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Spyic Review | Spyic Pros and Cons & Its Best Alternative


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Spyic Review

We are here with the Spyic review, Spyic alternative, and Spyic pros and cons, which has been one of the most-awaited ones due to the ever-increasing popularity of the application and coming up with newer situations where its need can be felt.

So before you spend on this app, it would be smart enough to get the hang of its services and maybe try an alternative (which we have included, too!) if it doesn’t work out.

#1 – About the Spyic App

The efforts of experienced researchers, designers, strategists, and others are combined into this one app called Spyic, which takes the monitoring operation experience to another level.

It comes with the latest cutting-edge technologies and digital security tools to let you protect your valuables.

spyic pros and cons

As you read on our Spyic Review, you will see that the app has a lot to offer that will exceed your expectations. The app has amassed over one million happy users worldwide, which speaks volumes about its usefulness.

Is Spyic Legit?

Spyic is top-notch monitoring software. It is undetectable, untraceable, and safe. The app runs on iOS and Android devices right after installation, which means you can remotely spy on any cell phone as long as it has internet access.

With it, you will know where they are and what they do with their phones because anything goes through your phone. 

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#2 – Purposes Served by the Spyic App

The app can be used for various roles and by people, whoever wants to. Here in our Spyic Review, we have listed the top uses of this app.

Parental Control

The dark side of the internet can have grave impacts on young users, and this app helps parents prevent that by helping them track their children’s virtual behavior. The app helps doting parents with these:

  • Cyberbullying detection – Cyberbullying has become a rampant threat these days, and the app lets parents track any such thing happening to their child on any site.
  • Adult content detection – The youngsters also share adult content, which can drag them into serious problems later. Checking the conversations can help parents to take action when required.
  • Detect online predators – Having a tab on the kid’s virtual activities can help parents prevent the threat posed by the present online that can mentally, physically, or financially hit youngsters.

Employee Control

Distracted employees can lead to low performance and productivity for the company. To stop that, employers can use this app to constantly check all the system activities of the employees. You can even track their GPS location to know where they might go leaving work.

Spying on Partners

Some people also use this app to spy on their partners and know if they are loyal or not. This may not be a completely legal act and can even lead to serious repercussions like legal counter-actions. We suggest that you avoid this and if it’s important, then make very limited use.

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#3 – Advantages of the Spyic App

The Spyic Review considers it a top-class app with a huge range of benefits for users, allowing them to keep track of every activity.

  • Fully legal and secure operation – The app has all the legal permissions and security technologies that keep all the data safe and display it on the main control panel when requested.
  • Jailbreaking-free operation – The app can be operated on any device without breaking into it, thanks to the cutting-edge technologies involved. You may not be able to access every feature, but you can still carry out most surveillance activities.
  • Stealth mode monitoring – The app remains completely hidden in all cases and runs in the background without failing to give real-time data. Installation of the app is compulsory on Android target devices but not on iOS target devices.
  • Web-based processing – The entire monitoring can be done over any system with an internet connection, and that’s all that you need. You can use any browser, and there is no supportive app required.
  • Easy installation and setup – It won’t take more than twenty minutes to install and customize the app since the process is very simple. The app also has a demo version that can be used to get an idea about the app’s utility.

#4 – Features of the Spyic App

After purchasing the app, you can enjoy the following features:

Tracking the calls – The Spyic Review has it that all the call logs can be watched over by the app and compiled in a report that includes:

  • Incoming and outgoing calls
  • Details like call duration, frequency, timestamp, etc
  • Frequent contacts
  • All details of the phone contacts
Spyic - Tracking the calls
Spyic - Contacts

Tracking the messages – You can do a comprehensive tracking of all kinds of texts, including:

  • Sent, received, and deleted messages
  • Multimedia messages
  • Details of the texts
  • Nature of the text
Spyic - Tracking the messages

Track the GPS location – Other than seeing all the locations of the target device, you can know much more like:

  • All visited locations
  • Real-time monitoring
  • Wi-Fi-based destinations
  • Visit timestamps
  • Address and coordinates of the locations
Track the GPS location

Alerting of Geo-fence – The app allows marking areas, setting parameters of the Geo-fence, and notifying the user of their breach.

Track the browsing history – The app lets you achieve full control over the target user’s internet use with these:

  • List of all visited websites
  • Short info on each site
  • Frequency and timestamps
  • Saved bookmarks list
Track the browsing history

View the gallery – The app allows access to all the images, video previews, times, and dates on the target device.

View the gallery

Track the social apps – Almost all social media apps, instant messaging platforms, and dating apps can be monitored with this app. This includes FB, Snapchat, Instagram, Whatsapp, LINE, Tinder, Skype, etc.

Track the social apps

The list doesn’t end here. You can even hack phone numbers, monitor calendar activities, installed app list, all details related to the SIM card, keystroke logging on all the major platforms, etc.

#5 – Method of Installing the Spyic App

It would help if you had these things before starting with the installation:

  • A paid subscription plan and valid account
  • Target device

Now follow the installation guide as we give in this Spyic Review:

Step 1: You will have the login credentials and installation wizard to install the app. Launch the wizard and enter the device name, details of the target user, and Android OS.

Sign up Spyic

Now open the phone settings and disable the option of Unknown Sources in the Phone Security tab. Thereby, open the Google Play Protect option in the Security and Location tab. Here you need to disable the options of device scan and detect harmful apps.

Method of installing the Spyic app
Disable Play Protect

Step 2: Go back to the setup wizard and enter the download link of the Spyic app. Open the link and complete the installation by clicking on the .apk file.

Install the Spyic app

Launch the app and log in. Follow the instruction of the wizard and hide the app icon when asked.

Login on Android
Start Monitor on Android

Step 3: You are all set to start the tracking now. The control panel will be accessible now; from here, you can see all the activities on the target device. Check all the functionalities in the left tab.

Install Spyic Completed
Spyic Dashboard

Note: Internet connection on the target device is mandatory for tracking.

#6 – Method of Setting Up the Spyic App on iOS

The Spyic Review found this process a little different, with different requirements and steps. You will need:

  • A premium subscription plan
  • Credentials of the iCloud account
  • Log in credentials
  • iCloud backup activated on the target device
  • Two-factor authentication disabled on the target device

With these things ready, you can log in to the control panel and enter the target’s details, as asked. Now enter the iCloud credentials to avoid jailbreaking into the device. Select the right iOS device. Hit Start last to begin the monitoring process.

#7 – Subscription Plans of the Spyic App

The app has different subscription plans that vary according to functionality, features, operation platform, and time. The pricing is feasible overall as per the services provided in each plan. Our Spyic Review found these active packages:

Spyic Subscription Plans for Android Users

You can choose between these three plans.

1. Basic Plan

  • One-month subscription for $39.99
  • Three-month subscription for $39.99
  • One-year subscription for $99.99

2. Premium Plan

  • One-month subscription for $49.99
  • Three-month subscription for $69.99
  • One-year subscription for $119.99

3. Family Plan (for three devices)

  • One-month subscription for $69.99
  • Three-month subscription for $99.99
  • One-year subscription for $199.99

Spyic Subscription Plans for iOS Users

You can choose between these three plans.

1. Business Plan

  • One-month subscription for $399.99
  • Three-month subscription for $699.99
  • One-year subscription for $999.99

2. Premium Plan

  • One-month subscription for $49.99
  • Three-month subscription for $79.99
  • One-year subscription for $129.99

3. Family Plan (for 5 Devices)

  • One-month subscription for $99.99
  • Three-month subscription for $199.99
  • One-year subscription for $399.99

#8 – Customer Assistance of the Spyic App

Our Spyic Review team was pleased to find that the app’s customer assistance team is responsive and trustworthy. They will readily reply to you regarding any help within 48 hours.

There are multiple ways of reaching them, including email and a help center. However, the response time may seem too long if you want instant help.

#9 – Cost-effectiveness of the Spyic App

The Spyic monitoring solution has all of its basic and advanced features that can place full control of the target device in your hand.

It doesn’t need any rooting or jailbreaking of the main device, which is why it has managed to please millions of users worldwide. The prices of the plans may seem high to you, but they deliver whatever they promise, making the overall deal cost-effective.

#10 – Assessing the Spyic App

We want to give a finishing touch to our Spyic Review with a quick pack-up of the Spyic’s pros and cons so that you get a crisp idea about its utility.


  • Intensive monitoring
  • Tracking of the SIM card (unique feature)
  • Simple and friendly UI
  • No jailbreaking or rooting
  • Advanced features like geo-fencing and keylogging
  • Huge range of customized subscription plans


  • High pricing
  • No contact number for assistance
  • 48-hour wait
  • Restrictive functionality as compared to jailbreaking methods

You may first try your hands at the app with the demo version or the one-month plan and see if it fulfills your expectations. We would say that this app is totally for its secretiveness, affordability, and reliability.

KidsGuard Pro – Best Spyic Alternative for iOS and Android

A new entrant in the market, the KidsGuard Pro Browsing History Tracker, managed to gain a lot of attention and grabbed high ratings in very little time due to its amazing monitoring features.

This is a great monitoring software for mobile devices with an unbeatable tracking solution for browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc. The promise of 100% secrecy that the app offers with the spying solutions makes it a worthwhile deal.

Setting up the app doesn’t require any special efforts and needs only five minutes, as against the Spyic Review. The app has a web panel that stores and displays all the data of the activities on the target phone. This data keeps getting updated in real-time, and you can check it whenever you want from the main panel/dashboard itself.

Another surprising thing about the app is that it allows you to monitor over thirty files in the target device at a dirt-cheap price. You only need to pay around $0.27 daily for the tracking services.

Spyic Alternative - KidsGuard Pro

Primary Features of KidsGuard Pro

The KidsGuard Pro Browsing History Tracker app is one tool that stands unparalleled with the one-stop solution it offers for tracking cell phone devices.

Here are some of the mention-worthy features of the app:

  • The app is fully compatible with both the OS- Android and iOS of all the versions to the latest. Also, you don’t need to perform any rooting of the main device or jailbreaking for operating the app.
  • This is a secretive spying app as it does all the tracking while maintaining 100% secrecy. The apps cannot be detected on the target device, and you can keep checking all the data remotely from your app account online.
  • The app steadily keeps syncing the data with real-time changes, which proves very useful in monitoring the target’s online activities as they happen.
  • It also allows you to do a comprehensive tracking of browsing activities. You can monitor all the visited sites, the deleted history and even the particular URLs searched by the other user on the internet.
  • Even the incognito or private browsing history can be tracked with the help of the app and know the hidden search behavior of the user.
  • The date and time stamps attached to the browser history and access frequency can also be checked. This will help you know the activities the target must do along with the browsing.
  • It’s not just tracking the web history; you can do so many other things with this app. The app has covered you all, be it tracking the GPS locations, checking call logs, monitoring the chat histories of social media apps, recording keystrokes, or taking screenshots.

Pricing Plan

Compared to the pricing discussed in the Spyic Review, the KidsGuard Pro app has a single purchase plan.

It makes everything so easy for the user as all the app’s premium features can be availed in a single purchase. You don’t need to understand any complex pricing structure to get the service you want.

The following are the subscription plans:

  • $29.95 – one-month subscription
  • $49.95 – three-months subscription
  • $99.95 – a one-year subscription

Using the KidsGuard Pro Browsing History Tracker

To monitor the browsing history of the target user, you need only to follow some simple steps:

1. Visit the app’s website and register for it by creating a valid account. Purchase a valid license.

Sign up KidsGuard

2. Now, download the app on the target mobile phone that you need to track. Finish the installation by following the instructions of the setup wizard.

Download KidsGuard

3. You will now be allowed access to the online dashboard of the app, from where you can check all the data related to the browsing activities being carried out on the main device. To check other activities, click on the left bar and select the right option.

KidsGuard Pro Dashboard

User Ratings of KidsGuard Pro Browsing History Tracker – 4.8 out of 5

You see the app’s cost-effective, easy-to-use, secretive, and high-tech monitoring. This gives an edge to the app over the others.

Final Words

So this was our Spyic Review, where we outlined and detailed all the important things we thought you must know about the Spyic app.

The best alternative to Spyic, or maybe even better, is the KidsGuard app, which offers great monitoring features with the star unilateral price plan. Give them a try to see for yourself what works best!


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