Creative Ways to Apply TikTok Parental Controls

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TikTok is a famous modern social media application through which people make and share videos. People use this platform to make pictures and small videos to share with their friends.

Although this application is made to create and share fun amongst people, it should be of no harm to anyone like other social applications; there can also be a negative side to it, making all the parents worried about their kids.

To address this, inbuilt Tiktok parental control is available, which can be used for this purpose. So let’s get into more details to know the functionality of TikTok parental control and how this can be activated.

Tiktok Parental Controls

The Functionality of TikTok Parental Control

TikTok Parental control is an inbuilt functionality that lets you, as a parent, keep control of what kind of content your kids can view while using the application.

So this way, it gives the parents extremely wanted peace of mind regarding their kid’s activities. In addition, you can also keep a check by adjusting the downtime as per your desire.

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Why Do You Need TikTok Parental Control?

Just like any other social media application, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, this application isn’t safe. And similar to what we get in the other famous application, TikTok offers complete safety and user privacy.

But the main concern comes from the people who share inappropriate content by disguising it through the use of hashtags, which in turn can be quite bad for children. Such content can be quite disturbing by causing a psychological impact on the kids.

This is the very reason why TikTok has stated the age limit of 12 years in their terms and conditions. But even then, the explicit content, in my opinion, isn’t safe for teenagers.

So that’s why Tiktok has come up with a parental control feature that allows parents to control all the unwanted content for their kids without any hassle.

Not only that, but also you can control comments and direct messages and block unwanted users with a single click.

So now we know the reason for the TikTok parental control. Now let’s move toward the procedure to set it.

How to Apply TikTok Parental Controls?

Setup Tiktok Parental Controls

As stated above, parents are and should always be aware of the activities their kids are involved with, but you can’t be everywhere with your child. So how to avoid any unwanted things happening to their child?

One of the easiest ways to monitor their child’s activity is by applying parental control on every social media application they use.

And Tiktok is no different from this. Your kid might get exposed to some unwanted violent content, which may put very bad psychological effects on him/her, so it’s better you should take care of such matters after all kids are just kids.

They don’t know what’s good and what’s wrong. So now, let’s move on to different possible ways to do this.

1. Changing the Account Set to Private

Whenever there is no account made on TikTok, all the details are made public until and unless you change it.

Hence by default, whatever personal details the user has put in, like their biodata, their personal profile picture, and the posts they make and share, will be made public.

Hence it is always recommended to change the default settings and make your kid’s account private instead of public.

However, things like the username and profile picture will still be available to a stranger or unknown people, but many unwanted things can still be controlled through it.

So here is the step-by-step guideline to convert your kid’s account to private.

  • Open the account profile in Tiktok
  • You’ll see a three-dotted icon inside the profile at the top right corner. Click on it.
Tiktok Parental Controls -  change Account to Private
  • You’ll go into the options of privacy and settings.
  • Select the option labeled “Privacy and safety.”

Now your account is no more a public account.

2. Turn on “Restricted Mode” and “Digital Well-being.”

This specific model (restricted mode) is used to stop or filter out any unwanted content in search results.

This particular feature isn’t very open, but Tiktok will only show restricted or age-specific content once enabled. The digital well-being option lets you monitor and manage your kid’s total screen time on Tiktok.

Now let’s see how these features are enabled.

  • Go to the settings; there, you’ll see a three dots icons labeled “select digital wellbeing.” Click it.
  • There you’ll have two different options i) Restricted Mode and ii) Screen Time Management. Turn both these options on.
  • There Tiktok will ask you for a four-digit passcode for access restriction.

3. Restricting Comments on Your Kid’s Post

As stated above, the new TikTok account always comes up with default settings. This means anyone, even a stranger, can view, share, and comment on the content you share. So now, let’s see how we can stop this from happening.

  • Option the settings, and inside, go into the option labeled “privacy and safety.”
  • There you’ll see an option labeled “who can post comments.” Click on it.
Tiktok Parental Controls -  Restricting Comments on Your Kid's Post
  • There will be an option labeled “who can post comments” click on it.
  • First, select the option labeled as “friends only,” and then, to restrict comments, select the option labeled as “comments off.”

So by doing this all, no stranger can look into the personal things of your kid.

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4. Duet Control Management

An option will be available inside settings labeled as “who can duet with you.” You can select any one of the available options, “everyone,” “friends,” or “off,” based on your choice.

Tiktok Parental Controls -  Duet Control Management

5. Privacy Management for Direct Messages

This beneficial option, when activated, will only allow people you or your kid to send direct messages. How to activate it? It’s not that difficult; go into settings.

There you’ll see an option labeled “who can send messages” here; you can select any option out of “Everyone,” “friends,” or “off” based on your choice.

6. Reporting/blocking Any Unwanted or Suspected User

If you see any undesirable thing, don’t wait for anything and report or block any unwanted users. Now how is this thing done? It’s not that difficult to go into privacy and safety settings.

There you’ll see an option labeled “Report a problem” click on it. There will be no. of different available issues; select anyone from them. The other way around this could be by going directly into the user profile.

On the top right corner, you’ll see three dotted settings options. Click on it; there will appear an option labeled “report the user.” Click on it to report it.

Famisafe as a Better Alternative to TikTok Parental Control

In this modern-day, kids are smarter than ever and probably know most things about gadgets. So Tiktok parental control isn’t that safe as kids know where to go inside settings to turn on/off any desired thing.

And you are not always there to monitor their activities, so what’s the solution to this very serious problem? Thankfully, we have some other applications specifically designed for the parental lock, which are easily available on the internet.

Famisafe will always keep you updated on your kid’s activities on the internet, regardless of their location. Secondly, you can easily access the specific keywords your kids are using during their internet use. So it’s a very useful and productive alternative to TikTok parental control.

The following are its main features.

And here is the full FamiSafe Review for your reference.

  • Effortless web filtering
  • You can easily track the location via this best parental control.
  • You can easily block any unwanted application or any specific activity
  • And you can easily schedule and control the screen time
  • All unwanted explicit content can easily be blocked.
Famisafe Tiktok Parental Controls

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Now let’s go into more detail about these features.

Block Apps

Whenever you feel or suspect bad feelings about any application, you can use the Famisafe application to restrict and block its access on your kid’s phone or tablet, whatever he/she uses.

I would recommend even blocking the TikTok application from your kids’ mobile, especially if they are under 12 years of age.

Screen Time Monitoring and Control

Social media is such an addiction that it can easily consume all your important time without noticing it. Especially for kids who have to spend their time studying, this can even be more dangerous if they are exposed to any inappropriate content.

So what’s the solution for it? Famisafe has a solution for this. You can easily monitor and manage their screen time and lock the phone for a specific time of the day.

Detecting and Controlling Explicit Content

How do you detect and control any explicit content? Don’t worry; Famisafe has a solution for this as well. It will alert you as soon as any explicit content or harassment is detected on your kid’s phone.

Tracking of Location and Geo-fencing

Location tracking of your kid’s phone is another handy feature of this application. You can apply the location limit through this application, which will alert you as soon as your kid goes beyond the predefined limit.


In the end, we can conclude that kids’ safety is always the utmost priority of any parent.

But this has been a big concern for parents with the ever-increasing popularity of social media applications like TikTok.

You can control your kid from viewing any unwanted content with the help of TikTok parental control, but it’s too simple, and kids can easily unlock any restriction.

The Famisafe application, which we can term an advanced version, and the most trusted parental control application.

So depending on your convenience, you can use any one of TikTok parental control and Famisafe.

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