Unbiased Swappable Popsocket Reviews in 2022 For You

With the introduction of smartphones, a massive market for phone accessories has emerged and thrived. Nowadays, you can see a plethora of accessories in the market – but only some of them are very useful.

Swappable PopSocket is one of those useful accessories that comes as a small round-shaped knob. It pops up and down as the user pulls it or presses it, respectively. A swappable PopSocket is fixed to the backside of the phone.

With that said, is it beneficial as they claim? What is the purpose of using it? Let’s read these swappable PopSocket reviews and learn everything about it.

In fact, there are many individuals who haven’t used a PopSocket yet and wonder if they really use one. What you must know is that that swappable PopSocket is not just an accessory that adds some extra weight.

They can be beneficial in terms of convenience as well as the health of the user. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? The purpose of a PopSocket is to help you hold your smartphone pretty conveniently.

As long as you have a PopSocket, you don’t want to position your hand awkwardly to hold your smartphone. There is no requirement to stretch your palm and fingers to hold the phone and use it. As you may have already experienced, holding a smartphone for a long period can cause joint pains on hand.

However, with the use of a PopSocket, you can eliminate such discomforts and use your device with improved convenience. So, with these swappable reviews, we intend to cover different features of the gadget and reveal more about it.

If you do a little bit of Google search, you will see that there are plenty of PopGrip gadgets. Needless to say, that different PopGrips come with different designs, styles, and colors. Anyhow, PopGrips has become the most useful phone grip in the market for a variety of reasons.

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Pros of PopGrips

To get a quick idea about the PopSocket device, let’s read its positive points.

  • A swappable PopSocket offers a superb convenience on your hands when holding the phone.
  • You can choose a PopSocket from a wide array of materials.
  • You can swap the top with a snap.
  • It is compatible with wireless charging as well.
  • It can be considered as a fidget toy that doubles the grip of your phone.

Cons of PopGrips

Like with any other thing, Popsockets have some disadvantages (even if some of those are negligible) too.

  • They become addictive very soon.
  • In order to Qi Charge, you should twist off its Poptop.

What we seriously liked about PopGrips

It is true that PopSocket devices are in the market for some time as of today. Even after several years, modern-day PopGrips come with pretty much the same design of the original PopSocket.

The gadget as a wide and flat top, and it is manufactured with unique material. The bottom of the gadget has a plastic base which will attach to the phone using a special rind. It is an adhesive ring.

Between the flat top and the plastic base, there is an ‘accordion‘ type body that technically pops. It pops up and down. You can keep it fully raised, fully closed, or a position in between. Popping up and down the PopGrips is pretty fun and joyful thing to do when you are bored. It is a good way to keep your concentration. When the device is popped out, you can use it as the grip of your phone with better control.

Such grip assures you to use your device on different ergonomic angles. With such an approach, you can use one-handed access and make the operation smooth. This is a great way to eliminate the potential of experiencing RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury) while holding your phone.

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The appearance and feel of the PopGrips are identical when it is attached to your smartphone. That means it comes with a very smooth and firm feeling on the hand. No matter whether you are using it for a better grip or playing, the feeling is simply great.

Although ring-type grips have become pretty popular over the past period, PopGrips offer significantly improved efficiency. If we are to make a choice between the PopGrips or a ring-grip, our definite preference is PopGrips. To make things more exciting, they come with different types of new features as well.

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One of the most interesting features of these PopSockets is that its accordion-type body. The body is attached to a metalhead and a plastic base. It twist-locks to the groove located in the aforesaid plastic base. The metal head of the device can be twisted off and swapped out as you wish.

When it is popped down, the profile of the grip will be lowered. In addition to that, switching to a low profile must be done when Qi is charging. Also, it becomes handy when you need to swap it with another popsocket poptop.

It is true that there is no shortage of PopTops and PopSocket PopGrips available in the market. PopGrips, as we can notice, is a Poptop that comes with a plastic base fixed to the device. You can purchase a variety of patterns, materials, etc. In addition to that, it comes with designs that support various charity programs as well.

There is some room for improvement, though!

When it comes to the styles of PopGrips, pretty much all the gadgets are available in Swappable style. However, there is only one style that doesn’t come with the swappable feature, and that is themed ‘PopCulture.’ This theme includes designs such as DC Comics, NFL, and Star Wars.

If you are a fan of those themes, you will surely be disappointed because they are not swappable. If you intend to collect those beautiful pieces, you can have them without the swappable feature.

In fact, the original PopSockets were designed to be pretty thick in feel and appearance. However, the downside of those original PopSockets is that they were plastic. If you had a Qi pad that is powerful enough, the whole PopSocket could be charged. However, as of now, you should twist the PopTop off before charging it because there is metal.

Also, some individuals may argue that the Poptops are too-easy to be twisted off. However, not all the users complain about such drawbacks. During the tests, we did not come across such an instance. But the potential is there though you don’t have to worry much about it.

Are you using any phone grip as of now? If not, in these swappable PopSocket reviews, we strongly recommend you use one. The use of a good phone grip will ensure that you have an ergonomic control over the grip. Although there is no shortage of options, these swappable reviews suggest PopSockets be the ideal ones.

The main purpose of using a phone grip like PopSocket is to ensure firmer and ergonomic grip. As a result, you will be able to control the device in a smooth manner. If you don’t use a phone grip and hold your smartphone for a while, it will pose various discomforts. Some of these discomforts can develop into chronic pains as well. When you hold a large screen without a phone grip, your hand is positioned in an awkward position. As a result, the joints in your hands tend to experience pains and strains. So, use a grip all the time, and in that case, the best option is a swappable PopSocket.

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A PopSocket doesn’t cost too much (starting from $10). Also, they work with wireless charging as well. Regardless of the brand of the phone and the case, PopSocket can stick firmly into it. Also, the same accessory can be used as a toy that can kill time when you are bored.

Our Rating

In our Swappable PopSocket reviews, we give PopSockets a rating of 10/10 due to obvious reasons. After all, the grip it provides is amazing, and the convenience is very impressive.

However, if you want to make the best of it, buy the entire set of PopGrip. You will have to spend only $2 extra to do that. All in all, a PopGrip is a must-have for any smartphone user to experience increased convenience.



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