YouTube Parental Controls – How to Set It Up Easily

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The most popular website for sharing videos online is YouTube all across the globe. However, it has become a dread for most parents.

Nowadays, most kids own their own smartphones. Although parents believe that their kids would not use that device for anything wrong, it does not take much to get to the bad side of it.

Unfortunately, YouTube is something that parents are more afraid of. With the help of YouTube, kids can access anything very early.

It offers the user admittance to a wide collection of online videos. Certainly, it is not suitable for children as several videos are appropriate for your kids.

That’s the reason YouTube comes with a parental control system. This system prevents your kids from seeing content that is not appropriate for them according to their age.

So, your kids will watch the kind of videos you like them to watch. So, let’s learn how to set up YouTube parental controls on your kids’ smartphones.

Part 1: Set Up YouTube Parental Controls on Mobile Devices

The methods to set up YouTube parental controls on smartphones differ from those used for computers. But again, iOS and Android methods also differ a bit.

We will discuss methods for setting up parental controls on YouTube on iOS and Android devices. So, let’s have a look at them.

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1.1 Set up YouTube Parental Controls from Mobile Devices

Nowadays, everyone owns a smartphone in the house, including our kids. They will use their mobile device to get access to YouTube. All iPhones and Android phones feature an application for YouTube.

With the help of this application, we enjoy unlimited access to video content online. If you change the YouTube settings, it will not affect other accounts on YouTube.

However, if you set up the restricted mode, your kids would not be able to access the adult video online accidentally. This mode stops your children from accessing inappropriate content according to their age. If you want to know how to activate this mode, keep reading!

Steps to Set up YouTube Parental Controls on Mobile Devices:

To activate the parental control feature on YouTube, follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Launch the application

In the first place, you need to open the application of YouTube. After that, you have to sign in to your YouTube account.

YouTube Parental Controls on Mobile Devices
Step 2: Tap on the profile icon

Once signed in, you need to click on your profile to enter the account. For this, you have to tap on the icon present on the top-right side.

Step 3: Tap on ‘Settings’

Under the account tab, you will come across lots of options. Here, you have to click on the option ‘Settings.’

Step 4: Select the restricted mode

Within the tab ‘Settings,’ you will discover the option called Restricted Mode, and if you are using an iOS device, it will be like Restricted Mode Filtering. After that, it will redirect you to a page where users can set their filters.

Step 5: Confirm changes

Now, you have to select the filter that you like to choose. Once done, you can close the tab ‘Settings‘ and confirm the changes that you have made.

With the help of this procedure, users can opt for the Restricted Mode on their kids’ smartphones. After applying the changes, you can check the video list to refresh the YouTube video feed.

In this way, you can modify the YouTube application settings on your mobile device. Here, you can make changes as per your requirements. However, there is another method to perform this task. So, let’s learn about the other interesting way to set up YouTube parental controls.

1.2 Set up YouTube Parental Controls through YouTube Kids Application

There is an application called YouTube Kids. As its name suggests, this application is designed especially for kids. It is very simpler and safe for children to browse videos on YouTube using this application.

With this application, kids access their loved shows, cartoons, music, and other kinds of learning videos present on the YouTube application.

Set up YouTube parental controls through YouTube Kids Application

The best thing about YouTube Kids is that it comes with a massive variety of parental control features. Parents can use these features to make the YouTube experience more knowledgeable and safer for their kids.

First, you need to download the YouTube Kids application from App Store or Google Play. Once you have downloaded this application, you are all set to put the YouTube parental controls.

Steps to Set up YouTube Parental Controls on YouTube Kids:

To prevent your kid from accessing inappropriate content, follow some simple steps below.

Step 1: Access the lock icon

Initially, users need to access the lock icon at the bottom of the YouTube Kids page.

Step 2: Enter a new passcode

Next, users need to finish the multiplication problem shown on the screen, or they just have to read the digit from the display, which will be simpler. After that, you are all set to enter a new passcode for the account.

Step 3: Visit Settings

Next, visit the tab ‘Settings’ on the YouTube Kids application. Here, you will have access to all the options related to the parental control feature.

Under the ‘Settings’ tab, users can access various options such as Content Settings, Turning Search Off, Clear Search and Watch History, Block Content, Approved Content Only, YouTube Premium, and others. Plus, your kids can even control a few of these settings.

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Part 2: Set Up YouTube Parental Controls on Computer

After reading about how to set up YouTube parental controls on mobile devices, it is time to know about how to set up parental controls on YouTube from desktops.

The parental control feature can be activated on YouTube if you use it on computers. So, here are some instructions that you have to follow to activate the Restricted Mode.

Steps to Set up YouTube Parental Controls on computers:

If you want to put parental controls on a desktop system, go through the instructions below.

Step 1: Sign in to the account

Firstly, you have to open the system and sign in to the account of YouTube. Next, you must tap on the profile icon on the top-right side.

After clicking on this icon, some options will come up on your screen. You need to choose the option ‘Restricted Mode’ from that menu at the bottom.

Step 2: Tap on ‘Save’

After tapping on that mode, you have to choose the option ‘ON’ to enable the Restricted Mode. Once done, you can tap on the tab ‘Save’ to save the changes.

Set Up YouTube Parental Controls on Computer

Now, you know how easy it is to put on the restricted mode. This mode will remain active even if you have not logged into your account.

Meanwhile, you must be sure while log out of your YouTube account securely to prevent accidental changes.

Part 3: Perfect Parental Control Application for iPhone/Android

It is quite effective and good to activate the parental control feature on YouTube from its settings. However, it is not as effective as parental control applications.

It is not capable of performing actions that the best applications, such as KidsGuard Pro, can do.

Without applications like these, your access remains very limited. Plus, users cannot monitor various things. The application KidsGuard Pro is an incredible parental control tool that can track your kids’ online presence through their smart devices.

This parental controls program has many impressive features, which are listed below.

Unique Characteristics of KidsGuard Pro:

  • In the first place, parents get the real-time GPS location of their kids the entire day.
  • Apart from that, they can even track device usage and internet usage.
  • With KidsGuard Pro, parents can track social media applications like Viber, LINE, WhatsApp, Instagram, and others.
  • This parental control application allows users to monitor messages and calls on their kids’ smartphones.
Set Up YouTube Parental Controls Using KidsGuard Pro

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Steps to Set up KidsGuard Pro:

If you want to set up this parental control app, it is quite simple. With this application, you can monitor all the activities happening on your kid’s mobile device. For this, you have to follow some simple instructions listed below.

Step 1: Create a new account

In the first place, users have to create a new account. They need to provide an email address and assign a new password.

Step 2: Buy a subscription

After that, you can buy a subscription plan for KidsGuard Pro. There are various plans available, and you can choose one per your requirement.

Step 3: Download the application

Once you have bought the subscription, you need to download and install the application on your kid’s mobile device. After that, you have to log into your KidsGuard Pro account.

Step 4: Start Monitoring

Next, the application icon will disappear on its own from the monitored device. You are free to monitor your kid’s smartphone activities from the dashboard.

So, on downloading and installing this parental control application on the target smartphone, users can manage and control all aspects of that device right from their dashboard. The best part is that your children would not even know you are monitoring them.

This is so because the icon of this application automatically hides from the target device as soon as you activate it. Thus, this application performs all actions while running in the background. This option makes this application quite fascinating regarding a parental control application.

Enabling the parental control feature on YouTube turns out to be very effective. However, YouTube parental controls work only on YouTube videos.

So, you can say that this feature looks effective from that viewpoint. Meanwhile, your kids can get access to inappropriate content on other websites.

So, you have to choose a safer option like KidsGuard Pro, which is a complete package. This application tracks everything from filtering web content to sending messages. The parental control application is way better than YouTube parental controls as it offers you a detailed report on your kid’s device usage.

Due to its unique features, we highly recommend this application. So, wait no more; download the KidsGuard Pro application, and enjoy its special features.

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