Wall-Hung Toilets – How Good or Bad The Idea Is?

Wall-hung toilets are becoming very popular as a new concept for bathrooms these days. Generally, it comes as a very sleek design that utilizes the available space within the toilet.

This model doesn’t have a conventional tank that destroys the appearance. This system can be installed at the perfect height that fits the height of your body.

What’s more, this design doesn’t contact the floor (it is a wall-mounted design as the name suggests). As a result, you can easily clean the area without leaving any germs and ugly patches.

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The structure of wall-hung toilets

In general, the commodes hide the plumbing work and other potential working parts used. The tank of this system comprises a lightweight tank that is made out of plastic and Styrofoam. It is placed behind the wall, and it is not visible, therefore.

The tank is perfectly stabilized on the cast-iron or a steel frame. So, there is nothing to worry about the strength and the solidity of the system. At a glimpse, the bowl of this system appears like floating above the floor. That is because the bowl is perfectly anchored to the drywall.

One might think that this system comes with a pretty unusual setup, and it is true. All the fixtures included in wall hung toilets are not designed to match the conventional standards. Instead, it has a very unorthodox appearance.

The reason behind the unconventional design is understandable, and it’s because of the wall-mounted structure. To install a wall-hung toilet, a considerable amount of reconstruction is required.

In addition to that, you cannot remove the lid of the tank because everything is placed inside the wall. As a solution to this, some homeowners want to place access panels so they can use them for repairs.

However, it is a very customized option that is solely done on the request of the client. The entire process indeed sounds pretty unusual. That is particularly because none of the fixtures used in the system are standard. Once again, installing wall-hung toilets is not an easy process at all for a homeowner.

Now that you have a very brief understanding of the concept, are you still curious about it? If so, you can read this article and get a thorough understanding of it.

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Wall-hung toilets are made to be compatible with building code

Thanks to the compact size of the wall-hung toilets, they offer excellent flexibility when you remodel a toilet. The same flexibility is applied when designing a new bathroom, as well.

As a result, these modern-day toilets can easily meet the building codes applied by the local authorities. In many cases, the floor-mounted (the conventional type) doesn’t meet building codes.

With the municipalities, their building codes require a space of 21″ as the front space. Well, if you decide to go with a wall-mounted model, you can easily save about 10″ straightaway.

That is particularly because these wall-mounted toilets have their tanks moved inside the wall. On top of that, you can adjust the bowl itself and position it with a height between 15-19 inches. So, that can be considered as a good benefit.

They can be costly

Wall hung toilets are considered to be a premium option when it is compared to standard toilets. In this case, you will have to pay an extra couple of hundred dollars (even more) to buy them.

On top of that, you will have to bear the additional cost of installation (for professionals). This is not a DIY process at all. It requires only a professional to install wall-hung toilets. You will also have to pay more to deal with the supply and waste lines.

If not, it will surely cost more to reconfigure all the studs. So, in general, we are talking about three times higher cost compared to a regular toilet setting.

Structure of the studs

When it comes to installing a wall-hung toilet, you must have an opening in the wall. Then, you should reroute the existing waste pipe as well. Moreover, you are required to know if your framing has 2X4 or 2X6 studs before choosing the tank.

There are tanks to match both stud types. Well, the problem occurs when you have to install wall-hung toilets in an older home. In that case, you will have to perform a rework on the studs and get them aligned for the carrier.

Wall hung toilets are easier to unclog

At the time of installation, both the tank and the carrier will be mounted on the studs. Then, they will be perfectly concealed using drywall. An opening will be left for flush buttons. To access the tank, you will have to use these openings.

If a malfunction is detected after the installation, the flush panel can be popped out. Then, you can easily reach the inside to fix the issue. So, in this case, wall hung toilets are pretty good.

Testing the toilets

In general, aspects like waste removal, drain-line clogs, and bowl cleaning are tested to rate the toilets. The solid waste removal process is tested using some plastic beads that come with the size of regular marbles.

In addition to that, filled water bags and sponges were used to see how the solid waste is removed. With each type of substance, you can notice how well or bad the respective toilet works.

To test the ability of a cleaning bowl, a painting line could be used effectively. A line along the inner side of the bowl will be painted. Then, the amount of paint that remains after the flushing will be determined.

As the final step, it will be tested how well the waste is pushed through the drain. In fact, it will matter a lot, especially if the waste line is pretty long.

We were able to perform this test with different models of wall-hung toilets using the criteria mentioned above. According to the results we found, there is no noticeable difference in functionality. That means, both floor-mounted and wall-hung toilets give pretty similar results.

Models of Wall hung toilets we have tested

Mentioned below are the wall-hung toilets we have tested using the above criteria.

Kohler Veil K-6299

Kohler Veil K-6299

The price of the bowl and tank is $900 as of this writing. In fact, this is the most expensive type of toilet we tested. This model flushes the solid waste effectively, and it cleans the bowl as well. However, it is not capable of resisting the odor, and the stains like it happen with other models.

As per the manufacturers, this model can save about 12 inches of space from the floor. However, that can be achieved if the manufacturer’s floor mounts are used. The Veil is capable of meeting the standards that are set by ADA (Americans With Disabilities) as well. That means the Veil is an ADA certified product.

As we believe, the certification was particularly offered because it can be placed at the height of 17-19 inches. As per ADA, that’s the comfort height. In addition to that, it has an EPA certificate as well. This product comes with different color choices to select from.

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Toto Aquia CT418FG#01

Toto Aquia CT418FG#01

The price of this product is $700, and it can save about 9″ of floor space. Compared to the standard counterparts, that’s a decent saving. It can be paired with a DuoFit tank, and then it will perform as a dual-flush system. That means, it cleans the bowl to remove solid waste without any trouble.

In addition to that, it resists odors and soil perfectly, as opposed to the previous model. On top of that, this product comes with ADA and EPA certifications. When it comes to the colors, you have one option with Toto Aquia (it offers cotton color only).

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Duravit Starck 3 2226090092

Duravit Starck 3 2226090092

Duravit Starck has the same price tag as Toto Aquia, $700. This product is designed by a French designer. As a value addition to the product, it comes with an antibacterial ceramic glaze as well.

The manufacturer says that this system is capable of preventing potential soils and stains. This can be paired with the Geberit tank system. It flushes the bowl well, but it doesn’t resist odor. It doesn’t have EPA certification. And it comes in white color only.

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So, that’s our article about wall hung toilets. If you have any doubts, please let us know.



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