Tidal vs. Spotify: Which One Is Better For You?

In the market of music streaming services, Spotify, as well as Tidal, are well-known brands. Although Spotify possesses a higher number of users, Tidal offers some unique features that you may fall in love with.

So which one is better for you? Let us demonstrate on Tidal vs. Spotify comparison so that we can conclude which one is better out of both.

Below I have compared both of these brands in various important areas. Just have a look at them.

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Tidal vs. Spotify Subscription Plans And Prices

When it comes to the comparison based on subscription plans and prices, you can compare Tidal vs. Spotify in the following way:

Spotify Subscription Plans

There are mainly two types of plans offered by Spotify: Free and Premium. As far as the free plan is concerned, it is free and ad-supported. And, paid or premium plan is of three types: full-featured premium plan, student plan, and family plan.

The full-featured premium plan will cost you $10/month. The student plan will cost $5/month, and a family plan will cost $15/month. When it comes to the family plan, it is for six persons in a family. And, it will be under parental control. If you decide to go for a free plan, there will be a restriction on your interactions due to the served ads.

In case you decide to go for a Student plan of Spotify, you will be offered all the facilities of a free plan (that is ad-supported), and also, there will be a Showtime access. And, when it comes to the number of songs that can be downloaded for listening offline, it is up to a maximum of 10000 for a paid plan.

Tidal Subscription Plans

On the other hand, there is no free and ad-supported plan offered by Tidal. And, it is an essential point of comparison with the subscription plans offered by Spotify. Tidal offers mainly two types of plans: Premium and HiFi. Further, both the Premium and HiFi plans are of four types: Individual, Family (6 users), Student, and Military.

As far as price is concerned, Premium (Individual) costs $10/month; Premium (Family) costs $15/month; Premium (Student) costs $5/month and Premium (Military) costs $6/month. Similarly, HiFi (Individual) costs $20/month; HiFi (Family) costs $30/month; HiFi (Student) costs $10/month and HiFi (Military) costs $12/month.

In case you have purchased a Premium plan, you will be offered full access to the content catalog of Tidal, as well as all of the features possessed by it. But the streaming quality will be limited to 320 kbps. And, on the other hand, if you have purchased a HiFi plan of Tidal, all of the facilities of a Premium plan will be offered to you, and besides, the quality offered to you will be CD quality or a lossless quality. Moreover, in the Tidal plan, access to some tracks in the format of hi-resolution will also be provided.

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Which One Is Better?

Although both Spotify and Tidal generally offer a free trial of 30 days, which can be used by the new users for making their first try without paying anything, there is a big difference. And, that difference is the free, ad-supported plan that is only available in Spotify, not in Tidal. So from this point of view, Spotify can be said to be better than Tidal, right?

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Tidal vs. Spotify | Catalog Size & Music Variety

Spotify claims that it has a collection of fifty million tracks and 450 thousand podcasts. And, on the other hand, Tidal has claimed to be having a collection of sixty million tracks. So the number of tracks possessed by Tidal is more than that of Spotify. And, on the other hand, Spotify possesses extra podcasts.

If we look at Tidal’s catalog from music variety, it covers mainly hip-hop and rap artist. And there are mainly successful musicians. On the other hand, when we look at Spotify’s catalog, it seems to be more balanced when compared to Tidal.

Which One Is Better?

So if we look at Tidal vs. Spotify with a combined view of catalog size and music variety, we cannot claim any one of them to be superior to the others. That’s because one of them is having a higher number of tracks, and the other is having a higher number of podcasts.

Tidal vs. Spotify | Supported Devices

When it comes to the comparison based on supported devices, we can compare Tidal vs. Spotify in the following way:

Devices Supported By Tidal

Tidal offers its apps for almost all of the popular platforms. These platforms include Windows, Android, iOS, Android TV, tvOS, and macOS. Support for the devices like Roku Platform and game console is also provided by it, which is appreciable. In addition, it supports some of the very high end streaming components as well. For example, the streaming components provided by brands like Devialet, Astell & Kern, KEF, Meridian, Harman Kardon, etc. are easily supported by it. That’s really great!

In case you want to stream Tidal music on the devices like Roku platform and game console, you will be required to have been signed up with Plex. If you have a Plex account, your Tidal account can be added to this account. Once you have added or linked your Tidal account to your Plex account, you can make use of the Plex client on various game consoles and media streamers.

Devices Supported By Spotify

On the other hand, if we look at the devices supported by Spotify, it is not inferior to Tidal in any way. Along with supporting almost all the major devices or platforms, it also supports most of the Audio devices as well. Moreover, it also supports some Audiophile brands.

Which One Is Better?

Spotify’s coverage of devices is better than that of Tidal. So here, Spotify is proved to be superior to Tidal from this point of view.

Tidal vs. Spotify | Video Content

As far as the comparison based on the facility of video content is concerned, Tidal and Spotify can be compared in the following way:

There is no doubt that video and live concerts have become a very crucial part of the streaming services. Tidal has a special focus on videos & live concerts. A considerable part of the collection of videos offered by Tidal consists of live concerts. There are also some exclusive shows that you can decide to watch.

And, on the other hand, there are videos on Spotify also. But it is tough to find the required videos. That’s because there is no specific category for videos, and searching for them is also very difficult. So it will not be so easy for you to find and watch videos of your choice on Spotify if you have decided to watch them.

Which One Is Better?

Looking at Tidal vs. Spotify based on the facility of video content, we can conclude that Tidal is better than Spotify.

Tidal vs. Spotify | Podcast Content

Podcasts are gaining popularity day by day. Nowadays, people are getting fond of listening to podcasts. And, there is no doubt that the main purpose of subscribing to a streaming service is to consume the audio content. And, a podcast is, no doubt, that type of content. So it is of utmost importance to compare Tidal and Spotify on the basis of podcasts content facility offered them.

When it comes to Spotify, there has been a massive investment over the last two years in the field of podcast content. There is a big collection of 450 thousand podcasts available on Spotify, and you can make use of that. In addition, Spotify has been contributing podcast content developed by it itself also. In such podcasts content, it has been selling advertising too.

But, on the other hand, Tidal doesn’t have any special focus on podcasts. There are only 21 podcasts available on it. So it needs improvement in this aspect.

Which One Is Better?

For podcasts content, if we compare Tidal vs. Spotify, Spotify is, no doubt, better than Tidal.

Tidal vs. Spotify | Sound Quality

When it comes to the comparison on the basis of the quality of sound, Tidal vs. Spotify can be compared in the following way:

As far as the quality of sound is concerned, the quality of Spotify’s 320 kbps, compressed streaming is great when consumed on most of the Audio devices available in the market. And, it sounds perfect in case of casual listening.

When looked at the sound quality offered by Tidal, its premium plan offers the same level of quality as that of Spotify. But if you go for the HiFi tier, you will realize that it is even better. In the HiFi tier, there will be lossless streams of CD quality. And, you will also get some tracks of hi-res as well.

But to consume the higher bandwidth content offered by Tidal, you will need to have a device that is compatible with it. So always keep this thing in mind.

Which One Is Better?

As it is clear from the information provided above that Tidal is superior to Spotify when compared on the basis of sound quality. That’s because of the HiFi tier offered by Tidal.

Tidal vs. Spotify | Social Features

When it comes to social features, Spotify offers a very advanced and useful feature for sharing music with your friends and relatives on social platforms. And, on the other hand, Tidal also offers an excellent social feature. With the social feature provided by Tidal, it can be easily connected to social platforms like Facebook, and you can share the selected music with your friends and relatives. Moreover, you can even extract any URL to link someone to the playlist or album or track you want him to be linked to. However, the social feature provided by Tidal is not as powerful and advanced as that of Spotify.

Which One is Better?

As indicated above also, if we compare Tidal vs. Spotify on the basis of the social feature provided for sharing music on social platforms, Spotify is far better than Tidal. Hence Spotify wins from this point of view.

Tidal vs. Spotify | Music Discovery

The music discovery feature of Spotify is really awesome. And, you will have a great experience with the music recommendation service offered by it. There is also a feature called “Discover Weekly” that makes use of machine learning; and AI for creating a playlist having thirty relevant songs for you. These songs will be based on your listening choices and habits. These recommendations are really very accurate. Moreover, a playlist of the latest remixes and music is also delivered to you each Friday. Such a playlist is called “Release Radar.”

And, on the other hand, the discovery feature offered by Tidal is also good. But not as advanced as that of Spotify. You will find a section named “What’s New.” That section offers content like playlists, albums, podcasts, and videos, etc. And, another section named as “Tidal Rising” offers the content from some rising new artists. Moreover, on Tidal, you will also be offered categories and playlist based on your interests and moods.

Which One Is Better?

Spotify comes out to be better than Tidal when compared on the basis of the music discovery feature offered by both of them.


However, the sound quality of the content offered by the HiFi tier of Tidal is appreciable. I will also appreciate Tidal for that feature. So if you are looking specifically for this kind of stuff, you can go for that.

But looking at the larger variety of supported devices, more massive podcasts library, better subscription plans (both free and paid), and many other extra advantages, we can confidently say that Spotify is better than Tidal if looked from an overall perspective.



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