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Spyzie Review: The Ultimate Phone Monitoring Solution


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Spyzie Review

In this Spyzie review, you will learn everything related to Spyzie.

Why a Parental Control Tool is needed

As you know, it is quite difficult to protect your kids from online threats. The internet serves as an ocean filled with content, where kids can be exposed to a plethora of opportunities.

However, around 80 percent of the internet comprises things that you do not want your kids to be exposed to.

That’s the reason why most parents are compelled to employ parental control tools. It is true that these monitoring tools can be helpful in preserving your kids from destructive content online.

Plus, it becomes easier for parents to protect their kids from bullying. This is only possible when you have a monitoring drone hovering over the internet activity.

So, such a reliable monitoring tool is In this Spyzie review, we will talk about this spying tool.

There are numerous factors that will make you fall for this monitoring tool. Having said that, there are some cons too.

To find out more about this tool, go through this Spyzie review and decide whether it’s worth your time and money.

How Does Spyzie Work

Spyzie tracks down all the activities conducted by children on the internet very intelligently.

This monitoring tool works well with both iOS and Android smartphones. No matter what operating system your kid uses, it is possible to keep a tab on them using Spyzie.

On Spyzie, the monitored data gets updated in real-time. So, parents get live updates about the target device remotely. It tracks everything on the target device, from Instagram messages to call logs.

Setting Up the Target Device

● How to Set Up Your Device (Parents)

1: You need to create a Spyzie free account before setting up the target device. For this, go to the official website of Spyzie. From there, tap on the option ‘Sign up free’ at the top.

Spyzie Review

2: Next, enter your email address and set up a password. Once done, tap on the Sign-Up button.

Create Spyzie Account

3: Now, you need to choose the operating system of the device you like to track, i.e., iOS or Android.

Install Spyzie for Android & iOS

4: To use the Spyize tool, you have to buy its subscription first. Now, you have to choose a plan by tapping on the ‘BUY NOW’ tab.

5: Once done, you need to provide information about your kid, such as her name and age. Also, provide the OS of the target device. After filling up these fields, you have to set up Spyzie on the target smartphone.

Sign up Spyzie

Unfortunately, users can just monitor one mobile device with a single Spyzie account unless they pay for its ‘Family Plan.’

For instance, if you monitor an Android smartphone with your Spyzie account, it is impossible to monitor another smartphone simultaneously. To monitor another device, you have to eliminate the former smartphone.

● Spyzie How to Install on the Target Android Device (Without Rooting)

1. Disable Google PlayProtect

To monitor an Android smartphone, users have to disable Google Protect Play on it. Suppose you have no idea about how to do it, no worries. Spyzie provides you with on-screen instructions on the same.

To do so, follow the steps given below.

1: Open the Play Store and choose ‘Play Protect.’

Google Play Protect Settings

2: Click on the ‘Settings’ icon at the screen’s top.

Google Play Protect Settings

3: Disable Play Protect.

Disable Play Protect

2. Download and Install Spyzie

1: Now, users need to download Spyzie on the target Android device. To download this tool, they need proper guidance. It is not straightforward to get this tool, unlike other social media tools from Google Play Store. However, please do not fret, as it is not that difficult either.

So, you have to search for the Spyzie tool online. Go to the URL, and tap right on the ‘Download’ button. Once downloaded, users have to install the tool on the target Android device.

Download Spyzie on Android
Spyzie Downloaded
Install Spyzie on Android

2: To install the tool, users have to give some permission to it. Grant these permissions to make it work by clicking on ‘Allow’ and then on ‘Agree.’

Allow to Grant permissions
Agree Privacy & EULA
Allow Location Services

3: Once you have given the permissions, click on ‘Proceed to Settings’ to allow System Services.

'Proceed to Settings' to allow System Services

4: After that, tap on the back tab and then click on ‘Continue.’

5: Click on ‘Proceed to Settings’ to allow ‘Usage Data Access.’ Toggle on the tab present next to the ‘System Services’ tab.

'Proceed to Settings' to allow 'Usage Data Access.'

6: Also, click on ‘Proceed to Settings’ to switch on ‘Accessibility.’ Toggle on the tab present next to the ‘System Services’ tab.

switch on 'Accessibility.'

7: After giving all permissions, you will be able to delete the icon of Spyzie. This monitoring application works in stealth mode. Now, you can begin to track the monitored device hassle-free.

Start Monitoring with Spyzie

Monitor iOS Devices Without Jailbreak

Setting up iOS devices is a bit different from the above procedure. On the target iOS devices, users do not need to download and install Spyzie.

Until recently, it was pretty simple to make Spyzie work on iOS devices. Earlier, the target device’s iCloud credentials were required to track it.

After that, the Spyzie app was used to perceive and begin monitoring the device in the background.  

For this, users need to activate the iCloud backup and sync service on the target iOS device. However, as per new settings, it is not possible to track iOS devices without jailbreaking them. There are various reasons why users cannot install monitoring tools on iOS devices now.

After reading the set-up procedure in this Spyzie review, you can easily use Spyzie for monitoring any target device.

PS: here are the full mSpy reviews for your reference.

Spyzie Review Key Features

Now, it is time to read about some amazing monitoring features of Spyzie in this Spyzie review. Let’s begin!

● Online Dashboard

Spyzie Dashboard

Once you have set up the target smartphone, witness all the collected data on the online dashboard. On this Spyzie dashboard, the data gets updated after every few minutes. Check the updated time on the dashboard and the OS version and model of the target device.

Spyzie Online Dashboard

Here, you can check everything from calls to real-time locations. Basically, this Spyzie dashboard gives you an overview of the target user’s smartphone activities.

While conducting a test for this Spyzie review, there’s one issue we witnessed. The dashboard keeps on syncing for some time and does not update the data for a while.

● Calls

Spyzie Review - Calls

During the Spyzie review, we found that it is the best tool for monitoring messages and calls. It even lets you see the contact number and name of the person who called.

Plus, you can check out the call duration too. Spyzie lets you view all outgoing, incoming, and missed calls on the target device.

● Contacts

Spyzie Review - Contacts

Spyzie lets you access the target user’s entire address book. Users can view the numbers and names of all phone contacts. Not just that, but you can also check emails on the target device.  

● Messages

Spyzie Review - Messages

During this Spyzie review, we found that Spyzie allows you to read all messages sent and received on the target device.

On the portal’s left side, you will be able to check all the phone numbers. Tap on any contact for opening up a list of text messages. Every message is stamped with the date and time.

● Locations

Spyzie Review - Locations

With Spyzie, users can check the target user’s location too. To track their location, users have to tap on ‘Locations.’

During the Spyzie review, it was observed that it is easy to check the current location of the target user. In this way, you can check whether your partner is sharing their correct location with you or not.

Plus, it is also possible to use Google Maps for detailed location tracking.

● Browsing History

Accessing the browsing history provides you with enough information. With this feature, parents can clearly see what websites their kids search the most on Google.

If it is something unsafe and unusual, you will know about it. However, we could not locate the search history during our Spyzie review, even for once.

● Photos

Spyzie Review - Photos

It could panic parents to wonder about the things that their kids keep on their smartphones. It is pretty common among teenagers to receive and send adult pictures from others. However, this is not acceptable at all.

Using the Spyzie tool, parents can view all the photos on the target device. To check out the photos, click on ‘Download’ to open them in full size. Once done, tap on the ‘Save Image As’ option.

● Preview Videos

Spyzie Preview Videos

There’s a possibility of having an adult video on the target device. To ensure that your kids are not indulged in watching adult content, check ‘Video Preview.’ Here, you will be able to check all the video content on the monitored device.

However, during this Spyzie review, we could not download the video. Spyzie offers you the video’s thumbnail and nothing more.

● Social Apps (Social Media Tracking)

Spyzie Review - Social Apps

Spyzie lets you track different social media platforms, such as Instagram, LINE, Facebook, WeChat, Snapchat, Kik, etc.

During this Spyzie review, we had a mixed experience. This is because we could not find anything on Messenger and Facebook. However, it offered satisfactory results for other tools.

● Calendars

Spyzie Review - Calendars

In the ‘Calendar’ section, you will check the important dates marked by the target user. With Spyzie, you can check the reminders set by the target user to remember important events.

● Applications

Spyzie Review -  Applications

Users can easily look for applications on Play Store which are not appropriate for their children. And so are your kids.

So, you have to ensure that children keep a distance from such inappropriate tools. Spyzie allows you to view the applications installed on the target device, which should not be there.

● Keylogger

Spyzie Review - Keylogger

With Spyzie’s Keylogger feature, users can see every keystroke made on the target device. However, during the Spyzie review, we observed that it is not as accurate as it should be. This is because it shows words that appear on the smartphone when the user types.

Pricing Plans

Spyzie Price Plan

Spyzie offers three subscription plans for Android devices – Basic, Premium, and Family. Its Basic plan is available for $39.99 a month. It comes with limited monitoring features, where you cannot track social media tools. It allows you to monitor only one device.

Its Premium plan costs about $49.99 a month. With this plan, you can monitor only one device. It lets you monitor everything. Its Family plan is available at $69.99 per month. This plan allows you to track three devices on one account.

Also, Spyzie offers three subscription plans for iOS devices – Premium, Family, and Business. With its Family plan, you can monitor five devices on one account. It costs about $99.99 a month. Its Premium plan is available at $49.99 per month for one device, and its Business plan is at $399.99 per month for 25 devices.

This Spyzie review is incomplete if there are no FAQs covered. So, here are some FAQs related to Spyzie.

No, it is not possible to set up Spyzie without accessing the target smartphone physically. Earlier, you could set up this tool on iOS devices without accessing them. However, it is not even possible to set up iOS devices this way.

Users can check out all the monitored data of the monitored device on the online portal of Spyzie. This online portal is updated every few minutes.

Yes, Spyzie is completely legit. So, you are not spending on some spam here. This tool offers the best tracking services without breaking any laws. However, you should not track someone without their knowledge.

No, Spyzie is a paid tool. Certainly, it costs less, but it is not free to use.

No, there is no need to root the target device for using Spyzie.

Users just need to uninstall this monitoring tool only when the target phone is Android. To delete the tool, they need to go to ‘Settings’ and then select ‘Applications and Permissions.’

From there, go to ‘App Manager’ and choose ‘System Service.’ Uninstall it, and the application will be deleted from the target device.

Absolutely. Spyzie is an incredible monitoring tool. With this tool, you can monitor your dear ones remotely.

Final Verdict

After reading our Spyzie review, users might be thinking about whether they should go with Spyzie or not.

Well, Spyzie offers a lot of fantastic monitoring features. If you are looking for a tool to track your kids’ smartphone activities, then Spyzie is perfect.

This monitoring tool lets you monitor everything on the target device. This includes text messages, call logs, social media platforms, browsing history, etc.

So, get Spyzie and monitor your kids’ smartphone activities remotely!


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