It works great with an RTX 3070 graphics card.

In addition, this best CPU for RTX 3070 lacks a graphics accelerator. That So, as that without a graphics card, you’ll have a difficult time getting your computer up and running.

  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Superb multitasking features
  • Above-average power consumption

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is the best CPU for gaming with the RTX 3070? The AMD Ryzen 7 5800X and Intel Core i7-11700K are both excellent choices for gaming with the RTX 3070, offering high performance and compatibility.
  2. Can I use an older CPU with the RTX 3070? While it is possible to use an older CPU with the RTX 3070, it is recommended to use a more modern and powerful CPU to avoid any potential bottlenecks.
  3. Do I need to overclock my CPU for optimal performance with the RTX 3070? Overclocking your CPU can provide a performance boost, but it is not necessary for optimal performance with the RTX 3070. The CPUs mentioned in this article already offer excellent performance without overclocking.
  4. What is the recommended TDP for a CPU paired with the RTX 3070? A CPU with a TDP between 65W and 125W is generally recommended for pairing with the RTX 3070 to ensure efficient power consumption and cooling.
  5. Are AMD CPUs better than Intel CPUs for the RTX 3070? Both AMD and Intel CPUs offer excellent performance with the RTX 3070. The choice between them depends on personal preferences, specific use cases, and budget considerations.


The above list can be your guide if you are looking for the best CPU for RTX 3070. What’s the product you chose? And why do you like it? Please let us know.


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