How to Watch Videos on VLC Frame By Frame?

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Are you looking for a way to watch videos on VLC frame by frame? Well, numerous people out there want to know the same. If you’re one of them and learn this technique, keep reading. We will explain everything and more about it.

VLC is the clear champion of the freeware media player category. It can play everything, DVDs, cameras, streams—and even that unusual codec-encrypted file you obtained from some online source.

However, we don’t encourage our readers to download files from untrusted sources. Windows, macOS X, UNIX, and Linux, are all supported platforms. So, if you haven’t already done so, you may download it from their official site. Then, you can get it installed on your computer.

Frame by frame is a useful feature in VLC. This specific feature allows you to go through a movie one frame at a time. Do you want to take a screenshot from a movie or analyze every frame related to that exciting video?

Well, VLC frame by frame is a great feature to accomplish that. In this article, we will explain how to use this specific feature.

VLC Frame by Frame Feature on a Video

You may use a hotkey to watch a video in frame-by-frame mode.

After selecting Media, you should choose “Open File.” Then, you should choose the video you want to watch and play it back.

Hit the key “E” to continue. The video will be paused for a few seconds. The movie will now progress one frame for each additional hit of the key “E” on the keyboard. Simply use the Spacebar to restart the video.

E is the default key to activate the Frame by Frame feature on the VLC media player. However, if needed, you can simply assign a different shortcut.

01. Click on the “Tools” option and choose “Preferences.” Then, go to “Hotkeys,” and you will see plenty of keyboard shortcuts.

02. You can simply scroll down to see the “Next Frame” option. After that, you can perform a double-click so a new window will be opened.

VLC Frame by Frame Feature on a Video

03. Now, you should press the key you intend to assign as the hotkey to the “Next Frame” function.

04. Now, you should click on the button labeled “Save.” You can find it in VLC’s window called “Simple Preferences.”

05. That’s it. You can press that key as the hotkey from that point onwards to create the frame-by-frame effect.

VLC Frame by Frame using a Button Located in Toolbar

A toolbar button called “Next frame” can also be used to activate the feature.

  • Playback toolbars may be added by going to Tools and choosing the “Customize Interface.” This should be done if it is not found in the playback toolbar. 
VLC - Tools - Customize Interface
  • Next, look for the Frame-by-frame option in the Toolbar Elements list.
VLC Frame by Frame using a Button Located in Toolbar
  • Select the choice on the playback toolbar by dragging the button to a location on Line 2.
Select the choice on the playback toolbar

VLC Frame by Frame Reversing

Now that you know how to create VLC frame by frame. Let’s learn how to reverse it. You’ll need the assistance of an addon called “Jump to times Previous frames v3“. This is needed if you wish to go back through a clip frame by frame.

The other alternative is to use the key combination called Ctrl + T and then Frame-by-frame once more. That is required to travel backward and forwards only a few frames simultaneously.

Video Frames in VLC

Frame-by-frame video playback is now possible via hotkey, extension, or even its toolbar button. You may use either the Windows Snipping Tool or the Take Snapshot feature of the VLC feature. That will allow you to grab particular frames from a video in whatever way you choose.

Besides, here are the best MKV players for Android/iOS/Windows/Mac.

Getting the Current Frame Number of a Media Using VLC

What is the best way to find a movie’s existing number of frames? Alternatively, you might use the VLC player. With this;

  • With the assistance of a VLC media player, you may begin watching your video now. Take a break from the video at specific points.
  • Look at the Media Information section in the Tools menu to proceed.
  • You can check the visible and missing frames under the Video on the Statistics tab.
  • To find the existing frame number, simply combine the two numbers, and that’s it.

What is the Process of Moving Forward or Backward in a Single Frame?

Frame-stepping backward is not possible with VLC. Use MiniTool MovieMaker if you wish to return to the previous frame. It’s both an editing tool as well as a player.

Video editing and frame-by-frame playback are both possible with this program.

  • MiniTool MovieMaker is also found on the App Store and the Play Store.
  • Add a video to the timeline in MiniTool MovieMaker by importing it.
  • Use the Step Backward or Step Forward buttons to go back or forward one frame. They are located in the Previewing box.
  • Its Full-Screen button next to that timecode could be used to play videos in full-screen mode.
MiniTool MovieMaker

More About VLC Media Player

It’s time to reevaluate your assumptions about what your VLC player can and cannot do. Other tangible video storage media may be played on this tool, including CDs and DVDs, as well as SVCDs. VLC is the most widely used video player since it works with virtually any video format.

Yes, VLC can play music, and you won’t be disappointed. Media->Open Network Stream lets you stream music from the internet or your local network. It’s possible to store and stream material from a live webcam.

You can do that by selecting Media and choosing “Open Capture Device.” After that, select the settings for streaming and storing.

VLC Open Network Stream

VLC Frame-by-Frame Video Capturing

Not only can you take screenshots with smartphones, but you can also do it using VLC. This tool comes with a built-in feature for taking screenshots. You can save a single captured frame by selecting Video and choosing Snapshot in the menu.

Once you’re done, the screenshot you just took will be saved automatically to a folder called Pictures. We did explain in-depth VLC frame by frame in the previous sections of this article.

Digital Media Such As Podcasts and Internet Radio

VLC is a one-stop shop that has it all under one roof in terms of playing or streaming music. For example, you may use View and then choose Playlist. That will display your playlist and Internet Option to see a list of available online music stations.

To store the RSS URL of your preferred podcast, click the Add button in the Podcasts option. Then, you can enter it there. Any number of stations you wish may be added and accessed instantaneously with VLC.

Customize the Appearance of VLC Using One of Its Many Skins

As it is, VLC doesn’t have much going for it. But don’t be disheartened, as you may still make it seem different. Changing the interface of the VLC player is as simple as following a few simple steps.

Navigate to the Tools->Preferences->Interface menu. To customize the look and feel, select “Use Custom Skin.” After that, “Choose VLC Skin.” VLC has a wide variety of skins to choose from.

Customize the Appearance of VLC Using One of Its Many Skins

File Encoding Has Never Been So Simple

Media formats other than the ASV1 and similar file extensions cannot always be played or handled.

As long as you make the necessary adjustments by transcoding the files, VLC can play it all. The ability to transcode media files is built within the VLC media player. Navigate to File and choose Convert/Save.

After that, you should Add to Choose the media file to be converted from your computer’s hard drive. The media conversion process begins soon after clicking on the Convert Option button.

Whenever you’re presented with the option of storing the converted file, make sure to select an appropriate format—for instance, wav,.mpg,.ogg,

VLC - Convert / Save

You may have noticed that sometimes your video player refuses to play a codec file. VLC can fix this issue as well.

Go to the Preferences tab and click If you want to see a video, select the MP4 format. However, if you want to listen to audio, select the MP3 format to proceed.


VLC Media Player’s frame-by-frame feature empowers users to delve deeper into the intricacies of videos. By following the simple steps outlined in this article, you can unlock a new level of understanding and creativity in your video-watching experience. Explore the frame-by-frame feature in VLC and discover a whole new world within each video you encounter.


Q1: Can I watch videos frame by frame in VLC on different operating systems?

Yes, VLC Media Player is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, and various other operating systems. You can enjoy the frame-by-frame feature regardless of the platform you are using.

Q2: How can I extract frames as images using VLC?

To extract frames as images, pause the video at the desired frame and click on “Video” in the menu bar. From there, select “Take Snapshot” or use the hotkey “Shift+S” to capture the frame as an image.

Q3: Is there a limit to how many frames I can navigate through in VLC?

VLC allows you to navigate through frames seamlessly. You can move forward or backward frame by frame throughout the entire video without any limitations.

Q4: Can I adjust the frame rate while watching videos frame by frame?

Yes, you can adjust the frame rate in VLC. Simply go to the “Playback” tab, click on “Slower” or “Faster,” and select the desired speed. This adjustment determines the time each frame is displayed.

Q5: Are there any advanced features related to frame-by-frame navigation in VLC?

VLC offers a range of advanced features, including the ability to loop a specific segment, control playback speed, and synchronize audio with frame navigation. Experiment with these features to further enhance your frame-by-frame exploration.


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