Five Best Bluetooth Manager for Android

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Bluetooth Manager for Android

The word Bluetooth is originally coming from Scandinavian, the epithet of the tenth-century king Harald Bluetooth who united dissonant Danish tribes into a single kingdom.

Nowadays, electronic devices like smartphones, laptops, MP3 players, PDAs, video game players, and tablets are everywhere around us. And Bluetooth is a dispensable technique in most devices.

Part 1: The Definition of Bluetooth

Bluetooth is a wireless technology standard for exchanging data over short distances from fixed or mobile devices. The technique allows us to send and get data safely and fast.

Compared to other wireless communication techniques, Bluetooth is only available within a short distance, normally top to ten meters or 30 feet.

But the advantage is quite obvious on the other hand. You can get rid of annoying guided media like cables, cords, and adapters. Therefore, communication among the devices is wireless and convenient.

Part 2: Pros and Cons of Bluetooth


  • You don’t need to put the two devices near each other.
  • No cords or cables are required
  • Only need low battery power
  • Safe and convenient to handle
  • Not easily interfered
  • Steady and powerful


  • The transmission speed is slower (1mbps maximum) than other wireless techniques (4 Mbps maximum).
  • No safer than any other wireless technique.
  • It does not work perfectly with all kinds of devices.

Part 3: The Steps of Paring and Connecting Android Device with Bluetooth

Following the steps of Apple, Microsoft, and Blackberry, Android finally came into the Bluetooth Smart Ready community.

Android devices such as smartphones and tablets are officially becoming Bluetooth Smart Ready devices and will work well with other Bluetooth-supported devices like headphones and keyboards.

Step 1. Open your phone’s Settings, click Wireless & Networks, then open Bluetooth Settings.

Open your phone's Settings

Step 2. Turn the Bluetooth button on and ensure that other devices can see your device.

Turn on the Bluetooth

Step 3. Start to find the device you want to pair with.

find the device you want to pair with

Step 4. Choose the device you want to connect with from the showing list and type in the password if necessary (or just pair it with the device without the key in some cases). Then hit Pair.

Choose the device you want to connect

Step 5. The pairing process is done by showing the list of paired devices.

list of paired devices

Part 4: The Features of Android Devices with the Bluetooth Technique

If your Android device is equipped with Bluetooth, then you can do the following things:

  • 1. Send and get files from other devices which support Bluetooth.
  • 2. A Bluetooth-equipped headset lets you play music and make phone calls directly.
  • 3. Connect devices such as printers, scanners, and computers.
  • 4. Sync files among devices like computers, tablets, etc.

Also, if you are looking for the best Bluetooth adapter for PC gaming, you should check out this list.

Part 5: FAQs

Q1. I always failed to pair my Android device with other devices through Bluetooth. What can I do to make it right?


  • 1. Shut down the device and turn it on later. A simple reset can fix this problem sometimes. You can turn on airplane mode and then turn it off to give it a try.
  • 2. You can tap on the device and click Unpair to clear the device list and try to search for the paired devices one more time.
  • 3. If your computer has the same problem, you can download a new driver suitable for your computer.
  • 4. Check the two devices that are put close enough to each other.

Q2. I can’t get the data transferred between the two devices. Any solution to solve the problem?

Solution: Wipe out all the data and cache of the Bluetooth app.

  • 1. Open Settings
  • 2. Hit the button Apps.
  • 3. Choose All
  • 4. Locate the Bluetooth app and click it.
  • 5. Click clear data ->> clear cache ->> force close

To reset, you can follow the instructions below.

  • 1. Find the Settings.
  • 2. Click the backup and reset button
  • 3. Click reset factory data at the downside
  • 4. After a few minutes later, your phone will restart and reset. Your phone will restart itself after a few minutes.

Q3. The Bluetooth of my phone can’t be connected to the car successfully. What can I do?


  • 1. Wipe out all the Bluetooth data from your phone and car
  • 2. Turn off your device and then turn it on again. Sometimes a simple reset will solve the problem. One way to do that is to open and shut down airplane mode.
  • 3. Be sure that your phone can be discovered by all the other devices so that it can be discovered by your car.

Q4. After connecting them to my phone, I can’t hear sound from the Bluetooth headset or external speaker. Is there any solution to solve this problem?


  • 1. Connect your headset or speaker to your phone and reboot the phone
  • 2. Follow the instructions above to reset your phone.
  • 3. Get the SD card out of your phone and put it back. This may be useful because the SD card can be disturbed.
  • 4. Replace your SanDisk SD card with other brands. The brand SanDisk is not working well with Samsung Galaxy mobile phones. So replacing seems to be a solution if you use the SanDisk memory card.

Q5. I find my Bluetooth not working well after I update the Android phone. What can I do about it?


  • 1. Try to cut the paring of the device and then connect the device again.
  • 2. Restart the phone after using the OTA update. You may be able to solve the problem.

Part 6: Best 5 Bluetooth Manager Apps for Android

1. Bluetooth Auto Connect

Score: 4/5
Price: Free

best bluetooth app for android - Bluetooth Auto Connect

There are not enough Android Bluetooth managers in the market. However, Bluetooth Auto Connect is one of the few managers that work functionally.

When the Bluetooth switch is turned on or the screen of your Android device goes on, the app will connect to your device immediately. But you must make the connection on your own for the first time, and the app will remember your device automatically later.

You can connect many Bluetooth devices at once by prioritizing them. Some unseen situations are sometimes coming. The app may fail to recognize your Android device, or the Bluetooth doesn’t work well on certain devices.

2. Btoolkit Bluetooth Manager

Score: 4/5
Price: Free

best bluetooth app for android - Btoolkit Bluetooth Manager

This app can detect your Android device automatically and relate one Android device with one contact so you can easily access them.

You can categorize the device list and share the photos and music you like with your contacts. But when your Android device runs on version4.1+, you may have some trouble pairing with PIN-less devices.

3. Auto Bluetooth

Score: 4/5
Price: Free

best bluetooth app for android - Auto Bluetooth

This Bluetooth manager will connect to your device automatically when you make a call. Once the call is over, the Bluetooth will be disconnected to save more power.

The app is extremely useful when driving because you don’t have to stop the car to get the calls. It can also lengthen the time of the battery.

4. Bluetooth Manager ICS

Score: 2.7/5
Price: Paid

best bluetooth app for android - Bluetooth Manager ICS

If you are a big music fan, this app is a perfect choice. It is a handy app that lets you remotely control your Android device and play music over your wireless headset and speakers.

All you have to do is to connect the device through Bluetooth Manager ICS and make the audio checkbox work. Despite the strong points, the app still has some shortcomings. The app can’t stream fluently, and there may be a delay sometimes. And the app is not free to use.

5. Bluetooth on Call

Score: 4.2/5
Price: Free

best bluetooth app for android - Bluetooth on Call

This app will turn Bluetooth on when you make phone calls and change into power save mode when you hand off the call. But the Bluetooth won’t open when you use voice-dialed calls. Besides, the Bluetooth won’t be switched off after your device is fully charged.

How to Choose the Best Bluetooth Manager for You

Choosing the best Bluetooth manager depends on your needs. If you want simple auto-connect functionality, Bluetooth Auto Connect or Bluetooth Pair might be for you.

If you need more control over your devices, Bluetooth Volume Control could be the perfect fit. And, if you love automation and versatility, Macrodroid could be your ideal choice.

The Future of Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth technology is continually evolving, and with it, Bluetooth managers. As we move towards more interconnected devices, the role of Bluetooth managers becomes even more critical.

The future might bring more sophisticated features, like AI-based automation, energy-efficient connections, and perhaps, even faster data transfer rates.


Choosing the best Bluetooth manager for Android can significantly enhance your device’s usability and your overall experience.

Whether it’s Bluetooth Auto Connect for its straightforward approach, Bluetooth Pair for its pairing ease, Bluetooth Connect & Play for its music auto-play feature, Bluetooth Volume Control for its unique volume management, or Macrodroid for its extensive automation capabilities – the choice depends on your specific needs and preferences.

Remember, the perfect Bluetooth manager is the one that fits your lifestyle the best!


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