Sprint Parental Controls – Everything You Should Know

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As you are aware, Sprint is one of the leading network carrier services in the modern-day world. This network is serving millions of users. Well, just like the other competitors, this carrier service offers parents a method to monitor their kids.

Also, it offers parents the opportunity to restrict some of the network services. If you are a responsible parent, you should get familiar with the parental control settings of Sprint.

In this article, we intend to expose how to make use of the Sprint parental controls. Such an approach will allow you to watch your kids’ activities closely and prevent them from the bad.

An Introduction to Sprint Parental Controls

Sprint Parental Controls

Sprint offers various features to ensure that the kids are safe. It makes sure that the kids don’t view inappropriate content which is everywhere these days. The web interface of Sprint parental controls lets you access the features conveniently and securely.

In addition to the web interface, Sprint offers a mobile app as well. This mobile app ensures that you access the device usage of the kids even if you are away. To gain remote access to your kid’s mobile device, you should sign up for a My Sprint account.

Once signed up and signed in, you can simply access all the devices that are linked to the account. Apart from just accessing, My Account lets you apply restrictions on the target devices.

Applying Internet Restrictions on Sprint

One of the most important aspects you should consider is applying restrictions to content that is available online. As you already know, the internet is an endless source of content for various niches.

Some of these contents aren’t necessarily appropriate for your kids (particularly for those who are under 16). Therefore, as a responsible parent, you should take appropriate methods to prevent your kids from accessing such content. Luckily, if the kids are on the Sprint carrier network, there are ways to implement these restrictions.

Once you have logged into the My Spring account, you can easily apply these restrictions. Within the Sprint My Account interface, there are options to limit internet access. In fact, My Sprint account lets you access the target device and then access the Settings as well.

And in the Settings panel, you can change the network settings and allow the device to access age-appropriate content. In addition to that, you can limit the overall internet usage limit on every device.

This option is going to be vital when you need to limit kids from using an excessive amount of data.

Sprint Parental Controls Settings

Blocking Text Messages that aren’t Necessary

Whenever you want, you can simply block the text messages that are coming from a particular number. In fact, many individuals can misuse the feature of text messaging, and your kid can be a victim.

For instance, some individuals try to harass or abuse kids over text messages. Also, there are scam messages that can cause various troubles for your kids in many ways. Therefore, it is exceptionally important to keep an eye on these text messages and block the numbers.

This feature is available in Spring parental control settings. To do this, you should follow the steps mentioned below.

Sprint Parental Controls -  Block Text Messages
  • Go to the Preferences section and select Limits and permissions.
  • Then, in the left panel, navigate to the option “Block Texts.”
  • Once you are in the “Block Texts” section, you should enter the number that should be blocked. After entering and saving the number, the respective device will not receive any text messages from the blocked number.

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Blocking Content Purchases

Sprint Parental Controls - Block Content

When your kids are using a network carrier service, they tend to purchase various content. These purchases will link to the carrier billing and will incur additional costs. More importantly, this feature will prevent your kids from purchasing unnecessary content. To do this, you should follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Go to the account preferences option after logging into the Sprint My Account feature.
  • Then, you should go to block apps and select digital media download and third-party charges.
  • Go to the dedicated section and make sure that you disable the feature that allows purchasing.

Restricting Voice Calls (Inbound and Outbound)

Sprint Parental Controls -  Block Voice

In certain cases, you don’t necessarily need your kids to get in touch with certain contacts. In this case, you can make use of the Spring My Account feature.

If you are aware of the contacts with which your kids shouldn’t be in touch, use this feature. To do this, you should follow the steps mentioned below.

  • First of all, you should select the device on which you intend to block incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Then, you should go to the Preferences menu.
  • After that, you will be able to find the option labeled “Block Voice.”
  • This option will block both inbound and outbound calls from specific numbers which are already in the contacts.

Prohibiting the Use of the Camera

Due to some reason or another, you might want to prevent your kid from using their phone’s camera. In this case, you can easily do it using the Sprint parental controls feature. Apart from the camera app, you can restrict any app installed on the target device using this method.

Under the app permissions sections, you will be able to see the installed apps on the device. In this list, you will see the default apps such as camera, browser, video players, etc. By turning off these apps, you can simply prevent your kid from using them.

What are the other Features Associated with Sprint Parental Controls?

Sprint Parental Controls -  Lock Phone for 30 Miniutes

Here are some of the other useful features associated with Sprint parental controls. You should remember that there are plenty of features included in this tool for concerned parents. One of the most impressive features associated with this tool is that it can locate the device remotely. If not, it can even block the device remotely.

Also, you should know that it comes with a time-based restriction feature. Such a feature becomes incredibly useful when it comes to preventing your kids from addiction. Also, preventing kids from watching adult content and blocking the data service completely are other features. On top of all those features, you can use this to prevent Wi-Fi calling as well.

But Why is FamiSafe Still Considered to be the Best Parental Control Tool?

It is true that Sprint parental controls can apply some decent restrictions on the target device. But, as we have realized, there are some shortcomings associated with the same tool. For instance, this tool doesn’t allow you to monitor the target device remotely in real time.

In this case, you will need the assistance of a more powerful, versatile, and user-friendly tool. This is exactly why we recommend a spying tool like FamiSafe. In fact, FamiSafe is a sophisticated spying tool that can track pretty much every activity on the target device remotely.

Thanks to the user-friendly interface of this software, it will allow you to track your kid’s location in real time. In addition to that, you can easily monitor their phone’s contents. That means you can track the calls they have made, media files stored, messages (inbound and outbound), etc.

Tracking the browsing history of their device is another vital feature of this software. And it can perform YouTube Parental Controls for you easily. More importantly, this tool is equipped with a very powerful keylogger as well. This keylogger feature will track all the passwords and any other text typed on the device.

On top of that, FamiSafe is capable of listening to the background. Such an approach lets you know if your kids are in danger.


How Do FamiSafe Make Sprint Parental Controls Come True

FamiSafe is developed to be compatible with both Android and iOS devices. Nevertheless, the parental control feature is compatible with Android devices only, for now at the least.

Here are the steps you should follow to try the top best parental controls – FamiSafe and get a glimpse of its effectiveness.

Create Famisafe Account

1) Sign up for a FamiSafe account. You should provide a valid email ID in this case.

2) In order to complete the setup wizard, you should confirm that you are going to track an Android.

3) After subscribing to a plan, you can simply access the target device and install the tracking app.

4) Go to the Settings of the target Android device. Then, go to the Security option and allow it to download apps from third-party sources.

5) On the target device, visit the FamiSafe website and get the APK downloaded and installed.

6) At the completion of the installation, provide your credentials, and log into the account.

7) Activate the device administrator so you can start to monitor it.

8) Now, in order to monitor the device, you should visit the dashboard of the app. This should be done from a remote computer or a device. On the welcome screen of the dashboard, the information will be displayed.

9) You can activate the device administrator and start monitoring it.

10) If you need to restrict the usage of the device, just do it through the “Schedule Restriction” feature. With this feature, you can add time-based restrictions to the target device.

11) You can enter the start and end hours of the restriction (when to begin and end the restriction). Also, you can enter the days on which the restriction is implemented.

Sprint Parental Controls via Famisafe

12) In addition to that, you can even restrict some of the apps on the device. To do this, you should go to the “Application” tab.

Depending on your requirement, you can use FamiSafe either to lock the device entirely or to take its control remotely. You can monitor pretty much everything that goes into the device.

In addition to that, it can help you block any apps and even locate your children without calling them. So, it is not that difficult to realize that FamiSafe is an all-inclusive app. All those features make it a much better option compared to Sprint parental controls.

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